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The following is an episode list for RWBY, an original anime-style CG-animated web series created by Rooster Teeth Productions.

As of January 2017, three seasons of RWBY, or "Volumes", as they are called for this show, have been released in their entirety. Volume 4 is currently being released.

Each Volume consists of multiple episodes, or "Chapters". Volume 1 consists of 16 Chapters, however, only Chapters 1, 8, 15 and 16 have a run time comparable to Chapters from later Volumes. The other 12 Chapters are much shorter, adding up to what are essentially six Chapters, each released in two parts. Volume 2, 3 and 4 consist (or will consist) of 12 Chapters each, with Chapters varying in length between 12 and 20 minutes. A notable exception is the Volume 3 finale, which is over 28 minutes long.

Before the premiere of Volume 1, four trailers were released: the "Red", "White", "Black" and "Yellow" trailer, each focusing on one of the series' protagonists. They act as an introduction to both the characters and world of RWBY, and are part of the story.

Volume 1 was aired between July 18 and November 7, 2013, and was released on DVD and Blu-ray shortly after its conclusion.[1][2] Episodes premiered to the public Thursdays at 7 pm Central Standard Time (UTC-6) on the Rooster Teeth website and were released two hours early for "sponsors".[3] They were uploaded to YouTube a week later. Crunchyroll announced on August 16, 2013, that RWBY would be simulcast on the video streaming site.[4]

Volume 2 premiered on July 24, 2014, following an exclusive screening at RTX on July 4, 2014.[5] It concluded on October 30, 2014, shortly after which it was released on DVD and Blu-ray.

During Volume 2, Rooster Teeth started releasing a series of short videos titled World of Remnant. These videos reveal more information about the world RWBY takes place in, with each episode explaining different aspects of a specific topic, almost like articles in an encyclopedia. However, each episode is narrated by a character from the show, thus the information given to the viewer can only be considered accurate from the character's perspective. World of Remnant episodes have a shorter run time, varying between two and seven minutes. Some are released before, some during a Volume, with no consistent pattern for more than one Volume. Volume 2 and 3 each feature four, Volume 4 features eight World of Remnant episodes.

Volume 3 was confirmed at the Rooster Teeth panel at PAX Prime 2014, where creator and director Monty Oum stated that he planned to go straight into development of the next season, as he was nearly done with Volume 2. The release of Volume 3 was postponed because of Oum's sudden passing.[6] Weeks later, producer Gray Haddock announced that the series would continue, and that Volume 3 would premiere in 2015.[7] Chapter 1 aired on October 24, 2015 for sponsors, followed by the release on YouTube the following day.[8] Starting with Volume 3, the release day for new Chapters was changed from Thursday to Saturday, with a new release time of 10 am CST.[9]

Before the release of Chapter 7 of Volume 3, Gray Haddock announced that from this point on, RWBY would be incorporating darker and more mature elements to the story. He advised those responsible "for a very young viewer" to watch the episodes before deciding if they want to show them to a child, thus more or less changing the rating for the series.[10] Volume 3 concluded on February 13, 2016.

A spin-off series of the show, RWBY Chibi, was announced by Haddock in April 2016.[11] RWBY Chibi can be described as a comedy series consisting of two to five segments per episode. Episodes have a run time of about three to seven minutes. The series uses both the RWBY characters and world, but is animated in a different art style. RWBY Chibi is not considered to be canon, with characters repeatedly breaking the fourth wall. The first season premiered on May 7, 2016, and consisted of 24 episodes, which were aired weekly at the usual RWBY release time on Saturdays. It concluded on October 15, 2016, just one week before the release of the RWBY Volume 4 premiere.

Volume 4 was officially announced by Gray Haddock on April 1, 2016, with the premiere set for Fall 2016.[11] Before the Volume officially began, a "Character Short" was released on October 3, 2016, followed by four additions to the World of Remnant series between October 17 and October 20, 2016. Chapter 1 of Volume 4 premiered on October 22, 2016 for Rooster Teeth First members (formerly "sponsors"), 24 hours later for free members of the Rooster Teeth website, and one week later for the general public on YouTube. This release schedule has been continued since then, with the exception of all World of Remnant shorts released after Chapter 1. As of January 2017, the shorts "Between Kingdoms", "Faunus", "Schnee Dust Company", and "The Great War" have yet to premiere on YouTube, but are available on Rooster Teeth's website.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 16 July 18, 2013 (2013-07-18) November 7, 2013 (2013-11-07)
2 12 July 24, 2014 (2014-07-24) October 30, 2014 (2014-10-30)
3 12 October 24, 2015 (2015-10-24) February 13, 2016 (2016-02-13)
4 12 October 22, 2016 (2016-10-22) TBD (TBD)


No. in trailer Title Length Release date
P1 1 "Red Trailer" 3:30 November 7, 2012 (2012-11-07)
Ruby visits the gravestone of her mother, Summer Rose, on a snowy cliff, and then heads into the forest. She encounters a pack of Grimm Beowolves in a clearing and engages them in combat, defeating them all.
P2 2 "White Trailer" 3:48 February 14, 2013 (2013-02-14)
Weiss is performing a song in a concert hall. Her performance is overlaid with a scene of her engaged in combat with a giant, white suit of armor. She struggles and is struck in the head, causing her to bleed around her eye, but ultimately defeats the armor.
P3 3 "Black Trailer" 5:18 March 22, 2013 (2013-03-22)
Blake sits on a stone in a red forest when she is approached by Adam. The pair head down a cliff to a train passing through the forest. Inside the train, they fight off numerous armed robots who declare them intruders. When Adam sets explosives to blow up the train car, Blake inquires about the crew, but Adam shows no concern. Adam and Blake are then faced with a large spider-like robot and fight it on an open-air train car. Blake holds the robot off so Adam can prepare an attack, taking out the robot. He then notices Blake on the car ahead, just as she separates the cars, leaving him behind.
P4 4 "Yellow Trailer" 5:45 June 1, 2013 (2013-06-01)
Yang rides her motorcycle to a club and, once she has arrived, heads to the bar inside. She approaches a man named Junior, who was talking to another man, Roman Torchwick, and interrogates him about the whereabouts of a woman. After Junior tells her that he doesn't know anything, she lets him go. Yang then offers to "kiss and make up", but knocks him down when he lets his guard down. She then fights off the armed men in the club, before being confronted by two young women, Melanie and Miltia, whom Yang has more trouble defeating. Junior reappears and attacks Yang, but is gradually overpowered. He manages to pull out some of her hair, causing Yang to fly into a rage and blast Junior out a window. Yang then exits the club and runs into Ruby, calling her "sis".


Volume 1[edit]

Chapter Title Length Release date
1 1 "Ruby Rose" 12:21 July 18, 2013 (2013-07-18)

A mysterious narrator explains that humankind was formed from the dust of creation, but shortly after, creatures of darkness known as Grimm appeared and began attacking mankind and its creations. However, the humans eventually discovered a power of "nature's wrath", which became known as "Dust". They used this power to drive off the Grimm and secure their own existence. The narrator warns that the dark will eventually return and destroy the Human civilization, which will not be able to defeat the Grimm a second time when solely relying on Dust and strength. Instead, victory may come from something long forgotten: "a smaller, more honest soul."

A group of men lead by Roman Torchwick attempt to rob a Dust shop, where they encounter one of the customers, Ruby Rose. The girl, who was listening to music on her headphones, notices the robbery and fights off the henchmen with her weapon, a scythe. Torchwick flees from Ruby, making it to the rooftops before being chased down. However, an airship piloted by a woman arrives. Torchwick boards the airship and tries to kill Ruby from the distance, who is saved by a blonde-haired woman, revealed to be a Huntress named Glynda Goodwitch. The pilot intervenes and the two parties exchange attacks, before the airship flies off. Glynda brings Ruby to an interrogation room, scolding her for her recklessness, before reluctantly introducing her to the headmaster of Beacon Academy, Professor Ozpin, who immediately notes Ruby's silver eyes. Ozpin asks Ruby questions about her training until this point, and invites her to enroll at Beacon, a school known for training professional Huntsmen and Huntresses. Ruby is surprised, as she is two years younger than the normal age for new students, but accepts. Ruby later joins her older sister Yang, who is also enrolling in Beacon, on an airship in transit to their new school. They overhear a news report about Faunus civil rights protests, before Glynda welcomes all new students to Beacon. A boy interrupts the moment by vomiting.
2 2 "The Shining Beacon" 6:15 July 25, 2013 (2013-07-25)
The airship with the new students arrives at Beacon Academy. Ruby and Yang gaze at the Academy buildings in awe, while the boy continues to vomit. Ruby excitedly talks about weapons, while her sister tries to encourage her to make new friends. Yang suddenly heads off with her own friends, stunning Ruby. Ruby stumbles and falls over luggage, which belongs to Weiss Schnee. Weiss scolds Ruby for her carelessness, as some of her cases contain explosive Dust, before stating that she thinks that Ruby is too young to train at the Academy. Weiss proceeds to take out a Dust vial, causing Ruby to sneeze, which makes some of the Dust explode. The vial rolls away from the upset Weiss, stopping at the feet of a girl who is reading a book, Blake Belladonna. Blake notes that the symbol on the vial is that of the Schnee Dust Company, revealing Weiss to be the heiress of the most influential Dust business in Remnant. Blake then criticizes the company for controversial labor forces and questionable business partners, further angering Weiss. The angry girl takes off and leaves her servants to pick up her luggage, while Blake casually walks away. A disappointed Ruby then meets the "vomit boy", who introduces himself as Jaune Arc. They walk through the courtyard and have an awkward talk about their weapons, in Jaune's case family heirlooms, before realizing that they don't know where they are.
3 3 "The Shining Beacon, Pt. 2" 6:39 August 1, 2013 (2013-08-01)
Ruby and Jaune manage to find the main hall, just in time for the opening assembly. Yang calls Ruby over to her side, leaving Jaune alone and frustrated. A red-haired girl silently notices him. Ruby rants about her frustrations with Weiss, before the heiress sees and approaches Ruby once again. Weiss continues to berate Ruby, ignoring the younger girl's efforts at reintroduction, while also insulting Jaune. Professor Ozpin appears on the stage and gives a brief speech, talking about the new students' inexperience and advising them to seek knowledge while they train at the Academy. Glynda Goodwitch then announces that the initiation will begin tomorrow. Later, all new students are gathered in the ballroom with their sleeping bags. Yang is excited about the sleepover, while Ruby is quietly writing a letter to her old friends at Signal Academy. She laments her troubles with making new friends at Beacon to her sister, calling Weiss a "negative friend". Yang forcibly drags Ruby over to the reading Blake, encouraging her to befriend the girl. However, Blake is more interested in her book. This slows down Yang's efforts, but Ruby actually connects with Blake over their shared love for reading, revealing that stories of Huntsmen and Huntresses inspired her goal to become one. Weiss appears again, this time to complain about the noise. She then notices that Ruby and Yang are the people she is talking to, and once again begins scolding Ruby. Blake blows out her candle, and the screen fades to black.
4 4 "The First Step" 7:36 August 8, 2013 (2013-08-08)
Lie Ren wakes up to his long-time friend Nora Valkyrie excitedly talking about the Beacon initiation. He goes through his morning ritual before they head to the locker room, while Nora continues to chat away, expressing that she hopes they can become teammates. They walk by Yang and Ruby, who have a discussion about growing up. Yang stresses how important it is to socialize with other people, but Ruby answers that fighting is more important, that she is independent and doesn't need help growing up. Ruby hopes that she can be on a team with her sister, while Yang wishes that Ruby would choose a different partner. Nearby, Weiss is having a similar discussion about teammates with a girl named Pyrrha Nikos. Jaune approaches them flirtingly, asking if Weiss wants to form a team with him, which she doesn't. Jaune also talks to Pyrrha after she participates in the conversation, causing Weiss to barge in and call Jaune a nobody compared to the famous Pyrrha. Jaune is dismayed that his confident act doesn't work, while Pyrrha thinks he may be a great leader. Glynda orders the students to head out to a cliff for their initiation. At the top of the cliff, her and Ozpin confirm the rumors about teams, stressing that teammates are important, as the students will fight and learn alongside them for all four school years. Ozpin informs the first years that the first person each of them make eye contact with upon landing in the Emerald Forest below is their "partner" for the initiation and a guaranteed team member. The objective is to find a partner, seek out a relic at a temple and return it to the cliff. Although there are deadly creatures of Grimm in the forest, the advisors will only grade the performances and not intervene. Jaune wants to ask questions, but the students are already being launched into the forest.
5 5 "The First Step, Pt. 2" 4:30 August 15, 2013 (2013-08-15)
The new students propel through the air before they apply different landing techniques, using their weapons and Semblances. Only Jaune is falling aimlessly, until Pyrrha, who has already landed, transforms her sword into a javelin and pins him to a tree. Ruby, who was the first to land, immediately begins searching for Yang. She also contemplates other possible partners based on the people she already knows, briefly considering Blake. Shortly after, Ruby runs into Weiss, essentially making them partners. Despite the rules, Weiss at first wants to reject Ruby and walks away. She comes across Jaune, still pinned to the tree, turns around and returns to Ruby, much to the younger girl's delight. Soon afterwards, Pyrrha arrives at Jaune's location, asking him if he has a spot on his team for her. Meanwhile, Weiss wants to complete the mission as fast as possible, while Ruby is trying to prove her worth and create a friendship. She shows off her speed to impress Weiss, who is surprised, but soon loses sight of her very excited partner. Something rustles in the bushes around the white-haired girl, slowly making her nervous. Multiple Grimm Beowolves appear, and Weiss calls out to Ruby.
6 6 "The Emerald Forest" 7:14 August 22, 2013 (2013-08-22)
Yang walks through the forest in search of a partner, but encounters two bear-like Grimm known as Ursai instead. She defeats one, but before she can take down the other, Blake strikes from behind and eliminates it. The two make eye contact and thus become partners. Yang remarks that she was capable of killing the second Ursa as well. Elsewhere, Weiss is internally going through the steps of her fencing training, while the Beowolves surround her. She rotates her weapon's revolver and fires, but Ruby appears out of nowhere and attacks the Beowolf she was aiming for. Weiss is forced to redirect her attack, accidentally starting a forest fire. The two girls decide to retreat. After they have made their escape, they begin arguing again. Ruby protests that she is capable of fighting alone, while Weiss criticizes Ruby's childlike and impulsive nature, essentially giving her the fault. Weiss stomps away and a frustrated Ruby follows. Meanwhile, Pyrrha and Jaune hear gunfire, and Pyrrha accidentally snaps a tree branch in Jaune's face. Pyrrha asks Jaune why he didn't use his Aura, but he is unfamiliar with the concept. Pyrrha explains that Aura is the manifestation of one's soul and can be used by every being, except the Grimm. Grimm lack souls and are only beings of darkness, not darkness and light like all the others. Aura can be used as a shield and fighting tool. Pyrrha then uses her Aura to activate Jaune's, noticing that he has a vast amount of it. During her explanation, Ren is shown battling a large snake-type Grimm, a King Taijitu, demonstrating his Aura and fighting skills. Eventually, Ren kills the King Taijitu. After the fight, Nora appears beside him, hanging upside-down from a branch. The eye contact makes them partners.
7 7 "The Emerald Forest, Pt. 2" 4:47 August 29, 2013 (2013-08-29)
On top of the cliff, Glynda informs Ozpin that the last team has been formed. She also expresses doubt in Jaune's abilities and the effectiveness of Ren and Nora as a team, before noting that all students should reach the temple in a few minutes. Ozpin, however, is absorbed in watching a live feed of Ruby and Weiss on his scroll. The two girls are essentially lost after they relied on Weiss for directions. Another argument ensues, during which Ruby claims that Weiss is a know-it-all and thinks that she is perfect. Weiss answers that she is not perfect, but better than Ruby. Once again, Weiss walks away, and a saddened Ruby says that she doesn't know her at all. Meanwhile, Yang and Blake have managed to locate the temple and find the relics: several chess pieces. Yang notes that a few are missing, meaning that they are not the first team to reach the temple. Elsewhere, Jaune and Pyrrha have found a cave that Jaune believes to be the temple, while Pyrrha has doubts. Jaune's torch is extinguished, right before they are attacked by a giant scorpion Grimm, a Deathstalker. The Grimm chases Pyrrha out of the cave, with Jaune clinging to its stinger. The Deathstalker sends Jaune flying and continues to chase Pyrrha. At the temple, Yang and Blake have picked out a chess piece. Yang hears Jaune's cries, but Blake is looking to the sky. Suddenly, Ruby is falling down towards the two girls.
8 8 "Players and Pieces" 13:45 September 5, 2013 (2013-09-05)

