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Fire Emblem characters

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This is a character guide for the Game Boy Advance game Fire Emblem. Each character has his or her class labeled. A class is a category within the Fire Emblem series that outlines a unit's characteristics. Along with the character's class is their "promotion class" — the class that the character will upgrade to upon promotion. If a character has no promotion class, it means that they were already promoted when recruited into the party. Also mentioned for some characters are "supports." Supports are side conversations between characters which can result in statistical bonuses and character development (see here for more information about supports).

Main characters[edit]

Lady Lyndis[edit]

(a.k.a. Lyn)

  • Class: Lord – Blade Lord

Lyn (リン Rin?) is the first female main character in the series since Fire Emblem Gaiden. Although her full name is Lyndis (リンディス Rindisu?), she is referred to in almost all screens by her Sacaen name 'Lyn' throughout the game. The two names are generally regarded to be interchangeable, depending on who addresses her. She is 18 (15 in the Japanese version) at the beginning of the events of Fire Emblem.

Born in the Sacaen Plains, her parents—Lord Hassar, chieftain of the Lorca tribe, and Madelyn, daughter of Lord Hausen of Caelin—were killed by bandits before the beginning of the game. She was named after her maternal grandmother. She lives alone until she finds a tactician (the player) lying on the ground. Upon meeting him or her, she decides to follow him or her in the interest of training her sword skills. She then meets Sain and Kent, knights of Caelin who tell her that she is the granddaughter of Lord Hausen, the Marquess of Caelin, who wants to welcome her into his home (something he had refused to do when his daughter Madelyn eloped with a Sacaean "savage"). Along the way, she saves an old priest of a shrine that was attacked by mercenaries. In gratitude, he allows Lyndis to lay her hands upon the Mani Katti, a sacred weapon within the shrine. As it turns out, she is the only person who can draw the legendary sword, and the priest tells her to take it with her.

On the way to Caelin, she eventually finds out that her grandfather is being poisoned by her granduncle, the power hungry Lundgren, who desires to succeed his brother by any means necessary. Upon reaching Castle Caelin, Lyndis and her allies defeat Lundgren's forces in a final battle. It is after this that Lyn and her grandfather meet for the first time. Though in a considerably weakened state, Lyn convinces her grandfather to keep fighting so that the two may live together and learn more about each other. Lyndis then stays with him at Castle Caelin until the events of the main story, where she travels with Eliwood and Hector on their quest.

Unlike the other lords, Lyndis is not mentioned or referenced at all in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi due to the fact that she and her grandfather Hausen were created specifically for the prequel. As such, it is unclear what happens to her in the twenty years between the two games, although her multiple endings present certain possibilities. In her default ending, she turns control of Caelin over to Ostia following Hausen's death. If she has an "A" support with Eliwood, Hector, or Rath, she will marry them, becoming the mother of Roy, Lilina, or Sue respectively. Alternatively, Lyn may return to Sacae accompanied by Kent or Florina if she has an "A" support with either of them.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Lyn makes a cameo appearance as an Assist Trophy, a regular trophy, and a sticker.[1] her voice actress is Lani Minella, and Japanese voice actress is Makiko Omoto. She reappears in the sequel Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as an Assist Trophy and a collectible trophy. In both games, she uses her Mani Katti to deliver an unavoidable and powerful strike on the enemy players.

Lord Eliwood[edit]

  • Class: Lord – Knight Lord

The son of Lord Elbert, Marquess of Pherae, and Lady Eleanora, Eliwood (エリウッド Eriuddo?) is a noble on a quest to find his father, who had been kidnapped by the Dark Druid, Nergal. His objectives soon change, however, and Eliwood fights a group of assassins called the Black Fang. As the story progresses, Eliwood comes to battle with Nergal's morphs (zombie-like creatures, some of who are sentient), Nergal himself, and a renegade Fire Dragon to save the world. To defeat Nergal, he receives Durandal, a legendary sword and the eponymous Rekka no Ken or "Blazing Sword", which was used by Roland, the founder of Lycia. After the game, he succeeds his father as the marquess of Pherae. If he has an "A" support with Lyn, Ninian, or Fiora, he will marry her. Eliwood later has a son he names Roy, who stars as the Lord character of the previous game, Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi. Eliwood himself also briefly appears as an NPC in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi and is unlockable in the bonus maps.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Eliwood appears as a sticker.

Lord Hector[edit]

  • Class: Lord – Great Lord

Hector (ヘクトル Hekutoru?) is a young lord whose parents died of a disease. His older brother, Uther, is the current Marquess of Ostia. It is also revealed in Fūin no Tsurugi that he has a cousin.

Hector is somewhat lazy by nature, which is often a source of consternation among Lycian nobility. Tiring of the inaction on the part of the Lycian nobility against Marquess Laus' recent suspicious activity, he gathers his axe and sets out on a quest to help Eliwood search for his father Elbert with the assistance of some of his Ostian colleagues, Serra the cleric, Matthew the thief, and Oswin the knight. Later on in the story, Hector's brother Lord Uther dies of disease. Oswin was given strict orders not to tell him, which angered him greatly until Eliwood convinced him to forgive Oswin. He grieves for a short time, but then gets over it to help stop Nergal. After the game, he becomes Marquess of Ostia. If he has an A support with Lyn, Florina, or Farina, he will marry her in the game's ending.

Hector eventually acquires the legendary axe Armads, used by the legendary Durban. It is foretold that "he who wields Armads shall die not peacefully, but in battle"; a warning which Hector took seriously but chose to accept in order to help Eliwood. This is one of two moments foreshadowing events in Fuuin no Tsurugi, the other being in Eliwood and Hector's supports, when Hector discusses a dream about a daughter and a red-haired boy, Roy and Lilina.

Hector also appears in Fūin no Tsurugi, albeit only briefly before he dies from injuries sustained in battle. Lilina, his daughter, is one of the playable characters in Fūin no Tsurugi. Hector himself is also an unlockable character.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Hector appears as a sticker.


Fire Emblem was the first title in the series to identify the player as a character in the story. Because this title was the first Fire Emblem released outside Japan, this was used as a method of introducing newcomers to the Fire Emblem series, making the player feel more involved with the story line.

In the first ten chapters that make up Lyndis' story, the player's job is to help her through her storyline by directing Lyn and her companions in battle. The player has his/her own game sprite, but it is seen only during story sequences and does not appear during actual gameplay. The player's game sprite does not change depending on gender, however. The tactician sprite wears thick, green, robe-like garments, making its appearance ambiguous. In two game screens, the tactician can be seen sporting brown hair and a light beige cloak.

The tactician's default name is Mark, a male born in January, but he/she can be named whatever the player wants. The other characters will frequently speak with the player to share advice and insight as well as request opinions, usually regarding pursuing a side quest. The tactician's birth month and gender can also be altered; the birth month has an effect on the tactician's affinity, and the gender affects what certain characters say when directly addressing the player; for example, Florina, who is timid of men, is less anxious if the tactician is female. The tactician cannot have support conversations with other characters, but can receive alternate endings depending on the final ranking.

In Eliwood's/Hector's story, the tactician will be asked to be the godparent of Eliwood's son (Roy) or Hector's daughter (Lilina).

