List of MeSH codes (C23)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)


MeSH C23 --- pathological conditions, signs and symptoms[edit]

MeSH C23.300 --- pathological conditions, anatomical[edit]

MeSH C23.300.035 --- alopecia[edit]

MeSH C23.300.070 --- atrophy[edit]

MeSH C23.300.122 --- blister[edit]

MeSH C23.300.175 --- calculi[edit]

MeSH C23.300.250 --- choristoma[edit]

MeSH C23.300.287 --- constriction, pathologic[edit]

MeSH C23.300.306 --- cysts[edit]

MeSH C23.300.325 --- dilatation, pathologic[edit]

MeSH C23.300.415 --- diverticulum[edit]

MeSH C23.300.505 --- facial asymmetry[edit]

MeSH C23.300.575 --- fistula[edit]

MeSH C23.300.707 --- hernia[edit]

MeSH C23.300.775 --- hypertrophy[edit]

MeSH C23.300.808 --- leg length inequality[edit]

MeSH C23.300.825 --- polyps[edit]

MeSH C23.300.842 --- prolapse[edit]

MeSH C23.300.909 --- rupture, spontaneous[edit]

MeSH C23.300.970 --- torsion[edit]

MeSH C23.550 --- pathologic processes[edit]

MeSH C23.550.035 --- acantholysis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.051 --- adhesions[edit]

MeSH C23.550.073 --- arrhythmia[edit]

MeSH C23.550.081 --- ascites[edit]

MeSH C23.550.210 --- chromosome aberrations[edit]

MeSH C23.550.260 --- death[edit]

MeSH C23.550.274 --- dehydration[edit]

MeSH C23.550.277 --- delayed graft function[edit]

MeSH C23.550.288 --- disease[edit]

MeSH C23.550.291 --- disease attributes[edit]

MeSH C23.550.305 --- diverticulitis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.325 --- emphysema[edit]

MeSH C23.550.340 --- extravasation of diagnostic and therapeutic materials[edit]

MeSH C23.550.355 --- fibrosis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.362 --- genomic instability[edit]

MeSH C23.550.369 --- gliosis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.382 --- granuloma[edit]

MeSH C23.550.384 --- granulomatosis, orofacial[edit]

MeSH C23.550.393 --- growth disorders[edit]

MeSH C23.550.403 --- hemolysis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.414 --- hemorrhage[edit]

MeSH C23.550.429 --- hyperbilirubinemia[edit]

MeSH C23.550.444 --- hyperplasia[edit]

MeSH C23.550.455 --- hypovolemia[edit]

MeSH C23.550.470 --- inflammation[edit]

MeSH C23.550.505 --- intraoperative complications[edit]

MeSH C23.550.522 --- leukoaraiosis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.526 --- leukocytosis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.537 --- lithiasis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.548 --- malacoplakia[edit]

MeSH C23.550.568 --- menstruation disturbances[edit]

MeSH C23.550.589 --- metaplasia[edit]

MeSH C23.550.673 --- multiple organ failure[edit]

MeSH C23.550.695 --- muscle weakness[edit]

MeSH C23.550.717 --- necrosis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.727 --- neoplastic processes[edit]

MeSH C23.550.737 --- nerve degeneration[edit]

MeSH C23.550.751 --- ossification, heterotopic[edit]

MeSH C23.550.767 --- postoperative complications[edit]

MeSH C23.550.794 --- retropneumoperitoneum[edit]

MeSH C23.550.823 --- sclerosis[edit]

MeSH C23.550.848 --- stress[edit]

MeSH C23.550.891 --- ulcer[edit]

MeSH C23.550.945 --- yang deficiency[edit]

MeSH C23.550.972 --- yin deficiency[edit]

MeSH C23.888 --- signs and symptoms[edit]

MeSH C23.888.069 --- aging, premature[edit]

MeSH C23.888.089 --- asthenia[edit]

MeSH C23.888.119 --- body temperature changes[edit]

MeSH C23.888.144 --- body weight[edit]

MeSH C23.888.208 --- chills[edit]

MeSH C23.888.248 --- cyanosis[edit]

MeSH C23.888.277 --- edema[edit]

MeSH C23.888.307 --- eye manifestations[edit]

MeSH C23.888.369 --- fatigue[edit]

MeSH C23.888.378 --- feminization[edit]

MeSH C23.888.380 --- fetal distress[edit]

MeSH C23.888.388 --- flushing[edit]

MeSH C23.888.447 --- heart murmurs[edit]

MeSH C23.888.475 --- hot flashes[edit]

MeSH C23.888.550 --- mobility limitation[edit]

MeSH C23.888.592 --- neurologic manifestations[edit]

MeSH C23.888.619 --- oral manifestations[edit]

MeSH C23.888.646 --- pain[edit]

MeSH C23.888.681 --- pseudophakia[edit]

MeSH C23.888.760 --- reticulocytosis[edit]

MeSH C23.888.821 --- signs and symptoms, digestive[edit]

MeSH C23.888.852 --- signs and symptoms, respiratory[edit]

MeSH C23.888.885 --- skin manifestations[edit]

MeSH C23.888.942 --- urological manifestations[edit]

MeSH C23.888.971 --- virilism[edit]