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Faith No More
Years active 1979–1998

The American band Faith No More has had nearly fifteen known band members, many for such a short period of time they were not documented, including: five vocalists, including Mike Morris; six guitarists, also including Mike Morris; two keyboardists; one drummer; and one bassist.

The band, consisting of Mike Morris, Billy Gould, Wade Worthington, and Mike Bordin, first formed in 1981 under the name Faith No Man, recording just one release. Wade left shortly afterward and was replaced by Roddy Bottum. In 1982 the entire band, minus Mike Morris, quit to form Faith No More. During this time they went through the majority of their long list of vocalists and guitarists, Courtney Love being the third and longest-standing vocalist at the time.[1] They then settled on Chuck Mosley and Jim Martin, with whom they recorded and released their first two studio albums, We Care a Lot and Introduce Yourself. After the tour for Introduce Yourself the band fired Mosley and hired Mike Patton from the experimental band Mr. Bungle. This was Faith No More's longest-standing lineup and featured the most releases, including the studio albums The Real Thing and Angel Dust. Following the departure of Jim Martin in late 1993 the band went without a guitarist until starting the writing of the followup to Angel Dust, King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime, for which they hired Trey Spruance, also of Mr. Bungle. Spruance left before the tour and was replaced by Dean Menta. Menta was then replaced by Jon Hudson before the recording of the band's final album, Album of the Year. Faith No More split up in 1998.[2]

On February 24, 2009, Faith No More announced they would be re-forming for a European tour that began in June in Brixton Academy, London and then Download festival in Donington Park, the UK's biggest rock festival.[3] Since their reformation, the lineup has been identical to the final lineup prior to the band's 1998 breakup.


Current members[edit]

Image Name Years active Instruments Release contributions
Mike Bordin Mike Bordin 1979–1998,
Drums, percussion, backing vocals All Faith No More releases
Billy Gould Billy Gould 1979–1998,
Bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals All Faith No More releases
Roddy Bottum Roddy Bottum 1981–1998,
Keyboards, piano, keytar, guitar, backing vocals All Faith No More releases
Mike Patton Mike Patton 1988–1998,
Lead vocals, samples All Faith No More releases since The Real Thing (1989)
Jon Hudson Jon Hudson 1996–1998,
Lead guitar, backing vocals Album of the Year (1997), Sol Invictus (2015)

Former members[edit]

Image Name Years active Instruments Release contributions
Mike Morris 1979–1982 Lead vocals, lead guitar "Quiet in Heaven", "Song of Liberty" (1982)
Wade Worthington 1979–1981 Keyboard, backing vocals "Quiet in Heaven", "Song of Liberty" (1982)
Courtney Love 1982–1984 Lead vocals None
Chuck Mosley 1984–1988 Lead vocals We Care a Lot (1985), Introduce Yourself (1987)
Jim Martin 1983–1993 Lead guitar, backing vocals All Faith No More releases from We Care a Lot (1985) to Angel Dust (1992)
Trey Spruance Trey Spruance 1993–1994 Lead guitar King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime (1995)
Dean Menta 1995–1996 Lead guitar King for a Day single b-sides



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