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Line 1
TJM Line 1 icon.svg
A train at Liuyuan
Type Rapid transit
System Tianjin Metro
Status Operational
Locale Tianjin, China
Termini Shuanglin
Stations 22
Services 1
Opening 28 December 1984 (old system)
12 June 2006 (new system)
Owner Tianjin
Operator(s) Tianjin Metro Corporation
Character Underground
Line length 26.2 km (16.28 mi)
No. of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Route map
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Caijin Daxue
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Xinhua Lu
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Yingkou Dao
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Anshan Dao
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Erwei Lu
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Qinjian Dao
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Benxi Lu
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Line 1 of the Tianjin Metro (Chinese: 天津地铁一号线; pinyin: Tiānjīn Dìtiě Yī Hào Xiàn) runs 26.2 km from the north-west to the south-east of downtown Tianjin and serves 22 stations. It started operations on 12 June 2006. The line was rebuilt from the original Tianjin Metro line, which opened in 1976, but had to close down and undergo renovations in 2001 as part of the system's modernizing project. The line's color is red.


Construction began in 1970. The first section, spanning 3.6 km of track and 4 stations, namely Xinhua Road, Yingkoudao, Anshandao and Haiguangsi stations, was completed by February 1976. The second section, with an additional 1.6 km of track and the Xinanjiao and Erweilu stations, was completed by 1980. After construction resumed, the total length was 7.4 km, with 8 stations, and service on the line began on 28 December 1984.

To reduce construction costs, the transport authority had used an abandoned canal bed to form part of the system. Thus the underground section is only 2–3 meters under the street surface, and was the world's shallowest metro. This caused major problems as the years passed; trains where infrequent, sporadic and commonly delayed. The trains themselves where dilapidated, seat covers often torn off, and dim. Taking into consideration more modern, cleaner systems in East Asia, a massive reconstruction, modernization and expansion plan was laid out in 2000. In preparation, the system was closed on 1 September 2001, with renovation fully starting on 21 November. After purchasing new rolling stock, adding half-height platform screen doors and extending the line up to Shuanglin, the line was completed at the end of 2005 and re-opened on 12 June 2006.

In 2008, Xizhan Station was temporarily closed for three years to accommodate the reconstruction of the Tianjin West Railway Station. It reopened on 1 July 2011.


  • Coaches per train - 4 to 6.
  • Frequency - 7–8 minutes in peak hours & 15 minutes at other times.
  • Operating hours - 5:30 to 22:30.


Alignment and interchanges[edit]

The line is underground between Liuyuan and Tucheng stations, and elevated for the other five stations. All elevated stations are entirely covered by mixture of transparent & opaque corrugated sheets. The line passes through six districts, namely Beichen, Hongqiao, Nankai, Heping, Hexi and Jinnan. The whole journey takes about twelve minutes. The line is currently not linked to other lines, but interchanges to future lines will be available when the new lines enter operation.

Concourse Level[edit]

all Line 1 station concourses are equipped with a customer service center, ticket vending machines, automatic fare gates, and Shenzhen Development Bank ATMs.

Platform level[edit]

For security and other reasons, All Line 1 stations have half-high security doors installed. TVs are installed that display travel tips, advertising, alerts, and waiting time for the next train.

Stations (east to west)[edit]

Station Name
Station Name
Shuanglin 双林 Jinnan
Caijindaxue (Economics & Finance College) 财经大学 Hexi
Huashanli 华山里
Fuxingmen 复兴门
Chentangzhuang 陈塘庄
Tucheng 土城
Nanlou 南楼
Xiawafang 下瓦房
Xiaobailou 小白楼 Heping
Yingkoudao (Yingkou Road) 营口道  3 
Anshandao (Anshan Road) 鞍山道
Haiguangsi (Haiguang Temple) 海光寺 Nankai
Erweilu (Erwei Road) 二纬路
Xi'nanjiao 西南角  2 
Xibeijiao 西北角 Hongqiao
Xizhan (Tianjin West Railway Station) 西站
Honghuli 洪湖里
Qinjiandao (Qinjian Road) 勤俭道
Benxilu (Benxi Road) 本溪路
Guojiuchang 果酒厂 Beichen
Xihengdi 西横堤
Liuyuan 刘园

Rolling Stock[edit]

Type Time of manufacturing Series Sets Assembly Notes
Type B 2005 - 2006 DKZ9 25 Tc+M+T+M+M+Tc Manufactured by CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles