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Novara–Milano Passante–Treviglio
Milano staz Porta Venezia TSR linea S6.JPG
An S6 train at Milano Porta Venezia.
Type Commuter rail
System Milan suburban railway service
Status Operational
Locale Milan, Italy
Termini Novara
Stations 24
Daily ridership 34,000 (2011)[1]
Website Trenord (Italian)
Opened 2004
Rolling stock TAF / TSR
Line length 84 km (52 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification 3,000 V DC
Route number S6
Route map
Map of line S6.

The S6 is a commuter rail route forming part of the Milan suburban railway service (Italian: Servizio ferroviario suburbano di Milano), which converges on the city of Milan, Italy.[2]

The route runs over the infrastructure of the Turin–Milan, Milan Passante and Milan–Venice railways. Like all but one of the other Milan suburban railway service routes, it is operated by Trenord.


Line S6, a cross-city route, heads initially in an easterly direction from Novara to Rho Fiera Milano. From there, it runs through the municipality of Milan, via the Milan Passante railway, to Milano Porta Vittoria, and finally in an easterly direction to Treviglio.[3]


The S6 was activated on 12 December 2004, and operated initially between Novara and Milano Porta Vittoria.[4]

With the change of timetable on 15 June 2008, the line was extended from Milano Porta Vittoria to Milano Rogoredo, where there is interchange with regional trains and long-distance services to and from Genoa, Bologna and Mantua.[5]

Coinciding with another timetable change on 13 December 2009, the Porta Vittoria to Rogoredo section was closed, but the southern end of the route was extended in that section's place, from Porta Vittoria to Pioltello-Limito (and during rush hour to Treviglio).[6]


The stations on the S6 are as follows (stations with a coloured background are within the municipality of Milan):[7]

Station Opened Interchange Note
Novara 1854 Treni regionali Metropolitana di Milano Treno.svg Novara Nord 100 m/yds
Trecate 1854
Magenta 1858 Treni regionali
Corbetta-Santo Stefano Ticino 1936[8]
Vittuone-Arluno 1858
Pregnana Milanese 2009 Incomplete service.
Rho 1858 Line S5 Treni regionali
Rho Fiera 2008 Line M1 Treni regionali
Milano Certosa 1858
Milano Villapizzone 2002
Milano Lancetti 1997 Line S1 Line S2 Line S13
Milano Porta Garibaldi 1963 Line M2 Line S8 Line S11 MXP Treni regionali Metropolitana di Milano Treno.svg
Milano Repubblica 1997 Line M3
Milano Porta Venezia 1997 Line M1
Milano Dateo 2002
Milano Porta Vittoria 2004 Line S1 Line S2 Line S13
Segrate 2002
Pioltello-Limito 1846 Treni regionali
Vignate Only during rush hour.
Melzo 1846 Only during rush hour.
Pozzuolo Martesana 2009[9] Only during rush hour.
Trecella Only during rush hour.
Cassano d'Adda 1846 Only during rush hour.
Treviglio 1878 Treni regionali Only during rush hour.

Rolling stock[edit]

S6 trains are made up of 5, 6 or 8-car Treno ad alta frequentazione (TAF) or Treno Servizio Regionale (TSR) train sets.


As of 2012, S6 trains ran every half-hour between 06:00 and 00:30 daily.[7]

From 07:00 to 09:00, and from 17:00 to 20:00, S6 services cover the entire route between Novara and Treviglio. During the rest of the day, S6 trains are limited to Novara–Pioltello-Limito, except between 10:00 to 12:00, when the S6 operates only between Novara and Milano Certosa.[7]

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