Ruby and Weiss are hanging on to a giant bird-like Grimm, a Nevermore, and Weiss berates Ruby for her "bad ideas". Ruby jumps off the Nevermore and collides with Jaune, who was sent flying by the Deathstalker. Both of them land in a tree. Yang and Blake watch from the ground, but are distracted when an Ursa stumbles out of the forest, which is slain from behind by Nora. Ren arrives right after her. Nora picks out a chess piece, just when Pyrrha and the Deathstalker burst out from the trees. Weiss also lets go of the Nevermore, and Jaune tries to catch her in midair. However, he becomes a landing pad for Weiss and takes the whole impact of the fall. Yang sarcastically remarks that now "the whole team can die together". Ruby initiates an attack on the Deathstalker, which doesn't work. The Nevermore pins a fleeing Ruby down with its feathers, but Weiss saves her from the charging Deathstalker. She says that Ruby may be childish, but admits that she has been acting difficult as well. They reach an understanding and collect a chess piece, as do Jaune and Pyrrha. All eight students then try to escape, with Nevermore and Deathstalker chasing them through the ruins of the temple towards a stone bridge. The Nevermore destroys part of the bridge and splits up the group. Eventually, Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha and Ren work together to take down the Deathstalker on the ground in front of the bridge, while Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang fight the Nevermore, which continues to damage the surroundings. After a fierce battle contested on the remains of the bridge and in midair, the other three girls set up Ruby to drag the Nevermore up the cliff with her scythe, separating the head from the body once she reaches the top. Back at the Academy, the team forming ceremony is conducted by Ozpin, who first introduces Team CRDL. Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha and Ren form a team now known as JNPR, and Jaune, to his surprise, is chosen as team leader. Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang become Team RWBY, with Ruby as the leader, which upsets Weiss a little. Ozpin hopes for an "interesting year."

Elsewhere, Roman Torchwick talks to somebody on the phone. A White Fang member delivers a case of Dust to him, and Torchwick says that they need more men.
9 9 "The Badge and The Burden" 5:31 September 12, 2013 (2013-09-12)
The morning after the Initiation, Weiss wakes up to Ruby blowing a whistle near her ear. She, Blake and Yang are already dressed in their school uniforms, and Ruby, as team leader, declares it is time to decorate the room. Because of the small space, they make a majority decision on redesigning their beds as bunk beds, creating a dangerous-looking construct that Weiss does not approve of. Ruby gives out her next order: classes! Weiss then realizes that they are almost late for their first class. The girls rush out of the dorm, alerting the members of Team JNPR in the room across the hallway to do the same. Ozpin and Glynda observe them as they cross the courtyard, barely making it in time. In one of their classes, Team RWBY is lectured by Professor Peter Port. He talks about Vale (the kingdom Beacon is a part of) and the other 3 kingdoms, who provide safe havens from the Grimm, as well as the purpose of being Huntsmen and Huntresses. He then drifts off into a story about himself and his experiences with Grimm, causing Ruby to quietly kid around. Weiss gets frustrated with Ruby's continued "respectless" behavior, and, when Port asks the class who possesses the traits required for being a Huntsman or Huntress, she raises her hand and proclaims that she does. In order to prove this, Port tells Weiss to step forward for a test: she must fight a boar-like Grimm, a Boarbatusk, that he has locked in a cage.
10 10 "The Badge and The Burden Part 2" 6:58 September 19, 2013 (2013-09-19)
Weiss has changed into a battle outfit, retrieved her weapon and is ready to take on the Boarbatusk. Ruby tries to help Weiss by yelling out advice, which unnerves the white-haired girl. She initially struggles with the fight, but finally manages to defeat the Boarbatusk by stabbing it into the stomach, which was suggested earlier by Ruby. Professor Port compliments Weiss and dismisses the class. Weiss confronts Ruby, who wants to know why the other girl snapped at her, only to be berated about her childish behavior again. Weiss also thinks that she would be a better leader than Ruby. As they leave the classroom, Ozpin walks over and talks to Ruby. She asks him if he may have made a mistake by appointing her as leader, but the Professor answers that it is too soon to tell. He admits to having made "more mistakes than any man, woman, or child on the planet", but does not believe making Ruby a leader was one of them. Ozpin tells her about the "badge of being a leader" and that she has to perform at her best, because otherwise others will not have a reason to follow her. Not far away, Weiss talks to Professor Port. The teacher disagrees with her opinion that she should be a leader, citing his faith in Ozpin's decisions. Port also says that Weiss always got what she wanted, and now that she didn't, she is childishly throwing a tantrum. He advises her to learn how to follow and support, and Weiss actually considers his words. At night, Weiss returns to the dorm, finding the other girls asleep. Ruby is surrounded by textbooks and papers, and apologizes to Weiss when she wakes up. Weiss takes Port's advice to heart and gets Ruby a cup of coffee. The other girl smiles, and the screen fades to a shot of Beacon at night.
11 11 "Jaunedice" 4:50 September 26, 2013 (2013-09-26)
In Glynda Goodwitch's fighting class, Jaune and Cardin Winchester, the leader of Team CRDL, have a practice fight to demonstrate how to effectively use Aura. Jaune is outmatched, and Cardin taunts and mocks him in the closing moments of the fight, before kneeing him in the stomach. Glynda calls the match and explains that Jaune is low on Aura, which would lead to elimination in a tournament style duel. Glynda advises a dispirited Jaune to pay more attention to his Aura level, before announcing the Vytal Festival, where students from all four major Academies will compete in a combat tournament. Later, Team RWBY and JNPR sit down for a meal. Nora talks about a recurring dream of hers, but exaggarates the details, forcing Ren to correct her multiple times. Ruby and Pyrrha both express concern about Cardin's bullying of Jaune, who denies that this ever happened. A montage shows various incidents of Cardin bullying Jaune, one time even locking him in one of the rocket-propelled lockers and launching it. The others all want to help Jaune, who only says that Cardin is mean to everyone. At the same time, Cardin and the rest of Team CRDL are picking on a rabbit Faunus named Velvet Scarlatina, laughing and pulling on her rabbit ears. Pyrrha comments on his rude attitude, and Blake mentions that he's not the only one doing such things. Jaune leaves the table, but Cardin watches him as he walks away.
12 12 "Jaunedice Part 2" 7:25 October 3, 2013 (2013-10-03)
History teacher Dr. Bartholomew Oobleck conducts a lecture on the "Faunus War" fought between humans and Faunus. He asks if any Faunus student has been bullied, to which Velvet reluctantly raises her hand. Oobleck says that this kind of ignorance breeds violence, using the White Fang organization as an example. He then asks what advantage the Faunus had in the war, while Cardin wakes up a dozing Jaune, who says "hey" and thus has to answer the question. Jaune struggles, and even Pyrrha's attempts at signalling the right answer fail. Cardin laughs at Jaune's incorrect answer, but then has to answer the same question. He says that "animals are easier to train", to which Pyrrha takes exception. She correctly answers that Faunus have night vision, and Blake explains that in the war, a human General tried to attack his enemies at night, resulting in defeat. After class, Oobleck assigns Jaune and Cardin extra work because they have been struggling in his class. Cardin knocks Jaune to the floor once they hafe left the room. Pyrrha wants to help Jaune and takes him to the roof for training and tutoring, hoping to improve his fighting and academic abilities. However, Jaune reveals that he wasn't actually accepted into Beacon, but got in using fake transcripts. He states that he always wanted to be a warrior so he can follow the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Pyrrha still wants to help him, but Jaune snaps at her, telling her that he needs to do this on his own. He makes Pyrrha leave, which hurts her emotionally. After she is gone, Cardin appears and reveals he heard everything. He promises to keep Jaune's secret, on the condition that the other boy does whatever he says.
13 13 "Forever Fall" 6:09 October 10, 2013 (2013-10-10)
In Team JNPR's dorm room, Nora, Ren and a gloomy Pyrrha discuss why Jaune is always getting back so late. Nora expresses concern that he needs sleep before their field trip to the Forever Fall forest, but Pyrrha bitterly says that he "knows exactly what he's doing". Outside the room, Ruby meets up with Jaune, who is still questioning his role as leader. Ruby says that he may have been a failure, but can't afford to be one now because he is responsible for his team. Ruby goes to bed, and Jaune is left alone. He receives a voice message on his scroll, in which Cardin orders him to collect wasps, on top of another "project". The next day, Glynda Goodwitch accompanies Team RWBY, Team JNPR and Team CRDL to Forever Fall. She instructs all of them to collect a jar of red sap from the trees deep within the forest. Jaune has to get six jars, one for him, one for each member of Team CRDL, and one extra. Cardin intends to take revenge on Pyrrha because she "humiliated" him in Oobleck's class. He orders Jaune to throw the extra jar at Pyrrha to cover her in sap, and then release the wasps, who like the sweet sap and should attack the girl. Cardin threatens to mention Jaune's secret to Glynda if he should not follow his orders. Jaune, however, finally has enough and refuses to harm Pyrrha. He throws the jar at Cardin instead, prompting the other members of CRDL to grab him.
14 14 "Forever Fall Part 2" 6:08 October 17, 2013 (2013-10-17)
Cardin is viciously beating up Jaune, who despite the pain states that he will never hurt his team, and even smiles at Cardin, infuriating him more. When Cardin tries to punch again, Jaune's Aura activates, heals his bruises and blocks the punch, causing the assailant to cry out in pain. The beating continues anyway, but suddenly, a big Ursa Grimm appears, obviously attracted to the sap. It immediately attacks Cardin, who is covered in sap, causing the other members of Team CRDL to flee instead of helping their leader. Only Jaune stays in place, contemplating what to do. Russel Thrush flees past Team RWBY and the other members of Team JNPR, briefly informing them about the situation. Pyrrha, Weiss, and Ruby go to help Jaune, while Yang, Blake, Ren and Nora try to find Glynda Goodwitch. Meanwhile, the Ursa has knocked down Cardin. Pyrrha, Ruby and Weiss arrive on the scene, and the latter prepares to intervene, but Pyrrha holds her back once she sees that Jaune tries to defend his bully. Jaune actually succeeds in blocking attacks, but is running low on Aura. Pyrrha silently helps him by using her Semblance, polarity, to move Jaune's shield so that it blocks the Ursa's paw swipe, allowing Jaune an opening to cut off the Grimm's head. Pyrrha asks the other girls to keep all of this a secret from Glynda. Jaune helps Cardin up, before ordering him to leave his team alone. Later that night, Jaune apologizes to Pyrrha and asks her to help him train. She accepts the apology and asks him to come back to his team, before pushing him down and lecturing him about his fighting stance. Pyrrha then helps Jaune up, and they start training.
15 15 "The Stray" 10:41 October 31, 2013 (2013-10-31)
Team RWBY walks through the city of Vale, which currently prepares to host the Vytal Festival. Weiss leads the team to the docks, where a ship from the kingdom of Vacuo should be arriving. Blake correctly suspects that Weiss wants to investigate the competition for the tournament. They come across a Dust store that has been robbed and is now being investigated by the police. Nearby officers note that only Dust and not money has been taken, speculating that the White Fang may be responsible. Weiss agress with the cops, calling the Faunus organisation "degenerates", while Blake defends them and doesn't believe they are responsible. Ruby suspects her old foe Torchwick. Weiss continues to talk negatively about Faunus, further enraging Blake, who is supported in her argument by Yang. The conversation is interrupted by a blonde monkey Faunus, Sun Wukong, who was a stowaway on the incoming ship. He is now being chased, flees past Team RWBY and winks at Blake. Weiss suspects that he may be a tournament participant and motivates the others to chase him. However, Sun gets away because Weiss collides with a girl named Penny, who introduces herself awkwardly. Ruby makes an off-handed comment about being "friends" with Penny, who gets excited about the possibility, further alienating the girls with her odd behavior. Penny reveals that she will participate in the Vytal Festival tournament before she leaves. Weiss is angry that they lost Sun and makes more derogatory comments about the Faunus. Her argument with Blake continues throughout the day. Back in the dorm room at night, Blake has had enough and accuses Weiss of discrimination. Weiss declares herself a victim of the White Fang and its terroristic actions, explaining that they have targeted the Schnee Dust Company for years, even assassinating people that Weiss knew. She concludes her rant with calling the White Fang liars, thieves and murderers. Blake lets her emotions get the best of her and yells that "we" were being pushing around, accidentally revealing that she is a Faunus and was part of the White Fang. She panics and dashes out of the room, only stopping in Beacon's courtyard to remove her bow and reveal a pair of cat ears. Sun suddenly comments that she looks better without the bow. Blake stays missing for more than a day, sitting at a café in Vale with Sun. She then offers to tell him more about her.
16 16 "Black and White" 15:30 November 7, 2013 (2013-11-07)

