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The following is a list of episodes of Lost Tapes, a thriller horror docudrama television series that airs on the Animal Planet channel. Each episode is either "TV-PG" followed by V or L, or "TV-14" followed by V or L. The plot of each episode is described, below, using in-universe tone. One of the episodes has led people to believe in the Oklahoma Octopus. Scientists have not proven this, but there has been multiple reports of its sightings. There have been also multiple drownings in Oklahoma lakes, etc.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Original airdates
Season premiere Season finale
1 14 October 30, 2008 February 17, 2009
2 10 September 29, 2009 November 24, 2009
3 10 September 28, 2010 November 9, 2010

Season 1 (2008–2009)[edit]

Series # Season # Title Subject matter Original airdate
11"Chupacabra"ChupacabraOctober 30, 2008 (2008-10-30)

On July 5, 2006, the Ramirez family in Nogales, Mexico are celebrating their daughter Ava's 9th birthday, and receive two gifts from a relative in the United States: one is a video camera, and the other is a letter saying that they will be brought across the border into Arizona. Ava's father, Carlos is excited about going to America for a trip and her mother, name unknown asks that it is going to be dangerous, but her father says that it won't be dangerous. But her grandmother is concerned about the threats and dangers that they may encounter, ranging from the wild predators to heat exposure that she saw on the television. Nonetheless, they prepare to leave for the border. Two days later, Ava says goodbye to her pet chicken Roberto and they are taken into the Sonora Desert by a hired smuggler and hide in his pickup truck but he suddenly stops at around noon, two hours away from the border: instead of fulfilling his part of the bargain, the smuggler forces them out at gunpoint and abandons them in the desert, taking their money and water with him. With few other options, they decide to try to reach the border on foot; Ava suddenly drops her camera without realizing it, but is reminded of it by Carlos. As she goes to retrieve the camera, she suddenly hears a fierce snarl coming from the brush, but makes nothing of it. At about 8:30 in the evening, at the border area, they begin to hear growling and hissing from foliage nearby; this worries them, but Carlos tells them to ignore it.

Suddenly, they are ambushed and pursued by a large unseen predator and begin running from it. Meanwhile, two American border-patrol agents, Tom Valentine and Martin Santino, receive a report that the Ramrirez family is trying to cross the border illegally and go to apprehend them; the same thermal images from an unmanned aerial vehicle that show them where the Ramirez family is also showing that their attacker is a strange, dog-like creature. When they arrive at the scene, following conflicting reports of three, then four, and then zero people in the desert, they discover two corpses: the bodies of Ava's parents. They at first attribute both deaths to either heat stroke or severe dehydration, but suddenly find both of their necks have three unusual puncture marks on them, and the bodies are mysteriously drained of blood. While Valentine reports the deaths via radio, Santino hears bizarre sounds coming from a nearby bush and goes to investigate.

Instead, he discovers Ava, who is terrified but unhurt, and hiding from her parents' attacker. As darkness falls, they take Ava to their car; Valentine tries to console her and acquire information while Santino searches the area for other survivors. He hears strange sounds coming from the darkness, and finds dead black-tailed prairie dogs , which have been drained of blood in a similar way. After a while, he runs back to the car, telling Valentine to join him so that they can track and destroy the thing that is making the sounds, knowing that it is extremely dangerous. They search in the dark of the brush, and are suddenly confronted by the animal, only seen as a pair of reflecting eyes and claws, and they open fire, before running back to their car just as backup arrives.

The agents' official report stated that the cause of death for Ava's parents was unknown, but noted the puncture wounds and missing blood. Ava was returned to her grandmother in Nogales, but was plagued by nightmares of the creature. The official report made no mention of any unknown animal, and whether or not it escaped or was shot dead by the border patrol agents remains a mystery. For Ava, the encounter was all too real.

Clips in the episode also discuss vampire bats and the dangers of trying to cross the US/Mexico border, including heat and wildlife.

Deaths: 4 (Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez, a raccoon, and a Prairie dog)
22"Bigfoot"BigfootOctober 30, 2008 (2008-10-30)

Between August 14 and August 17, 2005, forest ranger Rachel Glen performs a study in the woods, concerning the declining population of black bears in the Pacific Northwest. During the course of her study, recorded with portable and stationary cameras, she not only observed the bears but also heard strange sounds coming from the forest, and had a feeling she was being watched. After setting up a camera trap one day, she hears a strange call and climbs a hill, only to be snared by an illegal poacher's trap. Unbeknownst to her, she is being watched and taped by a poacher as she disables the traps the poacher had set up. Some of her cameras capture brief glimpses of a large, hairy creature that cannot be identified. Meanwhile, the poacher discovers and destroys a few of her cameras.

She grows more and more suspicious of the strange sounds and unidentifiable subjects in many of her photos. While examining a camera that had been tampered with, she hears more strange sounds and discovers a den in the woods. Inside, she discovers some strange hair, which she sends to the game warden. Over the phone, the warden tells her that the hair belongs to some kind of primate and not a bear, and warns her to be careful of hostile poachers. After she gets off the phone, she suddenly hears someone call her name and goes to the door, but only finds a threatening sign that says, "WHO'S WATCHING YOU?" pinned to her door with a hatchet.

She requests help, but has to wait for it to arrive because of how remote her outpost is. She later finds the poacher lurking outside her outpost and makes him hand over the camera he was holding at gunpoint, which contains pictures where the poacher seems to be stalking her. In the last hours before she leaves, she begins to wonder about the strange creature she keeps seeing, and gets the feeling that it seems to be watching over her. As she is making her final video journal entry at her outpost, the poacher tries to break into her cabin. She suddenly hears screams for help and strange animalistic sounds outside. She discovers the poacher, who has apparently been killed by the creature and is now hanging upside down from one of his own traps. She hears more strange sounds, but finds no other signs of the creature. After the poacher's death, the black bear populations began to rise again, but there is no confirmation of any other unusual creatures in the area.

Clips in the episode also discuss gorillas, poaching, and the possibility that Sasquatch might be the extinct primate Gigantopithecus.

Deaths: 1 (The poacher)
33"Monster of Monterey""Bobo" (Monterey Bay sea monster)January 6, 2009 (2009-01-06)

On July 17, 2007, journalist and outdoor enthusiast Sharon Novak entered the final day of her solo, three-month sailing trip around the world; her boat was rigged with several cameras so that her journey could be broadcast live over the Internet, which she also used to maintain contact with her boyfriend Charles who is also the co-author of the journal/paper they write together through live video chat. When she was about thirty-five miles west of Monterey Bay in California, the wind died down and Sharon took a moment to thank the people who had given her moral support during her trip. At about noon, Sharon's radio suddenly picked up a distress call via radio from another boat, but it cuts out before the other sailor can tell her what has happened. Sharon tries to raise the ship on her radio, but there is no response.

Using her ship's motor, she sails to the coordinates that were given out by the man on the radio before it cut out. As she heads in that direction, she decides to tell Charles about her plan so that he doesn't worry. As she talks to him, her boat is suddenly hit by something underwater with enough force to knock her sideways kill the engine. As she goes outside to take a look, one of the cameras mounted high on the boat captures the figure of a mysterious animal moving just beneath the surface of the water, just behind the stern of the boat. Sharon decides to go into the water to investigate what has happened, which worries Charles, but she assures him that nothing will happen to her. She tethers herself to the boat, as well as attaching a waterproof video camera to her lifejacket, so that she could broadcast whatever she found to her viewers. Minutes later, she re-emerges from the water, having discovered a chunk of flesh that she assumes has come from a whale which was stuck in her motor. Her current problem resolved, Sharon continues to the coordinates given by the distress call, which are located on top of the Monterey Canyon. As she approaches the other ship, she sees no one aboard. She sails around the boat to try to locate the captain, but instead finds blood spattered on the vessel.

Now worried for her safety and the missing captain's, Sharon tries to call the Coast Guard, but fails. As she tries to leave the area--concluding that whatever happened on the other boat is in the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard, not her--she puts on a wet suit and her lifejacket again. Her boat is suddenly rammed again, killing the engine. Growing more and more frightened, Sharon contacts Charles again and confides in him everything that has happened since she got the distress call two hours ago; they both conclude that she will not go in the water again, just to be safe, and that Charles will call the Coast Guard himself while Sharon tries to sail out of there.

Just as she finishes setting up the sail, the boat is rammed again and she falls overboard. Fortunately, she is still wearing her lifejacket; Charles, who can see her in the water thanks to the high-mounted camera, tries to calm her down and tells her to get back in the boat, but she is unable to as the railings are out of her reach and she can't swim around because of her tether. Charles tells her to cut herself loose so that she can reach the ladder at the back of the boat. As she swims back, the high-mounted camera again captures the silhouette of a very large, plesiosaur-like creature swimming close to the boat. The wind picks up again and Sharon is unable to reach the boat as the monster's silhouette appears again, now very close to the surface, in full view of her the camera and heading straight for her. As the boat drifts away from her, Sharon is attacked by the creature, which pulls her underwater. The Coast Guard was unable to recover Sharon's body even after an extensive grid search of the area, though her camera was discovered; the camera's footage could not identify what had attacked her.

Deaths: 1+ (Sharon and everyone on the other boat)
44"Swamp Creature"Honey Island Swamp monsterJanuary 6, 2009 (2009-01-06)

On October 13, 2006, a university professor Diane Chasny and her nephew Ethan decide to examine the ecosystem of the Honey Island Swamp following Hurricane Katrina, especially the alligator population. While attempting to test her equipment, an alligator suddenly wanders by and steals the backpack containing the maps, compass and GPS.. As they try to find their way out of the swampy terrain, the nephew hears a strange sound, but dismisses it. They become lost, but luckily encounter a local fisherman, Bud Ray, who agrees to lead them out of the area. The nephew hears more strange sounds and sees the obscured shape of a creature moving through the bush, and becomes briefly separated, accidentally stepping on a nest of eggs and destroying one of them. They discover a bizarre footprint that they conclude must belong to an upright animal, and the fisherman urges them to return to his camp. As the professor examines the photographs she took of the footprints, the fisherman tells them stories about a creature purportedly half-man, half-alligator, but the professor dismisses these as being superstitious stories about a bogeyman. Around midnight, the fisherman wakes the two because of strange sounds that they heard, and he leaves the tent they had been sleeping in. There are strange sounds, gunshots, and a yell of pain as the creature attacks the fisherman, then tries to get into the tent. The fisherman returns, still alive, and the three manage to fend off the creature. The creature eventually leaves, leaving behind the egg Ethan had destroyed. The professor recovered the eggshells, which matched no known creature. The nephew returned to the bayou to create a feature documentary based on his experiences. The fisherman survived his injuries and still goes into the swamp, but is fearful of going out after sunset.

Deaths: None (not including the egg that was stepped on)
55"Oklahoma Octopus"Gigantic octopusJanuary 13, 2009 (2009-01-13)

In Summer (August) 2008, awkwardly-cute and shy Sean Conklin and his classmates, pretty and kind Tracy Miller who he has a secret crush on, her boyfriend, irresponsible prankster Tyler Shuman who had no clue about his friend’s hidden affections for his girl and their other friends: thoughtful Bruce Delroy and his girlfriend, tough and headstrong Ruthie Semple decide to spend their last weekend together at a local lake after graduating from high school. Shortly after arriving, they head into the water, but Sean suddenly sees some large tentacles splash out of the water, but no one else does and he dismisses it at first. Tyler finds a canoe and proposes that they go out to a floating platform in the lake to spend the rest of the day. Sean and Tracy discuss their future as they row out to the platform. Tyler attempts to scare them by pretending something has grabbed him and pulled him under, but they easily predict when he would resurface. As the day progresses, Ruthie is suddenly pulled underwater, and the group panics, but it turns out to be Tyler playing another trick.

They scold him, and Tyler angrily leaves in the canoe, leaving no easy way for the others to return to shore. Sean tells them not to worry, as Tyler will probably return, but they suddenly hear a yell and see that Tyler is missing again, and the canoe has been suddenly capsized. They immediately assume that he is trying to play a prank on them again, but Bruce decides to see if he can find him. After swimming over to the canoe, he says that he cannot find Tyler, and suddenly starts yelling, claiming something is grabbing him from underwater, and disappears as well. Sean confides in the remaining two that he saw the tentacles from before, but they have no way of escaping from the creature and resort to yelling for help for hours as night falls. As tragically as fate has it, what appears to be a giant octopus, strikes again, grabbing Ruthie and taking her down into the dark, cold depths of the lake. Sean and Tracy conclude that they have to try to swim to shore, or the creature will kill them anyway, but are attacked as they attempt to make the crossing. However, they were found on the shore, having survived drowning and were treated for exhaustion, shock, and unidentified blister-like wounds all over their bodies. The bodies of Tyler, Bruce, and Ruthie were never found.

