List of Acacia species used for tannin production

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This is a list of Acacia species (sensu lato) that are used for the production of tannins.

Tannin Content of Various Acacia Species
Dried Leaves
Seed Pods
Tannins [%]
Tannins [%]
Tannins [%]
Acacia albida
Acacia cavenia 32%[2]  
Acacia dealbata 19.1%[3]  
Acacia decurrens 37-40%[3]  
Acacia farnesiana 23%[4]  
Acacia mearnsii 25-35%[1]  
Acacia melanoxylon 20%[2]  
Acacia nilotica 18-23%*[1] 
Acacia penninervis 18%[2]  
Acacia pycnantha 30-45%[2]   15-16%[2]  
Acacia saligna 21.5%[5]  

  Notes: * - Inner bark


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