Sun and Blake are still in the café. Blake explains that she was a member of the White Fang and states that she was "born" into the once peaceful civil rights movement. However, five years ago, a change in leadership lead to a change in methods, causing the White Fang to become more violent. Blake left after she noticed the change and enrolled in Beacon to become a Huntress. Sun is stunned and asks if her team knows her story. Elsewhere, Ruby and Yang are urgently searching for Blake. Weiss accompanies them, but calls Blake a criminal. Penny appears again and, after being informed about the situation, wants to help with the search. Ruby doesn't want her to, but notices that Yang and Weiss have left her alone with Penny, causing her to accept the other girl's proposal. Meanwhile, Blake and Sun discuss the robberies and decide to stake out a cargo shipment of Dust to see if the White Fang are behind the incidents. At night, they are watching the docks when an airship lands and members of the White Fang emerge, along with Roman Torchwick. Blake admits that she feared the White Fang might be responsible, but is shocked to see them working for a human. She approaches and demands an explanation from the Faunus, but Torchwick simply calls it a "business venture" and initiates a fight. Blake and Sun have trouble with Torchwick and more arriving airships, but the chaos draws Ruby's attention from several blocks away. Once she arrives with Penny, Torchwick notices her and strikes her with a blast from his cane gun. Penny now enters the fight, revealing herself to be extremely powerful. She takes down several airships with energy beams and defeats most of the White Fang members, but Torchwick manages to escape. Later, the police, as well as Weiss and Yang, arrive on the scene. Weiss walks up to Blake, who tries to explain that she is no longer a member of the White Fang. Weiss cuts her off, insists that she had time to think and states that she does not care anymore. She instead reprimands Blake for not sharing her problems with her teammates. Blake agrees with her and sheds a tear. Ruby then notices that Penny is missing. The mysterious girl gets into a car and is immediately scolded by a man for walking around by herself. Back at Beacon, Ozpin is watching a live feed from the docks on his scroll. Suddenly, a message from someone named Qrow Branwen appears on the screen.

In an after-credits scene, Torchwick is seen at a warehouse, where he is visited by the woman from the first episode, Cinder Fall, and two of her associates. Torchwick complains about having to work with the White Fang, but Cinder rebuffs his complaints and says that they have big plans for him.

Volume 2[edit]

Chapter Title Length Original air date
17 1 "Best Day Ever" 14:43 July 24, 2014 (2014-07-24)

In Vale, the Dust shop that was robbed in the show's first Chapter is finishing repairs. The Shopkeep is approached by a green-haired young woman, Emerald Sustrai, who inquires an address of him, as she is not "from around here". She gets the address and steals the man's wallet, before meeting up with her associate, a grey-haired young man named Mercury Black. The two bicker while walking towards a book shop, which is owned by someone named Tukson. Emerald and Mercury, after a short conversation with Tukson, confront the Faunus owner, who is a White Fang member trying to leave Vale and the group. Tukson tries to defend himself when the two humans corner him, but Mercury catches him in midair with a kick, supposedly killing him as the screen fades to black. Mercury and Emerald leave the store later on.

Outside the dining hall of Beacon Academy, Sun tells his blue-haired friend and teammate, Neptune Vasilias, to keep his cool when he meets Sun's new friends, Team RWBY. Sun lets slip that Blake is a Faunus and tells Neptune to keep this a secret. Meanwhile, in the dining hall, Ruby approaches her team, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, with a list of ideas. She wants them to start off their second semester at Beacon in the best way possible. Team JNPR is also around, and Nora keeps flinging food at Yang, who eats it. However, Nora misses once and accidentally hits Weiss. More food is thrown, and Team RWBY and Team JNPR engage in an over the top food fight that sends all other students fleeing out of the dining hall. In the end, Ruby wins her team the battle by using her speed and a lot of food to pin Jaune, Pyrrha, Ren and Nora to a wall. Sun and Neptune had arrived in the hall during the fight, and Neptune was also covered in food. A furios Glynda Goodwitch marches in and rectifies the damage with her powers, but before she can reprimand the students, Professor Ozpin arrives and reminds her that they are still children. However, he hints that they might not be able to enjoy this simpler life for long.