Clips in the episode discuss known cases of animals adapting to environments other than their own, including freshwater jellyfish, and the abilities of octopi.

Deaths: 3 (Tyler, Bruce, and Ruthie)
66"Devil Dragon"MegalaniaJanuary 20, 2009 (2009-01-20)

In 2007, amateur adventurer Tim Akrin attempted to film the pilot episode of his survival reality show, Stranded, in the Daintree Rainforest of Australia. The premise of his show is he will be dropped into remote locations without any crew or means of contact to civilization and attempt to survive for seven days. On Day 1, he attempts to show the audience how to make a shelter to avoid venomous snakes and rain, and then goes out to look for food. He discovers human bones in the jungle, and mentions some of the dangerous animals in the rainforest before deciding to reshoot the scene. While his back is turned, a large, scaly form bumps the camera as it walks by. When Akrin sees this, he thinks nothing of whatever could have knocked it over. He goes on to demonstrate aboriginal techniques for finding food in the form of grubs under tree bark. He discovers a den in the forest and tries to find out what kind of animal is inside, using another aboriginal technique to do so. However, while he does so, Akrin is suddenly bitten viciously on the arm by an unseen animal inside the lair but he pulls free.

After bandaging his wound, he tries to start a campfire, but is unable to do so because of his injury. That night, it begins to rain and he decides to show the audience what the rainforest is like at night. He hears strange sounds coming from the bush and claims that the creature making the sounds has been prowling nearby for a while. He tries to scare it off, but to no avail. As soon as he wakes up on Day 2, Akrin notes that he feels sick, and his arm has become swollen and discolored, apparently badly infected with some kind of blood poisoning. He concludes that he must try to reach a village a few miles north of his location. As he makes his trek, he hears hissing in the jungle; the creature is stalking him, and he concludes that it is not a crocodile.

The infection becomes increasingly worse, causing Akrin to begin vomiting. After it becomes dark, Akrin becomes utterly lost, constantly plagued by the strange calls of the creature and tries in vain to scare it away. He finally makes one last desperate break for the village, but becomes even more ill as he does so. When it becomes obvious that he will not reach the village, he uses his last minutes to send a message to his wife Catherine and daughter Maria. He suddenly hears the sounds of the creature growing closer: it has become impatient with waiting for him to die. He tries to run, but it easily catches up to him and drags him off into the dark of the jungle. Tim Akrin's body was never found, but his camera was recovered by aboriginal trail guides less than a quarter of a mile from their village. Saliva found on the camera was tested and found not to match any known reptile species.

Deaths: 1 (Tim Akrin)
77"Cave Demons"OlitiauJanuary 27, 2009 (2009-01-27)

On January 24, 2002, Sergeant Carlos Ramos and Corporals Latrel Wade and Derek Sawyer were sent to investigate bizarre interference that had been disrupting a new sonar-based cave-mapping system. The USMC has been using this system at Tora Bora in the wake of an intense bombing campaign in the winter of 2001, and believe that the interference is coming from a new jamming device developed by Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. Ramos was only a few days away from his return to the United States and was looking forward to seeing his wife Danielle and infant son AJ in Chicago, who he sends a video recording to just before going on the mission. After being briefed by their gunnery sergeant on their mission--to locate and destroy the thing that is causing the interference--the three marines made their way to the cave and arrive there shortly before midnight, recording the mission with helmet cameras. After confirming their status with base command, Ramos warns Wade and Sawyer to keep their wits about them; none of them have any idea how deep the caves run, and there could be land mines and improvised explosive devices anywhere. Shortly after entering the cave, they hear the squeaking of bats as they try to maneuver their way through the darkness by light provided by their helmets. Suddenly, there is a screech as a huge shadow briefly obscures the light from one of their flashlights. As they travel further into the cave, they come upon a disgusting smell and quickly identify it as guano also known as bat feces.

Ramos takes out a portable device which he uses to track a signal deep in the cave, which they believe is the source of the interference. As they follow the signal, they hear a strange sound and question what it is; when they hear the squeaks of increasingly numerous bats all around them, they assume that they were the source of the noise to them. Sawyer comments that he is afraid of bats, and Ramos jokingly chastises him, which Sawyer doesn't appreciate given their situation. As Wade joins in on teasing Sawyer, there is a sudden explosion as he accidentally sets off a land mine and plummets into another chamber of the cave fifteen feet below them, where their radios will no longer work. Ramos and Sawyer yell towards him to find out if he's okay; Wade is alive, but his spinal cord is broken. As Ramos and Sawyer climb down to him, Wade hears the sound of wings flapping and suddenly sees a large winged creature fly past him. Once Ramos and Sawyer find Wade, they discover that he is unable to move and he warns them that something else is in the cave. A frightened Sawyer asks what it was that he saw, but Ramos insists that Wade has been so badly hurt that he's delirious; Wade insists that he did see something, which resembled a woman, which spawns a brief argument between Sawyer and Ramos. Ramos' portable device begins pulsing rapidly; the source of the interference is very close-by. Resolving to destroy the source of the interference first and then help Wade, Ramos and Sawyer leave him to finish their mission. Sawyer doesn't like this idea, but Ramos insists that everything will be alright. Unbeknownst to Sawyer and Ramos, as they approach the strongest source of the signal, another, smaller source has appeared on the portable device, approaching Wade. Wade is suddenly attacked by a gigantic bat-like creature and opens fire it.

His screams and the gunfire compel the other two marines to return and try to help him, but arrive too late; he is dead. Sawyer starts sobbing at the loss of his friend, saying that they never should have left him behind. Ramos believes that it was the work of insurgents hiding elsewhere in the cave and insists that they go and destroy the source of the interference once and for all. As they again approach the deepest part of the caves, they hear louder chirps and other bizarre sounds; unknown to them, in the darkness all around them, at least five smaller sources of interference are lurking about. The portable device starts beeping constantly as they find themselves at the heart of the interference: not a terrorist hideaway, but a nest of the creatures. They are suddenly attacked by several gigantic bats. Their cameras capture glimpses of their wings and briefly, their mouths. Screaming in terror, the marines open fire on the giant bats (possibly killing a few) as their flashlights go out. Nine hours afterward, in the morning on January 25, a rescue team located Ramos near the cave entrance; he had suffered severe blood loss, but survived and was taken to a military hospital for treatment of a rare form of rabies, and was reunited with his wife and child after several months in quarantine. The bodies of Wade and Sawyer were never recovered, and Ramos' injuries--including a large bite wound on his neck--were too large, severe, and extensive to have been caused by any known species of bat.

Clips in the episode also discuss numerous mythical winged humanoids (usually female), the abilities of bats, and rabies.

Deaths: 2 (Corporals Latrel Wade, Derek Sawyer, and possibly some of the Olitiaus)
88"Death Raptor"OwlmanJanuary 27, 2009 (2009-01-27)

In Summer 2007, paranormal investigators Peter Grey and Jolene Sharrock were called to a church in a small California town of Fallview; according to the locals, a mysterious winged creature, which they believe to be the source of demonic activity, is haunting both the church and the forest in the surrounding area. The investigators are well-known for both their serious research into paranormal events such as ghosts for a popular television show; Jolene works a video camera to record their findings. While looking for the local church leader, they are suddenly startled by an old woman, Hazel Van Lear, who appears to be mentally unstable. She begins to tell them of the demon, but a man interrupts her as he approaches them.

He sends Hazel off to calm herself down and then introduces himself as Grant Bolton, the archdeacon with whom Peter previously had a conversation over the phone; it is he who asked them to come to the church to investigate the demonic activity. Peter interviews him in order to learn more about the purported activities: Bolton tells them that the "demonic presence" has been disturbing his congregation for years, and describes it as being as large as a man and winged with pointed ears and glowing red eyes; it was only recently that the creature became more active. As Hazel tells them about her own encounter with the demon, she claims that it followed her to the United States from her native Mawnan in Cornwall. Steady-nerved Peter suggests that the creature is actually just a large owl, so he and Jolene climb high into the belfry of the church to see if they can find it. They immediately discover a horrible stink and disgusting leavings all over the belfry, along with the skeleton of a small pigeon. There is a sudden screech, which frightens Jolene, but Peter concludes that it was just some pigeons taking flight. They climb higher into the belfry, where they discover an owl pellet as big as a human head. Peter dissects it with a knife, first extracting a rat skull, and then an entire human mandible. After turning over their new findings to police as possible evidence of a crime or missing persons case, they initiate the next step of their investigation: interviewing the family of Sue Ann Mills, a little girl who also claims to have seen the creature. After arriving at the Mills residence, they immediately notice sidewalk chalk drawings in the driveway, including one that resembles a cross between a man and a great horned owl that closely resembles the description of the demon given by Bolton. Sue Ann's mother, Janis, claims that her daughter hasn't been the same since encountering the demon, and has been suffering from insomnia and nightmares when she does manage to get to sleep. As they interview Sue Ann, she, too, claims that the creature is a demon; when Peter asks her about why she thinks this, she explains that she had an irrational fear in its presence, as well as that the creature chased her and was still trying to get her. She also claims that the creature knows that the investigators are pursuing it and intends to stop them. At about 6 o'clock that evening, and even though great risk is involved, the investigators decide that the best way to flush out the creature is to return Sue Ann to the forest where she saw it. Peter resolved to take every precaution possible to ensure Sue Ann's safety, including bringing her mother along with them and using IR and thermal cameras and a digital audio recorder to record any electronic voice phenomena. It is already very dark as they walk into the forest, and Jolene suddenly begins to feel lightheaded and strange for no apparent reason. Soon, they arrive at the exact spot where Sue Ann saw the creature before, but they find nothing in the immediate area. Peter asks if Sue Ann is feeling okay, and she says that she's just feeling a little hot; Peter then notices that Jolene is also experiencing a rise in her body temperature with the thermal camera. Suddenly, there is a loud screech and the sound of rustling wings as something swoops down on them; Sue Ann immediately claims that it is the creature, but it disappears into the darkness almost immediately. Peter, trying to maintain his composure, tells Jolene to try to get audio recordings of what is going on around them when she is suddenly attacked by the creature, which knocks her off her feet; it is so fast that no one even saw it. They suddenly notice that Sue Ann has disappeared and frantically begin searching for her. They find her quickly, and the girl again states that the creature is trying to stop the investigators. They retreat to the church with the creature in hot pursuit, its dark, winged silhouette crossing in front of the camera several times and screeching at them. Finally reaching the church at about midnight, they take refuge inside and begin to feel that they are now safe. Suddenly, Hazel appears from behind a pillar and starts yelling at the investigators that they never should have come, that they have only aggravated the "demon." Bolton shows up next, demanding to know what is going on. After Peter explains what transpired in the woods, Hazel concludes that creature wants Sue Ann. The creature suddenly appears in the church, screeching and flying around the room, only seen as the shadows cast by the investigators' camera lights. Bolton tells everyone to hide in the altar, as it is the holiest place in the church, but the owlman chases them there, too. As everyone hides, they see that Hazel is still standing out in the open and tell her to hide with them. Hazel then claims that the creature is after Sue Ann because she is young and vulnerable, easy prey. She then says that an old woman is vulnerable, too, and walks out in full view of the owlman, ignoring the others' screams for her to hide. The following morning, Peter relinquished his tapes to the local authorities so that they could complete their own investigation, and he and Jolene suspended all future investigations indefinitely; ultimately, this case would prove to be the last one that they would ever perform, and was never aired on their television show. Hazel's disappearance was never officially explained, and her body was never recovered; as such, any connection between the creature and events concerning her in Cornwall would likely never be established. Sue Ann, however, recovered from the encounter and is now enrolled in the fifth grade. Though the creature was never seen again since that night, locals still report hearing strange sounds in the woods near the church.