Other playable characters[edit]


  • Class: Cavalier – Paladin

Kent (ケント Kento?) is a knight of Caelin. He is accompanied by Sain to the Sacaen Plains to find Lord Hausen's granddaughter, Lyndis. He believes in a strong sense of discipline and chivalry, often but unsuccessfully pressing his companion Sain to do the same. After the game, he becomes Caelin's steward. If he has an "A" support with Lyn or Fiora, he will marry her instead.


  • Class: Cavalier – Paladin

Kent's best friend and companion. Sain (セイン Sein?) is a bit of a scoundrel and a notorious womanizer who admits to hitting on every single woman he has ever seen. His fascination with glory and chivalry often lands him in trouble on the battlefield, much to the disdain of his fellow knight Kent. After the game, he leaves Caelin's service, becoming an independent knight. If he has an "A" support with Fiora or Rebecca, he will marry her. If Sain marries Rebecca he becomes the father of Wolt.


  • Class: Pegasus Knight – Falcon Knight

Florina (フロリーナ Furorīna?) is a pegasus knight from Ilia with a timid heart and a fear of men and bows. She gains much courage between Lyn's and Eliwood's story. She is a childhood friend of Lyn's and has two older sisters, Fiora and Farina. Her pegasus is named Makar. After the game, she will return to Ilia, or, if she has an "A" support with Hector, she will marry him.


  • Class: Archer – Sniper

Wil (ウィル Wiru?) is a cheerful archer from Pherae and a childhood friend of Rebecca. Wil had set out with Dan, Rebecca's brother, to seek his fortune, but the two became separated at the port of Badon. He encounters and joins "Lyndis's Legion", as he calls it, and becomes a retainer of House Caelin. If he reaches an "A" level support with Rebecca, he will marry her in an alternate ending and become Wolt's father.


  • Class: Fighter – Warrior

Dorcas (ドルカス Dorukasu?) is an axefighter from Bern. He once worked for bandits in order to earn money to purchase medicine for his wife Natalie, despite being ashamed of doing such a thing. He joins Lyn's army in order to repay her for saving Natalie from being kidnapped and sold as a slave by the same bandits he was working for. He later moves to Pherae with Natalie, and joins Eliwood's company quite early alongside his friend and rival Bartre.


  • Class: Cleric – Bishop

Serra (セーラ Sēra?) is an outspoken young cleric in service to House Ostia, born in Etruria. She is flirtatious, cheerful, and sincere. Her high-perched thoughts of herself help her cope with the loneliness felt in childhood as an abandoned child dropped in a convent after the fall-out of her family (Etrurian Counts of noble blood, according to her). However, in the end she drives everyone in Ostia crazy with her loud and arrogant personality. She can win the heart of either Erk, Matthew, or Oswin if she gets an "A" level support with any of them.


  • Class: Mage – Sage

Erk (エルク Eruku?) is a charming but uptight anima mage from Etruria. He first escorted Serra to Ostia (and, by the time he met Lyn, was regretting it) and then served as Priscilla's protector before joining Eliwood on his quest. Extremely dedicated to his studies, he seeks to be a worthy student of his teacher, Lord Pent. In support conversations with Pent and his wife, Louise, Erk's training is talked about. Louise mentions that Erk tended to lock himself in his room and study without eating or sleeping, until he would collapse. He only began to venture into the world after being shown a book full of pictures of nature, as stated in support conversations with Nino. He can invest in a relationship with either Priscilla, Serra or Nino if he gets an "A" support with any of them.


  • Class: Nomad – Nomad Trooper

Rath (ラス Rasu?) is a nomad of Sacae's Kutolah tribe. He is a man of few words and is skilled with the bow. He saves Lyn from an assassin when she reaches Araphen. He is the son of Dayan and father of Sue, characters from Fuuin no Tsurugi. Due to a vision by the Kutolah's elder, Rath was cast out from his tribe at an extremely young age to find his destiny. It was due to this that he grew to be very quiet and stoic, unused to social interaction. If he gets an "A" support with Lyn, he will marry her and he will become Sue's father.


  • Class: Thief – Assassin

Matthew (マシュー Mashū?) is an enigmatic thief revealed as a spy for House Ostia. He is somewhat loyal to Hector on his own and hides his abilities under a cheerful and casual demeanor. He was romantically involved with a female Ostian spy by the name of Leila. He planned on marrying her but this dream was cut short when she was killed by the assassin Jaffar. Through an "A" support with Serra, Matthew will start a romantic relationship with her.


  • Class: Bard

Nils (ニルス Nirusu?) is a half-dragon that takes the form of a blue-haired boy during the game and one of the few to survive the Scouring. Nils was captured from Harmony by Nergal, during which was forced to take the guise of a human because of the massive amount of quintessence drained from him when he passed through the Dragon's Gate, and was held hostage as a means to open the Dragon's Gate. He later escapes to find Lyndis and the other warriors.

Nils poses as a mysterious flute player accompanied by his older sister, the dancer Ninian. He is reluctant to trust others, but remains kind to his comrades. Statistically, he and Ninian are identical (their level-ups even carry over to each other as they exchange time as party members). Later in the game, Nils uses his abilities of foresight to serve as a fortune-teller after Hannah leaves. Unlike Hannah's services, Nils's are free. Like Ninian, Nils cannot attack since he does not wield any weapons; his abilities are strictly supportive. After Nergal is defeated, he returns to his home through the Dragons' Gate. If Eliwood and Ninian have an "A" support, he will convince her to stay behind despite the consequences this could have.


  • Class: Monk – Bishop

Lucius (ルセア Rusea?) is a monk, a user of light magic. Lucius admits to Priscilla that he was often teased for his appearance back when he was a child, and in his first support with Serra, she thinks of him as a girl and simply can not believe that he is male. After being raised in an orphanage and becoming a St. Elimine monk, he was a retainer of Caelin's House Cornwell and remains loyal to Raymond of Cornwell (alias Raven), his lord since childhood. Gentle and serene in nature, he appears to suffer from spiritual illness; his kindness doesn't equal to submission, though, since he can also be very stubborn and outspoken. After the game's end, he builds a small orphanage. If he has an "A" support with Raven, they will travel as mercenaries together.


  • Class: Knight – General

Wallace (ワレス Waresu?) is a retired knight of Caelin who decides to side with Lyn during her quest to regain the Caelin throne. A famous trainer of young knights, he trained Kent and Sain and seems to have the same intentions for Will. He was also Lord Hassar's rival and friend. He has no sense of direction whatsoever, which serves as the apparent reason for his presence in Bern during Eliwood's story. It is revealed in an A support with Lyndis he had traveled there to destroy the hideout of the bandits that had killed Lyndis' family. He thrives in battle, and is extremely brash and stubborn. It's insinuated that Renault, during his times as a mercenary, trained Wallace briefly. After the game's end, he mistakenly travels to Ilia, and retires as a farmer.


  • Class: Paladin

Marcus (マーカス Mākasu?) is the leader of the knights of Pherae. He is very loyal to Eliwood and is a skilled veteran. He is a mentor and father figure to Eliwood (who used to follow him around as a little boy) and his assistants. During the war, Marcus trains Lowen to become a full knight of Pherae, and with an "A" support rating he knights Lowen. After the game, he devotes his life to training the knights of Pherae. In Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi, Marcus is the mentor figure to Eliwood's son Roy.