Meanwhile, Emerald and Mercury meet up with Roman Torchwick in his hideout. They argue about Tukson, whom Torchwick states he would have taken care of. The argument is interrupted by Cinder Fall, who reprimands Torchwick for not taking care of his problems and her two direct associates for not laying low like she told them to. Cinder also announces that they are finished stealing Dust and will proceed with the second phase of her plan, ordering Torchwick, who is not informed of her future plans, to move the Dust to a different location.
18 2 "Welcome to Beacon" 13:14 July 31, 2014 (2014-07-31)
Ozpin and Glynda observe several airships arriving at Beacon, before General James Ironwood, commander of the Atlas military and headmaster of the Atlas Academy, makes his way into Ozpin's office. Glynda leaves, and Ozpin and Ironwood have a discussion about security and the Atlas fleet outside. Ozpin is concerned that the arrival of the ships could give the wrong impression in a time of peace, but Ironwood argues that they have to be cautious, citing Qrow's alarming message. Ironwood questions if Ozpin's "children" can win a war, and Ozpin answers that he hopes they don't have to. In the library, the members of Team RWBY play a board game, while Team JNPR is sitting nearby (although only Ren and Pyrrha are studying). Yang dominates the game, while Blake is more or less inattentive. Jaune walks over and wants to play. He also tries to flirt with Weiss, who rebuffs him. During the scene it is revealed that Team JNPR are aware that Blake is a Faunus. Sun arrives and introduces Neptune to the others. Neptune also flirts with Weiss. Blake, however, ignores Sun's greeting and leaves. A flashback shows Blake in a discussion with Ozpin, in which the Professor asks about the fight at the docks, and why Blake is concealing her identity as a Faunus. Blake states that she doesn't want the attention and discrimination other Faunus get. She also reveals that she grew up "outside the Kingdoms". In the present, the rest of Team RWBY find Blake in the dorm room, and Weiss has to remind her of her promise to talk to her team about her problems. Blake admits that she fears their enemies are planning something big, and that Team RWBY are not ready to stop them, to which Ruby responds by announcing that they are going to bring the bad guys down. They want to formulate a plan, but Ruby remembers that she left the board game in the library. Outside the room, she runs into Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald. They introduce themselves as exchange students from Haven Academy who are visiting for the Vytal Festival.
19 3 "A Minor Hiccup" 12:35 August 7, 2014 (2014-08-07)
Professor Port's class ends. Jaune tries to convince Weiss to spend time with him, only to get denied again. In their room, Team RWBY don new outfits and prepare to investigate their enemies. Ruby and Weiss will go to the Cross Continental Transmit System (CCTS) tower so that Weiss can call home and request Schnee Dust Company files on robberies and inconsistencies. Blake wants to spy on a White Fang recruitment rally, while Yang states that she will ask an "old friend" for information. Before they can leave, Sun and Neptune announce their presence from outside the window. Sun wants to help with the investigation and is allowed to accompany Blake, while Weiss wants to go with Neptune. However, Ruby drags her away, and Neptune has to go with Yang. Outside the CCTS tower, Weiss explains that Atlas invented and built the communication towers. Before they can go inside, Penny appears. Unlike the last time, she is acting evasive and walks away form the excited Ruby, who follows her nonetheless. An annoyed Weiss goes to get the files alone, and, while video phoning home, doesn't want to speak to her father, ending the call after receiving what she wanted from an employee. Ruby has caught up to Penny, who drags her away because it is "not safe to talk here". They walk around and witness a public presentation of Atlas technology (new Atlas battle androids and Paladin battle suits to protect the Kingdoms), conducted by a hologram of General Ironwood. Two Atlas soldiers spot Penny and give chase, while Ruby tries to help Penny evade them. On the run, Ruby is nearly hit by a truck, which Penny stops with superhuman strength. The incident helps them to escape, but Penny has to reveal to a shocked Ruby that she herself is an android as well.
20 4 "Painting The Town..." 16:19 August 14, 2014 (2014-08-14)
Penny explains her condition to Ruby, revealing that she is the first synthetic person capable of generating an Aura, created by her "father" and General Ironwood. To her surprise, Ruby reacts calm and accepting, overjoying Penny. The moment gets cut short when the Atlas soldiers catch up, and Penny makes Ruby hide before willingly walking away with her guards. Meanwhile, Yang and Neptune arrive at their destination: Junior's club, where Yang's return causes a slight panic. She once again interrogates Junior, who explains that he once lent his men to Torchwick, but never heard from him again. Somewhere else in town, Blake and Sun don White Fang masks to infiltrate the recruitment rally. Inside the building where the rally takes place, a shocked Blake learns that Torchwick is allowed to speak to the Faunus in attendance, encouraging them to work with him to get revenge on mankind. Torchwick unveils one of the Paladin battle mechs that he had stolen beforehand, before noticing Blake and Sun, who have to make a quick escape. However, Torchwick boards the Paladin and chases them. Weiss, Yang, Neptune and Ruby are alerted by a scroll call from Blake and all try to make their way over for help. A highway chase ensues as Yang (and Neptune) catch up to Torchwick's Paladin with her motorcycle. During the chase, Sun and Neptune are hurled off the highway and therefore out of the fight. Ruby and Weiss catch up when the fight continues underneath the bridges of the highway, and Team RWBY uses team attacks to pressure Torchwick. In the end, Yang's Semblance is the deciding factor. It works on a recoil-based system: Yang is able to take a lot of damage, and the damage makes her own attacks stronger with every hit taken. She is able to completely destroy the Paladin. Torchwick, however, is saved by his associate: a girl with multiple, changing hair and eye colors named Neopolitan. Yang tries to punch her, but only shatters something similar to a mirror, and the criminals escape again.
21 5 "Extracurricular" 12:41 August 28, 2014 (2014-08-28)
In a practice fight in Glynda's fighting class, Pyrrha has to battle Team CRDL four-on-one, but is able to soundly defeat them. Glynda wants another volunteer to face Pyrrha and singles out Blake, who looks extremely sleep-deprived. However, Mercury steps up and briefly fights Pyrrha, before abruptly forfeiting after Pyrrha subtly uses her Semblance. When Team RWBY exits the class, Sun approaches them to ask Blake to the upcoming school dance. Blake rejects him and reveals that she doesn't want to attend. Back in the dorms, Team RWBY discuss what they have learned during their investigation: the White Fang's operation basis is somewhere in Southeast Vale, and Vale has become the primary target for Dust robberies. Blake is not satisfied with these answers and walks out of the room, worrying her teammates. Jaune appears in the door and attempts to serenade Weiss to be his date for the dance, only to get rejected once again. Later, Jaune and Pyrrha train on the roof. The boy has improved, but is hesitant to begin Aura training, although Pyrrha thinks that they might discover his Semblance soon. Jaune is upset that Weiss rejected him, to which Pyrrha suggests he simply should ask someone else. Jaune doesn't want to and claims that someone as popular as Pyrrha could never know the rejection he has to face, sarcastically saying that he will wear a dress if she doesn't arrive at the dance with a date. Meanwhile, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald discuss the powers of the Academy students, especially Pyrrha's. Mercury was impressed with her during their fight and believes her to be dangerous. Cinder assures her associates that they won't have to wait long for their next move anymore.
22 6 "Burning the Candle" 13:09 September 4, 2014 (2014-09-04)
Weiss and Yang are in charge of the preparations for the school dance. Ruby acts indifferent at first, but then reveals that she worries about Blake, who has not been sleeping lately due to her obsession with Torchwick and the White Fang. Ruby doesn't want to attend the dance if Blake doesn't. Yang optimistically reassures her sister that Blake will definitely attend the dance the next day. In the library, an exhausted Blake is looking up files, but gets distracted by a laser pointer. She angrily follows the light, only to discover Yang, who drags her away. Meanwhile, Jaune drags Ren into their room to ask him for advice in approaching girls. Pyrrha appears and tells Jaune to simply be honest and himself, causing him to dash off to speak with Weiss. Nora tells Pyrrha to follow her own advice. Jaune finds Weiss, but is left crestfallen after he has to observe her asking out Neptune. In an empty classroom, Yang tries to convince Blake that she needs to slow down, so that her obsession doesn't take over her life. She draws an analogy to her childhood: she and Ruby grew up on Patch, an island off the coast of Vale. Their father was a teacher at Signal Academy, and Ruby's mother Summer was a Huntress, who one day disappeared on a mission and never returned. Their father was heartbroken, even more so because he had lost a love before: Yang's mother, who left when she was a baby. Yang only learned about her after Summer's disppearence and developed a desperate wish to find her real mother. She went on a wild-goose chase with a very young Ruby in tow, nearly getting them killed by Grimm. Her uncle saved them. Yang tells Blake that she still has the drive to find her mother, but it doesn't control her anymore. Despite all this, the Faunus still refuses to calm down. Yang asks her how she could fight their enemies in her current state and pushes her, while Blake can't fend her off. Yang suddenly hugs Blake and asks her to slow down for the people she cares about. She then leaves with a wink and promises Blake a dance. The next day, Blake attends the ball and shares a dance with Yang, who then hands her over to Sun. An awkward Ruby stands on the sides until Ozpin approaches her for a brief talk. Shortly after, Mercury and Emerald arrive in the ballroom.
23 7 "Dance Dance Infiltration" 14:49 September 11, 2014 (2014-09-11)
The Beacon Dance continues, and Jaune and Ruby find themselves on the sidelines, agreeing that they are socially awkward. Ruby brings up the situation with Weiss and reveals to a shocked Jaune that her teammate didn't arrive to the dance with Neptune. Jaune wants to confront the other boy, but spots Pyrrha leaving the ballroom and follows her to the balcony instead. Pyrrha reveals that no one asked her to the dance, as most people perceive her as "too good" for them because of her reputation. She also states that Jaune is the opposite: someone who sees Pyrrha as she is, and she appreciates him helping her to build meaningful relationships. Pyrrha implies she would have liked to be at the dance with him and then leaves the balcony. Neptune appears in this moment. He is immediately confronted by Jaune, who accuses him of toying with Weiss's feelings. Neptune shamefully reveals his reasoning: he admits he can't dance and is too desperate to look cool. Neptune offers Jaune the chance to pursue Weiss, but Jaune encourages him to speak with the white-haired girl. Jaune returns to the dance, delivering on the "promise" he made to Pyrrha by wearing a dress, which makes her laugh. Team JNPR then perform a synchronized dance number, while Neptune sits nexts to Weiss, and Ruby excuses herself from Yang and the party. Mercury and Emerald are keeping an eye on the guests and inform Cinder when General Ironwood leaves the ballroom. Cinder has disguised herself and infiltrates the CCTS tower, taking out multiple guards. However, Ruby notices one of the guards that were knocked out, and also enters the tower. Cinder hacks into the network of the CCTS, but is soon confronted by Ruby. A brief fight ends with Ironwood's arrival, as Cinder flees before he can see her. She escapes back to the dance and tells Mercury that their mission is completed. In the CCTS tower, Ruby and Ironwood look at each other, while unbeknownst to them the hacked computer's screen briefly displays a black queen chess piece - the virus planted by Cinder.
24 8 "Field Trip" 12:13 September 25, 2014 (2014-09-25)
In Ozpin's office, Ironwood and Glynda argue about what kind of action should be taken following the CCTS incident. Ozpin interrupts them when Ruby enters, who is here to be questioned for more details to her eyewitness account. Ruby describes that the intruder had Dust embedded in her clothing, and links her to Torchwick and the White Fang. Ozpin shows interest when Ruby casually mentions the "base in the southeast", knowledge from Team RWBY's secret investigation. He reminds Ruby that she shouldn't tell anyone about the incident. After the girl leaves, Glynda and Ironwood, who wants to use his military to investigate the new information, continue their argument. Ozpin states that the situation may extend beyond Vale and that they need to plan carefully. Ruby returns to her dorm room, where Weiss, Blake, and Yang try to cheer her up. Yang reveals their father sent them a package - the family's pet dog, Zwei, who they have to look after for a while. Ruby is overjoyed, Weiss soon bonds with Zwei, and only Blake doesn't want anything to do with him. An announcement from Glynda calls all first year students to the amphitheatre, where Ozpin gives a speech to the Beacon students, as well as the exchange students from Shade, Haven and Atlas. All first year teams are to shadow a professional Huntsmen or Huntress on an assignment. Team RWBY volunteers for a mission in the southeast, but it is off limits for first years. However, Ozpin bends the rules, reasoning that the team would somehow find its way there anyway. Team RWBY gets the assignment, but has to closely follow the orders of their Huntsmen. Outside, the girls meet Velvet's team of second years, CFVY, who have just returned from a mission and are exhausted. They also meet their assigned Huntsman - their history teacher, Dr. Oobleck.
25 9 "Search and Destroy" 15:49 October 2, 2014 (2014-10-02)
Dr. Oobleck describes the mission to his students and notes that extra luggage is unnessecary, because they will fly to their destination. Team JNPR, who will help protect a village from Grimm starting the next day, and Sun and Neptune, who will shadow a crime specialist, see Team RWBY off when they depart. On the airship, Oobleck reveals their exact destination: Mountain Glenn. Yang remembers it to be an urban expansion to the kingdom of Vale, which was overrun by Grimm shortly after it was built. Blake suspects it to be a possible hideout, which Oobleck confirms. The team arrives in the desolated ruins, and Oobleck notices that Ruby took her backpack with her. He discovers that Zwei is hidden in there, and, contrary to everyone's expectations, praises Ruby for bringing a dog, the ideal companion for a Huntsman. Shortly after, a pack of Beowolf Grimm appear, and Team RWBY has to fight. This continues throughout the day, while Oobleck himself doesn't fight, but merely analyses the surroundings and his students. Later on, he casually asks Yang, Weiss and Blake why they wish to be huntresses. The answers - Yang cites her thrill-seeking attitude, Weiss claims that she wants to protect her family's honor, and Blake hopes to stop the various wrongs in the world - don't seem to satisfy him, leaving the girls unsure of themselves. Oobleck leaves them to set up camp and takes Ruby with him to scout the perimeter. They see a herd of mammoth-like Grimm from a distance, and Ruby wants to shoot them. Oobleck stops her and explains that not all Grimm lack a mind: the older, bigger ones have learned the futility of attacking humans, but are probably waiting for the opportune moment to strike. As they return to camp, Ruby asks Dr. Oobleck why he chose to become a Huntsman. Oobleck says that his weapon is knowledge, which he passes on to future generations, and concludes by stating there's nothing he'd rather be than a Huntsman. The other girls have come to the conclusion that their answers weren't how they truly feel, and that they don't know why they want to be Huntresses yet. Ruby takes first watch, and the rest of the team goes to sleep, troubled by Oobleck's questions and anxious because of the environment.
26 10 "Mountain Glenn" 12:55 October 9, 2014 (2014-10-09)
In Vale, Ironwood and Glynda are gazing at the city. Ironwood admits that he is losing trust in Ozpin, who in his opinion is hiding things and acting too passively. Glynda reassures him that Ozpin has more experience than both of them, and that he can trust him. At Mountain Glenn, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are still awake and further discuss their motivations for becoming Huntresses. Weiss admits she is aware of the shady actions of the Schnee Dust Company since her father took over, and wishes to change it for the best. Blake briefly mentions her past with Adam, and wonders how she can change the many years of hatred between humans and Faunus. After Yang tries to reassure her, Blake also admits that she is often afraid and tends to run away when this happens. Yang explains that unlike her, Ruby was always primarily dedicated to helping people. She thinks that her own desire for adventure is her primary motivation, and being a huntress helps with that. In the end, Weiss points out that being a Huntress is a job that comes with a duty, and that protecting people should be their priority. Dr. Oobleck, who was seemingly sleeping nearby, silently smiles upon hearing this. Later, Yang takes second watch, but Ruby notices that Zwei is missing. She finds him marking his territory, but then spots two White Fang members on patrol and pursues them. Once the Faunus disappear through a door, the ground beneath Ruby collapses. She is able to get Zwei to safety, but falls into an underground city without her weapon. Two White Fang members find and subdue her, and Ruby is brought before their boss: Roman Torchwick. Meanwhile, Zwei has alarmed Yang and leads the rest of the team to the hole in the street. Oobleck now remembers that Mountain Glenn's citizens built underground tunnels to start over after the first Grimm attacks. They even built tunnels to Vale, which were sealed after the underground was overrun as well, and now serve as the White Fang's operation base. Oobleck reveals his weapon and states that they need to find Ruby.
27 11 "No Brakes" 16:45 October 23, 2014 (2014-10-23)
Ruby is kept under custody by Torchwick, who taunts and begins to interrogate her. Heavy explosions announce the arrival of the rest of Team RWBY and Dr. Oobleck, whose attack helps Ruby break free. An enraged Torchwick orders that the train the White Fang prepared on the old railways be started immediately, against the original orders. Team RWBY gives chase and manages to board the train's backmost wagon. They find numerous weapons and Paladins inside, and a live bomb on top of the wagon. Oobleck makes the team move to the next wagon and orders Blake to decouple the last one. However, it decouples itself, and the bomb explodes right after this. Oobleck realizes that all wagons have bombs, and deduces that Torchwick's plan is to cause cave-ins and attract massive amounts of Grimm into following the train, which would lead them directly into the city of Vale. He takes Ruby and Zwei with him and moves forward on top of the train, while Weiss, Blake, and Yang go inside and try to make it to the front. They come across Neopolitan, who is engaged in battle by Yang, allowing her teammates to continue on their path. However, Yang can't even land a hit on Neo, who is much faster and a better fighter. Neo knocks out Yang by throwing her against the train ceiling. Weiss and Blake run into a chainsaw-wielding White Fang member. Weiss gives Blake some Dust crystals for future use and takes him on. Blake makes it to the first wagon, finds Torchwick, and is able to knock him out. To achieve this, she uses her Semblance in combination with the crystals to create Dust clones of herself. Suddenly, Weiss is knocked into the room by her opponent, who got the better of her. Blake tries to get her to safety. Meanwhile, Neo is about to execute Yang, but is confronted by a mysterious masked woman, who appears seemingly out of nowhere. Neo seems to be scared of her and retreats. Yang regains consciousness and catches a glimpse of the woman, right before she leaves through a red-glowing portal. Ruby and Oobleck take out Paladins on top of the train, but a large amount of Grimm are catching up. Oobleck sends Ruby to help her team, while he continues to fight and watch over the dog. Team RWBY is able to regroup, but Weiss has to shield them with ice almost immediately. The train crashes through massive steel doors and creates an opening right in the streets of Vale, allowing Grimm to emerge and attack civilians, while Team RWBY is still dazed from the impact.
28 12 "Breach" 17:55 October 30, 2014 (2014-10-30)