Deaths: 1 (Hazel)
99"Megaconda"Giant anacondaFebruary 3, 2009 (2009-02-03)

In Summer 2008, just after midnight, two animal rights activists named Scott Sumner and Evan Metcalf set out to investigate allegations of illegal animal trading in a local textile warehouse by businessman Ken Tobar. They had previously tried contacting Tobar through proper channels to investigate, but were repeatedly ignored and have decided to take the law into their own hands. Armed with only a video camera and a crowbar, they lay a blanket over the barbed wire lining the top of the fence that surrounds the facility and climb over, and then break into the building with the crowbar. Unbeknownst to them, security guard Larry Johnson and German Shepherd guard dog Bishop are patrolling the area; Larry suspects Tobar of being involved in illegal activities, but has not questioned his volatile boss about it. However, there is one particularly large crate that Bishop barks at whenever they pass by it. Meanwhile, Scott and Evan immediately find wooden crates with stamps reading "LIVE ANIMALS" in the warehouse and grow increasingly assured that their suspicions about Tobar are true. As they move deeper into the warehouse, they suddenly see heat lamps in a corner of the warehouse, discovering non-native reptiles and a crate containing a live wild cat. They are excited over the prospect of putting Tobar in jail, having found more than they had ever expected to. Suddenly, they are confronted by Larry and Bishop, who demands that they leave as Scott explains what they are doing; Larry threatens to call the police, but Scott mocks him, saying that the police would be far more interested in Tobar's customs violations than a trespassing. Suddenly, they hear the sound of wood splintering, and Larry demands to know who else is in the warehouse, but Scott and Evan claim that they are the only ones there. Larry reluctantly leaves to investigate the noise, but not before confiscating the tape with all of their evidence on it at gunpoint. Scott is upset at the loss of their tape, but Evan reveals that he has a spare tape with him. After reshooting the scene, they try to leave but become lost in the confusing warehouse. Larry investigates the giant crate, which has been broken open from the inside, and finds it empty. While his back is turned, the enormous shape of an exceptionally large snake slithers past him, partially obscured by a large shelf. Bishop grows increasingly aggravated while, elsewhere, Scott and Evan hear rather loud hissing elsewhere in the warehouse. As they try to find their way out, they discover crates filled with ice and animal body parts, including the gall bladders of bears which are used to make pharmaceutical products; Scott also explains that the active ingredient in bear gallbladders has been synthetically replicated by pharmaceutical companies, making this a greater crime than normal on Tobar's part, and that he is now absolutely certain that Tobar will go to jail. As they again try to leave, Evan hears the hissing again, and is growing increasingly worried over it. Meanwhile, Larry calls Tobar to tell him about Scott and Evan, but more importantly to tell him that whatever was in the large crate has gone missing. Suddenly, Bishop gets loose and runs off into the darkness; Larry hangs up on Tobar to follow Bishop. Shortly thereafter, Scott and Evan come across the crate as well, discovering an enormous snakeskin inside; this greatly worries both of them, as they now know that a snake at least fifty feet long is lurking somewhere in the warehouse. As Larry keeps searching for Bishop, he suddenly hears a yelp and runs over to find his dog, which has been killed and dragged to a corner by something. As he is investigating the blood trail, he suddenly hears the hissing and decides to leave as well. After he leaves, Evan and Scott find Bishop as well, and now know that they absolutely need to get out. As they become more and more desperate to escape, Scott climbs on top of a crate to see if he can find a way out. He sees the crates that they passed by as they entered, but is suddenly grabbed by an unseen creature and lifted up and out of sight. Evan panics when Scott's crowbar drops onto the crate and he runs away, bumping into Larry and they try to escape. Larry leads Evan to a door and tries desperately to get it open, but it is stuck. A security camera captures an image of the enormous anaconda slithering towards them, and they just barely manage to get out of the building and over the fence in time, but Evan drops his camera in the process. Evan wants to return to get the camera, as it is their only proof of what happened in the warehouse, but Larry insists that they just leave; as he does, the camera captures a brief image of the anaconda slithering past it, unable to pursue them any further. At about 3 o'clock in the morning, Tobar arrives at the facility, heeding the call that Larry had made earlier to assess the situation. Tobar finds Evan's camera, still recording, on the ground, and remarks, "It's my lucky day," immediately before he is attacked. Security cameras failed to record what happened to Tobar that night, but he has not been seen since then. Evan and Larry's testimony allowed the FBI to raid the warehouse and seize numerous black market animals and animal parts, but the giant anaconda that they claimed to have seen that night was never found.

Deaths: 3 (Bishop the dog, Scott, and Tobar)
1010"Thunderbird"ThunderbirdFebruary 3, 2009 (2009-02-03)

On November 16, 2007, brothers Kevin and Cole Weller sneaked away from their home in Chicago, Illinois to meet up with their friend Paxton Reed to film a skateboarding video of themselves with their parents' video camera at a place called "The Ditch." Paxton doubts the abilities of Cole, the younger of the brothers, but Kevin convinces him that they should take him along. They enter a restricted area of a national park to do so. As night falls, they leave the paved road and enter the forest itself. Cole goes to relieve himself in a bush as Paxton taunts him about being scared. Strange calls can be heard, but Kevin and Paxton ignore them until a large bird of prey swoops down on them, blocking out the remaining sources of light for a brief moment. Cole returns, but thinks they're trying to scare him when they tell him about the bird. A short while later, they discover a dead possum in a tree, which they poke with a stick before leaving. They finally come to The Ditch at about 8:30 at night, and Paxton decides to tell them a ghost story about a kid simply disappearing in The Ditch. They begin filming their video, re-energized from finally reaching their destination, but Paxton startles Cole as he tries to perform a skateboarding trick, which causes him to fall and break his leg. They reluctantly leave Cole to get help, but leave behind a cell phone for Cole to use. As they head for help, Paxton tries to come up with excuses so that he and Kevin do not get in trouble, but they suddenly hear a screech from above them and receive a call from Cole, who is asking for help before they suddenly hear another screech over the phone. They run back to find Cole is missing, though his shoe is hanging from a tree branch. Cole was found the next day at the bottom of a freeway overpass half a mile from The Ditch, battered and bruised but still alive. He has no recollection of what happened to him, and the mysterious animal was never found.

Clips in the episode discuss numerous large winged predators of the past and present and injuries from skateboarding.

Deaths: 1 (A possum)
1111"Skinwalker"Skin-walkerFebruary 10, 2009 (2009-02-10)

Andy Miller returned to his home at Skinwalker Ranch to visit his parents after two years away at college studying political science, as well as to try to repair the strained relationship he developed with his father after leaving for college instead of staying to work on the ranch. He videotapes the trip to show his girlfriend when he returns to college. Shortly after arriving, his parents approach. Andy joins his father as they drive out onto the ranch to check on a mother sheep that had recently given birth. His father tells him of a recent coyote problem that had developed at the ranch, and after a while they drive past a strange Native American woman walking along the road, who is wearing animal hides and making strange growling sounds. When Andy asks him about it, his father dismisses it as simply being that there are several reservations in the area around the ranch. As they arrive at the north end of the ranch, where the mother sheep is being kept. As they walk up into the hills, they spot tracks in the dust. Andy notices that, while the tracks start off looking like those of a coyote, they turn into what appear to be human footprints as they progress through the sand. They suddenly hear Andy's mother calling from the truck. At first, they think that they had left the truck's radio on, but when they arrive, they find that it has been off the whole time. They then hear coyote calls from up in the hills and the bleating of a sheep. Andy's father grabs a rifle from the truck and they head towards where the sheep is being kept. A coyote suddenly appears on a ridge, and Andy's father shoots at it, but it seems to disappear. They finally arrive at the pen where the mother sheep is being kept, but find it slaughtered, and the lamb is missing. They suddenly hear what appears to be an entire pack of coyotes approaching them and they decide to leave as night begins to fall. As they drive back, they see what appears to be the woman from before up on a ridge. It is completely dark in a short while, and a person, presumably the same woman from before, suddenly walks out into the road in front of them and seems to be hit by the truck. When they get out to check on her, they find only the missing lamb wrapped up in the animal hides the woman had been wearing. Andy suddenly hears a sound and turns just in time to see a coyote running away at the edge of the headlights' beams. Andy returned to college, switching his field of study to Native American mythology. The coyote problem ceased shortly after his visit, but his parents continue to report strange animal calls and sounds on their ranch at night.

Deaths: 1 (the mother sheep)
1212"Mothman"MothmanFebruary 10, 2009 (2009-02-10)

On December 18, 1967, following the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the FBI arrested a man named Roy Kirby who had filmed the collapse and events preceding it. They suspect him of being involved in the collapse. They begin to question him, and it is revealed that his marriage has recently become a bit strained because of Roy's apparent obsession with the mothman. He claims that the mothman came to warn them all of the impending collapse, and that, two weeks prior, he heard something outside his home and saw the mothman outside his window, filming it long enough to catch a brief glimpse of its silhouette, though his wife thinks it was just a bird, having not seen the creature herself. Roy attempts to describe the creature, but the agents do not believe him. He continued to see (and film) the creature as time progressed, but his wife does not believe him, instead attributing to vandalism in their house to mischievous children. The day before the collapse, Roy filmed himself at the site, claiming that something drew him to the bridge and thinking that the mothman is trying to tell him something (which he later concludes is the collapse of the bridge). He becomes increasingly exasperated as the agents refuse to believe him, and eventually reveals that he and his wife had an argument just prior to the collapse of the bridge. On the day of the collapse, he managed to capture the mothman on tape in a tree near the bridge, though it is obscured by branches and the camera being out of focus, and shortly afterwards witnesses the collapse of the bridge. After all this, the agents still do not believe him, and news footage reveals that he rescued a woman from the river who also claims to have seen the creature. Following an extensive investigation by the FBI, no charges were brought against Roy and the collapse was officially attributed to a structural flaw. He returned home to his wife and vowed never to speak of the creature again, and the FBI confiscated his tapes. Following the collapse, there were no further sightings in the area, though a woman claimed to have seen it (or a similar creature) before the I-35 collapse.

Deaths: 46 (The victims of the bridge collapse)
1313"Death Worm"Mongolian death wormFebruary 17, 2009 (2009-02-17)

In Summer 2008, two longtime friends and extreme sports enthusiasts Greg Cole and Benton Davis competed in a three-day, five-hundred-mile (310 km) ATV race across the Gobi Desert, following a tradition in which they pushed each other to new challenges each year. As they find they are in last place in the race, they agree on next year's challenges before continuing. They become thoroughly lost as night falls, but assume that they will be able to find their way once it becomes light again. As they rest and joke around with each other, Greg is suddenly bitten by an unseen creature, and Benton's camera captures a trail of sand being pushed up by something under it. After sleeping for a short while, Greg suddenly wakes up screaming in pain, unable to feel his legs, with some kind of acid on his leg that has already melted part of his clothing. Benton tries to start Greg's ATV, but the engine has died. However, Benton's vehicle still works, and he tries to help Greg onto it, but panics as he sees another trail left by the creature in the sand, and finally manages to get Greg onto his ATV.
They drive for a while, but the vehicle runs out of gas, stranding them. Benton suddenly feels a sensation like static electricity and briefly sees the death worm appear under the ATV. Greg insists that Benton leave on his own for help while it is still cool out, and Benton promises that he will return. Shortly after leaving, Greg is suddenly attacked by at least one creature, apparently with electricity, and falls off the vehicle and is dragged under the sand. In desperation, Benton drops the camera and yells for help before suddenly being attacked by a worm which is seen only as a trail in the sand charging at him. He uses his last moments to send a message to whoever finds the camera about the worms before he is suddenly attacked by a group of them. Their bodies were never found, but their vehicles and the camera were found. Their deaths were officially attributed to heat exposure, and the strange burrows found around their equipment were not investigated.

Deaths: 2 (Greg Cole and Benton Davis)
1414"Hellhound"HellhoundFebruary 17, 2009 (2009-02-17)

In Fall 2005, a group of goth college students planned to visit a local cemetery in order to film a new segment for the website of their leader, Annabel Lilith. Accompanying Annabel are three of her classmates, who go by the aliases of Ophelia, Luna, and Severin (Severin being the only male member of the group). Annabel planned to induct a new member into their group, a girl named Nora Callarman that Annabel had not yet met. She doubts Nora's worthiness and plans to play a prank on her. They pick up Nora and begin to drive to the cemetery, blindfolding Nora as they do so. Shortly after arriving at the cemetery, a large dog resembling a rottweiler with glowing red eyes suddenly jumps up onto the hood of the car in full view of their camera. As suddenly as it appears, the dog disappears, seemingly into thin air, but they assume that it ran off and dismissing the incident. As midnight approached, they set up a table and other items for Nora's initiation in front of a tombstone. As part of the initiation, Annabel asks the "spirits" for a sign, and the dog suddenly appears again, seemingly larger than before, barking, growling and snarling at them. Like before, it disappears very quickly and even more suddenly than before, leaving behind a patch of scorched and smoking earth where it had been standing. While most of the group are terrified by this, Annabel shrugs it off by assuming it is the sign she asked for and insists that they finish the ritual and they continued and Annabel then forces Nora to drink what looks like blood, but is actually fake blood and she drinks it and they finish the ritual and Nora is officially inducted into their group. As they start to leave, Nora and Severin split from the group to take a walk together, during which time Nora asks how many times Severin has seen the dog so far, but he does not have time to answer before they hear the dog approaching again. They hide behind a tombstone and Nora tells him to close his eyes as the dog approaches. They regroup with Annabel, Ophelia and Luna, who also saw the dog again, and Nora warns the others that the dog means an untimely death for whoever has seen it three times; this results in an argument. As they try to leave, Luna trips and nearly cracks her skull on a glass bottle, supporting Nora's theory and causing the group to panic. They finally get back to the car and try to drive off but the car won't start, with Annabel still arguing with the others that there is nothing to worry about, refusing to believe that there was anything supernatural about the dog. As they finally drive away, still arguing, Annabel does not see another car coming right towards them and they crash. The camera captures an image of Nora, now injured and bleeding, trying to wake up Severin before realizing that he is dead and comes to the conclusion that he saw the dog three times. As she gets up to leave, the dog suddenly appears again, but is acting very friendly this time and Nora begins to pet it as she leaves the scene. It turns out that there were no official records of Nora anywhere, and to this day, her true identity remains unknown (it is implied she is a ghost). The others were all proclaimed dead at the scene. Traces of sulfur were found in and around the car, but no evidence of any dog was found anywhere near the site.

