List of MeSH codes (C20)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)


MeSH C20 --- immune system diseases[edit]

MeSH C20.111 --- autoimmune diseases[edit]

MeSH C20.111.163 --- addison disease[edit]

MeSH C20.111.175 --- anemia, hemolytic, autoimmune[edit]

MeSH C20.111.190 --- anti-glomerular basement membrane disease[edit]

MeSH C20.111.197 --- antiphospholipid syndrome[edit]

MeSH C20.111.199 --- arthritis, rheumatoid[edit]

MeSH C20.111.258 --- autoimmune diseases of the nervous system[edit]

MeSH C20.111.318 --- dermatitis herpetiformis[edit]

MeSH C20.111.327 --- diabetes mellitus, type 1[edit]

MeSH C20.111.375 --- familial mediterranean fever[edit]

MeSH C20.111.525 --- glomerulonephritis, iga[edit]

MeSH C20.111.535 --- glomerulonephritis, membranous[edit]

MeSH C20.111.550 --- goodpasture syndrome[edit]

MeSH C20.111.555 --- graves disease[edit]

MeSH C20.111.567 --- hepatitis, autoimmune[edit]

MeSH C20.111.580 --- lambert-eaton myasthenic syndrome[edit]

MeSH C20.111.590 --- lupus erythematosus, systemic[edit]

MeSH C20.111.709 --- ophthalmia, sympathetic[edit]

MeSH C20.111.730 --- pemphigoid, bullous[edit]

MeSH C20.111.736 --- pemphigus[edit]

MeSH C20.111.750 --- polyendocrinopathies, autoimmune[edit]

MeSH C20.111.759 --- purpura, thrombocytopenic, idiopathic[edit]

MeSH C20.111.782 --- reiter disease[edit]

MeSH C20.111.809 --- thyroiditis, autoimmune[edit]

MeSH C20.188 --- blood group incompatibility[edit]

MeSH C20.188.413 --- erythroblastosis, fetal[edit]

MeSH C20.188.780 --- rh isoimmunization[edit]

MeSH C20.425 --- glomerulonephritis, membranoproliferative[edit]

MeSH C20.452 --- graft vs host disease[edit]

MeSH C20.543 --- hypersensitivity[edit]

MeSH C20.543.206 --- drug hypersensitivity[edit]

MeSH C20.543.312 --- environmental illness[edit]

MeSH C20.543.418 --- hypersensitivity, delayed[edit]

MeSH C20.543.480 --- hypersensitivity, immediate[edit]

MeSH C20.543.520 --- immune complex diseases[edit]

MeSH C20.543.600 --- latex hypersensitivity[edit]

MeSH C20.543.928 --- wissler's syndrome[edit]

MeSH C20.673 --- immunologic deficiency syndromes[edit]

MeSH C20.673.088 --- agammaglobulinemia[edit]

MeSH C20.673.290 --- ataxia telangiectasia[edit]

MeSH C20.673.330 --- common variable immunodeficiency[edit]

MeSH C20.673.340 --- digeorge syndrome[edit]

MeSH C20.673.430 --- dysgammaglobulinemia[edit]

MeSH C20.673.480 --- hiv infections[edit]

MeSH C20.673.483 --- deltaretrovirus infections[edit]

MeSH C20.673.600 --- leukocyte-adhesion deficiency syndrome[edit]

MeSH C20.673.627 --- lymphopenia[edit]

MeSH C20.673.774 --- phagocyte bactericidal dysfunction[edit]

MeSH C20.673.815 --- severe combined immunodeficiency[edit]

MeSH C20.673.972 --- wiskott-aldrich syndrome[edit]

MeSH C20.683 --- immunoproliferative disorders[edit]

MeSH C20.683.460 --- hypergammaglobulinemia[edit]

MeSH C20.683.515 --- lymphoproliferative disorders[edit]

MeSH C20.683.780 --- paraproteinemias[edit]

MeSH C20.841 --- purpura, thrombocytopenic[edit]

MeSH C20.841.600 --- purpura, thrombocytopenic, idiopathic[edit]