  • Class: Cavalier – Paladin

Lowen (ロウエン Rōen?) joins Eliwood when a bandit attack is set upon Pherae after Elbert goes missing. Lowen is a knight in service to Marcus. He is very insecure, and at times hard on himself for not accomplishing certain tasks. He is a new recruit in the Pheraen royal army, and is trained personally by Marcus. He looks up to Harken as a role model. At the games ending, Lowen returns home to Pherae in service of the royal army. If he has an A support with Rebecca, the two will marry, and he will become the father of Wolt.


  • Class: Archer – Sniper

Rebecca (レベッカ Rebekka?) joins Eliwood when she is 15-year-old daughter of a village chieftain in Pherae and childhood friend of Will. She is tomboyish, helpful, bright and enjoys cooking. She joins Eliwood's group to search for her missing brother Dan, and later she becomes a retainer and nanny in the Pheraean court. If Rebecca obtains an "A" support with Wil, Lowen, or Sain, there will be an alternate ending where they will get married and have a child together by the name of Wolt.


  • Class: Fighter – Warrior

Bartre (バアトル Bātoru?) is known to be quite dense and only capable of understanding fighting. Despite this, he is good-natured and friendly at heart, caring greatly for his friend and rival Dorcas as well as the well-being of Natalie. He eventually marries his rival, the swordmaster Karla. He is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi and the father of fellow playable character Fir, a myrmidon.


  • Class: Knight – General

Oswin (オズイン Ozuin?) is an experienced knight of Ostia. Oswin looks like an old man, but he's actually quite young for his appearance — he is in his thirties. He was assigned by Lord Uther to protect Hector after Hector ran away from Ostia. He is rather serious but is looking out for Hector's best interests. He also constantly reminds Serra that she must be more focused in the battlefield. After the game, he continues to serve Ostia, as a calm, reasonable voice in Lycia's ruling government.


  • Class: Myrmidon – Swordmaster

Guy (ギィ ?) is a member of Sacae's Kutolah tribe. While knowing who Rath is, he does not personally know him, as Rath left when Guy was a very small child. Unlike most of the Kutolah, he is not skilled in archery and instead finds his talent in sword fighting, dreaming of one day being a swordmaster. He frets about starving to death, which in the past led to dealings with Matthew and working for mercenaries to gain money. Guy is an enemy at first, having found work with the Black Fang, but Matthew is able to use the Sacaean code of honor to convince him to join Eliwood's army. After the game, he perfects his sword technique and becomes known as the "Saint of Swords".

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Guy appears as a sticker.


  • Class: Transporter (Tent) – Transporter (Carriage)

Merlinus (マリナス Marinasu?) is a character that appears frequently in-game, whose tent has to be protected from enemies. As a merchant, Merlinus holds the player's armory optionally during each battle. As he levels up each chapter he is kept alive, he can eventually upgrade to a moving unit. He cannot fight, consequently, so his tent or vehicle must be protected. As a person, he is rather cowardly and quirky, revealed by his telling support conversations. After the game, he opens a shop in Eliwood's service. Merlinus eventually reappears in Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals, performing the same role, albeit with greater difficulty.

Lady Priscilla[edit]

  • Class: Troubadour – Valkyrie

Priscilla (プリシラ Purishira?) is a polite, yet troubled troubadour adopted by Count Caerleon of Etruria when she was just six years old. She is the younger sister of Raven and a princess of the fallen House Cornwell. Upon hearing rumors of her estranged brother, she left Etruria with Erk in hopes of finding the truth. The Marquess of Laus, Lord Darin, learned of her quest and prevented her and Erk from leaving Laus. They were finally able to leave after Eliwood's arrival in Laus.

If she obtains an "A" support with Erk, she will marry him. However, if she obtains an "A" support with Guy or Heath, they would sadly be separated, due to the great differences in their status. Though it does not change the ending, with an "A" support, she goes through a similar experience with Sain, who has his duty as a knight, and she has hers as a princess.

Lord Raven[edit]

  • Class: Mercenary – Hero

Raven (レイヴァン Reivan?) is a hard-eyed mercenary with a grudge against House Ostia. He was once Lord Raymond of Cornwell, a house destroyed by Ostia for corruption. He is recruited by Priscilla once she finds him serving as a prisoner turned mercenary on the enemy's side. Knowing that she is a member of Eliwood's army, Raven joins in hopes of getting closer to Hector (brother of Marquess Ostia) for revenge. He later gives up on his plans for vengeance (either due to Priscilla or Lucius' support conversations). He is accompanied by Lucius, his vassal and only friend. He is also Priscilla's older brother.


  • Class: Shaman – Druid

Canas (カナス Kanasu?) is a man on a quest to gain knowledge. Canas is a passionate scholar who has a tendency to read on the battlefield and somewhat neglect the people he cares for (Nino points out the habit in their supports). He also may be Nino's uncle by marriage, — according to their A support, as his wife's deceased sister Iris bears the same name as Nino's mother. After the game, he dies along with his wife while trying to stop a snowstorm. He is the father of Hugh and son of Niime, characters from Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi.


  • Class: Pirate – Berserker

Dart (ダーツ Dātsu?) is an amnesiac pirate loyal to Fargus. He is foulmouthed but kindhearted, and is likely Rebecca's brother, Dan. Were that the case, he left their hometown with his friend, Wil, to find their fortune. After several adventures and disgraces, Dan was somehow left half-dead and unconscious on the docks of Badon, where Fargus picked him up (the citizens would not touch him due to a religious holiday at the time that forbade contact with blood) and thus saved his life. He also has some history with Geitz.

His ending would say that after being severely injured while protecting Fargus, he disappeared, although it was rumoured that he was in Pherae. However, if he obtains an "A" support with Farina, Farina would join him as a female pirate instead


  • Class: Pegasus Knight – Falcon Knight

Fiora (フィオーラ Fiōra?) is Florina and Farina's older sister and commander of the Fifth Wing of Ilia's pegasus knights. She has been known to make deplorable decisions based on intuition. She was hired by Pent to scout the Dread Isle, and after her entire wing was annihilated by the Black Fang, she sought to avenge the deaths of her comrades. Additionally, since she's extremely honor bound, Fiora heavily blames herself for their deaths. After the game, she can marry Kent, Sain or Eliwood through "A" level supports. If married to Eliwood she becomes the mother of Roy.


  • Class: Thief – Assassin

Legault (ラガルト Ragaruto?) is a thief and former member of the Black Fang, known as the Hurricane. He is cynical, brutally honest, and apathetic, but has a good sense of humor. While in the Black Fang, his duty was to kill those who betrayed the secretive organization, but after discovering that his last victim turned out to be his former best friend Aesha he became disillusioned and eventually abandoned the organization entirely. He is friends with much of the Black Fang, including Lloyd, Linus, Brendan, Uhai, and Brendan's retainer Jan. To his chagrin, Nino refers to him as her "uncle", but this is a term of endearment; he is not a blood relative of hers. In his support conversations, Legault clearly enjoys toying with others' emotions. After the game's end, he returns to Bern, looking for Black Fang refugees.


Ninian (ニニアン Ninian?) is a quiet, sweet, and polite dancer and the older sister of Nils, a teenage bard. They both hold a terrible and destructive secret in their hearts. Her dances (or in Nils's case, music) contains mystic power that can increase an ally's stats or enable then to move again. They themselves, however, cannot fight.

