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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)


MeSH C10 --- nervous system diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.114 --- autoimmune diseases of the nervous system[edit]

MeSH C10.114.375 --- demyelinating autoimmune diseases, cns[edit]

MeSH C10.114.468 --- lambert-eaton myasthenic syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.114.562 --- leukoencephalitis, acute hemorrhagic[edit]

MeSH C10.114.656 --- myasthenia gravis[edit]

MeSH C10.114.703 --- nervous system autoimmune disease, experimental[edit]

MeSH C10.114.750 --- polyradiculoneuropathy[edit]

MeSH C10.114.812 --- stiff-person syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.114.843 --- uveomeningoencephalitic syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.114.875 --- vasculitis, central nervous system[edit]

MeSH C10.177 --- autonomic nervous system diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.177.045 --- adie syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.177.090 --- autonomic dysreflexia[edit]

MeSH C10.177.195 --- complex regional pain syndromes[edit]

MeSH C10.177.272 --- dysautonomia, familial[edit]

MeSH C10.177.350 --- horner syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.177.800 --- shy-drager syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.177.825 --- sweating, gustatory[edit]

MeSH C10.228 --- central nervous system diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.228.140 --- brain diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.228.228 --- central nervous system infections[edit]

MeSH C10.228.440 --- encephalomyelitis[edit]

MeSH C10.228.470 --- high pressure neurological syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.228.566 --- meningitis[edit]

MeSH C10.228.662 --- movement disorders[edit]

MeSH C10.228.758 --- ocular motility disorders[edit]

MeSH C10.228.806 --- pneumocephalus[edit]

MeSH C10.228.854 --- spinal cord diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.281 --- chronobiology disorders[edit]

MeSH C10.281.440 --- jet lag syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.281.800 --- sleep disorders, circadian rhythm[edit]

MeSH C10.292 --- cranial nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.150 --- abducens nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.175 --- accessory nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.225 --- cranial nerve neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C10.292.262 --- cranial nerve injuries[edit]

MeSH C10.292.300 --- facial nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.375 --- facial neuralgia[edit]

MeSH C10.292.450 --- glossopharyngeal nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.525 --- hypoglossal nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.562 --- ocular motility disorders[edit]

MeSH C10.292.600 --- oculomotor nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.650 --- olfactory nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.700 --- optic nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.775 --- trigeminal nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.850 --- trochlear nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.887 --- vagus nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.292.910 --- vestibulocochlear nerve diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.314 --- demyelinating diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.314.350 --- demyelinating autoimmune diseases, cns[edit]

MeSH C10.314.400 --- hereditary central nervous system demyelinating diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.314.450 --- leukoencephalopathy, progressive multifocal[edit]

MeSH C10.314.500 --- myelinolysis, central pontine[edit]

MeSH C10.314.750 --- polyradiculoneuropathy[edit]

MeSH C10.500 --- nervous system malformations[edit]

MeSH C10.500.142 --- central nervous system cysts[edit]

MeSH C10.500.190 --- central nervous system vascular malformations[edit]

MeSH C10.500.205 --- dandy-walker syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.500.300 --- hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies[edit]

MeSH C10.500.310 --- hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathies[edit]

MeSH C10.500.410 --- holoprosencephaly[edit]

MeSH C10.500.450 --- hydranencephaly[edit]

MeSH C10.500.460 --- intracranial arteriovenous malformations[edit]

MeSH C10.500.680 --- neural tube defects[edit]

MeSH C10.500.840 --- septo-optic dysplasia[edit]

MeSH C10.551 --- nervous system neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C10.551.240 --- central nervous system neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C10.551.360 --- cranial nerve neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C10.551.525 --- neuroma, acoustic[edit]

MeSH C10.551.775 --- peripheral nervous system neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C10.562 --- neurocutaneous syndromes[edit]

MeSH C10.562.100 --- ataxia telangiectasia[edit]

MeSH C10.562.400 --- hippel-lindau disease[edit]

MeSH C10.562.600 --- neurofibromatosis[edit]

MeSH C10.562.800 --- sturge-weber syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.562.850 --- tuberous sclerosis[edit]

MeSH C10.574 --- neurodegenerative diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.574.500 --- heredodegenerative disorders, nervous system[edit]

MeSH C10.574.531 --- lewy body disease[edit]

MeSH C10.574.562 --- motor neuron disease[edit]

MeSH C10.574.625 --- multiple system atrophy[edit]

MeSH C10.574.750 --- olivopontocerebellar atrophies[edit]

MeSH C10.574.781 --- paraneoplastic syndromes, nervous system[edit]

MeSH C10.574.812 --- parkinson disease[edit]

MeSH C10.574.827 --- postpoliomyelitis syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.574.843 --- prion diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.574.875 --- shy-drager syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.574.945 --- tauopathies[edit]

MeSH C10.597 --- neurologic manifestations[edit]

MeSH C10.597.200 --- bladder, neurogenic[edit]

MeSH C10.597.230 --- cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea[edit]

MeSH C10.597.267 --- cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea[edit]

MeSH C10.597.305 --- decerebrate state[edit]

MeSH C10.597.350 --- dyskinesias[edit]

MeSH C10.597.404 --- gait disorders, neurologic[edit]

MeSH C10.597.544 --- meningism[edit]

MeSH C10.597.606 --- neurobehavioral manifestations[edit]

MeSH C10.597.609 --- neurogenic inflammation[edit]

MeSH C10.597.613 --- neuromuscular manifestations[edit]

MeSH C10.597.617 --- pain[edit]

MeSH C10.597.622 --- paralysis[edit]

MeSH C10.597.636 --- paresis[edit]

MeSH C10.597.690 --- pupil disorders[edit]

MeSH C10.597.704 --- reflex, abnormal[edit]

MeSH C10.597.742 --- seizures[edit]

MeSH C10.597.751 --- sensation disorders[edit]

MeSH C10.597.951 --- vertigo[edit]

MeSH C10.597.975 --- voice disorders[edit]

MeSH C10.668 --- neuromuscular diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.668.364 --- fatigue syndrome, chronic[edit]

MeSH C10.668.402 --- isaacs syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.668.460 --- motor neuron disease[edit]

MeSH C10.668.475 --- muscular atrophy, spinal[edit]

MeSH C10.668.491 --- muscular diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.668.550 --- muscular disorders, atrophic[edit]

MeSH C10.668.758 --- neuromuscular junction diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.668.829 --- peripheral nervous system diseases[edit]

MeSH C10.668.900 --- stiff-person syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.720 --- neurotoxicity syndromes[edit]

MeSH C10.720.075 --- akathisia, drug-induced[edit]

MeSH C10.720.112 --- alcohol-induced disorders, nervous system[edit]

MeSH C10.720.150 --- botulism[edit]

MeSH C10.720.312 --- dyskinesia, drug-induced[edit]

MeSH C10.720.475 --- heavy metal poisoning, nervous system[edit]

MeSH C10.720.606 --- mptp poisoning[edit]

MeSH C10.720.737 --- neuroleptic malignant syndrome[edit]

MeSH C10.886 --- sleep disorders[edit]

MeSH C10.886.425 --- dyssomnias[edit]

MeSH C10.886.659 --- parasomnias[edit]

MeSH C10.900 --- trauma, nervous system[edit]

MeSH C10.900.250 --- cerebrovascular trauma[edit]

MeSH C10.900.300 --- craniocerebral trauma[edit]

MeSH C10.900.850 --- spinal cord injuries[edit]