Deaths: 4 (Annabel, Severin, Ophelia, and Luna)

Season 2 (2009)[edit]

Series # Season # Title Subject matter Original airdate
151"Vampire"VampireSeptember 29, 2009 (2009-09-29)

In Summer (July) 2009, the Redding family tried to refurbish an old house that they moved into after the father, Dennis, lost his job during the recent economic down turn. Worried about her son Eddie because of his history of sleepwalking, Sarah installs a stationary camera in his new room. Eddie is not very enthusiastic about his new surroundings, especially after he sees the door to his closet open on its own. Eddie flips his present from his grandmother while he and his mother leave the room for a snack, the camera he left behind on the bed captures an image of the closet door closing by itself. Shortly thereafter, in the middle of the night, the door opens again and a strange, humanoid creature emerges. It creeps around the room, lingering near Eddie's bed and finally stealing his stuffed bear Ruggles. However, Eddie wakes up and screams at the sight of the creature and it flees right before his parents come in. Eddie claims that there is a monster in his closet, but Dennis finds nothing. Suddenly, there is a scrabbling sound as something in the ceiling moves above them, which Dennis attributes to raccoons and Sarah says that he can sleep in her room. The following day, Eddie goes looking for Ruggles, following a trail of cotton to the closet. Sarah finds the shredded remains of the stuffed teddy bear, which worries her as she assumes Eddie was responsible, but Dennis dismisses it as simply being the result of their recent move. He plans to have Eddie help him fix up the house so that they can bond. Meanwhile, Eddie looks at a squirrel eating an apple core, and his parents have hired a pest control exterminator, named Stan Polanski, to deal with what they assume is a raccoon infestation. In the basement, Polanski discovers a hole in the wall which he examines with a snake camera. His camera reveals several nests made of various debris, and he suddenly sees a strange creature in the nest in full view of his camera. As soon as the camera stops, the creature's eyes open and it attacks the camera. In the ensuing struggle, the camera manages to capture footage of the creature pulling a screaming Polanski through the wall and tearing into his throat, killing him. Dennis and Eddie, meanwhile, are having a fun time fixing the house, but Sarah notices that the exterminator has been missing for a while. Eddie goes down into the basement to find him with his camera but drops it, discovering the nests through the now much larger hole in the wall, as well as Polanski's body. Polanski's snake camera then catches a humanoid like creature watching Eddie. One of the creatures suddenly emerges and chases Eddie up the stairs. He and his mom try to hold the basement door shut, but it breaks the door off the hinges and Eddie and Sarah flee. Suddenly, another one emerges and roars at them, chasing them through the living room, briefly appearing in full view of Eddie's camera several times. They run into Eddie's room, and are quickly joined by Dennis. Eddie yells that there are three creatures in the house, and they barricade the door. However, one of the creatures merely punches through the door and claws a large hole, grabbing at Dennis. In desperation, he grabs a broken chunk of wood and stabs at the attacker's chest. The creature quickly bleeds out blood and disappears and the other two also flee. The Redding family manage to escape from the house, and Stan Polanski's body was later recovered, but was mysteriously drained of blood. The nests were discovered, but there were no other signs of any unknown creatures. Shortly after the attacks at the Redding home, similar attacks were reported from a mining village sixty miles North. These new attacks prompted a reinvestigation of the Redding Case.

Deaths: 1-2 (Stan Polanski and possibly the injured vampire)
162"Lizard Man"Lizard Man of Scape Ore SwampSeptember 29, 2009 (2009-09-29)

In 2008, news reporter Chrissy Cooper and her cameraman Derek Green arranged to follow local fire fighters Trevor Andrews and Dana Caldwell into the sewer to rescue a lost cat as part of a human interest story. Apparently, the cat, Mr. Smithers, was pulled into a storm drain by an unidentified person or creature. Shortly after entering the sewer, they discover a horribly mauled carcass that they assume belongs to the missing cat and wonder what could have committed such an act. Trevor mentions rumors of sewer alligators, but the others dismiss it. Deciding that their story has ended, they begin heading back to the surface, but suddenly hear a cat meowing in the other direction, so they head back to find him. They hear growls in the sewer and wonder what is causing it, but suddenly hear a meow and see a cat walking away from them, and Dana runs after it. She hears more growling as she continues, and suddenly a yowl as the cat is apparently attacked by something. As she approaches a corner in the tunnel, a large, human-like shape suddenly jumps out and she screams in surprise, alerting the others. They run in the direction of her screams, but find only her flashlight. Trevor tells the news crew to return to the surface as he leaves to find Dana, hearing more strange sounds echoing through the sewer. He sees Dana with the creature looming over her and yells at it, but it runs away. Dana is injured, but alive. Chrissy and Derek, meanwhile, have become lost. They hear water splashing, and Derek's camera suddenly gives out as they are attacked by the creature. The fire fighters hear the news crew being attacked and rush to their aid, but find them dead and partially eaten. They approach a drainage outlet with the creature in hot pursuit. They come to a storm drain which is barred off, and Trevor cannot fit between the bars. He insists that Dana push him back into the sewer so that he can try to kill the creature once and for all. Wielding an axe, he runs back down the sewer and is suddenly attacked by the creature. Dana hears the sounds of the fight, and becomes worried when everything grows quiet for a moment. She hears raspy breathing, presumably that of the creature, and sees a silhouette approaching her. She threatens that she will kill it if it comes any closer, but it's just Trevor, carrying what appears to be the severed arm of the dead creature. He says that they now have nothing to fear. Dana was treated for her injuries and later released, and the bodies of Chrissy and Derek were recovered. Trevor and Dana turned over everything that they found in the sewer to authorities, but the results of DNA testing performed on the evidence were yet to be released to the public. It is believed the missing cat eventually escaped the sewers.

Deaths: 2-3 (Chrissy, Derek, and the creature)
173"Southern Sasquatch"Fouke MonsterOctober 6, 2009 (2009-10-06)

In Fall 2007, Matthew Barton went to rural Fouke, Arkansas to become acquainted with Levi and Corbin Knox, the brothers of his fiancee, Abby. They invited Matthew on a deer hunting trip into the forest. While watching for deer up on a hill, they spot a shape moving in the brush that they think is either a bear or a person, but Levi shoots at it and it flees before they can identify it. When they investigate where it had been standing, they suddenly smell something very foul and see fur on the ground, from which the smell is coming. They arrive at a deer stand, but Matthew's inability to climb the ladder leads them to stay on the ground. After hours of waiting without seeing a single deer, Levi and Corbin decide to play a prank on Matthew by sending him on a snipe hunt. While they hide in a bush and mock Matthew, they suddenly hear a growl and see a huge unknown animal walking up behind him. They shoot at it, but miss, and run over to find Matthew is missing. As they gather their senses, they realize that the forest has become absolutely quiet. Corbin fires a round into the air, and they hear a growl and follow it. As it becomes dark, Corbin voices that it may have been the Fouke Monster that they saw, but Levi insists that there is no such thing. They hear a loud growl and Levi fires a round into the darkness. Shortly afterward, they discover an orange hunting jacket that Matthew had been wearing, along with blood. Corbin begins to panic while Levi tries to get him to be quiet so that he can think. Suddenly, Levi is attacked by the creature, which grabs him from behind and claws him. Corbin flees in a panic as Levi is killed, and bumps into Matthew. They conclude that they must escape, and Matthew turns on the camera's night vision in order to try to keep the creature from spotting them. Corbin is put on point, and as they progress through the dark forest, Matthew tries to keep him calm. They hear more and frequent growling. Finally, Corbin cannot take it anymore and runs ahead, ignoring Matthew's protests, and he hears Corbin yell. It turns out that he has only bumped his head against a tree, but when they examine their surroundings, they discover Levi's body is hanging from the tree. They try to reach the deer stand, but Corbin says that he dropped his rifle. Matthew goes back to get it, but when he returns, he suddenly sees the creature, which attacks and kills Corbin as Matthew runs away. He finally makes it to the stand, only to find that the rope ladder has been torn down. He yells for help and tries to reach the remaining ladder in vain as the creature closes in and finally attacks and kills him as well. News reports suggested that the men were killed by a black bear, but locals insist that the real culprit was the Fouke Monster.

Deaths: 3 (Matthew, Levi, and Corbin)
184"Werewolf"WerewolfOctober 13, 2009 (2009-10-13)

In Spring (March) 2003, following the death of twenty-one people at the hands of a savage and animalistic serial killer nicknamed "The Beast Killer" which first occurred in Summer (July) 2002, independent filmmaker Austin Pace arranged access to the investigation of the murders by Sergeants Clifford Warren and Javier Mendoza in order to make a documentary about the killings. The victims bear little similarity to one another, save that they were all seen at the same bar before being found dead, and the way in which they were killed, which included teeth and claw marks, post-mortem trauma that was unrecognizable, and traces of both human and canine DNA at the scene, as well as fur. Mendoza returned from the bar, having been undercover to watch out for suspicious individuals that fit their profile, and noticed a man flirting with a woman. The suspect and the woman leave shortly thereafter, and the officers follow them to a residence. It turns out that the man has been arrested before for assault, and the woman is acting strangely, as if drunk or drugged. At first, they think nothing of the man's criminal record, but he closes the blinds and they have no choice but to get closer to the house and try to establish visual contact again. As they approach, they hear a yell and growling, and decide to enter the house. Mendoza tells Pace to stay in the van while he enters the house after Warren, but they lose contact. As Mendoza enters the dark house, he suddenly sees a reflection in a mirror and turns around with his gun drawn, only to see that it is Pace, who has entered the house against all advice. Warren contacts Mendoza over their radio and they meet in the kitchen, where they discover a window that has been broken from the inside. As they wonder why the suspect did not just open the window, they discover fur and bloody paw prints on the floor and counter. The officers decide to clear the rest of the house, and Pace follows Mendoza into the basement. There, they find the woman, named Sophie Montero, who seems battered and bruised with a few cuts and scrapes, but is otherwise unhurt. She is barely able to speak, and Mendoza tells Pace to stay with her when he cannot raise Warren on the radio. Mendoza walks upstairs to a bedroom and is checking under the bed when he sees someone enter the room. He jumps up, only to find that it is Warren. They come to a stairwell where they see their suspect dead, apparently a victim of the Beast Killer. Meanwhile, in the basement, Pace tries to calm Sophie down, but she begins acting strangely, looking up as if something is there. She beckons him into a darker part of the basement, but then the officers run down the stairs and demand that he step away from her. Bewildered, Pace turns around only to see that Sophie, partially obscured by the darkness, has acquired a more beastly appearance and attacks and kills him as the officers open fire, killing her. The murders of Pace and the suspect were posthumously attributed to Sophie's actions, and Warren and Mendoza were separately given paid psychiatric leave before resigning from the force. Because of the circumstances of each murder and questions left unanswered as to how Sophie was able to commit such grisly and gruesome crimes, the case remains open. The term "werewolf" was not used in any of the official files, though Pace's film raises many questions.