At Beacon Academy, Team JNPR is about to leave for its mission. Jaune, who had received an unanswered call from Ruby the night before, is worried about Team RWBY. Suddenly, both the city of Vale and the Academy activate their emergency sirens. Jaune changes his team's mission, and they board an airship to Vale. Meanwhile, Emerald and Mercury are alerted as well, realising that their plan has started ahead of schedule. They ask Cinder what they should do, who doesn't seem too concerned. On the battleground, Team RWBY fights off hordes of Grimm, and some of them are causing the girls trouble. They are soon joined by a charging Nora and the rest of Team JNPR. Even Jaune manages to take out Grimm, while Pyrrha watches him proudly. Sun and Neptune arrive on the scene as well. In the same moment, the Atlas military supports the fighters by firing their airships' weapons and dropping battle androids into the streets. Emerald and Mercury arrive as well, and Cinder orders them to take out Grimm to keep up their cover as students. Dr. Oobleck and Zwei emerge from the tunnels and join the fight. Lastly, Team CFVY arrives alongside Professor Port, and Velvet and her teammates, leader Coco Adel, Fox Alistair, and Yatsuhashi Daichi, clear out the remaining Grimm. Coco even advises Velvet to not use her weapon, as the fighting is almost over. Glynda Goodwich appears and uses her powers to seal the breach, preventing more Grimm from coming through. Roman Torchwick, who was still unconscious, is arrested, but briefly glances at his accomplices, Emerald and Mercury, who stand nearby.

In the aftermath, Professor Ozpin meets with the members of the Vale council via video screen, who reprimand his leadership skills and appoint General Ironwood the head of security for the upcoming Vytal Festival. Elsewhere, Team RWBY sits down and watches the sunset, before deciding to go to bed. Ironwood has locked up Torchwick on his main ship, but an interrogation attempt fails because Torchwick has no interest in testifying. Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury stand on top of a roof in Vale, with the group's leader declaring the day a success. Mercury notes that many Faunus were lost in the tunnels, questioning if the White Fang will still listen to them. A new voice answers that the White Fang won't listen to Cinder, but to him, and he continues their agreement. Adam Taurus walks up to Cinder, revealing that he is in Vale.

In a post-credits scene, Yang walks through the Beacon courtyard at night and encounters the masked woman from the train. She removes her mask, revealing black hair and a startling resemblance to Yang. She tells Yang that they have a lot to talk about.

(Note: The post-credits scene could simply be a dream. It has, as of Volume 4, never been mentioned again. Both characters involved have made appearances, but none of them ever made a reference to this scene.)

Volume 3[edit]

Chapter Title Length Original air date
29 1 "Round One" 17:03 October 24, 2015 (2015-10-24)

Ruby talks to her mother's gravestone. She mentions the events of the past months, her new friends, what her father has been up to, and the upcoming Vytal Festival Tournament. She then joins her father, who is waiting for her to drop her off at Beacon.

The tournament arena, Amity Collosseum, is hovering above the school grounds of Beacon, and Team RWBY is fighting a four-on-four match. Professor Port and Dr. Oobleck are the announcers and explain the rules. The tournament consists of three rounds: teams, doubles, and singles. The winners of the team round will pick two of their teammembers to represent them in the doubles round, and, if they move on again, one of the two is selected for the singles round. The remaining combatants will then fight through a bracket until one fighter is left, this fighter becomes the champion. Meanwhile, Team RWBY uses a team attack to take out three members of Team ABRN from Haven Academy, thus winning their match. Blake had already taken out the fourth member by herself. Later, they visit the festival fair grounds for lunch. Weiss receives a call from her father, but intentionally ignores it. The team then runs into Emerald and Mercury. Emerald plays the nice girl in front of Team RWBY, but only to find out who they selected for the doubles round: Weiss and Yang. It is briefly shown that Emerald and Mercury, along with a disguised Cinder and Neopolitan, have also moved on. Emerald reveals that she and Mercury will compete in the next round, before she excuses herself, and later vents her frustrations about the "always happy" Team RWBY to her associate. The four heroines head to the Shopkeep's noodle stand to buy lunch, but Weiss's credit card is declined when she proceeds to pay for everybody. Team JNPR arrive and Pyrrha offers to cover lunch, which they all enjoy. Afterwards, Jaune has problems with an upset stomach, and Nora is a little worried that they might embarrass their school and home, casually mentioning that she and Ren are orphans. Team JNPR is then called to the arena for their match against Team BRNZ of Shade Academy, while Team RWBY, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald watch from the stands. The battlefield, which can be changed from fight to fight, is revealed, and the teams attack each other.
30 2 "New Challengers..." 14:36 October 31, 2015 (2015-10-31)
Team JNPR's fight with Team BRNZ begins and immediately proves to be a challenge, as the opposing team's sniper retreats into a small forest and attacks from there. Team JNPR is able to work around the situation and combines quite well. However, Jaune uses unfamiliar team attack names when his team prepares for another attack, which confuses his teammates and starts an argument in the middle of the fight. The audience boos and thus forces them to continue the fight. In the decisive moments, Nora showcases her Semblance by revealing that she is able to channel electricity to her muscles and thus improve her power levels drastically. She claims victory for her team by using her charged up hammer to smash all members of Team BRNZ out of the ring, resulting in another clean sweep. The next match is Team SSSN of Haven Academy, with Sun and Neptune, against Team Team NDGO of Shade Academy. When one half of the fighting terrain is revealed to be full of water, Neptune begins to panic because he is afraid of it. Team NDGO and SSSN first trade eliminations, but NDGO eventually gains the upper hand in a three-on-two situation. However, Sun finally gets Neptune to help with the fight, which he does by electrifying the water with his weapon. The remaining members of Team NDGO, who were standing in the water, are shocked and knocked out. With this, Team SSSN moves on to the next round. At a bar in Vale, Qrow Branwen watches the tournament matches on a TV while drinking heavily. He is unimpressed by the battles fought by both JNPR and SSSN. When the bartender asks what battle he is here for, he indicates an airship that is passing by outside, and leaves the bar. As Team RWBY leaves the arena, Weiss spots the airship and says: "She's here..."
31 3 "It's Brawl in the Family" 16:34 November 14, 2015 (2015-11-14)
Weiss and Ruby go the airfield to meet the landing ship and Weiss's older sister Winter Schnee, who arrives with other Atlas soldiers and battle androids. Winter states that both her reason for coming to Beacon and the time she is staying are "classified". She berates Weiss for her fighting during the tournament, but also expresses interest in how her sister has been taking care of herself. After an awkward interaction with Ruby, the Schnee sisters are about to leave for the dorms, as Winter wants to spend some time with her sister while also investigating her living situation. However, they are accosted by Qrow, who brushes Weiss aside and expresses disrespect towards Atlas and its military. He manages to provoke Winter to a fight in the courtyard. During the intense battle, in which at least Qrow doesn't seem to commit everything, Mercury is attracted by the commotion, spots Qrow and immediately takes off running. Ruby reappears and cheers on her uncle - Qrow. Weiss is upset by this revelation, sarcastically remarking that she understands where Ruby gets her mannerisms from, and cheers for her sister. The fight is eventually interrupted by the arrival of General Ironwood, Professor Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch, who rebuke the two combatants. After Glynda fixes the courtyard with her powers, the group of adults retreats to Ozpin's office, but not before Qrow briefly greets Ruby. Ironwood first dismisses an angry Winter, before he, Ozpin, Glynda and Qrow discuss the imminent threat of an unknown group of enemies. Qrow can only report that the enemy has infiltrated the festival, before he starts to argue with Ironwood over the Atlesian military presence in Vale. Ozpin tries to solve the argument, but also expresses caution that such a show of strength might lead to citizens asking themselves if there might be a reason to worry. Meanwhile, Mercury tells Cinder about his sighting of Qrow, but she is unconcerned that he may recognize them. Cinder is shown to be able to hack the school's computer systems, thanks to the virus she planted in the CCTS. She now also has a "new access point": Ironwood's personal scroll, which had been briefly connected with Ozpin's computers. Cinder manipulates tournament match-ups and sets up a second round encounter between Emerald and Mercury against Coco and Yatsuhashi of Team CFVY.
32 4 "Lessons Learned" 14:21 November 28, 2015 (2015-11-28)
Emerald and Mercury's match against Coco and Yatsuhashi commences. Mercury and Emerald retreat at first, but Mercury starts a one man attack on both opponents soon after. During this fight, Coco is pulled into a small forest by the chain part of Emerald's weapon, and has to engage her in combat. She briefly sees Yatsuhashi with her, who, at the same time, is defeated by Mercury outside the forest. Emerald knocks out Coco, thus eliminating Team CFVY from the tournament. Meanwhile, Weiss and Winter are dining together in a garden. Winter asks about Weiss's progress with Summoning, a special ability that is part of the hereditary Semblance of the Schnee family. Weiss states that she can't do it, but Winter is not satisfied with this answer. Qrow spends time with his nieces Ruby and Yang, playing video games and sharing stories of his adventures. After the girls refer to themselves as Huntresses who have stopped a criminal, Qrow rebukes them. He notes how since Torchwick's arrest, violence and crime in Vale have completely stopped, leading him to believe that their enemies are just acting more cautious. Qrow shows Ruby and Yang a picture of his former team, STRQ, which consisted of him and their parents. Yang takes a particularly close look at the picture, because the woman in the middle looks like the woman who saved her from Neo on the train, but Qrow quickly covers the face up with his thumb. Before he leaves, he advises the girls to always keep moving forward if they want to succeed as Huntresses. In the garden, Weiss practices her Summoning, which should allow her to summon a fallen enemy. The sisters talk about their father, and Winter tells Weiss that she has experiences with him cutting off money from the time when she first joined the military. She details two choices for Weiss: continue to rely on her father and his money, or explore Remnant on her own and forge her own path. Winter then has to leave, as she was only at Beacon to oversee the transport of new units. The sisters bid farewell, but remain unaware that Weiss managed to summon a small white sword. As Winter departs, Weiss rejects another call from her father.
33 5 "Never Miss a Beat" 13:08 December 5, 2015 (2015-12-05)
The doubles round of the Vytal Festival Tournament continues, as Penny and her teammate, Ciel Soleil, quickly defeat Russel Thrush and Sky Lark of Team CRDL to move on. Ruby leaves her team to go and congratulate Penny, who reveals that her teammates are not aware of her being an android. Penny also tells Ruby that she wants to stay at Beacon and has a plan for this. In the next fight, Weiss and Yang are up against a team from Atlas Academy. While Weiss speculates about their opponents, Flynt Coal and Neon Katt of Team FNKI arrive, who look and act nothing like the other, military-trained Atlas students. Flynt wields a trumpet capable of creating powerful shockwaves, whereas Neon uses a mixture of roller-blades and nunchucks. Before the fight, Flynt claims that Weiss's father's Dust company ran his father's small shop out of business. Weiss apologizes for this, but Flynt doesn't believe that she is serious. Neon provokes Yang by mentioning Yang's supposed hair extensions and "top-heavy" figure. When the fight begins, Flynt and Neon immediately separate their opponents from each other. Flynt takes on Weiss and Neon is chased by Yang. Flynt uses his Semblance to create clones of himself, which increases his attacking power and overwhelms Weiss. Yang continues to chase Neon, who continues to mock her while luring Yang towards her partner. Weiss tries to save Yang from Flynt's sneak attack, seemingly eliminating Flynt and herself by crashing them into a geyser. However, only Weiss goes down, leaving Yang to deal with both opponents. Fortunately, they are weakened enough so that Yang can take them both out. Team RWBY moves on, and after the match, Flynt and Neon express respect for a match well fought. Meanwhile, Cinder goes through Ironwood's data, and finds Penny's structural designs, giving her the knowledge that she is an android. Cinder decides to adjust her plan. In Ozpin's office, Qrow asks the headmaster if he found his "Guardian", and Ozpin replies that he has found a candidate who's "ready". At the same time, Pyrrha boards the elevator to Ozpin's office.
34 6 "Fall" 18:20 December 12, 2015 (2015-12-12)
Pyrrha enters Ozpin's office, where she meets him, Qrow, Glynda, and Ironwood. Ozpin has her recount a fairy tale, "The Story of the Seasons": four women helped and befriended an old man, who granted them power over the seasons in return. He then explains that the tale of the Maidens is true and that there are women out there who possess those very strong, magical powers. Ozpin's group, including the people in the room, now wishes for Pyrrha to inherit the powers of the Fall Maiden. The adults take Pyrrha to a secret vault under the school, explaining more details on the way: the Maiden's powers are transferred to the last person in a dying Maiden's thoughts, unless that person is a man or too old, in which case the power goes to someone random. Also, very recently, the current Fall Maiden, Amber, was attacked and part of her powers stolen. She is in a coma and kept alive in the secret vault, thanks to Atlas technology. Ozpin further explains that there is a risk of Amber's remaining power seeking to reunite itself with its other half after her death, thus giving her assailant the full power. The group intends to use Atlas technology to artificially transfer Amber's Aura into Pyrrha, but with no guarantee that the process will work. If it worked, Pyrrha's and Amber's lives would be intertwined, and Pyrrha herself might change. Ozpin gives Pyrrha time until the end of the tournament to make the decision if she wants to become a Maiden. Meanwhile, the singles round of the tournament begins, and only eight fighters are still in it. Yang and Mercury are chosen for the first fight of the round. Mercury initially gets the upper hand, but Yang uses her Semblance and seemingly overwhelms him, leading to her victory. The fight is over, but when Yang turns to leave, Mercury attacks her from behind. She stops him by punching and breaking his leg. However, several Atlas soldiers converge to arrest Yang. The giant video screen shows a replay of her attacking him, completely unprovoked. Yang is shocked and confused, the crowd angry, and her teammates horrified. Yang complies with the Atlas soldiers, who take her away. As a result of the negative emotion emitted from the crowd, the Grimm in the territories outside Vale turn towards Amity Collosseum.
35 7 "Beginning of the End" 17:01 January 2, 2016 (2016-01-02)

