Liga Mexicana Élite

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Liga Mexicana Élite
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1989 (National Championship)
2010 (LME)
No. of teams 4
Country  Mexico

The Liga Mexicana Élite is the top level of ice hockey in Mexico. 4 teams participate in the league.


The Mexican League Elite, LME, Ice Hockey was inaugurated on 2 October 2010 with the aim to establish Mexico as a high-level international competitor in ice hockey.

The participation of the best players in Mexico could serve as encouragement for those players at lower levels of the sport in Mexico and eventually play on the Mexico national team at international competitions against high quality foreign teams.

The first League season (2010–2011) started with 4 teams: Mayan Astronomers, Aztec Eagle Warriors, Teotihucan Priests and Zapotec Totems, which were integrated through a draft, where players are ranked in categories "AAA" "AA", "A" and then, each team chose their players in succession, so that 4 sets have the same competitive level.

Fifteen days before the "play off" teams have a period of transfer or exchange of players, where teams will have the opportunity to improve their competitive edge.

They play a four round system ("round robin") and their final. The team with the most points will automatically qualify for the final. Those who remain in second and third place play a best-of-three series. The winner will play the number-one team during the finals. The champion is declared when a best-of-three series is played between these two last teams.

For the second season, the Mexican Sports Federation Ice Hockey, AC seek to integrate the Mexican League Elite, a fifth team will consist of novice players. This new team will have the right to select some players from the four other teams prior to start; but the existing four teams can identify a list of "protected players" that the new expansion team cannot select. Each year will include a Mexican Elite League expansion team until there are 8 teams.

Mexican Sports Federation Ice Hockey, AC, awarded cash prizes for winning team in the near future, aims to set salaries for players of all teams, as well as explore the possibility of bringing foreign players to integrate the different Mexican League Elite teams.[1]



Liga Mexicana Élite[edit]

Mexican Ice Hockey Championship[edit]


  • 2007 – Osos de San Jeronimo[4]
  • 2006 – Lomas Verdes
  • 2005 – Jurassics San Jeronimo
  • 2004 – Lomas Verdes
  • 2003 – unknown
  • 2002 – Distrito Federal V.H.
  • 2001 – Distrito Federal V.H.
  • 2000 – Distrito Federal V.H.
  • 1999 – D.F. Sportica
  • 1991–98 – unknown
  • 1990 – Association del Estado Nuevo León
  • 1989 – Association del Estado del México