Deaths: 24 (Austin Pace, Sophie Montero (the actual killer), Rob Neill (the presumed killer), and 21 victims of the Beast Killer)
195"Death Crawler"Gigantic centipedeOctober 20, 2009 (2009-10-20)

In Summer 2002, entomologists Karen and Jonah Urco became stranded on an uninhabited island due to engine trouble after spending their summer documenting various insects. While Jonah tried to fix the engine, Karen began exploring the jungle, discovering exceptionally large walking-sticks and tarantulas. She suddenly comes upon a human skeleton with a video camera clasped in its hand. She takes the camera in search of an explanation of what happened to him, but does not immediately check the film. She brings Jonah into the jungle to see the skeleton, but Jonah is suddenly bitten by a gigantic centipede. He becomes ill almost immediately, and at their camp, Jonah tells her that the centipede was some three feet long, but Karen states that no centipedes of that size are known to exist and suggests that it may have been a snake, but Jonah insists that he was not wrong, pointing out that the wound is consistent with a centipede bite. Hours later, after dark, he becomes extremely ill, suffering from a serious fever as his wound begins festering. Karen leaves the tent and suddenly sees a gigantic centipede near the tent. Looking for an explanation as to what this place is, she looks at the film on the camera, from around June 1999, which shows several Latin American men, possibly soldiers on a surveying mission, being attacked and killed by other giant centipedes. Seeing that the men on the tape had a medical kit with them, Karen returned to the jungle to find it, but hears hissing all around her. She discovers the abandoned campsite and the medical kit, which she brings back to camp along with a machete. That night, a tropical storm strikes as she returns to help Jonah. While getting out her supplies, she sees the silhouette of a three-foot centipede on the side of the tent when lightning flashes, but manages to knock it off and prevents another centipede from entering the tent. She leaves the tent and hacks it up with the machete before trying to help Jonah into the boat. They stumble halfway to the boat, and Karen kills several more centipedes as they try to attack them. Finally, they reach the boat and escape from the island. As they resolve to give up their search for new insect species, they suddenly hear all too familiar hissing in the boat. Their skiff washed up on the coast of Florida two weeks later. Karen and Jonah's bodies were still in the boat, decomposed and covered in puncture wounds and bite marks. The centipedes that had apparently climbed into the boat were never found, but a series of tracks in the sand leading from the boat to the brush were found on the scene. The location of the island that they found the centipedes on remains unknown.

Deaths: 2+ (Karen, Jonah, everyone on the 1999 tape, and some of the centipedes)
206"White River Monster"White River MonsterOctober 27, 2009 (October 27, 2009)

In Summer (June) 2009, Mac Barrett and Tyler Crenshaw decided to try out the sport of catfish noodling in the White River, and documented their adventure with the help of an experienced fishing guide, Earl Gaines. Earl continually rejects all the potential fishing spots that they suggest, pointing out such threats as traps set up by other fishermen, fast water, and rising water. When Mac and Tyler question him, Earl finally admits that he is worried about the presence of the fabled White River Monster, but they just mock him. After some goading, Earl finally agrees to using the last spot they suggested. He finally shows them how to noodle, capturing some images with a waterproof camera of a catfish which he successfully lands. As he tries to give them another demonstration, the fish he is going for bites him, and he fends it off with a knife. When he brings his arm out, they see that he is bleeding profusely. Earl suggests that they leave, insisting that whatever bit him was not a catfish. Mac and Tyler suggest that they stay and try to catch some fish, and Earl agrees to stay but refuses to re-enter the water, warning them of the creature and the water that will be rising soon. Mac and Tyler try, unsuccessfully, to catch some fish themselves. Mac's leg suddenly becomes stuck and he cannot free himself. Earl goes back into the water to help Mac, but is suddenly pulled under the water by an unseen creature, and his blood bubbles to the surface. They begin panicking, knowing that something big and aggressive is in the water, and wonder if it is the White River Monster. As Tyler tries to help Mac, he is unable to free him. With the creature lurking in the rising water, Tyler retrieves a shovel from his bag and tries to free Mac before suddenly being attacked and killed by the creature. All alone, Mac yells for help in vain. His camera captures brief glimpses of the creature underwater, which is a gigantic fish resembling a payara, as it attacks him. However, the force of the impact frees him and he swims to safety. Mac suffered a fractured foot, but survived to petition the Arkansas government to drag the river in the hopes of finding the bodies of Tyler and Earl, as well as prove the existence of the creature, but was repeatedly denied. Tyler and Earl's deaths were officially attributed to alligator attacks, which are a rare occurrence in Arkansas, but satisfied the local authorities.

Deaths: 2 (Earl and Tyler)
217"Jersey Devil"Jersey DevilNovember 3, 2009 (2009-11-03)

In Summer 2006, Greg and Wendy Stark returned from a vacation on the Jersey Shore with their daughters Christina and Joey, taking the scenic route through the Pine Barrens. Wendy is mere weeks from giving birth to her third child. As Christina and Joey argue about the camera recording, Greg accidentally hits an unidentified animal in the road. When they pull over to check on the car and find out what happened to the animal, their dog Cooper jumps out of the car and Greg leaves to go find him. An hour passes and there is no sign of Greg, so the three women leave to find him. As they walk through the woods, they find Greg's hat on the ground, which, to their fright, has some blood on it. They suddenly hear a loud roar and they run down the trail to an abandoned house. They go inside, seeking refuge, but instead find that the walls are covered with satanic imagery, graffiti drawings, the number 13, and the words "It Lives". They suddenly hear pounding on the door and scream as it flies open, but it is only Greg. He tells them to hide as they hear glass breaking when the creature tries to get in after them. Christina and Joey break from the group, heading for the back door of the house. They hear Cooper barking outside and try to encourage their dog to scare off the creature, but he is effortlessly overpowered and killed by it. Suddenly, they see a hoofed foot kick through the door and they hide. They watch as the Jersey Devil enters the house, with its feet in view of the camera. The girls become absolutely quiet, hoping the devil will leave, but Christina’s cell phone suddenly rings. The Jersey Devil's head appears in full view of the camera as it roars, approaching them. Wendy suddenly appears, wielding a large plank. She attacks the Jersey Devil violently with it, forcing it to retreat. She suddenly goes into labor, and as night falls the family makes a break for their car. They hear the Jersey Devil flying above them as they run. When they see how close they are to the car, they drop everything, including the camera, and make their escape. The last image captured by the camera is the Jersey Devil's feet as it watches them drive away. The Stark family managed to make it to a nearby hospital, where Wendy gave birth to a son and Greg received stitches for minor injuries. Authorities never located any unknown creature, nor could they locate the family dog Cooper.

Deaths: 1 (Cooper the dog)
228"Alien"Parasitoid alienNovember 10, 2009 (2009-11-10)

In Spring 2008, former astronaut captain Miranda Bach was pulled over by a state trooper for driving erratically and placed under the psychiatric care of Dr. Lee Morris and Nurse Rebecca Damon. After being placed under medical observation, she awoke suddenly at night, screaming, "Get it out of me!" as she attempted to commit suicide, and was strapped to the bed for her own safety. A video recording of Bach's debriefing from her last mission reveals that Bach was exposed to dust from a comet that had hit the shuttle she was on, but scientists regarded it as harmless. As Damon comes in to examine her, Bach claims that her shoulder is hurting and the nurse discovers a bizarre rash that resembles a festering wound, and becomes concerned when her stethoscope alerts her to two distinct heartbeats, but blood tests confirm that she is not pregnant; an x-ray instead reveals an unidentifiable object in her chest cavity. Over a matter of hours, the skin condition spreads all over Bach's arms and torso, and she attacks a man who tries taking a skin sample, but has no memory of her actions mere moments later. Damon speculates that some kind of mutated parasite has made it into Bach's body when she inhaled the comet dust, and it is the cause of the atopic eczema. Morris plans to move Bach to a more secure facility where her conditions can be monitored, but an alarm suddenly goes off as Bach begins convulsing violently and screaming even more loudly and agonizingly, and unearthly hissing screeches can be heard as well. By now, the rash has spread all over Bach's face. By the time Morris, Damon, and a security guard named Alzedo arrive in her room, Bach is dead and there is a large, bloody cavity in her chest. Suddenly, a strange insect-like creature swoops down on them, hiding under Bach's cot before it flies out of the room. The doctors decide that they cannot let the creature escape the hospital and put the entire building on lockdown, leaving them with two minutes to evacuate. However, they do not make it to the doors in time, though all other staff members and patients have safely evacuated. Alzedo takes out his taser and decides to try to kill the creature. Moments later, the doctors hear Alzedo screaming and find him dead. The creature flies at them, so they take refuge in an office. Damon figures out that Bach must have picked up the parasite in outer space, over time destroying and hardening her flesh and using her like a cocoon and worries about what would happen if it escaped, but Morris assures her that it cannot escape the building because of the lockdown. They hear screeching just outside, and Morris picks up a jar of acid to use as a weapon. As they open the blinds on the office window, they suddenly see the alien, which resembles a gigantic wasp, in full view of their camera for a brief moment. They hear cicada-like chittering above them, and a large insect-like leg tries to reach them through a ventilation shaft. Morris yells for Damon to run and Damon escapes. As Damon returns to try to help him after hearing him scream in agony from vainly attempting to kill the creature with the acid, she sees it apparently eating his corpse and flees in terror, using a fire extinguisher to force open a door and runs down the stairs and into the main lobby of the hospital. She is finally able to evade the alien when it makes it to the door before it closes in on her, and she falls, causing the automatic doors to open and the alien flies out into the night sky. All records of the alien's existence and what happened in the hospital were confiscated and classified by the government, and the official causes of death for Capt. Bach, Dr. Morris, and Alzedo remain unstated. The alien was never found, though similar attacks have occurred as far away as South America.

Deaths: 3 (Capt. Bach, Dr. Morris, and Alzedo)
239"Bear Lake Monster"Bear Lake monsterNovember 17, 2009 (2009-11-17)

On June 21, 2008, Erica Jameson celebrated her twenty-second birthday with friends Jan Hollis, Rose Peters, and Sally Rudolph at Bear Lake, Utah, by planning an overnight camping trip. They set up their campsite and begin chatting, wondering if their other friend Mary Allen Stewart will be arriving or not. Rose leads them in a toast to Erica, poking fun at her in the process. Just then, they hear a strange, growl-like sound coming from the lake. As they try to find the source of the noise, a car horn suddenly honks: Mary Allen has arrived, and they attribute the sound from before to her car. Jan uses her cell phone to take a video recording, but the others mistake it for her making a call which they had previously agreed not to do during the camping trip and start playing keep-away with it. They accidentally throw the phone into the lake; while contemplating what to do, the waterproof phone captures an image of a lizard-like form, obscured by the murk. As they search for the phone, Erica feels something brush against her leg twice; the others dismiss this as a fish, but she returns to shore, convinced that it was something much bigger. Rose, who is floating nearby on a pool toy, dives underwater to find the phone. When she doesn't immediately resurface, the others begin to worry, but she suddenly reappears--victorious--with Jan's phone in hand. Jan asks for the phone back, but Rose decides to return to the inflatable and keeps the phone with her, continuing to record with the still-working device. At 8:07 that night, everyone but Rose is sitting around a campfire while Rose continues floating in the water. She hears a splash nearby, and screams as she is suddenly pulled underwater by an unseen creature. The others immediately jump up, trying to find Rose. Sally tries calling for help as Jan goes into the water, but her phone isn't getting any service. Jan searches underwater with a flashlight, but the other girls suddenly see a shape moving towards her and yell for their friend to return to shore. They are helpless as the phone's camera on the inflatable capture an image of Jan being pulled away from shore and underwater. Sally drives away to the nearest location where she could call for help while Erica and Mary Allen mourn the loss of their friends. They hear strange sounds coming from the direction of their campfire and ask aloud if it is Sally. They see something moving near their tents and standing lanterns, and suddenly hear a screech as one of the lanterns is violently knocked over. As they flee in terror towards Mary Allen's car, Erica stumbles and falls to the sand, then screams as she sees the creature approaching: the lake monster can move on land, too. They run into Mary Allen's car and try to escape, but Mary Allen breaks down in hysterics as she realizes a huge mistake: she left her car keys back at the campsite. Essentially trapped in the car, they try to locate the creature by sight, but are unsuccessful. Suddenly, the monster slams into the vehicle, causing the car alarm to go off, and they conclude that it's been attracted to the car lights, and that their friends were attacked because they had flashlights with them, now in night vision mode as they continue panicking, Erica proclaims that she is not going to die on her birthday just as they hear Sally honking her car's horn, signalling her return. Erica devises a plan: they will try to distract the creature with the headlights and then make a break for the other car. Just as they are about to turn on the lights, the monster suddenly attacks them again; their camera captures an image of the creature's tail in front of the car as the lights go on. They run and see Sally's car ahead of them, its lights blaring, but the monster has already caught up to them. They yell at Sally to turn off the car's lights as the lake monster begins attacking her car, causing it to rock back and forth. Sally finally turns the lights off and yells for them to get in; they run to the car, but the creature suddenly attacks and kills Mary Allen. Miraculously, Erica and Sally escape to safety and told police about what had happened; though the lake was dredged, the bodies of Jan, Rose, and Mary Allen were never recovered. Tourism to Bear Lake continues in spite of the rumors of the creature and the grisly footage from that night.

