List of MeSH codes (G14)

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The following is a partial list of the "G" codes for Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), as defined by the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM).

This list continues the information at List of MeSH codes (G13). Codes following these are found at List of MeSH codes (H01). For other MeSH codes, see List of MeSH codes.

The source for this content is the set of 2006 MeSH Trees from the NLM.

MeSH G14genetic structures[edit]

MeSH G14.080base sequence[edit]

MeSH G14.080.040 – at rich sequence[edit]

MeSH G14.080.380 – gc rich sequence[edit]

MeSH G14.080.534matrix attachment regions[edit]

MeSH G14.080.689 – regulatory sequences, nucleic acid[edit]

MeSH G14.080.708repetitive sequences, nucleic acid[edit]

MeSH G14.160chromosome structures[edit]

MeSH G14.160.165centromere[edit]

MeSH G14.160.175chromatids[edit]

MeSH G14.160.180chromatin[edit]

MeSH G14.160.650nucleolus organizer region[edit]

MeSH G14.160.830synaptonemal complex[edit]

MeSH G14.160.845telomere[edit]

MeSH G14.162chromosomes[edit]

MeSH G14.162.167 – chromosomes, archaeal[edit]

MeSH G14.162.178 – chromosomes, artificial[edit]

MeSH G14.162.190 – chromosomes, bacterial[edit]

MeSH G14.162.360 – chromosomes, fungal[edit]

MeSH G14.162.520 – chromosomes, mammalian[edit]

MeSH G14.162.560chromosomes, plant[edit]

MeSH G14.162.570isochromosomes[edit]

MeSH G14.162.788ring chromosomes[edit]

MeSH G14.162.865sex chromosomes[edit]

MeSH G14.325gene library[edit]

MeSH G14.325.425genomic library[edit]

MeSH G14.325.640peptide library[edit]

MeSH G14.335genetic code[edit]

MeSH G14.335.060anticodon[edit]

MeSH G14.335.355codon[edit]

MeSH G14.335.760reading frames[edit]

MeSH G14.337genetic vectors[edit]

MeSH G14.337.249chromosomes, artificial[edit]

MeSH G14.337.500cosmids[edit]

MeSH G14.340genome[edit]

MeSH G14.340.024genome components[edit]

MeSH G14.340.050genome, archaeal[edit]

MeSH G14.340.300genome, bacterial[edit]

MeSH G14.340.325genome, fungal[edit]

MeSH G14.340.337genome, helminth[edit]

MeSH G14.340.350genome, human[edit]

MeSH G14.340.357genome, insect[edit]

MeSH G14.340.365genome, plant[edit]

MeSH G14.340.375genome, protozoan[edit]

MeSH G14.340.400genome, viral[edit]

MeSH G14.340.425genomic library[edit]

MeSH G14.360histone code[edit]

MeSH G14.600plasmids[edit]

MeSH G14.600.080bacteriocin plasmids[edit]

MeSH G14.600.250cosmids[edit]

MeSH G14.600.300f factor[edit]

MeSH G14.600.430hemolysin factors[edit]

MeSH G14.600.500lactose factors[edit]

MeSH G14.600.550plant tumor-inducing plasmids[edit]

MeSH G14.600.600r factors[edit]

MeSH G14.840templates, genetic[edit]

The list continues at List of MeSH codes (H01).