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Leighland Christian School
Ulverstone, Tasmania
Australia Australia
Type Christian, Independent School, Day
Motto "A Christ centered community in the pursuit of excellence"
Denomination Christian
Established 1976
Enrolment ~600 (K-12)

Gold, Black and Green


Leighland Christian School is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational Christian School, situated in Tasmania, Australia.

Established in 1976, the school has two campuses, one in Burnie and one in Ulverstone. The Ulverstone campus caters for years K-12, and the Burnie campus caters for years K-6.


On 23 September 1954 some twenty people met in the Ulverstone R.S.L. Hall with the vision of providing Christian education for their children. The meeting established an Association for Christian Education and the membership fee was fixed at $2 per year. The early members of the Association belonged to the Reformed churches on the coast. They were convinced, however that the work could not be done alone and the Association now has members from some 35 church congregations along the North West Coast. Most Christian church groups are represented.

From the start it was envisaged that the school be open to all children, regardless of social status, ethnic back ground, or church affiliation. Consequently, everything possible has been done to prevent the school from becoming an exclusive school accessible only to a privileged few. However, it has always been considered essential for the parents to agree with the basic Christian approach of the school.

In 1972 the Association purchased 2.5 hectares of land off Leighlands Avenue. In the same year the Penguin, Ulverstone and Devonport Associations officially pooled resources and became the Association of Christian Parent Controlled Schools on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Three years later·the Association was incorporated and in 1976, the school commenced with 36 students from Prep to Grade 6, and two staff members.

In 1982, the school extended to secondary education with one Grade 7 class. In 1985, the first Grade 10 graduates left the school and in 1986 the first secondary class was double streamed. During 1992 the Board held discussions with the Romaine Christian School Board of Management which led to Romaine becoming a full annex of Leighland. This amalgamation was approved by the Commonwealth Government in January 1993 and Romaine became part of Leighland.

The Ulverstone and Burnie campuses have a common curriculum and share staff and resources. In November 1993, the Association purchased the Wivenhoe State School and this is now the Burnie campus of Leighland Christian School.


1976 - School commenced at Ulverstone with 36 students
1982 - Secondary classes commence
1985 - First year 10 graduates
1986 - Double streaming of secondary classes commenced
1992 - Amalgamation discussions with Romaine Christian School
1994 - Wivenhoe campus commenced
1995 - Kinder class commenced at Ulverstone campus
1996 - Year 11 classes commenced at Ulverstone campus
1997 - Year 12 classes commenced at Ulverstone campus


Ulverstone campus - Mr Glen Mace
Burnie campus - Mrs Sherilyn Vander Vlist

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