Links LS 1997

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Links LS 1997

Links LS 1997 is a golf video game released in 1996. It is part of the Links video game series.


The game was released in 1996 for DOS.


Review scores
Next Generation4/5 stars (PC)[2]
Macworld4.5/5 stars[1]
PC GamesA-[3]

Macworld's Michael Gowan called Links LS a "beautifully rendered golf sim [that] is almost as tough to master as the real thing."[1] A Next Generation critic said it put the Links series "once again at the top of the PC golfing heap", citing its impressive technical specs even by the standards of high-end setups, support for all the Links 386 add-on disks, and customizable features.[2]

Links LS was a finalist for the Computer Game Developers Conference's 1996 "Best Sports Game" Spotlight Award,[4] but lost the prize to NHL 97.[5] It was also the runner-up for Computer Gaming World's 1996 "Sports Game of the Year" award, which ultimately went to NBA Live 97. The editors praised Links LS as "the best-looking golf game we've seen."[6] Links LS won Computer Games Strategy Plus's 1996 sports game of the year award.[7] Links LS was named the tenth best computer game ever by PC Gamer UK in 1997. The editors called it "an object lesson in how every PC game should be made."[8]

Links LS 1997 won Computer Game Entertainment's 1996 "Best Sports Game" prize. The magazine's editors wrote, "It's easy to control, responsive and a lot of fun, and what else can you ask for in a game?" They nominated the game as their overall game of the year, but it lost to Diablo in that category.[9]


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