Deaths: 3 (Jan, Rose and Mary Allen)
2410"Dover Demon"Dover DemonNovember 24, 2009 (2009-11-24)

In Spring (April) 2007, unemployed construction worker Chad Hurliss recruited his wife Shannah and friends Glenn Diffy and Royce Best to fake evidence of a sighting of the Dover Demon. Chad and his companions do not actually believe that the creature exists, and instead plan to capitalize on a resurgence of the creature's popularity that coincides with the 30th anniversary of the sightings in Dover, Massachusetts. Glenn expresses concern over the hoax, as he is the only member of the group who takes the legends about the Dover Demon seriously, but Chad just berates him, saying that those who believe in the creature are the very people he plans to fool. While milling around their car, Glenn sees what appears to be a pair of glowing eyes in the brush, but when he tries to tell the others about it, Royce suddenly startles and distracts him. When he looks back at the bushes, the eyes have disappeared. Chad retrieves a shotgun from the car, saying that it is only for "believability." It becomes dark as they hike deeper into the woods, and Glenn discovers deep scratch marks in the trees and bizarre footprints on the ground, and he becomes very worried. Chad, however, refuses to believe that the creature exists and simply says to continue filming, as the material can be used for their video. Glenn suddenly falls into a hidden pit, which only panics him further as he thinks that it was deliberately camouflaged. They finally reach a suitable spot to film a fake attack. Royce puts on an unconvincing monster costume, which bears absolutely no resemblance to the alleged creature, while Shannah puts on makeup to look like she had been attacked. As Royce and Shannah walk off into the darkness, Glenn suggests that they use a night vision function on the camera. As the night vision is turned on, it captures the real Dover Demon, which vaguely resembles a gray alien on film in full view of the camera as it watches them, unseen, from a tree above them. Chad tells him to turn off the night vision though, and they begin discussing what kinds of shots they want to capture. Suddenly, they hear screeching and chattering in the forest and Shannah runs towards them screaming shortly after Chad wonders what the noise was, claiming that the demon is real. In the confusion, Chad fires the shotgun into the darkness and then claims that what Shannah saw was just Royce in the costume, but she insists that it really was the Dover Demon. Chad takes the camera to use as a light, and suggests that they split up to try to find Royce, but Glenn begins yelling at him for being responsible for the danger they are in, and that splitting up is a bad idea. Nonetheless Chad insists they split up, Glenn goes off on his own, taking out a pocket knife to defend himself. Chad and Shannah hear more chattering and screeching in the forest, and they suddenly come upon Royce, who was accidentally shot by Chad earlier. He, too, insists that he has seen the demon. They suddenly see the demon not far away, but it is obscured by the darkness. Unable to move Royce because of his injury, they leave to find something to carry him with while Royce begs Chad not to leave him, but hear Royce screaming only moments after leaving him. They return to find Royce missing, apparently taken away by the creature, and blood-soaked pieces of the monster costume scattered on the ground. As they flee in terror, Shannah trips and discovers Glenn's bloody jacket, implying the creature killed Glenn while they were looking for Royce. They continue running, but Chad suddenly falls into another hole and breaks his leg. Shannah is about to leave to find help, but suddenly sees a mutilated animal carcass in the pit next to him, causing her to realize that the hole is, in fact, a trap that was laid by the Dover Demon. With Chad unable to move due to his injury, the two huddle together as Shannah turns on the camera's night vision, which captures another image of the demon approaching them from a tree branch. Chad picks up the shotgun and fires at it, and seems to hit it, but the creature disappears a moment later. Suddenly, the demon appears in front of them and attacks and kills them. Of the four that entered the Dover Woods that April night, no one returned. The bodies of Chad, Shannah, Glenn, and Royce were never found, but blood discovered on the ground and on the tattered remains of the monster costume was identified as theirs.

Deaths: 4 (Chad, Shannah, Glenn, and Royce)

Season 3 (2010)[edit]

This season does not present facts or interviews regarding the creature in the prologue compared to the last two seasons; instead, it introduces the episode's creature attacking random victims. This season also introduces recurring characters in Agents Elise Mooney and Noel Connor of the Enigma Corporation. It also shows much more of the creature's bodies and with a clearer view than the last two seasons.

