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Lionsgate Television
FoundedJuly 1997; 23 years ago (July 1997)
Key people
Kevin Beggs (chair)
Sandra Stern (president)
Sea to Sky Entertainment
Primal Media
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Lionsgate Television is the television division of Lionsgate, a Canadian-American entertainment company.


The company was established in July 1997, as Lions Gate Television, Inc., with the establishment of Lionsgate Films. It acquired documentary/reality production company, Termite Art Productions, in June 1998, and was then reacquired by Erik Nelson in September 2004, and officially renamed Termite Art as Creative Differences.[2][3][4]

By March 12, 1999, Lions Gate Television, Inc. became an incorporated entity.[5][6] On July 12, 2006, Lionsgate expanded into television syndication, when the company acquired television distribution company, Debmar–Mercury.[7][8] Before the acquisition, Debmar–Mercury syndicated the film library of Lionsgate.

20th Television handled advert sales to the series, distributed by Debmar–Mercury, with the exception of Meet the Browns, as the advert sales are handled by Disney–ABC Domestic Television, and Turner Television co distributing the series.[9]

On March 13, 2012, Lionsgate Television formed a new, joint venture of 50/50, with Thunderbird Films, the company founded by Frank Giustra, who was the founder and chairman of Lionsgate. The new venture is called “Sea to Sky Entertainment”.[10][11][12] More recently, Lionsgate and Walin Chambers Entertainment renewed its overall deal.[13] Another overall deal more recently is The Tannenbaum Company.[14]



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