Ninian is a half-dragon, offspring from a dragon-human marriage that occurred before the Scouring, a war between humans and dragons fought across Elibe. Ironically the game's main antagonist Nergal, who lured her through the Dragon's Gate in a trap, is believed to be her father. During the Scouring, Ninian's mother Aenir was kidnapped and taken away from her family. Nergal decided to go search for her, but he could not do so with infant children in tow. Leaving them in a small house in Valor and near the Dragon's Gate, Nergal told them to hide and wait for him until he returned with their mother; however, he had also asked them to pass through the Dragon's Gate if he never returned.

After waiting for a substantial amount of time, Ninian and Nils decided to join the surviving dragons who left Elibe through the Gate, reverting to their dragon forms and progressively losing many of their memories; some of those regarding their mother remained, since Ninian kept a silver ring that belonged to her. Finally, after a long journey, they reached an alternate world where they could live in peace and build a new home along with the other dragons. They often remembered Elibe with fondness, so much that when they were offered the chance to return through the Gate- actually a trap concocted by Nergal- they took it.

After the game's end, Ninian will return across the Dragons' Gate with Nils. If she has an "A" support with Eliwood, though, she will remain in Elibe and become his wife and mother of his son Roy.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ninian appears as a sticker.


  • Class: Paladin

Isadora (イサドラ Isadora?) is a paladin of Pherae who serves Eliwood's mother, Eleanora. She is in love with Harken, one of the Knights of Pherae who disappeared with Eliwood's father Elbert. She constantly worries for his safety and until learning otherwise believed he had met an unfortunate end. She also has some ethic and self-esteem problems derived from her noble upbringing and her experiences as a female knight, surrounded by male companions for a long time. If she has an "A" support with Harken, she will marry him in the game's ending. However her various endings can lead her to fall for the bishop, Renault, or the thief, Legault.


  • Class: Wyvern Rider - Wyvern Lord

Heath (ヒース Hīsu?) is a proud wyvern rider of Bern, honorable with a strong sense of justice and morality. He voluntarily defects to Eliwood's side after the leader of his mercenary squad orders him to kill women and children, something that compromised his personal honor. He once served Vaida as a wyvern rider, and his former wingmates are now dead because of their desertion from Bern; Vaida stayed behind to cover their escape. Because of this, Heath may hold feelings for Vaida, portrayed in their Support conversations. Additionally, he can also develop feelings with Priscilla, but when he learns her position as the adopted daughter of Count Caerleon of Etruria, he has no choice but to leave her. His wyvern is named Hyperion.


  • Class: Berserker

Hawkeye (ホークアイ Hōkuai?) is the defender and guardian of the sacred Nabata Desert, and an associate of Athos. He is close friends with Pent and Louise. He is supposed to keep the Manakete Fae in the protection of the desert. He also knows Ninian and Nils's origins, but keeps them as a secret, and, in his supports with Ninian, he tells her about young Igrene (who is a pre-teen girl at those times), Arcadia and the dragons. Hawkeye's battle sprite is unique from other berserkers. After the game, he returns to Nabata and trains his daughter Igrene (a playable character in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi) to be guardian of the desert.


  • Class: Warrior

Geitz (ガイツ Gaitsu?) is the disillusioned son of the leader of a merchant guild. He is somewhat flippant and is an acquaintance of Dart's, who is recruited when Dart talks to him. Unlike most axe warriors, Geitz sports a fair intelligence, and a slight accent apparent from his dialect. Having grown up with a father he now despises, Geitz has no concept of what is worth fighting for, and only joins Eliwood's group so he won't be bored. He is the brother of Geese from Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi.

Lord Pent[edit]

Pent (パント Panto?) is the only student of the archsage Athos and the legendary Mage-General of Etruria, one of the three finest fighters in the entire country. He is the Count of Reglay and Erk's magic teacher. He is an avid scholar like Canas. He and Louise, his wife, are the parents of the sniper Klein and the troubadour Clarine of Fūin no Tsurugi. In the game, if he falls in battle, he and his wife Louise will both leave the party. After the game, he resigns as Mage-General and continues Athos' research.

Lady Louise[edit]

  • Class: Sniper

Louise (ルイーズ Ruīzu?) is the beautiful wife of Pent and the Countess Reglay; she is also the distant cousin and friend of Queen Hellene of Bern. She is somewhat childlike in nature, but can be overprotective as well. Before Pent chose her as his wife, Louise was a village commoner; she gained his admiration by vowing to protect him with her bow, with which she possesses deadly skill, rather than singing and dancing like the other girls. She is the mother of Klein and Clarine of Fūin no Tsurugi, and as the fight with the Black Fang unfolds she finds out that she is already pregnant with Klein. If Louise falls in battle, she and Pent will both leave the party.


  • Class: Swordmaster

Karel (カレル Kareru?) is a bloodthirsty Sacaen swordmaster who appears to be insane. He lives only to find challengers worthy of his blade and will kill said opponents in battle without remorse or hesitation. His feats — including fighting Bern's armies alone, slaying a wizard that could freeze blood in a person's veins, and killing a warrior said to be many time the size of a normal human — have earned him infamy across Elibe, as well as the title of "Sword Demon". He is Karla's older brother and eventually teaches Guy some swordplay (if they support), and discovers that he is unwilling to kill them.

He finds peace after the journey, and is also present in Fūin no Tsurugi. By that time, his absolution has changed his reputation, and his fame as the "Sword Saint" is even greater. In Fūin no Tsurugi, he is Bartre's brother-in-law and Fir's uncle through Karla.


  • Class: Hero

Harken (ハーケン Hāken?) is a hero in service to house Pherae. On a mission accompanying Lord Elbert, he becomes the last surviving of his knights after their infamous trip. After the attack on his group, he decides to take revenge on the Black Fang by infiltrating their ranks and destroying them from within. His suicidal tendencies are only matched by his self-worth troubles coming from his blurry background and his love for his fiancée, the paladin Isadora, who he promised to marry once the war was over and he returned. Watching Nergal wipe out the Pheraen Knights, however, drove Harken to insanity because of his powerlessness, which led him to forget his promise to Isadora, who would greatly resent this when they found each other again. However, Harken's former instructor, the paladin Marcus, helps him greatly to remember his duty to Pherae and ease his doubts about his worth as an ally, and he also becomes a guide and older brother figure for the young Lowen. If he has an "A" support with Isadora, they renew their promise and get married; if he has one with Vaida, they develop some degree of understanding yet leave each other.


  • Class: Pegasus Knight - Falcon Knight

Farina (ファリナ Farina?) is Florina and Fiora's middle sister and a member of the 3rd Wing of Ilia's Pegasus Knights. She is somewhat thoughtless and seems to only care only about money at first, but she can also be very protective of her friends and hasn't forgotten a certain debt that one of her sisters acquired because of her (the cause of her love for money). However, she is not completely stingy — she gives Dorcas more than enough money to buy medicine for his ailing wife and expects nothing in return (that is, until he promises to pay her back in more than full). Her pegasus's name is Murphy. If she achieves an "A" support with Hector, they will wed and she will become the mother of the previous game's Lilina.