During a black screen, Cinder expresses her dreams of power and wanting to be feared. A flashback shows a younger Cinder and Emerald, the latter living on the streets and stealing to survive. Cinder observed her stealing a ring without anyone noticing, and wants to recruit her, because of her Semblance and skill as a thief. After Cinder promises her a better life, Emerald follows her. Later, Cinder and Emerald look for an assassin to hire, only to discover that the candidate, Marcus Black, has been killed by his son, Mercury. He expresses disdain towards his fallen parent, while his legs are covered in bloodied bandages from the fight. Cinder is impressed and invites Mercury to join her, which he does, to Emerald's discontent. Cinder's group also approaches Roman Torchwick, and Adam Taurus of the White Fang. The latter refuses a deal with humans and sends Cinder's group away. He then heads out to stop a train with his partner, Blake (Black Trailer). Some time afterwards, Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury ambush and attack Amber, the Fall Maiden. Emerald creates the image of a crying child to lure in Amber, revealing that her Semblance enables her to cast hallucinations on people. Despite the surprise attack, Amber is initially able to overwhelm her attackers with both her elementary Maiden powers and own fighting prowess, before Cinder is able to hit her with an arrow to the back. During the fight it is also revealed that Mercury's legs are robotic prostheses. After defeating Amber, Cinder begins to extract the Maiden's powers with the help of a Grimm-like insect. Just in time, Qrow arrives and forces Cinder and her group to retreat. The process is stopped halfway. Qrow is, however, not able to clearly see the faces of the assailants. Cinder, during a black screen, is heard talking to an unknown person, who seems to be her superior. With her new powers, Cinder returns to Adam, threatening to kill his men and thus forcing him to accept the deal, although she offers money and Dust as a reward.

Back in the present, medics rush Mercury out of Amity Collosseum. Emerald influences the medics with her Semblance, allowing Cinder and Neo to fly her and Mercury out of the arena. The whole fight with Yang is revealed as a ruse to frame the girl, and they used Emerald's hallucination Semblance and Mercury's prosthetic legs to their advantage. Cinder tells Mercury to lay low, as she and Emerald leave to continue with their plan.
36 8 "Destiny" 17:38 January 9, 2016 (2016-01-09)
Team RWBY are in their dorm room, where Ironwood informs them that he has to disqualify Yang from the tournament. After he leaves, Yang asks her teammates to believe her, which Ruby and Weiss immediately do. Blake, however, is conflicted, which almost makes Yang cry. Blake explains that someone she once knew changed drastically without her really noticing, and that the current situation reminds her of this. Blake expresses her trust in Yang after the other girl calmly looks her in the eyes and repeats her version of Mercury's attack. Yang stays in the dorm, while the rest of the team meet with Team JNPR, who voice their support for Yang, but also have to prepare Pyrrha for her fight in the tournament. Qrow visits Yang and, like Ironwood before, seems to believe that Yang suffered stress-induced hallucinations after the battle. Yang asks him about the woman that saved her from Neo, and Qrow confirms that it was Yang's mother, Raven. He warns Yang about his "dangerous" sister, reveals that he sometimes has contact with her, and that she gave him a message for Yang: Raven "only saved you once" and won't do it again. Qrow also offers help if Yang wants to find her mother. Meanwhile, Jaune finds Pyrrha in distress over Ozpin's request. They sit next to each other, and Pyrrha asks Jaune if he believes in destiny, before explaining that she does and that she considers destiny to be an overarching goal one works towards their whole life. She says that she has been offered a chance to fulfill her destiny to be a Huntress and save the world, but that this could come at the cost of who she is. Jaune advises Pyrrha not to let anything get between her and her destiny, which causes her to cry and accidentally push Jaune into the wall with her Semblance. Pyrrha apologizes and flees. On the airfield, Ruby prepares to head back to the Collosseum alone, but encounters Velvet practicing her photography. Velvet expresses her sympathy for Yang and reveals that Coco also had a hallucination of Yatsuhashi during their fight with Emerald and Mercury. Suspicious, Ruby arrives at Amity Colosseum, where she sees Emerald in attendance, although she had heard that Emerald's team had left Beacon. Ruby tries to use the corridors within the arena to get to Emerald, but encounters a fully mobile Mercury on her way. He blocks Ruby's path, while Penny vs. Pyrrha is announced as the next fight. Mercury remarks that "metal vs. polarity" is "not good". Ruby prepares to fight him without her weapon, while the match in the arena is about to begin.
37 9 "PvP" 12:28 January 16, 2016 (2016-01-16)
The match between Pyrrha and Penny begins, with both of their respective headmasters, Ironwood and Ozpin, observing. Meanwhile, Ruby attempts to flee from Mercury, but he prevents her from doing so. Penny and Pyrrha are evenly matched, but Penny gains a bit of an advantage while the fight goes on. Meanwhile, Ruby manages to dodge Mercury and run away towards an exit back into the arena. During the ongoing match, Emerald uses her Semblance on Pyrrha, causing her to hallucinate Penny summoning hundreds of her swords instead of the real, much smaller number. Pyrrha panics and then uses her Semblance to deflect them all. Her full power reflects the swords with such force that the wires attached to them start to coil around Penny's torso and arm, causing her to be brutally ripped apart. Everyone in the Collosseum is horrified. Ruby, who arrived too late, sits on the floor and cries. Port and Oobleck call for the broadcast to be stopped, but Cinder fully takes over the computer systems and broadcasts a message to the people in the Collosseum and everyone watching at home. She says that "this is what happens" when people place their trust in the Kingdoms and Huntsmen Academies, that Ozpin's teachings are responsible for his students' actions, and that Ironwood is a dictator who brought his army to another kingdom, and not for peaceful reasons. She says that she doesn't know who to believe, but that she believes that war is coming and the citizens are left in the dark about it. During the speech, Emerald and Mercury sneak out of the arena. Cinder's speech adds to the negative emotion the crowd already emitted, which finally causes massive hordes of Grimm to make their way towards Beacon and Vale, overrunning the first defensive lines. Ironwood tries to calm the people down, but then a Nevermore arrives at the Collosseum and causes a panic. Ironwood apologizes to Ozpin for not telling him about Penny, but Ozpin simply tells him to use his army to fight off the invaders. Ozpin also orders Qrow and Glynda to go and protect the city of Vale. Meanwhile, Neo breaks Torchwick out of prison on Ironwood's flagship, which he then takes over. Torchwick fires at the other ships, thus crippling Atlas's air force. Other ships fly in the White Fang, led by Adam, who also arrive with Grimm in tow.
38 10 "Battle of Beacon" 16:35 January 30, 2016 (2016-01-30)
As the Grimm begin attacking Beacon and Vale, Blake and Weiss, who were in the fair grounds when Cinder gave her speech, contact Yang, who informs them that the White Fang has arrived at the school. Yang tries to find a way out of the dorms, while Blake and Weiss make their way towards the airfield. At Amity Collosseum, the Nevermore penetrates the protective barrier above the stadium and attempts to kill Pyrrha, who is still traumatized from what she did to Penny. First Jaune and then Ruby come to her rescue. Teams JNPR, SSSN, CFVY, ABRN, and FNKI then all unite to take down the Nevermore. Pyrrha apologizes to Ruby about what happened to Penny, but Ruby says that it wasn't her fault, with Jaune adding that whoever broadcast the message was responsible for the chaos that has transpired. Griffon Grimm arrive, but the students are sent away by Professor Port and Dr. Oobleck, who take on the Grimm by themselves. The students manage to reach General Ironwood, who kills a few of the invading Grimm and gives the teenagers a choice - either stay and defend their school and kingdom, or try to save themselves. Ironwood wants to reach his flagship. Meanwhile, on said ship,Torchwick has begun uploading Cinder's virus, and thus seizes control of Atlas's androids and Paladins on the ground, turning them against their human allies. The students all decide to fight and head out with a ship of their own. However, Ruby notices the ship that Ironwood took go down. It is shown that the androids on board turned against him. Ruby heads for the main Atlesian Airship by launching herself with her weapon locker. In front of the school, Blake and Weiss have to split up to fight more enemies, and Blake encounters Adam. In the midst of the chaos, Cinder, Emerald and Mercury watch from a rooftop. Mercury broadcasts the events with his scroll. He and Cinder are delighted, while Emerald seems to show signs of remorse, calling the sight "sad". As the fight continues to escalate, a giant Grimm dragon bursts out of Mountain Glenn and flies towards Beacon, spawning more Grimm onto the battlefield. Ozpin makes his move and finds Pyrrha, who breaks off from the group to join him, while a confused Jaune follows closely behind. Cinder observes this, ready to strike.
39 11 "Heroes and Monsters" 17:21 February 6, 2016 (2016-02-06)
The Grimm dragon flies past Ruby, who is on top of the airship controlled by the attackers, and soon confronted by Neo and Torchwick. On the school courtyard, a large battle rages on. The group of students that left the Collosseum is joined by Weiss and fights off Grimm and infected Atlesian mechs. The Paladins prove to be a big problem and injure both Ren and Nora. Coco calls for Velvet to use her weapon, which she does. Velvet's weapon is able to conjure holographic copies of the other students weapons, while Velvet's Semblance mimics their moves. The Faunus girl takes out one Paladin, but is knocked down by the other. Weiss intervenes and charges, finally managing to summon the arm and sword of a White Knight. She protects Velvet and the sword cuts the Paladin in half. Weiss is completely exhausted, but in this moment, another Paladin arrives. Meanwhile, Ruby fights Neo and Torchwick aboard the airship. She is losing the fight and nearly falls off the airship, barely hanging on to her weapon. Torchwick reveals his reasons for helping with the attack: he believes that nobody can stop the people he works for, and therefore he is on their side. Ruby manages to catch Neo off guard, open her umbrella and make her fly off the ship. Torchwick gets angry and beats up Ruby, but he is suddenly devoured by an enormous Griffon, which was probably attracted to his strong negative emotions. The airship starts to crash towards Vale, and Ruby uses her weapon's recoil to get to the ground. In the city, Qrow, Glynda, and Ironwood, who survived the crash of his airship, fight enemies. They notice the crashing airship, and the crash causes the hacked mechs to turn off, including the Paladin that attacks Weiss and the others. Elsewhere, Adam forces his "love" Blake to fight him. He overpowers Blake, denounces her ideals and threatens to hurt her for her "betrayal" by destroying everything she loves. Yang arrives on the scene to help Blake, who is stabbed by Adam. An enraged Yang attacks him, but he slices her right arm off. Blake manages to get an unconscious Yang and herself to safety, and Adam doesn't chase them. In the Beacon vault, Ozpin starts the transfer process in order for Pyrrha to gain Amber's Maiden powers, while Jaune watches on in confusion and worry. Suddenly, Cinder arrives and kills Amber before the process can be completed, which causes the full Fall Maiden's powers to go into her. Ozpin tells Pyrrha and Jaune to leave, while he stays behind to take on Cinder alone. Cinder comments that Ozpin is as arrogant as "she" said.
40 12 "End of the Beginning" 28:05 February 13, 2016 (2016-02-13)

