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This is a list of numbered federal highways (carreteras federales) in Mexico. Federal Highways from north to south are assigned odd numbers; highways from west to east are assigned even numbers. The numbering schema starts in the northwest of the country (Tijuana, BC). This list identifies the road terminus always starting from the north or the west end of the highway.

Motorways and roads with restricted access are considered part of the Federal Highways network and follow the same numbering schema. The letter "D" is added to the road number for all toll roads.

List of highways[edit]

Identification of State Highways ("Carreteras Estatales")[edit]

Every State in Mexico builds and maintains their road network. The numbering schema for these roads varies by State but it always starts with the initials of the state plus a number; for example, State Highway DGO500 runs from Guadalupe Victoria to Ramon Corona in Durango. There are State Highways that are also tolled and therefore have a "D" after their number; for example: State Highway SIN1D which runs from Culiacan to Las Brisas.

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