Liberala partiet

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Liberala partiet
Liberala partiet
Party chairman Andreas Agorander
Founded December 2004 (2004-12)
Headquarters Online
Ideology Classical liberalism
0 / 349
European Parliament
0 / 20
0 / 1,662
0 / 12,978

Liberala partiet ("The Liberal Party"), is a classical liberal political party in Sweden. It was founded in 2004. The leader of the party is Andreas Agorander. The official name of the party is Liberala Partiet, however in the election process they are referred to as Klassiskt liberala partiet ("The Classical Liberal Party") to avoid confusion with Liberalerna.[1][2] The party has its headquarters located in Stockholm and regional representatives in Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Eskilstuna and Kalmar.


The following quote is taken from the English information section of the party's official website:

We in Liberala partiet (Classical liberal party) are classically minded liberals. We believe in a society where individuals are given power over their own lives. A society that gives priority to the individual, where duty cannot be imposed, and individuals cannot be made victims of a forced collective. Free and sovereign individuals are free to shape their own relationships and associations with other free and sovereign individuals.[3]

Electoral history[edit]

Parliament (Riksdag)[edit]

Liberala partiet has participated in three general elections for the Swedish Riksdag. Their best result was in the 2014 elections when the party got 1210 votes or 0.02%.[4]

Year Votes Vote % MPs
2006 202 0.00% 0
2010 716 0.01% 0
2014 1,210 0.02% 0

European Parliament[edit]

Liberala partiet has participated in one election for the European Parliament. The party participated for the elections for the first time in 2014 even though it was eligible to participate in the previous election in 2009.

Year Votes Vote % MEPs
2009 0
2014 492 0.01% 0


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