Cinder and Ozpin duel in the vault, both showing incredible powers. Meanwhile, a mandatory evacuation from Beacon starts to take place, coordinated by Port and Oobleck. Ruby arrives on the airfield and is happy to see Weiss, but then notices the injured Yang and Blake, the latter apologizing in tears. Sun tells Ruby that they need to get to safety because of the dragon, noting that even the White Fang are retreating. Nora and Ren, who can barely move, remind everyone that Jaune and Pyrrha are still in the school. Ruby and Weiss decide to go and find them, leaving Sun to watch over the injured. Meanwhile, Jaune and Pyrrha leave the tower, only to notice Cinder, who seemingly beat Ozpin, flying to the highest point of the building. Pyrrha intends to challenge Cinder, but Jaune pleads with her not to, as they both know Cinder is too powerful. Pyrrha kisses Jaune passionately before pushing him into a nearby locker, which sends him to safety. She then goes after Cinder, who has attracted the Grimm dragon to the top of the tower. Jaune calls Weiss and Ruby in desperation and begs them to rescue Pyrrha, who attacks Cinder and battles the new Fall Maiden fiercely. However, Pyrrha is soon overpowered, while the dragon destroys the top of tower and thus cuts off all communications. Pyrrha's Aura is depleted, and Cinder shoots her in the ACL with an arrow, bringing her to her knees. Ruby is sent up to the top of the tower by Weiss, who fights the Grimm on the ground. She arrives just in time to witness Cinder pierce Pyrrha in the chest with an arrow. Pyrrha flashes golden and disintegrates, causing a shocked Ruby to fly into a rage. A powerful white flash emanates from Ruby's eyes and engulfs the entire area, including the dragon and Cinder. During the white screen, Qrow can be heard retrieving and rescuing Ruby.

An undefined amout of time later, Ruby wakes up in her home. Her father, Taiyang, is at her bedside. He reveals that both she and Yang are "fine", but Yang probably will need some time to adjust. He further explains that the dragon has been frozen on top of the tower from "what Ruby did", but continues to attract more Grimm, which lead to the creatures taking over the school grounds of Beacon. Qrow arrives and asks to speak to Ruby alone. Ruby slowly recounts what happened, but only remembers everything until Cinder killed Pyrrha, whom Qrow confirms is "gone". He then addresses the power that froze the dragon, which stems from Ruby's silver eyes, who are just like her mother's. Qrow explains that silver eyes are a rare trait that, since ancient times, has been shared by those born to lead the life of a warrior. Grimm fear these silver-eyed warriors. He also reveals that he worked for Ozpin, but states that the headmaster is missing, and that he has "to pick up where he left off". Qrow leaves, but not without telling Ruby that their only lead is Haven Academy, from where Cinder supposedly came. Ruby then visits a despondent Yang in her room, who tells her that nobody outside of Vale knows what really happened. This could cause huge distrust in the world, since the broadcast only showed Atlesian mechs attacking civilians. To make matters worse, Team RWBY is disbanded: Weiss was taken back to Atlas by her father, and Blake has run away, which deeply upsets Yang. She tells Ruby to do "whatever she wants", while she herself stays in her room. The seasons change from fall to winter, indicating the passing of time. Ruby decides to travel to Haven, accompanied by Jaune, Nora, and Ren, and without telling her father. In the closing moments of the episode, a woman named Salem (the narrator from the beginning of the first episode of the series) reveals herself as the true mastermind behind the Fall of Beacon, vows to take down Ozpin and "snuff out" mankind.

In a post-credits scene, Qrow watches Ruby, Jaune, Nora, and Ren walking through the snow. He has Ozpin's cane and jumps from a nearby cliff. Suddenly, a crow takes his place and flies off after Ruby and her friends.

Volume 4[edit]

The "Character Short" is the first RWBY trailer since Volume 1 which tells a part of the story, and is thus included in this episode list.

Volume 4 picks up the story six to eight months after the events of Volume 3, which means that it has been more than one year since the story began.

Chapter Title Length Release date
- - "Volume 4 Character Short" 5:10 October 3, 2016 (2016-10-03)
Ruby is alone and walks through the woods at night, until she comes across a cliff. In the distance, she sees a village under attack by Grimm. Ruby uses her scythe to hitch a ride on a Nevermore, slicing its wing off before landing in the village. She proceeds to slay a group of Beowolves, displaying a better use of her Semblance, with new abilities. After defeating the Beowolves, Ruby comes face-to-face with a Beringel, a gorilla-like Grimm. Initially, she struggles with the Beringel, as its hide is too tough for her to cut through. Their fight eventually reaches the top of a nearby church, and the Beringel smashes the floor below, causing Ruby to fall into the building. As the Beringel seems to celebrate its supposed victory, rose petals start blowing out from the church. Ruby smashes through the window at the top of the church tower and, with a few more moves, is able to kill the Beringel. While Ruby watches the Grimm dissipate, she receives a call on her scroll. The remaining members of Team JNPR, Jaune, Nora, and Ren, inquire about her situation. Ruby prompts them to hurry, before she approaches more Grimm. Short scenes reveal the remaining members of Team RWBY: Weiss stands at a window at her home, overlooking Atlas; Blake is seen on a pier, looking across the ocean; Yang sits outside her home on Patch, pondering her remaining arm.
41 1 "The Next Step" 19:51 October 22, 2016 (2016-10-22)

In Salem's domain, Grimm spawn from puddles of black liquid. From a window in Salem's castle, Emerald and Mercury watch them with horror. A severely weakened Cinder calls them to her side. They attend a meeting, with three of Salem's other underlings present: Tyrian, Hazel, and Dr. Watts. Watts and Tyrian belittle Cinder, who lost her left eye in the fight with Ruby on top of Beacon tower, and is barely able to speak. Hazel mentions that they should be able to deal and have dealt with silver-eyed warriors before. Salem enters the room and chastizes Watts, before praising Cinder for achieving her goals, as Beacon has fallen, Ozpin is apparently dead, and Cinder is the new Fall Maiden. However, her status as a Maiden brings a crippling weakness with it, thus Cinder must remain by Salem's side for her "treatment". Salem then announces the next target: Haven Academy. She orders Watts to take Cinder's place in a meeting with an informant in Mistral. Hazel is told to negotiate with White Fang High Leader Sienna Khan, in a meeting arranged by Adam. Cinder, through her mouthpiece Emerald, inquires about Ruby. In response to her question, Salem changes her order for Tyrian. He was supposed to hunt for the Spring Maiden, but now has to find Ruby and bring her to Salem, alive. Tyrian declares that he will take "an eye for an eye".

A young boy seemingly wakes up from a nightmare. He heads outside, and starts working on the fields of a farm. A barn and a house are seen nearby.

Nora and Ren walk through a forest, while debating the name for their new team, which consists of themselves, Ruby, and Jaune. Nora argues in favor of Team JNRR (Junior), Ren likes Team RNJR (Ranger) better, and Jaune, who is kneeling nearby, supports Nora. Suddenly, Ruby and a Geist Grimm, which has taken control of large rocks and formed them into a Golem form, crash through the trees. A fight begins, in which Jaune has to participate without his weapon. He is, however, able to find a counter strategy against the Grimm. Nora and Ruby combine their Semblances to destroy the rock body, and Ruby shoots the true Geist when it tries to escape. The fight is later revealed to be part of a payed Hunter job for a nearby village. As their reward, the village's blacksmith has made Jaune new armour, while his sword and shield are upgraded using the metal from Pyrrha's shield, sword and armor, which Jaune carried with him. They then leave the village and continue their journey to Haven.

In her room in the Schnee manor in Atlas, Weiss is approached by a butler, Klein Sieben, who tells her that her father wishes to speak to her.
42 2 "Remembrance" 14:20 October 29, 2016 (2016-10-29)

Inside the Schnee manor, Weiss walks towards her father's study. On the way, her younger brother Whitley approaches her. He says that he is glad that Weiss came out of her room for a change, and warns her that their father, Jacques, is currently having an argument with someone. Weiss suspects their mother, but Whitley says that she is "drinking in the garden". The heiress is surprised by Whitley's cheery demeanor, even more so when he mentions their older sister Winter in a positive light, although he admittedly never liked her. Whitley wishes Weiss good luck and walks away.

