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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)


MeSH C14 --- cardiovascular diseases[edit]

MeSH C14.240 --- cardiovascular abnormalities[edit]

MeSH C14.240.110 --- arterio-arterial fistula[edit]

MeSH C14.240.150 --- arteriovenous malformations[edit]

MeSH C14.240.275 --- central nervous system vascular malformations[edit]

MeSH C14.240.400 --- heart defects, congenital[edit]

MeSH C14.240.670 --- pulmonary atresia[edit]

MeSH C14.240.700 --- scimitar syndrome[edit]

MeSH C14.280 --- heart diseases[edit]

MeSH C14.280.067 --- arrhythmia[edit]

MeSH C14.280.129 --- carcinoid heart disease[edit]

MeSH C14.280.142 --- cardiac output, high[edit]

MeSH C14.280.148 --- cardiac output, low[edit]

MeSH C14.280.155 --- cardiac tamponade[edit]

MeSH C14.280.195 --- cardiomegaly[edit]

MeSH C14.280.238 --- cardiomyopathies[edit]

MeSH C14.280.282 --- endocarditis[edit]

MeSH C14.280.358 --- heart aneurysm[edit]

MeSH C14.280.383 --- heart arrest[edit]

MeSH C14.280.400 --- heart defects, congenital[edit]

MeSH C14.280.434 --- heart failure, congestive[edit]

MeSH C14.280.459 --- heart neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C14.280.470 --- heart rupture[edit]

MeSH C14.280.484 --- heart valve diseases[edit]

MeSH C14.280.647 --- myocardial ischemia[edit]

MeSH C14.280.695 --- pericardial effusion[edit]

MeSH C14.280.720 --- pericarditis[edit]

MeSH C14.280.763 --- pneumopericardium[edit]

MeSH C14.280.793 --- postpericardiotomy syndrome[edit]

MeSH C14.280.832 --- pulmonary heart disease[edit]

MeSH C14.280.874 --- rheumatic heart disease[edit]

MeSH C14.280.945 --- ventricular dysfunction[edit]

MeSH C14.280.955 --- Ventricular outflow tract obstruction[edit]

MeSH C14.371 --- hyperemia[edit]

MeSH C14.583 --- pregnancy complications, cardiovascular[edit]

MeSH C14.583.404 --- embolism, amniotic fluid[edit]

MeSH C14.700 --- scimitar syndrome[edit]

MeSH C14.728 --- syphilis, cardiovascular[edit]

MeSH C14.826 --- tuberculosis, cardiovascular[edit]

MeSH C14.826.595 --- pericarditis, tuberculous[edit]

MeSH C14.907 --- vascular diseases[edit]

MeSH C14.907.055 --- aneurysm[edit]

MeSH C14.907.075 --- angiodysplasia[edit]

MeSH C14.907.077 --- angiomatosis[edit]

MeSH C14.907.079 --- angioneurotic edema[edit]

MeSH C14.907.109 --- aortic diseases[edit]

MeSH C14.907.137 --- arterial occlusive diseases[edit]

MeSH C14.907.150 --- arteriovenous malformations[edit]

MeSH C14.907.184 --- arteritis[edit]

MeSH C14.907.218 --- capillary leak syndrome[edit]

MeSH C14.907.253 --- cerebrovascular disorders[edit]

MeSH C14.907.320 --- diabetic angiopathies[edit]

MeSH C14.907.355 --- embolism and thrombosis[edit]

MeSH C14.907.375 --- erythromelalgia[edit]

MeSH C14.907.449 --- hemorrhoids[edit]

MeSH C14.907.460 --- hepatic veno-occlusive disease[edit]

MeSH C14.907.489 --- hypertension[edit]

MeSH C14.907.514 --- hypotension[edit]

MeSH C14.907.553 --- ischemia[edit]

MeSH C14.907.617 --- peripheral vascular diseases[edit]

MeSH C14.907.681 --- phlebitis[edit]

MeSH C14.907.690 --- pulmonary veno-occlusive disease[edit]

MeSH C14.907.744 --- raynaud disease[edit]

MeSH C14.907.760 --- retinal vein occlusion[edit]

MeSH C14.907.780 --- scimitar syndrome[edit]

MeSH C14.907.790 --- spinal cord vascular diseases[edit]

MeSH C14.907.800 --- superior vena cava syndrome[edit]

MeSH C14.907.823 --- telangiectasis[edit]

MeSH C14.907.863 --- thoracic outlet syndrome[edit]

MeSH C14.907.903 --- varicocele[edit]

MeSH C14.907.927 --- varicose veins[edit]

MeSH C14.907.933 --- vascular fistula[edit]

MeSH C14.907.934 --- vascular hemostatic disorders[edit]

MeSH C14.907.936 --- vascular neoplasms[edit]

MeSH C14.907.940 --- vasculitis[edit]

MeSH C14.907.952 --- venous insufficiency[disambiguation needed][edit]