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This is a current list of regiments of the British Army (including the Army Reserve). This list will be updated through the ongoing implementation of Army 2020 Refine.

Household Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps[edit]

Household Cavalry[edit]

Note - for operational purposes the two Household Cavalry regiments form a pair of joint units; the Household Cavalry Regiment and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment

Line Cavalry[edit]

Royal Tank Regiment[edit]



Note: When a regiment is described as having n + n battalions, the first number is regular army battalions, and the second is Army Reserve battalions.

Foot Guards[edit]

Line Infantry and Rifles[edit]

Other Combat Arms[edit]

Combat Support[edit]

Combat Service Support[edit]

Home Service Regiments[edit]

Two regiments that are used primarily for the home defence of British Overseas Territories are included on the list of British Army regiments. Both are primarily infantry regiments.


  1. ^ a b c The Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards and Scots Guards each have a single incremental company stationed in London on public duties that maintains the history and traditions of each regiment's 2nd Battalion, which are all in suspended animation
  2. ^ According to HM Regulations for the Household Division, the HQ company and four rifle companies of the London Regiment are neither Foot Guards nor household troops; they are attached to the Division, rather than a constituent part of it.
  3. ^ The Royal Regiment of Scotland also has an incremental company assigned to public duties in Edinburgh
  4. ^ One battalion of the Parachute Regiment is assigned as part of the SFSG
  5. ^ The Royal Gibraltar Regiment is an integrated unit, featuring both regular and reserve soldiers.
  6. ^ The Royal Bermuda Regiment's manpower is drawn from conscription.