Series # Season # Title Subject matter Original airdate
251"Zombies"ZombieSeptember 28, 2010 (2010-09-28)
In Winter (February) 2010, during Mardi Gras, Josephine LeDieux was murdered by Malcolm Clement, a man who she had been housing in one of New Orleans Haitian communities. Because of unique and strange circumstances surrounding the murder, New Orleans police hired the Enigma Corporation, a private security firm, to find and arrest Clement. During their briefing, Agent Noel Connor reveals that Clement apparently died eight years ago in Haiti. Accompanied by tactical specialist Elise Mooney and rookie agent Tanner Noble, he goes to the boarding house where they believe Ledieux's other boarders may be harboring him, a building which has been condemned since Hurricane Katrina. They enter the house but find nothing other than a mess. While searching the house, Mooney hears growls from the upper level of the house and demands that anyone who is hiding show themselves and surrender. They enter a room where they discover a voodoo shrine to Ledieux, along with tetrodotoxin, a powerful and lethal neurotoxin. Downstairs, Connor discovers dismembered human remains and notifies the other agents that they may need to use deadly force. A motion sensor that Tanner is carrying with him suddenly picks up movement just outside the building and he leaves to investigate it while Connor moves upstairs. While Mooney continues examining the shrine, she suddenly sees a man who is acting strangely approaching her, brandishing a wooden board like a club. Mooney kicks him out into the hall right as Connor arrives, and he attacks the man as well, causing him to fall from the second floor to his apparent death. Meanwhile, Tanner is securing the perimeter outside when he is suddenly approached and attacked by a girl, who is acting similarly to the man who attacked Mooney. Connor tells him to apprehend her and be extremely careful over the radio, but she suddenly attacks and bites him and their struggle moves off-screen. Connor, disturbed by the feel of the boarding house, suggests that they simply find Clement and leave. He and Mooney begin to leave, but are suddenly attacked by the man from before, who is still 'alive.' Connor manages to wrestle him to the ground and hold him down, and they question how the man was able to recover from a seemingly fatal fall. Outside, it is revealed that Tanner is still alive and well, and has apprehended the girl, who he takes to the Enigma Corporation's van. During a brief conversation over the radio, Connor tells Tanner to keep the engine running in case they need to escape quickly and be prepared to call for backup. Suddenly, the man Connor has subdued wakes up and begins snarling as he tries to attack Connor yet again, and refuses to give up even after he is tased. Clement suddenly approaches Mooney from behind, and he refuses to stop even after Mooney shoots him at point blank range. The noise of the struggle has attracted the attention of the other residents of the boarding house, who are all zombies. Connor and Mooney barricade themselves in the shrine room and restrain Clement while trying to hail Tanner on the radio who, unbeknownst to them, has passed out and is being eaten by the girl in the van. Mooney suggests simply leaving Clement behind and torching the building in order to keep whatever is causing the residents to act strangely from spreading, but Connor insists that they do the job they were hired to do as the other residents try to break into the room. Suddenly, the girl that Tanner arrested returns through the balcony window, but Mooney and Connor shoot and subdue her as they escape through the window, tossing Clement to the ground below. Even after such a fall, Clement is still active and growling at them. They run back towards the van, only to see that the other residents have caught up to them. As they approach the van, they see Tanner emerge. However, he is acting strangely, too, and suddenly attacks them. Early in the morning following the events surrounding Clement's arrest, the boarding house was demolished, and it is not known if the residents were inside when it was destroyed or if they are roaming the streets of New Orleans. A statement was made that the demolition had been ordered long ago, and that a full report would be released, which never happened. Tanner was given a quiet funeral in his home town of Laredo, Texas, with Connor and Mooney in attendance.
262"Kraken"KrakenSeptember 28, 2010 (2010-09-28)
In Fall 2005, two oil rig workers (Per and his friend) are attacked by an unknown creature. Their bodies were never found. Later in Spring 2006, documentarian James Werner follows a treasure hunter named Derek Barrow and his crew of three (Brad Downing, Sasha Porsis, and Ron McCorkle) when he goes to recover the wreck of a Finnish ship supposedly loaded with Tsarist gold and treasure in the Baltic Sea. On their way to the site of the wreck, their boat hits something, but it does not damage the ship. Once they reach the wreck, Brad makes a dive to try to find the treasure, intending to do so in just one dive. While submerged, he notices that the center of the shipwreck appears to be "crushed like a beer can", but he dismisses water pressure because the depth is too low for that. Then he sees something drifting in the distance which he cannot identify due to the murky water, and is suddenly attacked by a mostly unseen creature. Radio contact with Brad is lost, and while the crew goes to the deck to wait to see if he will resurface, the underwater camera captures what appears to be an enormous squid mantle. After hours pass and there is no sign of him, Sasha decides to go down to try to rescue him. She discovers Brad's body far below, and is suddenly attacked, too. Captain Barrow and Werner try to locate her by sight (seeing a tentacle slap the window), but instead find Ron dead, his rib cage crushed and covered with a strange ink. The two see a light in the distance, and Barrow takes out a rifle, saying the light is not a boat while the glowing creature (giving an outline of an enormous squid) heads under the boat. Sasha surfaces, but is pulled back into the water by a giant tentacle and killed. The creature whacks Barrow with one of its tentacles and later grabs him with another tentacle after ramming the boat again, and then suddenly emerges behind Werner, who turns and captures the gigantic eye of the creature on camera right before it attacks and kills him. The following morning, a ferry heading to the oil rig discovered floating debris from the destroyed boat, and Captain Barrow was found clinging to a small raft, but he refused to speak of the incident, and vowed to never return to the sea again. The bodies of James Werner and Barrow's crew were never recovered.
273"Strigoi Vampire"StrigoiOctober 5, 2010 (2010-10-05)
In Summer (August) 2010, in Silver Rock, New Mexico, the Enigma Corporation is hired to investigate the mysterious deaths of workers at an oil outpost. Noel Connor and Elise Mooney are accompanied by doctors Naomi Robeson and Seldon Fischer, wearing hazmat suits in case of a gas leak or airborne virus. They find that the workers all died very suddenly, with fresh food still being on the tables and the phone in an office still having a dial tone. They find a dead man still seated in his office in one of the buildings, and Fischer takes a blood sample. He finds that most of the man's blood has been drained from his body. They suddenly hear shuffling above them and part of the ceiling falls down, wrecking Mooney's hazmat suit. When nothing happens to her, they conclude that whatever killed the workers is not airborne and everyone but Fischer takes their helmets off. They discover more bodies outside, in the same state as the man in the office. Mooney notes that one of the dead workers is holding what appears to be a wooden board ending in a sharpened point as though it were some rudimentary weapon. A black German shepard suddenly appears, and a suspicious Mooney shoots it with a tranquilizer dart, but it flees into a container. As they go over to the container, a man suddenly jumps out, claiming to be a worker named Clint Webber, who alone somehow survived what he described as an enormous orange sandstorm. While Robeson and Fischer conduct a medical exam on him, Connor and Mooney go to the office to look up Webber on the company profiles. They discover that the man claiming to be Webber is not him, and call for backup. As the doctors continue their examination, Fischer pulls a tranquilizer dart identical to the one Mooney shot at the dog out of Webber's mouth. Webber suddenly acquires a demonic grin and huge fangs and kills Fischer and Robeson. Mooney receives word from headquarters that they will not be receiving backup because a quarantine had been placed over the area. They see someone who appears to be Fischer approaching, but when he ignores their warnings to not come any closer they shoot at him in suspicion, and he vanishes into thin air. Connor investigates a growling sound behind them while Mooney goes to find the dead doctors. The dog from before appears, barking at her aggressively, while Noel (with a sharp wooden board) appears behind it, claiming it is not what it appears to be. Mooney flees, finding a truck, and attempts to drive away when "Webber" suddenly pops up from the back seat with the same demonic grin as before and lunges at her. Mooney crashed the truck, but miraculously survived, while Connor escaped with only minor injuries. The deaths of the workers and the doctors were officially attributed to a gas leak, and the company ceased operations in North America. Animal hairs and saliva samples were confiscated by the FBI, and no lab results were released to the public.
284"Poltergeist"PoltergeistOctober 5, 2010 (2010-10-05)
In Summer (June) 2009, in Lakeview, Colorado, Megan Golden is talking with her friends on her laptop computer. Her younger brother Troy comes in and says to her that he is making a video for their grandparents and asks her if she wants to say anything. She sarcastically agrees, but turns annoyed, telling Troy to leave her alone, and to leave her room. They soon get in an argument, when a box on her bookshelf goes flying and lands on her bed. Then, her entire bookshelf falls on her when Troy angrily responds to his sister's comment about him being a "freak". After this incident, the parents Mark and Jenn Golden hire a paranormal investigation team consisting of Dr. Jeremy Reynolds, Kristy Johns who is paraplegic, and Bill "Shots" Cooper, to help the family. The team film the account for their TV show, "Paranormal Encounters". While testing to see if Troy could move a pen without touching it, he told them that he can't do it but the pen suddenly moves. That night, Troy suddenly wakes up screaming after objects in his room move on their own, and a stuffed panda in his arms is replaced by a butcher knife of unknown origin. After moving the Goldens to Jenn's parents house (where they moved Megan after the bookshelf incident), the team begins their investigation. They enter Troy's room, where the paranormal activity seems to be strongest. The closet door shuts behind Shots on its own, knocking him into a wall and revealing a box. They find newspapers inside the box that tell them of a man named Charles Weatherly, who lived in the house twenty years ago. The newspapers state that Charles brutally murdered his wife and children with a knife and then killed himself and Jeremy shows it to Kristy. They conclude that Charles' ghost is haunting the house as a poltergeist, and they become determined to get rid of him. They hear ghostly utterances of "Leave," and Jeremy sees something in a window. When he investigates, he sees an image of himself holding a knife through the window, but it vanishes. Kristy suddenly gets thrown against the wall and begins convulsing, and the lights in the house go out and is now in night vision mode. When Jeremy and Shots try to help her, a sinister-sounding voice says "Leave!" through her, and she dies soon afterward. While Jeremy refuses to let the poltergeist win, Shots tries to leave with Kristy's body, but sees a message written in blood on a mirror: "Too Late." Seconds later, he is killed as well and Jeremy goes in and turns Shots' head to find that he is still. Finally, Jeremy concedes victory to the ghost and tries to leave, but the door keeps locking itself as he tries to get out, and he suddenly hears the voice of Troy calling for help from the bedroom. Jeremy warily walks upstairs and enters the bedroom, to find it empty. Then, the closet door opens and he turns around to see the apparent ghost of Charles Weatherly, which can only be seen by him and the camera he is holding. The murderous young husband and father’s ghost, whose covered in blood and holding the weapon in question, a knife then attacks and kills Jeremy by stabbing him to death; the same Charles’ family ended up. After the investigators' bodies were discovered, their deaths were officially attributed to cardiac arrest. The Goldens sell the house and move away. According to state law, they were not required to disclose why they moved.
295"Devil Monkey"Devil MonkeyOctober 12, 2010 (2010-10-12)
In Spring (April) 2009, a reporter from West Virginia named Stacie Foster accompanied ATF agents Ollie Moye and Mark West and law enforcement officer Ernest Tybee as they ventured into the Appalachian forests to bust an illegal moonshining operation. Tybee and the agents have been tracking the moonshiners for some time, and hope to catch them red-handed and end their illegal business. It is becoming dark as they enter the forest and come upon a wooden sign with the words "KEEP OUT", but they see claw marks on the sign which Tybee cannot identify. They then hear loud rustling in the trees, but assume it is the moonshiners trying to scare them off. Shortly afterwards, one of the agents discovers a tripwire connected to a rudimentary alarm system, which they carefully step over. Suddenly, they hear strange sounds as the alarm is suddenly triggered by an unseen creature. When they return to check on what happened with the alarm, they discover a footprint in the dirt that Tybee does not recognize as belonging to a local animal. They discover another tripwire, this one connected to a booby trap in the form of a crossbow set to fire when the wire is disturbed. They hear more rustling and sounds, and, suddenly, a teenager named Matt Jones, who along with his friend Owen was attacked earlier that day, emerge from the darkness, bloodied and terrified. He claims that monsters are following him and warns that they must leave immediately or be killed, but the agents cannot let him compromise their mission. Ignoring Matt's pleadings, they continue into the dark forest until they finally come upon the moonshiners' camp. Moye and West break off to investigate the far side of the camp. They discover claw marks and fresh blood on a barrel, and as they continue, they find that the camp has been trashed, and there is no sign of the moonshiners. Moye hears more sounds from the forest, and West suddenly discovers the mauled corpse of one of the moonshiners and tells Moye to come to him. West is suddenly attacked by an unseen creature from behind, which disappears as suddenly as it appears. They hear more screeching and leave to regroup with Tybee and Foster, who have begun to investigate the distillery where the moonshiners have been brewing their product. Inside, they discover the dismembered body parts of Owen and hear the sound of scraping claws on the outside of the still. Moye and West, meanwhile, are attacked and killed by mostly unseen creatures. Tybee and Foster hear growling coming from behind a board in the still, and Tybee demands that whoever is hiding there come out. Suddenly, what appears to be a large, tailess monkey emerges from behind the board in full view of their cameras, and Tybee tells Foster to run as it attacks him. Foster yells for him in desperation, and everything suddenly becomes quiet. Seconds later, the monkey emerges from the still, screeching as it chases her. Foster runs to a fence, but it is locked. In a last-ditch effort to escape, she tries crawling under the fence, but the creature catches up to her and kills her. Matt escaped from the forest, telling authorities about the creatures. A search of the area was performed, and the bodies of all the other people who entered the forest were recovered, but were so badly mutilated that they could only be identified through DNA and dental records. A team of zoological experts was assembled to identify what perpetrated the attacks, and though it was obvious that the creatures were mammals, it is not known what kind.
306"Yeti"YetiOctober 12, 2010 (2010-10-12)
In Spring (March) 2005, renowned billionaire explorer Mark Hordstrom went missing while climbing Mt. Everest. Three years later in 2008, his body was discovered along with another huge discovery. Two journalists, Jared Slate and Alex Turner, bribed Charlie Newhouse, a longshoreman working on the cargo ship Inventus that was rumored to be carrying Hordstrom's remains and the discovery, in order to break the story a day early. Newhouse takes them aboard, and they sneak into the inner workings of the ship. Turner asks Newhouse what he knows about the discovery, but says that he knows nothing more than they do, and has in fact agreed to get them aboard because his employers have recently let him go. Newhouse takes them into a cold storage area where the crates containing Hordstrom and the discovery are being kept. Slate sees some dead rats on the floor; Newhouse says that the ship's staff have been putting out poisons to deal with the pest problem, but Turner notes that the rats look more like they were ripped apart. They suddenly hear loud banging noises, but assume that it is machinery shifting. They find a crate, and Slate opens it with a crowbar, expecting to find Hordstrom's body inside. However, the crate is instead filled with fruit. Suddenly, the mauled corpse of one of Newhouse's co-workers falls down from the ceiling. While wondering whether they should call the police, Slate notices a crate behind them labeled "BIOLOGICAL SPECIMEN", which they conclude is the major discovery that they heard about. As they examine the crate, they see that it has been forcibly opened from the inside, and they discover white fur caught on some of the splinters. They hear more clanking, and Newhouse explains that no one else was instructed to enter this part of the ship, so the sounds must be being made by the creature. Newhouse refuses to continue on to find the creature and tries to convince the journalists to leave with him. Slate tries to convince Turner to come along, but she insists that they get a shot of the creature before they do. Newhouse makes for the exit, but the door is jammed. As his flashlight begins to go out, the hulking form of a mostly unseen and very hairy animal suddenly comes into view of a security camera and attacks him as everything goes dark. Hearing him screaming, Slate panics and runs, but slips in a large puddle of fresh blood on the floor, and they see a huge, bloody footprint. Turner again insists that they capture the creature on film, or else they will be accused of staging the scene. They follow more footprints to where the creature is apparently hiding and begin to hear low growling sounds. Slate picks up a hammer to defend himself, and the creature emerges in full view of the camera for a brief moment. Now terrified, they flee, but Turner bangs her knee against a vise. As Slate tries to help her, the yeti comes out and tries to attack her on-camera. Slate manages to hit it, and they escape, thinking that they've scared it off, but it emerges from behind some boxes roaring. They hide behind a metal storage container where they can see the door. As they prepare to run, Newhouse's severed arm suddenly falls down on them from above, its hand still gripping the flashlight, and they discover the rest of him immediately afterward. They reach the door and get out of the cold storage area. Thinking that they're safe at first, they suddenly see that the yeti is still following them. They run up toward the main deck with the creature in hot pursuit. They finally reach a door out onto the deck, but it's locked. A security guard appears on the other side, but he does not have a key to the door. He runs away when he sees the yeti approaching them, obscured by the darkness, and Slate and Turner try to break the door down until it finally attacks and kills them. The bodies of Newhouse, Slate, and Turner were never recovered, and though their video evidence would suggest otherwise, their deaths were officially attributed to drowning. The press conference awaiting the arrival of Hordstrom's body, and the creature was abruptly canceled, and the Inventus was diverted to Plum Island, a government-controlled island notorious for biological experiments and research.