  • Class: Mage - Sage

Nino (ニノ Nino?) is a precocious 14-year-old mage who sees the Reed brothers and Brendan as her family. She is the mother of Lugh and Ray of Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals. She believes herself to be the child of Sonia, making Brendan her stepfather, and Lloyd and Linus stepbrothers; however, in reality, she is the daughter of a family of mages killed by Sonia and Nergal to gain their secrets concerning dragons. Nergal, seeing great magical potential in her, demanded Sonia raise her as a daughter; Sonia resents this, and treats Nino with much coldness and cruelty, while Nino still desires the love of her "mother". After the events of the game, she lives happily in a small Pheraen village. If she has an "A" support with Erk or Jaffar, she will marry him.


  • Class: Assassin

Known as the Angel of Death, Jaffar (ジャファル Jafaru?) was an orphan discovered by Nergal as a child sleeping on top of a pile of corpses. Jaffar was raised by Nergal to be a killing machine, trained to attain surgical perfection with his blades, and eventually became one of the Four Fangs. He was sent on a mission by Sonia. However, when he returned from this unknown mission, he was bloody and wounded. He began to change when Sonia's adoptive daughter Nino nursed him back to health, breaking the laws of the Black Fang because she saw him as her friend rather than a mere tool. After he's given orders to kill Nino by Sonia, he betrays the Black Fang and eventually joins Eliwood's group with Nino, now his protégé and best friend. In supports with her, he reveals that he loves her. Jaffar was also responsible for killing an Ostian spy named Leila, who was close to Matthew; their Supports reveal that Matthew wants revenge, but later comes to understand (though not forgive) Jaffar. He is the first character to have the class of "Assassin" in the Fire Emblem series. He is able to kill in one hit any unit no matter what amount of damage he can do or amount of health the enemy has. If Jaffar and Nino get an "A" support, they will marry, and have the twins Lugh and Ray.


  • Class: Wyvern Lord

Vaida (ヴァイダ Vaida?) is a brutal general of Bern, who ends up deserting after a disastrous attack on Eliwood's army. She sacrificed her honor in order to help Heath escape from Bern, and ultimately ended up with the Black Fang. She is a boss enemy in one chapter; if the player doesn't kill her, she is demoted by Sonia and is recruitable in a later chapter. She thinks very highly of herself and her skills; she is also extremely loyal to Prince Zephiel, whom she refers to as "the hope of Bern," and will do practically anything to protect him and the land she loves so much. The name of her wyvern is Umbriel.


  • Class: Swordmaster

Karla (カアラ Kāra?) is the distant, naîve and cool-natured sister of Karel, called the "Princess of Swords". She fights in arenas in hopes of finding her brother, who killed their parents, although Karla is not aware of this until finding him; and even after she finds out the truth, she strives to redeem him, or die trying. She later marries Bartre and is the mother of Fir from Fūin no Tsurugi, but dies of illness a few years before that game takes place.


  • Class: Bishop

Renault (レナート Renāto?) is a bishop seeking to atone for his sins in the past on Dread Isle. Solving the puzzle of his past is quite difficult, and requires several play-throughs, and the ability to put the scattered clues of his past life in each of his supports together to make the story. He used to be a member of the Caelin army (he even helped Wallace when he was a squire), but later went mad after the loss of his best friend and became a blood-thirsty mercenary (one of his victims was Lucius' father, whom he killed in front of a toddler Lucius and his mother). Later, he associated himself with Nergal and became his assistant in the process of morph development in the hope that he could revive his friend (potentially Kishuna) but ultimately saw the error of his ways and abandoned Nergal to join the St. Elimine clergy and become one of its most powerful and mysterious bishops. Due to his experiments with Nergal, Renault is in his own words, "less than human." Also, as Canas points out, he is several centuries old. He is named Renaud in the European version of the game.[2]

Lord Athos[edit]

  • Class: Archsage

Athos (アトス Atosu?) is one of the Eight Legends who defeated the dragons in the Scouring. He was a close friend of Nergal's once, and now resides in isolation in the Nabata Desert, accompanied by the Reglays, Hawkeye, and the people of Arcadia. His weapon during the Scouring was the legendary fire tome Forblaze, but at the last level, he brings to the party several other weapons: the legendary Light Magic tome Aureola, wielded by St. Elimine herself; the legendary sword Durandal, wielded by the hero, Roland; the legendary Thunder Axe Armads, wielded by the berserker, Durban; and finally, the Sol Katti, the partner of the Mani Katti. He acts as Nergal's benevolent counterpart, giving as much assistance as possible to the protagonists and is even able to use anima, light and dark magic just like Nergal can. He is well respected in Elibe. He dies after the death of the fire dragon which Nergal summoned directly before Nergal's death. When he dies, the lords realize that he has finally found peace.

Major non-playable characters[edit]

Lord Hausen[edit]

Hausen (ハウゼン Hauzen?) is the Marquess of Caelin and grandfather of Lyn. Hausen is poisoned by his brother Lundgren in an assassination plot that would have given Lundgren the title of Marquess. However, Lyn saves her grandfather's life, subsequently spending a year together. Hausen is later stabbed by Ephidel while trying to stop Darin from engaging in his acts of war, but survives; Lyn, along with Hector and Eliwood, subsequently saves Caelin from invaders.

Many years before the events in the game, his beloved only daughter, Madelyn eloped to marry the Sacaen nomad leader, Hassar. Hausen was so blinded with rage that he disowned her. Despite this, he had a change of heart after receiving a letter from Madelyn and sent his most trusted cavaliers, Kent and Sain, to the Sacaen Plains so that he may make amends with his daughter and also meet his granddaughter, Lyn. However, it is while Kent and Sain are on their journey that Lundgren begins poisoning him.

Hausen dies at an undisclosed time between the events of Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi. He is never mentioned in Fuuin no Tsurugi because he was created specifically for the prequel storyline. However, in Lyn's ending, it is stated that Caelin is absorbed into Ostia once he dies.

Lord Elbert[edit]

  • Class: Peer

Elbert (エルバート Erubāto?) is the father of Eliwood, the grandfather of Roy, and Marquess Pherae in the events of Fire Emblem. Elbert vanished from Pherae along with many Pheraen Knights. His disappearance sets off Eliwood on his quest to find him, and later, to save the world. Elbert loves his son Eliwood and his wife Eleanora very much, and remained resistant to Nergal until the very end, helping Ninian and Nils to keep their faith in humanity. It was said that he supported the rebellion against Ostia at first, much like Helman did, but he had withdrawn his support when he discovered that the Black Fang were using Darin: this action endangers him and ultimately leads to his death.

Lord Uther[edit]

  • Class: General

Uther (ウーゼル Ūzeru?) is Hector's older brother. Uther has recently been named Marquess Ostia, commander of the most powerful nation in the Lycian League, and the head of the Lycian Council. He is more emotionally collected than his reckless brother, whom he practically raised since their parents died, and, despite his cold facade, wants Hector to be safe. Uther has been getting paler lately due to an illness he's been carrying for years, and Hector is concerned about this. It turns out that Uther dies of consumption.

Lord Helman[edit]

Helman (ヘルマン Heruman?) is a friend of Lord Elbert, and Marquess Santaruz. Helman at first supports the rebellion, but has a change of heart when Eliwood barely escapes being killed, and wants the Black Fang to be gone from Santaruz. He is kind towards his people, but is a somewhat ineffectual leader. He is soon fatally injured by Ephidel, and dies in Eliwood's arms.


