Akhalgori Municipality

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Akhalgori Municipality
ახალგორის მუნიციპალიტეტი
Flag of Akhalgori Municipality
Location of Akhalgori Municipality
Location of Akhalgori Municipality
Country Georgia (South Ossetia[fn 1])
Capital Akhalgori
 • De facto head of administration Alan Djussoev
 • Votes in Parliament (of 69)
 • Total 1,011 km2 (390 sq mi)
Population (2002)
 • Total 7,703
 • Density 7.6/km2 (20/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+3)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+4)

Akhalgori Municipality (Georgian: ახალგორის მუნიციპალიტეტი, Ossetian: Ленингоры район, Russian: Ленингорский район) is a Municipality in Georgia or South Ossetia respectively. Georgia considers Akhalgori part of the Mtskheta-Mtianeti. South Ossetian authorities refer to the district as Leningor District, whereas Tbilisi refers to it as Alkhagori District. According to Tskhinval, the current Head of Administration of Leningor is Alan Djussoev, and the current Deputy Head is Alexander Baratashvili.[1]

The Akhalgori/Leningor Municipality had a population of 7,700, with approximately 2,000 living in the town itself. The largest villages are Ikorta, Korinta, Qanchaveti, Kvemo Zakhori, Largvisi, Doretkari, and Karchokhi. The population was primarily Georgian (6,520) and Ossetian (1,110) prior to the 2008 South Ossetia war. Since the war, over 5,000 ethnic Georgians – at least 70% of the total population and 90% of local ethnic Georgians – have fled the area, citing discrimination and a "climate of fear" under the Russian-South Ossetian control. Unlike in other Georgian enclaves[citation needed], Ossetian militias have not systematically destroyed village structures, though there have been some reports of attacks against civilians and complaints of intimidation.[2]


The district houses several pieces of medieval Georgian architecture, listed below:

Map of South Ossetia showing Akhalgori (Leningori) district in the south-east (green colour denotes zones of Georgian control prior to the 2008 conflict

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  1. ^ South Ossetia's status is disputed. It considers itself to be an independent state, but this is recognised by only a few other countries. The Georgian government and most of the world's other states consider South Ossetia de jure a part of Georgia's territory.


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