317"Wendigo: American Cannibal"WendigoOctober 19, 2010 (2010-10-19)
The episode opens with "recovered footage" of four campers looking for food by fishing, the camera then cuts to day ten with one of the campers killing a squirrel, finally a girl is shown running from something, when she stumbles upon a strange altar of junk then the camper who killed the squirrel comes into full view of the camera looking extremely demented; In Fall (September) 2009, four college students on a spring break camping trip became lost in the Appalachian wilderness and tried to catch fish and squirrels so that they would not starve, but to little success. A search party composed of tracker Porter Voss, paramedic Trent Dorsey, and leader Shelby Nash was organized to try to find them. The search party knows that the campers have been lost for approximately two weeks, and know that the campers are named April Desoto, Vince Gabriel, Matthew Gaahl, and Lane Corey, and that they have no first aid experience. After hiking for about four hours, they hear a strange ominous wailing sound coming from the forest. Dorsey suggests that it may have been made by a human, but they cannot identify the sound or see what made it. Shortly after they hear the wailing, the come upon the students' campsite, which has been trashed, and they discover blood on one of the tents. Nash tries to hail their base camp on the radio, but they are out of range. Nash and Voss send Dorsey to a nearby stream to replenish their water supplies. When he is alone, he hears another wail in the forest and goes to investigate it, coming upon a bizarre scene of items and animal parts hanging from the branch of a tree by strings, including a pair of glasses and what appears to be skin. At the campsite, Voss suddenly discovers the body of Vince Gabriel hidden in the brush. When they uncover his leg, they see that something has been eating his body and rule out black bears as the cause because the flesh has been chewed off cleanly, not crushed as would be the case with a bear. When Voss mentions that there is obviously something vicious in the woods, they realize that Dorsey has not returned yet and rush to find him. As Dorsey continues examining the scene before him, he is suddenly attacked by a strange creature with claws and a head resembling a deer's skull, which kills him with an ax. As night falls, Nash and Voss continue looking for Dorsey, but to no success. They come across a cave and enter it, lighting the way with a flare. They suddenly discover one of the hikers, Lane Corey, who is utterly terrified and defending herself with a spear. As Lane tries to explain that there is a dangerous creature out in the woods, recovered footage from the hikers' camera reveals what happened to the campers and the events leading up to her hiding in the cave. Mere days before the search party set out to look for them, Lane found Matthew eating something that she could not identify and April becomes severely injured and unable to move. Matthew confided in Lane that something is making him act strangely and suggested that they try to leave on their own, but Lane questioned him about where Vince had disappeared to. When Matthew changed the subject about what they should do about April, he began to imply that they cannibalize her and Lane became angry with him. Later that night, Lane found Matthew lingering over April's body and making strange sounds, only to turn to her with a bloodied and monstrous-looking face and roars at her. Presently, Voss decides to try to find Dorsey, as it has become clear that the search party's only option is to leave the mountains and return with a much larger group. As he searches, he comes across the same scene that Dorsey did before, only it now includes some of Dorsey's belongings. As he hails Nash on the radio, he suddenly hears a sound and turns around just in time to see the same monster that killed Dorsey roar and swing the ax at him. Back in the cave, Nash and Lane overhear Voss' death on the radio, and Nash says that they have to leave the cave to try to save him, but Lane insists that he is already dead. They suddenly hear a loud wail and Nash goes to investigate the entrance to the cave. Matthew, now fully transformed into a Wendigo, enters the cave, but they manage to escape. As they run through the woods, Lane suddenly trips, and Nash hears what sounds like Dorsey calling her. Ignoring the pleadings of Lane, she leaves to find the source of the sound. Instead, she finds Dorsey's corpse (with his face half-chewed off) and Matthew's "shrine," which now includes Voss's still activated camera, which captures an image of her being brutally killed by the Wendigo. Lane discovers the corpses of the rescuers and, knowing that she will never escape from the forest, uses her last moments to try to send a message to her family before she, too, is attacked by the Wendigo. A larger search party was organized and found the bodies of Nash, Dorsey and Voss, as well as those of April and Vince. In spite of video evidence to the contrary, their deaths were officially attributed to bear attacks. The bodies of Matthew and Lane were never recovered, and the search for them continues to this day. Tales of the Wendigo still persist throughout the lands of the Northeast U.S., echoing through the mountains. The final image shown is recovered footage of Matthew partway into his transformation into a Wendigo as he roars at the camera.
328"Q: The Serpent God"QuetzalcoatlOctober 26, 2010 (2010-10-26)
In Spring 2008, in response to a series of ritualistic murders in which the victims' hearts were cut out, the Mexico City police department hired the Enigma Corporation to investigate. Agents Noel Connor and Elise Mooney were dispatched, accompanied by Dr. Nadja Santo, an expert on cult activities, and Santiago Vargas, an informant with ties to the murderers. During their briefing, Santo points out that the Aztec numeral for 52, which is significant to Aztec religion, is painted on the walls where the bodies were found. It is also clear that the victims were murdered elsewhere, as there was little blood where the bodies were found. They plan to have Vargas make contact with two of the alleged murderers, including the leader, Lucas Marzo, a local businessman who has ties to cult activity. Connor confiscates an obsidian knife that Vargas has, which Marzo has told him to bring, and tells Vargas to tell the cult members to meet him tomorrow instead so that the Enigma Corporation can arrest them. Marzo becomes furious when Vargas tells him that he does not have the knife and tells him to meet the cult at Los Portales, an abandoned train depot, at 11 o'clock that night. Vargas tries to get out of the deal, but Connor and Mooney will not let him. After arriving at Los Portales, Vargas tells them that it was built on top of Aztec ruins, and that anyone who comes there is putting their life in grave danger. Connor tells him there is nothing to worry about, and Santo gives him the knife with which to bribe the cult members. Suddenly, Vargas takes Santo hostage, claiming that they do not understand what they are dealing with. Connor convinces Vargas to let Santo go, which he does, and he runs off. Mooney uses bolt cutters to open another gate into a warehouse where they believe the murderers are hiding, and need something that will stick with the local laws or else the cult will get away with its crimes and continue to kill more innocent people. Shortly before midnight, they split up and enter the warehouse. Connor and Mooney hear chanting and suspect that the ritual is already underway. Santo, meanwhile, comes upon what appears to be a nest made out of hay and finds Vargas, who has been murdered, and is suddenly attacked from behind. Connor and Mooney discover a bizarre sight: men wearing masks are patrolling around a sacrificial altar, and they see that Santo has been captured and is about to be sacrificed. They try to save her and place the entire cult under arrest, but there is a sudden explosion and a loud, inhuman screech as the lights go out. They see that all of the cult members have inexplicably died and discover the body of Marzo, who was the one who killed and sacrificed Santo. They suddenly hear strange screeching and hissing in the darkness, and see the shadow of a huge, bat-like wing against the lights on their guns. They open fire at the creature, but do not seem to hit it and run away to find cover. As they hide, Mooney looks at the creature through a night vision camera. She sees the creature, which is still obscured by the darkness, as it flies at them. Seconds later, they see that the creature has disappeared. They decide to try to lure the creature to the altar so that they can try to kill it. Mooney begins banging the obsidian knife that Marzo used to kill Santo against her gun to try to attract it. Suddenly, the creature emerges in full view of their cameras, looking like an enormous snake with wings and covered in feathers, and they open fire on it when Mooney stabs it with the dagger. What the creature was and what happened to it remains unknown, and the Mexican government burned Los Portales to the ground. Marzo was posthumously convicted of all the killings, including the murder of Santo, and Connor and Mooney escaped with minimal injuries.
339"Beast of Bray Road"Beast of Bray RoadNovember 2, 2010 (2010-11-02)
In Spring (May) 2009, a militia group led by a man named Brian Cavanaugh came under attack by what they suspected were federal agents. In order to thwart future attacks, Cavanaugh hired investigative reporter Randal Steiner and cameraman Mike Monroe for an exclusive interview. They were driven to the militia's headquarters deep in the woods of Wisconsin. Shortly after arriving, Monroe sees deep scratch marks on a tree which appear to be stained with blood. Steiner and Monroe are brought into a cabin that the militia is using as their base of operations, where they meet Cavanaugh for the first time. Cavanaugh states that he and his militia are simply exercising their Second Amendment rights and plan to take control from big government and return it to the individuals through any means necessary. They have recently hidden numerous stationary cameras in the woods as well as attached cameras to the scopes of their rifles so that, if a raid is ever instigated, the actions of the federal agents will be documented. When Steiner asks Cavanaugh how he is so certain that the government is behind the attack, Cavanaugh shows him the brutally mauled corpse of Bruce Renfro, a militiaman who was killed two days before. Steiner notes that the damage looks more like it was inflicted by a wolf or large coyote rather than a government agent, but Cavanaugh insists that an agent with a government-issue combat knife could have created the wounds to look like an animal attack. Just then, they hear loud growls from the woods outside, which Cavanaugh credits to federal agents trying to throw them off-guard. As he checks a computer, one of the stationary cameras suddenly goes off-line and the militia conclude that an agent is in the woods. Cavanaugh sends Tom Kiniry to investigate, who hears more growling in the woods. Kiniry hears a twig snap and turns around, so he does not see a large shadow looming up in the darkness behind him. Suddenly, another militiaman, Bobby McCrea, runs up and yells at Kiniry to get down before firing his gun. Kiniry is suddenly attacked by something with such ferocity that it tears a piece of flesh off his body and hurls it at a surveillance camera, causing it to short out. Though the creature itself is unseen, it casts a shadow that resembles a werewolf. Seconds later, another camera fifty yards away is taken off-line as well, which leads the militia to believe that it is a raid. Cavanaugh and Nancy Nyson go to investigate, taking Monroe with them, but Cavanaugh tells Steiner to stay with the cabin and warns that he will personally kill him if he had anything to do with the 'raid.' As they enter the woods, they hear gunshots and Nyson breaks from the group at Cavanaugh's order. Back in the cabin, Steiner begins recording himself as he wonders about what is really behind the attacks. Meanwhile, Nyson checks a stationary camera. While her back is turned, the shape of what appears to be a wolf emerges from the shadows, crawls across the upper-right corner of the screen and silently disappears off-camera. Nyson suddenly discovers Kiniry's corpse, which has been mauled in the same way Renfro had been. She discovers fur on his body, and suddenly sees McCrea emerge from the darkness. Nyson questions him about what happened, and McCrea says he is unsure if federal agents or an animal were responsible, and Nyson becomes suspicious because the fur she found on Kiniry looks like the jacket that McCrea is wearing. While arguing about whether or not he may have accidentally shot Kiniry, they are both suddenly attacked and killed by the creature. Cavanaugh and Monroe hear gunshots and screaming and go to investigate, only to find the two militia dead and partially eaten. Cavanaugh questions Monroe about having anything to do with the raid, and Monroe says that Steiner might have brought another cell phone with him. Monroe panics as they head back to the cabin and runs, yelling for help. He runs to a car that he finds unlocked, but cannot find the keys before Cavanaugh catches up to him and insists that they get to the cabin. After hearing another roar in the woods, Monroe begins to seriously doubt that the government is behind the attacks, but Cavanaugh ignores him, and uses Monroe as a shield on the final stretch to the cabin. Cavanaugh catches Steiner making a recording, which he interprets as him breaking their deal for no outside contact. Believing Steiner ordered the attack himself, he forcefully pulls him out of the cabin, ignoring Monroe as he insists that they had nothing to do with the attacks. Cavanaugh threatens the 'feds,' saying that he will kill Steiner if they do not cease and desist at once. Suddenly, they hear a loud growl as the beast lunges at them from the roof of the cabin, briefly appearing in full view of the camera, attacking all three of them, killing Cavanaugh and Steiner, and severely injuring Monroe. Monroe survived the attack and managed to crawl to a fire road. Information provided by him prompted federal agents to raid the Wisconsin woods two days later. They discovered the mauled bodies of Steiner and the militia, whose deaths were officially attributed to wolf attacks. However, the federal agents and animal control were unable to locate any such evidence.
3410"Reptilian"ReptiliansNovember 9, 2010 (2010-11-09)
In Fall (September) 2008, a dramatic rise in teenage disappearances in New York City prompted the mayor's office to assemble a task force to investigate the disappearances. Detectives John Sloan and Rhonda Ramirez were dispatched to follow a lead which suggested that secret underground raves in abandoned subway tunnels had something to do with the disappearances. They apprehend Steven "Spike" Mills, who works for the rave organizers as a promoter. While interrogating him, they learn that the directions to the raves are marked by bizarre symbols which can only be seen in night vision cameras. As they journey into the tunnels, they hear a whistling sound, seemingly a means of communication, which Spike seems to understand. They are suddenly approached by a man with snake-like eyes, who is wearing a coat with a snakeskin-like texture that completely covers his body and obscures his face most of the time. The man marks their hands with stamps designed like the directional symbols, but says nothing, and they continue, Spike noting that Sloan got the "V.I.P. stamp." They come upon the rave momentarily, and see another person in a coat walking down another tunnel. When Sloan questions Spike about what it is, he claims that he does not know--nor does he want to--and that the officers do not want to mess with the organizers of the rave. Nonetheless, they convince Spike to come along with them by threatening to revoke his immunity. As they begin investigating the area around the rave, they see another person in a coat, whose eyes seem to shine in the dimly lit room, watching them. They continue into the tunnels and notice that no one seems to be following them, but suddenly see another person in a coat walking by at the end of the tunnel. Sloan walks ahead and sees what appears to be a gigantic lizard's tail disappear as someone or something climbs up a ladder. Sloan runs ahead, leaving Spike and Ramirez behind as he goes to apprehend the person. He draws his gun and follows strange sounds into a very dark part of the tunnels; he comes upon what appears to be a larder, where the bodies of some of the missing teenagers are hanging upside down from the ceiling. He sees a reptilian tail slither around a corner and follows it, coming out onto a catwalk. Suddenly, another victim's body, wrapped up in plastic, is thrown at him; Sloan only has time to utter, "Oh no," before he is suddenly attacked from behind as an unseen figure attempts to asphyxiate him. Sloan passes out, but wakes up momentarily to see that it is one of the hooded people from before, who also has snake-like eyes, who attacked him. The hooded person drags him down the tunnel, and Sloan is unable to free himself or resist. Meanwhile, Ramirez and Spike come upon the larder, and see that there is a stationary camera watching them. Spike's camera reveals that there are many more symbols, comprising an entire language, all over the walls. With her gun drawn, Ramirez walks down a flight of stairs, and they hear hissing all around them. Spike keeps insisting that they simply leave and save themselves, but Ramirez refuses to leave without Sloan. They discover more bodies, and Spike's camera reveals that the bodies' hands are marked with the same symbol that Sloan was given. Ramirez investigates something dripping from a catwalk above them, and they suddenly see Sloan on above them, face-down and wrapped up in plastic like the bodies. However, he is still alive. When their presence becomes known, the person who was dragging him runs away before they can see him. Ramirez runs to free Sloan before he can suffocate, and Spike, fed up with the situation, leaves on his own. Sloan tells Ramirez to leave him behind and get out while she can, but she refuses. She suddenly hears squealing and hisses all around her, and fires at a shape with a tail, but seems to miss. Another person suddenly appears below them, snarling at them and staring with piercing snake-like eyes, but she fires at him, too. Ramirez frees Sloan, but the hissing is growing louder. Spike, meanwhile, is utterly lost and in a panic. As he tries to read the directions out of the tunnels, he sees another stationary camera above him. He tries to escape, but suddenly sees one of the hooded figures, who attacks him. Ramirez and Sloan try to escape as well, and Ramirez fires twice at another of the hooded figures at the top of a flight of stairs and hits her mark. She discovers Spike, who has suffocated to death, at the top of the stairs. Ramirez comes upon the body of the man she shot, who seems to be bleeding glowing blue blood, and removes his hood. For a brief moment, in full view of her camera, Ramirez sees that the man no longer looks like a human, and instead has a very scaly-looking face. Sloan yells for her to look out, but it is too late; another of the reptilians has snuck up on Ramirez and asphyxiates her with plastic wrap. The bodies of Sloan, Ramirez, and Spike were never recovered. Though their surveillance equipment was confiscated, no arrests were made, and the task force was abolished because of "budget cuts." The raves continue to occur throughout the country, and with them the disappearance of those who attend them.