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Bulgarian democratic center
Български Демократичен Център
Leader Kancho Filipov
Founded 2007
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
Ideology Conservatism
International affiliation None
Colours Blue
National Assembly
0 / 240
European Parliament
0 / 17

Bulgarian Democratic Center (Bulgarian: Български Демократичен Център - an acronym that is pronounced "Bulgarian Democratic Center"), formerly (Lider - Liberal Initiative for Democratic European Development)[1] is a Bulgarian political party registered in 2007. Its leader is Kancho Filipov.

Participation in elections[edit]

Lider participated in the 2009 European Parliament election together with the center-right political party Novoto Vreme and gathered 5.7% of the vote, which was just under the electoral quota.[2] Lider participated in the 2009 parliamentary election outside of any right-wing coalition, winning only 3.3% of the votes and therefore failing to secure parliamentary representation.

Lider did not nominate a candidate for the 2011 presidential election.

In the 2013 parliamentary elections Lider polled 61,482 (1.74%) votes. Once again the party failed to cross the 4% threshold for representation.


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