Fargus (ファーガス Fāgasu?) is the captain of the pirate ship Davros. Fargus shows kindness towards Eliwood's group, and lets them journey to the Dread Isle, Valor, on his ship. Fargus seeks adventure in life, and because of that he gives them passage. Fargus also brings them to Valor a second time after Eliwood's campaign in Bern. If you choose to accept the sidequest in Chapter Sixteen, reaching him and talking to him is the objective. If the player attacks him, they will be forced to restart the entire chapter. He is generally well natured towards Eliwood and the group, offering his guidance to Valor and presenting them the services of the skilled pirate Dart.

King Desmond[edit]

Desmond (デズモンド Dezumondo?) is the king of the militaristic nation of Bern, Desmond is jealous of his son, Zephiel, and wants his daughter, Guinevere, to take the throne. Desmond is lured by Sonia to start a rebellion, and to steal the Fire Emblem for the Black Fang so that Zephiel cannot become King. Years later, he is killed by Zephiel (at Zephiel's funeral) after Zephiel fakes his own death. His murder allows Zephiel to take his place.

Prince Zephiel[edit]

  • Class: Prince

Zephiel (ゼフィール?, Zefīru) is the heir to the Bern throne, and the son of Queen Hellene. Zephiel is a very gifted child, and it is obvious that he will become a fine ruler of Bern. However, his spiteful father King Desmond tries to stop him from taking the throne. Zephiel and his sister, Guinevere, love each other dearly, but Desmond also wants to bring an end to their contact. During the game, Zephiel is almost murdered by Jaffar, but Nino dissuades Jaffar, and Zephiel is ultimately rescued from Ursula by Eliwood, Hector and Lyn. An embittered Zephiel, in a stark contrast to his younger and more innocent self, is the ruler of Bern in Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi, and is the main antagonist.

Queen Hellene[edit]

Hellene (ヘレーネ Herēne?) is the Queen of Bern, and the mother of Zephiel. Hellene does not have a good relationship with King Desmond, and wishes to see her son, Prince Zephiel, take the throne of Bern. As such, she spites Desmond by reminding him that his daughter, Guinevere, is the daughter of a mistress and ineligible to claim the throne. Hellene is a distant cousin and good friend of Louise, and as a reward for saving Zephiel's life she gives Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn the secret location of Bern's Shrine of Seals.


Hannah (ハンナ Hanna?) is an elderly woman that makes a living as a fortune-teller. She volunteers her services to Eliwood after approaching him on a battlefield and makes use of her skills in exchange for gold. She provides hints to the player before each battle, suggesting characters to bring along in order to recruit new characters and what types of weapons and units would be most efficient in the chapter's battle.

Worn out by the stress of the harsh traveling and the many battles, Hannah eventually leaves Eliwood's service, but not before allowing Nils to take her place as fortune-teller. She does not make an appearance in the hard modes of the game.


  • Class: Thief

An Ostian spy met on Eliwood's quest after the main lords retake Caelin from Laus's rule. At that time she was posing as a member of the Black Fang in order to find out for Lord Elbert as much as possible under Uther's orders. She is ordered by Ephidel to finish off Lord Hausen, but instead helped heal him of his injuries he received from Ephidel. She and Matthew are involved romantically. If Matthew dies, his final word is "Leila". When Eliwood and his party arrive on the island she overhears Nergal, Darin, and Elbert and learns Nergal's intentions of the dragons. She goes to tell them, but before she can Ephidel finds out what she is going to do. Ephidel orders Jaffar to kill her, and after her death, they leave her corpse in the forest as a warning to Eliwood and the rest of the company. On the map, she appears as an assassin, but in battle her stance and attack are those of a thief.


Bramimond was one of the eight heroes that fought in the Scouring. "It" is only seen a few times during the game, and not much is known about it. It is probable that it is (or was) a powerful warrior. Its legendary weapon Apocalypse, available in the sequel, suggests that Bramimond is a Dark magic user, and Chapter 19x pt.2 mentions that Bramimond sacrificed itself to gain the ultimate Dark magic abilities. As such, Bramimond is described as a "mirror", reflecting the emotions and personality of anyone it interacts with (when Hector insults it, it insults Hector back; when Lyn speaks to it, it voice sounds more like a female's).

Bramimond apparently has the ability to bring the fallen back to life, as shown when Bramimond resurrects Ninian to seal away the dragons, however this requires the combination of the legendary weapons Armads and Durandal. Athos foresees the death of Bramimond as he is dying. Bramimond died some time between the events of Fire Emblem and Fuuin no Tsurugi.

The Eight Legends[edit]

The Eight Legends were eight great fighters who led humans in The Scouring. Each one (except Bramimond) founded a different nation, and each bore a legendary weapon:

  • Roland, the Hero, founded Lycia, and his heirs are the ancestors of each of the high-ranked noble families that form the Lycian League. A man of short stature, he was called the "Little Hero". His weapon was Durandal, the titular "Blazing Sword" which is wielded by Eliwood in the Final Chapter of the game. His title was mistakenly swapped with Hartmut in the English localization, which also rendered his title as the "Little Knight" instead. He also wields the Regal Blade which appears in this game.
  • The Champion and leader of the Eight Legends, Hartmut founded Bern and was its first King. He wielded two weapons: the legendary sword Exaccus and the Sword of Seals. They do not appear in this game. His title was mistakenly swapped with Roland in the English localization.
  • Etruria was founded by St. Elimine. Her just and pure-hearted nature garnered many followers and inspired the establishment of the St. Elimine church. Her faith has since supplanted older faiths in Elibe - many of her followers, in turn, believe that she did not die, but eventually ascended to the heavens as a deity. She wielded the light tome, Aureola, which becomes available in the Final Chapter of the game and is the only weapon not exclusive to one character. Her substitute weapon is Luce, a tome that appears in this game.
  • Sacae was founded by Hanon the Divine Horseman. Hanon wielded the wind bow, Miugre, which does not appear in this game; she also wields Rienfleche which appears in this game. Hanon was mistakenly referred to as a male in the English localization of the game due to pronoun confusion, but was shown to be female in an image from the preceding game.
  • Ilia was founded by the Divine Knight Barigan. He wielded the ice lance, Malte, which does not appear in this game; he also wields the lance Rex Hasta which appears in this game.
  • The Western Isles were settled by Durban the Berserker. The thunder axe, Armads is his legendary weapon, and is wielded by Hector in the Final Chapter. His substitute weapon was Basilikos.
  • The Archsage Athos settled in the southwestern desert peninsula of Nabata. He is a playable character, and he wields Forblaze, an anima tome. His substitute weapon was Excalibur.
  • Bramimond, the Mysterious Druid, presumably did not start his own nation, but resides under Northern Bern's Shrine of Seals. His weapon, the dark tome Apocalypse, does not appear in this game; he also wields the dark tome, Gespenst.

Of the eight, only Athos and Bramimond still live, although Roland and Durban make appearances as spirits in Eliwood and Hector's stories respectively.


Lord Lundgren[edit]

  • Class: General

Lundgren (ラングレン Ranguren?) is the brother of Lord Hausen, the Marquess of Caelin, and the main antagonist during the prologue. Lundgren strongly desires to replace his brother as Marquess. To do this, he slowly poisons the current Marquess, as he is the only known heir to the throne. His plan is almost complete, until Lyn (also an heir, with higher precedence than Lundgren being Hausen's granddaughter) and her followers come to stop Lundgren and his devious plot.

