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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)


MeSH C04 --- neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.182 --- cysts[edit]

MeSH C04.182.044 --- arachnoid cysts[edit]

MeSH C04.182.089 --- bone cysts[edit]

MeSH C04.182.117 --- branchioma[edit]

MeSH C04.182.156 --- breast cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.195 --- bronchogenic cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.197 --- chalazion[edit]

MeSH C04.182.198 --- choledochal cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.201 --- dermoid cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.254 --- epidermal cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.281 --- esophageal cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.300 --- follicular cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.347 --- ganglion cysts[edit]

MeSH C04.182.430 --- lymphocele[edit]

MeSH C04.182.444 --- mediastinal cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.473 --- mesenteric cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.511 --- mucocele[edit]

MeSH C04.182.612 --- ovarian cysts[edit]

MeSH C04.182.640 --- pancreatic cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.668 --- parovarian cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.710 --- pilonidal sinus[edit]

MeSH C04.182.766 --- ranula[edit]

MeSH C04.182.867 --- synovial cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.902 --- thyroglossal cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.182.946 --- urachal cyst[edit]

MeSH C04.445 --- hamartoma[edit]

MeSH C04.445.435 --- hamartoma syndrome, multiple[edit]

MeSH C04.445.620 --- proteus syndrome[edit]

MeSH C04.445.810 --- tuberous sclerosis[edit]

MeSH C04.557 --- neoplasms by histologic type[edit]

MeSH C04.557.227 --- histiocytic disorders, malignant[edit]

MeSH C04.557.337 --- leukemia[edit]

MeSH C04.557.375 --- lymphatic vessel tumors[edit]

MeSH C04.557.386 --- lymphoma[edit]

MeSH C04.557.435 --- neoplasms, complex and mixed[edit]

MeSH C04.557.450 --- neoplasms, connective and soft tissue[edit]

MeSH C04.557.465 --- neoplasms, germ cell and embryonal[edit]

MeSH C04.557.470 --- neoplasms, glandular and epithelial[edit]

MeSH C04.557.475 --- neoplasms, gonadal tissue[edit]

MeSH C04.557.580 --- neoplasms, nerve tissue[edit]

MeSH C04.557.645 --- neoplasms, vascular tissue[edit]

MeSH C04.557.665 --- nevi and melanomas[edit]

MeSH C04.557.695 --- odontogenic tumors[edit]

MeSH C04.588 --- neoplasms by site[edit]

MeSH C04.588.033 --- abdominal neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.083 --- anal gland neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.149 --- bone neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.180 --- breast neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.274 --- digestive system neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.322 --- endocrine gland neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.364 --- eye neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.443 --- head and neck neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.448 --- hematologic neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.531 --- mammary neoplasms, animal[edit]

MeSH C04.588.614 --- nervous system neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.699 --- pelvic neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.805 --- skin neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.839 --- soft tissue neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.842 --- splenic neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.894 --- thoracic neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.588.945 --- urogenital neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.619 --- neoplasms, experimental[edit]

MeSH C04.619.045 --- carcinoma 256, walker[edit]

MeSH C04.619.124 --- carcinoma, brown-pearce[edit]

MeSH C04.619.169 --- carcinoma, ehrlich tumor[edit]

MeSH C04.619.214 --- carcinoma, krebs 2[edit]

MeSH C04.619.230 --- carcinoma, lewis lung[edit]

MeSH C04.619.531 --- leukemia, experimental[edit]

MeSH C04.619.540 --- liver neoplasms, experimental[edit]

MeSH C04.619.590 --- mammary neoplasms, experimental[edit]

MeSH C04.619.600 --- melanoma, experimental[edit]

MeSH C04.619.857 --- sarcoma, experimental[edit]

MeSH C04.619.935 --- tumor virus infections[edit]

MeSH C04.626 --- neoplasms, hormone-dependent[edit]

MeSH C04.651 --- neoplasms, multiple primary[edit]

MeSH C04.651.435 --- hamartoma syndrome, multiple[edit]

MeSH C04.651.550 --- lipomatosis, multiple symmetrical[edit]

MeSH C04.651.600 --- multiple endocrine neoplasia[edit]

MeSH C04.651.750 --- proteus syndrome[edit]

MeSH C04.666 --- neoplasms, post-traumatic[edit]

MeSH C04.682 --- neoplasms, radiation-induced[edit]

MeSH C04.682.512 --- leukemia, radiation-induced[edit]

MeSH C04.692 --- neoplasms, second primary[edit]

MeSH C04.697 --- neoplastic processes[edit]

MeSH C04.697.045 --- anaplasia[edit]

MeSH C04.697.152 --- cell transformation, neoplastic[edit]

MeSH C04.697.160 --- cocarcinogenesis[edit]

MeSH C04.697.645 --- neoplasm invasiveness[edit]

MeSH C04.697.650 --- neoplasm metastasis[edit]

MeSH C04.697.655 --- neoplasm recurrence, local[edit]

MeSH C04.697.670 --- neoplasm regression, spontaneous[edit]

MeSH C04.697.700 --- neoplasm, residual[edit]

MeSH C04.700 --- neoplastic syndromes, hereditary[edit]

MeSH C04.700.100 --- adenomatous polyposis coli[edit]

MeSH C04.700.175 --- basal cell nevus syndrome[edit]

MeSH C04.700.250 --- colorectal neoplasms, hereditary nonpolyposis[edit]

MeSH C04.700.305 --- dysplastic nevus syndrome[edit]

MeSH C04.700.330 --- exostoses, multiple hereditary[edit]

MeSH C04.700.435 --- hamartoma syndrome, multiple[edit]

MeSH C04.700.600 --- li-fraumeni syndrome[edit]

MeSH C04.700.630 --- multiple endocrine neoplasia[edit]

MeSH C04.700.635 --- wilms tumor[edit]

MeSH C04.700.645 --- neurofibromatosis[edit]

MeSH C04.700.705 --- peutz-jeghers syndrome[edit]

MeSH C04.700.852 --- sturge-weber syndrome[edit]

MeSH C04.730 --- paraneoplastic syndromes[edit]

MeSH C04.730.713 --- paraneoplastic endocrine syndromes[edit]

MeSH C04.730.856 --- paraneoplastic syndromes, nervous system[edit]

MeSH C04.834 --- precancerous conditions[edit]

MeSH C04.834.288 --- erythroplasia[edit]

MeSH C04.834.512 --- leukoplakia[edit]

MeSH C04.834.567 --- lymphomatoid granulomatosis[edit]

MeSH C04.834.580 --- lymphomatoid papulosis[edit]

MeSH C04.834.770 --- preleukemia[edit]

MeSH C04.834.818 --- uterine cervical dysplasia[edit]

MeSH C04.834.867 --- xeroderma pigmentosum[edit]

MeSH C04.850 --- pregnancy complications, neoplastic[edit]

MeSH C04.850.908 --- trophoblastic neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C04.925 --- tumor virus infections[edit]

MeSH C04.925.120 --- avian leukosis[edit]

MeSH C04.925.313 --- epstein-barr virus infections[edit]

MeSH C04.925.489 --- marek disease[edit]

MeSH C04.925.700 --- sarcoma, avian[edit]

MeSH C04.925.744 --- warts[edit]