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Library history is a subdiscipline within library science and library and information science focusing on the history of libraries and their role in societies and cultures. [1] Some see the field as a subset of information history [2] Library history is an academic discipline and should not be confused with its object of study (history of libraries): the discipline is much younger than the libraries it studies. Library history begins in ancient societies through contemporary issues facing libraries today. [3] Topics include recording mediums, cataloguing systems, scholars, scribes, library supporters and librarians. [4]


  • Libraries & the Cultural Record; exploring the history of collections of recorded knowledge (L & C R); until 2006: Libraries & Culture; until 1988: The Journal of Library History; until 1974: Journal of Library History, Philosophy, and Comparative Librarianship; until 1973: The Journal of Library History
  • Library & Information History (until 2008: Library History; until 1967: Library Association. Library History Group. Newsletter)
  • Library History Review
  • Library History Round Table Newsletter (L H R T Newsletter), until 1992: L H R T Newsletter; until 198?: L H R T; until 1979: A L H R T Newsletter]]


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