Lord Darin[edit]

  • Class: General

Darin (ダーレン Dāren?) is a foolish and spiteful man. The Marquess of Laus, he is lured in by promises made by Ephidel that he would become the ruler of the world with the Black Fang's help (if he led a rebellion in Lycia). He and his army are responsible for many of the events in the early game. He is the father of Erik and is obsessed with Priscilla. He is a morph in the final chapter.

Lord Erik[edit]

  • Class: Cavalier

Erik (エリック Erikku?) is the son of Lord Darin. Erik is in charge of the Laus army when Darin goes to Caelin, and still holds a grudge against Eliwood and Hector from their school days, in which Eliwood and Hector excelled whilst Erik did not. It is from him that Eliwood and Hector learn some dark secrets about Darin's plot, a mysterious hooded man, and Lord Elbert's connection with the Lycia rebellion. Twenty years later, during the events of Fuuin no Tsurugi, he once again turns traitor by siding with Bern.


  • Class: Paladin

Eagler was a knight captain of Caelin until Lundgren took control. Someone said he was just a ruler of his estates and couldn't believe he would betray his country unless Lundgren took someone dear to Eagler hostage. Lundgren ordered him to keep Lyn at bay but she wounds him and he tells her to hurry to Caelin to save her grandfather.


  • Class: Knight

Bauker is leader of the Laus Imperial Guard. He is ordered to protect his master Darin at all times, even after his master joins Nergal. After Darin leaves Caelin, Bauker defends the castle with his life but is defeated by Eliwood.


  • Class: General

Bernard is the Knight Commander of Laus. Bauker had served under him at a time. As Castle Laus was under attack, Bernard took a majority of his men and fled. With Caelin in his hands, he held Hausen captive. Like some of the other antagonists, he is not entirely evil. In death at the hands of Lyn, he admitted that it was deserving for Laus's brutality.


  • Class: Paladin

Eubans is the leader of a mercenary group loyal to Darin, even after his death. He is nicknamed "Hurricane" which makes him known for a fast battle formation. Eventually, Eliwood either kills him or drives him off. In chapter 15 of Hector's story, he sends a nomad named Sealen to retake Laus.

Black Fang[edit]

Lord Nergal[edit]

  • Class: Dark Druid

Nergal (ネルガル Nerugaru?), the main villain, is the only character whose class is Dark Druid (an evil mage who can use any magic power, be it light, dark, anima or staff). He is described as "an avaricious fiend who turns death into power." Nergal is hundreds of years old, being present during the events of The Scouring, where he is shown in a flashback scene hiding the siblings Ninian and Nils near the Dragon's Gate on the island of Valor while he searched for his wife (depicted as a dragon in an unlockable CG sequence); it is later revealed that Ninian and Nils ended up on the other side of the Dragon's Gate by following his instructions. Along with his assistant Renault, he is the creator of the morphs. Morphs normally lack normal human emotions and are identifiable by their common physical traits, which include jet-black hair, blood-red lips, and golden eyes (Limstella, Sonia and Ephidel are examples of these morphs).

In flashback scenes viewed in an unlockable side quest, Nergal's character sprite during The Scouring is that of a shaman (an unpromoted Dark Magic user in the game's character classes). Several hundred years before the events of Fire Emblem, Nergal was a close friend of Athos, with whom he journeyed to the hidden city of Arcadia in the Nabata wastelands. It was here that Nergal learned the art of creating morphs from the dragons residing there; thereafter, the inhabitants of Arcadia, together with Athos, fought against Nergal to prevent him from continuing his experiments. The ensuing confrontation left him with severe facial disfigurement and strengthened his beliefs that friendship was a weakness to be overcome and that humans need power in order to achieve perfection.

To this end, Nergal took control of a group of assassins in Bern known as the Black Fang, and tried to start a civil war in Lycia. Nergal's ultimate goal was to stir war and conflict, allowing him to harvest enough quintessence to call forth dragons from the Dragon's Gate.

Nergal, calling out to those on the other side, brought Ninian and Nils into the human world and imprisoned them in order to open the Dragon's Gate. The two siblings took human form in order to survive and escaped from Nergal, but are eventually recaptured during the game. Nergal then forces Ninian to reopen the gate and summon a fire dragon, but Nils appears and snaps Ninian out of her trance, and the dragon crumbles. After Ninian is killed by Eliwood's Durandal, Nergal uses her quintessence to open the Dragon's Gate. Nergal is eventually defeated, but before he dies, he uses his own quintessence to call three fire dragons through the Dragon's Gate.

If the player unlocks three bonus chapters in Hector's story, it is revealed that Nergal is the father of Ninian and Nils.

He and his spell Ereshkigal are named after the Babylonian gods of death.


  • Class: Magic Seal

Kishuna is one of the numerous morphs Nergal created. He wears a red robe and his face is barely visible. He appears three times in Hector's story and twice in Eliwood's, but only in extra chapters. Unlike the other morphs, Kishuna is incapable of speech or attacks. He can nullify the use of magic within a certain radius. He is also rumoured to have once been the best friend to the mysterious bishop Renault prior to his death as a pure human after a conversation between Renault and Nergal in Hector's story. Kishuna is killed during his third encounter in Hector's story. Although it seems that he was the first morph ever created, he is not; he was the first morph to have emotions. What can be seen of his face appears to be covered in tattoos or scars.

Lord Ephidel[edit]

  • Class: Sage

Ephidel (エフィデル Efideru?) is a morph commanded by Nergal to do his deeds. Ephidel was key in starting the rebellion in Lycia. Ephidel went to Nergal's side to help, but ended up being incinerated in the Dragon's Gate during the failed release with the dragon summoning.


  • Class: Knight

Boies is a knight who works for Ephidel in the Black Fang. When Ephidel murdered Marquess Santaruz, Boies stayed behind to cover his master. He sneaks up to Eliwood's camp and taunts Hector to try to get to the castle before the battle begins. Eventually, Eliwood and Hector defeat him in battle.

Lady Limstella[edit]

  • Class: Sage

Limstella (リムステラ Rimusutera?) is a morph of Nergal, unemotional and loyal. Limstella's main job is to collect the quintessence of people for Nergal by murdering many of the important characters of the game — even Black Fang members. Completely devoted to her master, Limstella will sacrifice everything for Nergal, even her life. Limstella's body actually becomes corrupted by her own power, which she only withstands through sheer willpower fueled by her desire to be useful to Lord Nergal. Like all of Nergal's morphs, Limstella has golden eyes and pale skin. When she is defeated, Limstella states that morphs do not truly feel emotions, but simulate them.

Lady Sonia[edit]

  • Class: Sage

Sonia (ソーニャ Sōnya?) is a morph created by Nergal who sees her status as Nergal's "masterpiece" being threatened by Limstella. She took control of the Black Fang on Nergal's behalf by marrying Brendan Reed and reducing him to her puppet. Brendan's sons thoroughly loathe her, but are forced to obey the orders she gives through Brendan. Sonia tells the Four Fangs to kill Eliwood, while she corrupts King Desmond of Bern. Sonia cares little for her 'daughter', Nino, and takes some unknown form of pleasure in ordering Jaffar to kill her. She ends up dying completely alone, still claiming that she is a human and not a "puppet", as she calls the morphs. Curiously, she also seems to hold herself to be better than any human, seemingly being somewhat confused with regard to her morph nature. She appears as a boss in an unlockable side quest. If the player does not activate this side quest, Nergal himself will kill her.

