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This is a list of add-ons for Internet Explorer, which include extensions and toolbars. They are to be used in conjunction with Internet Explorer, and not alone, as they depend on services provided by the browser, or its accompanying Windows RSS Platform.


Name Manufacturer/Maintainer Description Compatible IE version
Adblock Plus Wladimir Palant / Eyeo GmbH Ad-blocking 6+ [1][2]
Affine Maurice Calvert Hide unwanted sites from search engine results 6, 7
FeedsPlus Microsoft Feeds aggregation and notification 7
Fiddler a HTTP debugging proxy
Gofor-It for Internet Explorer SBS Development Ltd Adds ability to use selection-based web search 6, 7, 8
IE7pro Daniel Fang Tabbed browsing enhancements, ad blocking, user scripts 6, 7, 8
LuckyTabSave LuckywarePro Saves browsing session into file 8
Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer Ralph Hare Adds ability to use mouse gestures 6, 7, 8
MSFeedIcon Wictor Wilén Feeds notification and aggregation 7
Quero Viktor Krammer Navigation bar replacement with integrated ad blocker 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Simple Adblock Simple Adblock Ad-blocking 6, 7, 8, 9
Ghostery Evidon Privacy 9
Speckie Versoworks Spell checker 9
SpoofStick aids defending from phishing [3]
Turn Off the Lights Stefan vd Obscures or masks content other than a running video 6, 7, 8, 9


Name Manufacturer/Maintainer Description Compatible IE version
Advanced searchbar Advanced Search Technologies, Inc. Search, ad-blocking, spell checking, and auto login 6, 7, 8
Alexa Toolbar includes a popup blocker, a search engine entry box, related links and information about the Alexa ranking of the current website; Alexa uses it to measure website statistics.
Altavista toolbar offers search, translations, and pop-up blocker [3]
Data Toolbar DataTool Services Data Recognition and Extraction 6, 7, 8
Earthlink toolbar offers search, phishing defense, and pop-up blocker[3]
IE Developer toolbar Microsoft Web page design and debugging.[4][5] It allows the viewing of the page's source as well as of the DOM source and the CSS selectors that were applied to an element.[6] 6, 7
Vivisimo MiniBar offers search and pop-up blocking [3]


Name Manufacturer/Maintainer Description Compatible IE version
Maxthon Browser, uses Trident layout engine. 6, 7
AOL Explorer AOL Browser, uses Trident layout engine. 6, 7
Avant Browser Avant Force Browser, uses Trident layout engine. 6, 7

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