Governor-General of Malta

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Governor-General of Malta
Coat of arms of of the Governor-General of Malta.svg
Coat of Arms of the Governor-General of Malta
Sir Anthony Mamo.jpg
Sir Anthony Joseph Mamo
Style His Excellency
Residence San Anton Palace
Appointer Queen of Malta
Precursor Governor of Malta
Formation 21 September 1964
First holder Sir Maurice Henry Dorman
Final holder Sir Anthony Joseph Mamo
Abolished 13 December 1974
Succession President of Malta
Standard of the Governor-General of Malta

This page contains a list of Governors-General of Malta from 1964 when the country gained independence as a Commonwealth realm until 1974 when a republic was proclaimed.

Governors-General of Malta (1964–1974)[edit]

Name Portrait From To
Sir Maurice Henry Dorman
Flag of the Governor-General of Malta.svg 21 September 1964 4 July 1971
Sir Anthony Mamo
Sir Anthony Mamo.jpg 4 July 1971 13 December 1974

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