Brendan Reed[edit]

  • Class: Warrior

Brendan Reed (ブレンダン・リーダス Burendan Rīdasu?) is the leader of the Black Fang, and the father of Lloyd and Linus Reed as well as Nino's stepfather. Brendan is a man of honor, but he is quite blind to the corruption in the Black Fang that Sonia, his wife, is bringing about. When he does see it, Sonia ruthlessly kills him. During the last chapter, he is an enemy in the form of a morph.

Lloyd Reed[edit]

  • Class: Swordmaster

Lloyd Reed (ロイド・リーダス Roido Rīdasu?) is nicknamed the "White Wolf"; he is the older of Brendan's two sons and a competent swordsman. He has a strong sense of justice, and resents, or even hates, Sonia. Despite his hatred for Sonia, he thinks Nino is a likeable girl, unlike her mother. Lloyd, unlike his younger brother, is calm and composed, willing to take any order that his father gives. In his own words, "The brothers Reed dispense the Fang's justice."

If he is battled in the chapter "Four Fang Offense", he is defeated, but Eliwood spares him. He reflects on Uhai and his last words to Eliwood, but at this moment, Limstella appears and steals his quintessence, killing him. However, Linus does not see her: he only sees his brother dead on the ground.

If fought in the "Cog of Destiny" chapter, it is revealed that his only real aim is to join Linus in death. In a battle conversation with Legault, Lloyd will reveal that, although he seems to understand Legault's claim that they were not responsible for Linus's death, it doesn't matter any more: Lloyd still believes they are responsible, almost as a plea to his old friend to kill him. Nino can speak to Lloyd outside of battle, but this will not deter his path either. In death, he appears to get what he desires. His final words are "No more waiting, Linus... I'm coming..." He appears in the final chapter as a morph along with Linus.

Linus Reed[edit]

  • Class: Hero

Linus Reed (ライナス・リーダス Rainasu Rīdasu?), the younger of the Reed brothers, has been referred to as the "Rabid Hound" and the "Mad Dog", and is a powerful Hero in his own right. Like Lloyd, the level of the player's lords determines when he is fought in the game. Linus is a temperamental man, the exact opposite of his brother, but is also willing to follow any orders given by his father. In addition to greatly admiring his older brother and being very close with him, he also seems to harbour compassion for Nino, despite her being Sonia's daughter. He also appears to be an old friend of Legault.

If he is the player's opponent in the "Four Fang Offense" chapter, Eliwood spares him after he is beaten. He spends a few minutes trying to come to terms with this and Uhai's last moments. Unfortunately for him, Limstella proves herself to be much less merciful than Eliwood. Not only does she steal his quintessence, she also escapes the scene of the murder before Lloyd arrives, concealing her hand in Linus' death.

If fought in the "Cog of Destiny" chapter, Linus is filled with rage; he cares only about avenging Lloyd's death, and refuses to listen to anyone fighting him, including Nino and Legault. If fought with Jaffar, Linus is further shocked by his appearance due to Jaffar's notorious assassinations with the Black Fangs prior to joining Eliwood's army. Though he was not necessarily fighting in order to achieve death, he comes to accept his fate when struck down, as he can finally be reunited with Lloyd. He appears as a morph in the final chapter and, like Lloyd, prompts battle conversations with Nino and Legault.


  • Class: Nomad Trooper

Uhai (ウハイ Uhai?) is a Sacaen nomad who has been with the Black Fang since their earliest days. He is known as the "Soaring Hawk", and uses bows and blades in combat.

Uhai himself is an honorable combatant, refusing to take hostages in battle (in fact, he kidnaps Lyn and later releases her to mark his own words and beliefs). He follows Nergal simply because he realizes resistance is futile, but before his death decides that Eliwood and company may have a chance, and aids them by giving them hints about the Dragon's Gate. Uhai is good friends with Lloyd and Linus, and despite being an enemy, Lyn admires him as well. Uhai is in the final chapter as a morph.He wields the S bow "Reinfleche"


  • Class: Assassin

Jerme (ジュルメ Jurume?) is a former member of the Four Fangs. The "Death Kite" of the Fangs, Jerme was the top assassin until Jaffar, another Black Fang assassin, came along, taking his place amongst the Four Fangs. Jerme is psychotic, and loves to kill and slice his enemies to pieces. He is extremely ruthless and loyal to Nergal for no reason other than the opportunity to commit murder. He also harbors a deep resentment and jealousy towards Jaffar. Jerme is also a morph in the final chapter.


  • Class: Bishop

Kenneth (ケネス Kenesu?) is the "Shrike" of the Black Fang and a renegade bishop who guards their mountain stronghold. Kenneth has abandoned his faith, believing gods are all lies, bar his lord Nergal, the closest thing to omnipotence in existence. As twisted as his religious faith is, he is able to wield holy magic. Kenneth is devoted to Nergal, and by extension, Sonia. He loves the suffering of men. Kenneth is a morph in the final chapter.


  • Class: Valkyrie

Ursula (ウルスラ Urusura?) is the "Blue Crow" of the Four Fangs. She is rather cold-blooded, calm and extremely sharp. Ursula is Sonia's trusted vassal, to whom she's extremely devoted, and proves a formidable foe. Ursula is also very jealous of Vaida, whom she sees as a power-hungry newcomer who may separate her from her lady Sonia's service, and is even willing to help the enemy (by giving the party the Hammerne staff) if it'll allow her to keep her place as Sonia's right-hand. If she isn't killed during the fight in the Bern manse, Limstella will face her. Ursula is ready to die but asks for permission to give Sonia her report before being punished; Limstella says it's not necessary and kills her anyway by absorbing the quintessence she has left. Ursula is a morph alongside Jerme in the final chapter.


  • Class: Paladin

Pascal Grentzer (パスカル Pasukaru?) is known as the "Crazed Beast", Pascal was once the count of Bern's Landskron, but fell from his position after he invited a number of innocent people to a castle and murdered them all. To escape punishment, he joined the Black Fang shortly after it was founded and became one of the Four Fangs; his cruelty towards innocents and bloodlust result in the Black Fang eventually locking him up. Sadistic, uncaring of other human lives, and ambitious, Pascal would like nothing more than to get back his former rank and willingly agrees to Sonia's false promise of restoring his rank if he can defeat Eliwood and Hector. Pascal appears only in Hector's story as the boss of chapter 25.


  • Class: Sage

Aion is a Black Fang sage serving under Nergal. He believed other people inferior to him. He is the Black Fang's "Owl". He is prejudiced against the nomadic people of Sacae. With Eliwood, Hector and Lyn fast closing in on Dragon's Gate, Aion defends the gate with his life. Eventually, Eliwood and his men manages to take the sage down.


  • Class: Druid

Teodor is a druid fought only in Hector's story. He is the "Shadow Hawk" of the Black Fang. He ambushes the group in the ruins Nergal used (to hide Ninian and Nils while he searched for his wife and practiced dark magic) in the past, creating a black fog to confuse his enemies and hides in the ruins. No sooner or then, Hector and his team find him and kill him.


  • Class: Shaman

Zoldam is a shaman of the Black Fang. He had boarded the Davros ship to capture Ninian but got himself killed in the process or had to call off the attack, never to be seen again.


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