Meanwhile, Team RNJR reaches another village on the way to Mistral: Shion. They discover it mostly destroyed and the villagers dead, save for one deeply wounded Huntsman. The dying warrior reveals that the village was attacked by bandits and later Grimm, before he succumbs to his wounds. Ren, who acts upset during the whole scene, wants the team to leave the village immediately, which they do. However, Ren pauses when he and Nora notice a hoofprint on the ground, which they both seem to recognize.

Weiss enters the study, revealing General Ironwood as the person that Jacques is arguing with. He is upset with Ironwood's ban on Dust exports from Atlas, as well as another, unnamed recent measure, which both affect the Schnee Dust Company. Ironwood wants to make sure that the other kingdoms, who seem to blame the fall of Beacon on Atlas, hold the peace. Upon noticing Weiss, Ironwood leaves, but not before offering her the possibility to come study at Atlas Academy. Jacques reprimands his daughter for her lack of manners, and reveals that he is hosting a charity event to boost the image of the company in the aftermath of the fall of Beacon. Jacques more or less orders Weiss to perform at the event, who reluctantly promises to practice. Outside the study, she runs into Klein, who manages to cheer her up.

At a campfire at night, Ruby wakes from another nightmare about Pyrrha's death. She suddenly hears Pyrrha's voice seemingly talking to Jaune, and goes to investigate. She finds Jaune practicing his swordplay, following instructions from a recording of Pyrrha. At the end of the video, Pyrrha almost admits that she loves Jaune, who replays the recording again and continues to train. Ruby leaves him to it.
43 3 "Of Runaways and Stowaways" 18:17 November 5, 2016 (2016-11-05)

Blake travels on a passenger boat. She seems nervous and repeatedly jumps at minor noises. After briefly talking with the ship's captain, Blake states that she doesn't need her bow anymore, and tosses it into the ocean. A hooded figure watches her.

In her home on Patch, Yang flips through television channels. The news reports give updates on Vale's situation after Beacon's fall: the CCTS is still down, air travel is only used for evacuation, and the Huntsmen have not been able to retake the Beacon grounds. Another report reveals that Vale authorities have singeled out Adam as a main culprit behind the attack, but have not been able to capture him. When his picture is shown, Yang turns off the TV. Her father Taiyang comes home and gives his daughter a package. It contains a bionic arm specifically made for Yang, sent by General Ironwood, along with the the massage that she "fought admirably". Yang, however, is hesitant to try on the arm, and disappears upstairs. Later on, she goes through her daily chores. When she accidentally breaks a glass, she suffers a sudden flashback of Adam cutting her arm off. A concerned Taiyang looks on while she tries to calm down.

On the ocean, Blake notices the cloaked figure, just when a massive sea dragon Grimm attacks the ship. Blake and the cloaked figure, who reveals himself as Sun, fight the monster. They eventually kill it with help from the ship's captain and crew. Blake is furious with Sun, who admits that he followed her after he saw her run off after the Fall of Beacon. He believes that she is going after the White Fang, and offers help. Blake tells Sun that he is wrong, because she is going home to Menagerie, to "sort some things out". Sun still decides to go with her, stating she may still need help, and that he can't really leave the boat now. Blake grudgingly allows it.

In her castle, Salem is teaching Cinder something. She also asks Cinder if she truly killed Ozpin, even demanding that she say it herself. Cinder weakly replies with a "Yes". A Seer Grimm approaches, frightening Emerald and Mercury. Salem orders it to send reinforcements to Beacon, as she believes that "the relic" is still there. She also ponders what someone else is planning.
44 4 "Family" 16:28 November 19, 2016 (2016-11-19)

Oscar, the young farmboy, is finishing his work for the day. He walks into the barn and looks into a mirror. Suddenly, he hears Professor Ozpin's voice, who introduces himself. Oscar falls down in shock, causing his aunt to call out for him.

On Patch, Yang has a nightmare, in which Adam approaches her in the ruins of Beacon while she is unable to defend herself, as her weapon and right arm appear and then disappear. She wakes when she hears voices downstairs. Professor Port and Dr. Oobleck are visiting Taiyang, who shares a story about Team STRQ's time in Beacon and a prank that he played on Qrow. Yang joins them, but soon starts to argue with Taiyang about being an adult. The topic of the bionic arm comes up, and Port asks why she hasn't tried it on yet. Oobleck points out that advanced Atlas technology is rarely given out like this. Yang admits that she is scared of moving on, and explains that life with one arm is "normal" now. The adults console her, Port offers advice about fear, and Taiyang states that he will be there for her when she is ready. Later, Yang overhears Port and Oobleck leaving. They mention that Glynda Goodwitch is running the Academy now, and also ask Taiyang about Ruby. He reveals that he would go after her if he wouldn't need to look after Yang.

Meanwhile, Team RNJR travels to a small town, Higanbana. They mention that they haven't encountered a lot of Grimm, and it is revealed that Qrow has been shadowing them, while also killing most of the Grimm on their path. Ruby, Jaune, Ren, and Nora stay in an inn, and Qrow watches them from a nearby tavern. A barmaid brings him a drink from another women upstairs, whom Qrow joins. The woman is his sister, Raven. In the conversation between the siblings, it is revealed that Raven is now the leader of a tribe of bandits. This tribe once raised her and Qrow, who, unlike his sister, never returned to the "bunch of murderers". The same tribe also recently attacked Shion village. Raven wants to know if Salem has "the relic", while Qrow asks for information on the Spring Maiden's location. He also criticizes her for not caring about her family, especially Yang, although Raven knows what happened to her. His sister replies that Qrow left "their family", the tribe. Qrow's attempts at getting Raven to join his side again fail, and their argument ends with no one getting an answer. Raven leaves through a portal, scaring the approaching barmaid.

Yang comes out of the house with her new arm attached. Taiyang notices her, and says that they "can get started" now.
45 5 "Menagerie" 12:38 December 3, 2016 (2016-12-03)

Blake and Sun arrive on the island continent of Menagerie, home to many Faunus and governed by them since the Great War. They leave the boat and take a walk through the nearby market. Blake explains to Sun that two-thirds of Menagerie are dangerous desert, and although the Faunus try to make the best out of the situation, their "safe haven" still has too little room for too many people. They walk into the city of Kuo Kuana, and although he understands that the Faunus' situation is not the best, Sun states that he feels "pretty at home." Blake shocks Sun by pointing out her home - the biggest house in the city. She nervously approaches it, explaining that she hasn't seen her parents for a long time. However, Blake's parents, mother Kali and father Ghira, are happy and relieved to see her, especially since they heard about the Fall of Beacon. Blake and Sun have tea with the Belladonnas, but a few unfortunate words cause Sun to get on the bad side of Blake's father, while her mother, to Blake's embarrassment, seems to like him. Ghira is then visited by two representatives of the White Fang, Corsac and Fennec Albain. Blake and Sun immediately confront them, and Blake has to inform the Belladonnas about the White Fang's role during the Fall of Beacon. The Albains explain that they wanted to meet with Ghira, the Chieftain of Menagerie and former High Leader of the White Fang, because of the attack on Beacon. They state that a White Fang splinter group under Adam's lead is responsible for said attack, and assure Ghira that the High Council of the White Fang doesn't support these actions. Corsac and Fennec also offer Blake the opportunity to return to the White Fang at any time. Ghira wants to discuss the matter later, and politely has the Albains leave. Blake stomps away from the door, leaving Sun alone with her parents. While they are walking down the stairs from the Chieftain's house, Corsac and Fennec reveal that they are in contact with Adam, and agree to inform him of Blake's homecoming.

Meanwhile, in Higanbana, Tyrian arrives at the tavern where Qrow was staying. He asks the barmaid for help to "find someone".
46 6 "Tipping Point" 16:23 December 10, 2016 (2016-12-10)

Team RNJR is on the road and comes across an abandoned town, which is not marked on the map and seemingly still under construction. After Nora spots a sign with the town's name, Oniyuri, only Ren has ever heard of its history. He explains that Oniyuri is similar to Vale's Mountain Glenn, although it was never completed. Richer citizens of Mistral, who were disappointed by the kingdom's government, tried to make their own self-governed settlement, hoping to create an own kingdom someday. However, Oniyuri was overrun by Grimm before it was completed. Ren reveals that his parents believed in this new foundation. The team agrees on quickly leaving Oniyuri behind.

Meanwhile, in Atlas, Weiss sings at the charity concert. Her performance gets her a lot of applause, but Jacques doesn't even clap. He, Whitley, and Weiss later attend the after party in the Schnee manor. During the party, Weiss is approached by a young man, Henry Marigold. He tries to make advances on her, but after he reveals that he doesn't even know that he is attending a fundraiser for Vale, Weiss has him leave the party. She then hears people gossiping about the Fall of Beacon, including a woman whose comment on the topic is "good riddance". The heiress has enough and verbally accuses everyone present of only caring about themselves. Jacques tells Weiss to stop and scolds her for embarrassing the family, but his agitated daughter inadvertently summons a Boarbatusk with her Semblance. The beast tries to attack the gossiper, but is gunned down by General Ironwood. The woman demands Ironwood to arrest Weiss, but he refuses, stating that Weiss is "the only one making sense around here." Ironwood leaves, while Jacques stares furiously at Weiss.

Team RNJR is still in Oniyuri, and Ren somehow senses Tyrian, who, seconds later, ambushes them. Tyrian attacks immediately, taking on one member of the team after another, before stopping to declare his mission to capture Ruby. He also takes a brief interest in Jaune, and takes pleasure from the fact that Ruby doesn't know why he is after her. During the continued fight, Tyrian dominates the young Hunters and Huntresses. Ruby even powers Nora up with lightning Dust, but Tyrian blocks her hammer with his stinger, revealing that he is a scorpion Faunus. In short succession, he knocks down his other three opponents, and prepares to sting Ruby, whose Aura is depleted. However, Qrow, who transforms from his crow into his human form, arrives barely in time to block the attack.
47 7 "Punished" 16:44 December 24, 2016 (2016-12-24)

Oscar is in his room when his aunt calls him for dinner. Suddenly, Ozpin's voice tells him that they must leave the farm for Haven Academy, and that Oscar has an important role to play. The Professor explains that his soul, Aura, and memories are now within Oscar. He proves this by letting Oscar describe the office of Haven Academy's headmaster from their now shared memories, and mentions that he helped build the school. Oscar only wants the voice in his head to go away, although Ozpin states that he had to go through the same process in the past.

In Atlas, Weiss and her father are in her room, and Jacques scolds his daughter for her behavior at the party. Their argument escalates after Weiss states that she wants to leave Atlas. Jacques accuses Weiss of hurting the Schnee name and its reputation, to which she responds by stating that the Schnee name is more hers than his, since he only married into the family. Jacques slaps her across the face, before telling Weiss that she has to stay in the manor until they come to an "agreement" on her future. He believes that she is siding with his other rebellious daughter, Winter, but Weiss insists that she isn't taking any sides and that she wants to honor the Schnee family name as a Huntress. Jacques then officially grounds his daughter, and, after she protests, reveals that Weiss is no longer the heiress to the company, as he has made Whitley the new heir. When he leaves, it is revealed that Weiss's brother has heard the whole conversation from the hallway. Weiss confronts him and discovers that Whitley is happy with the situation, revealing that he still doesn't like his sisters, and believes that it is "foolish not to do as father asks". Weiss is deeply hurt, returns to her room and cries. However, she suddenly gets up with a determined look, moves around furniture to create a large space, and draws her weapon.

In Oniyuri, Qrow confronts Tyrian, realizing that the Faunus works for Salem. After a brief talk, the two begin their battle. Team RNJR tries to help, but Qrow orders them to stay back. Ruby ignores this order and tries to attack Tyrian with her sniper rifle, to no avail. Qrow and Tyrian are evenly matched, and at some point, both of their Aura's are depleted. Ruby intervenes again, and Qrow is forced to protect her. Tyrian uses the opportunity to graze his opponent with his stinger. However, Ruby cuts off the stinger, causing Tyrian to cry out in pain and forcing him to retreat. Team RNJR immediately questions the wounded Qrow about everything that happened, who responds with the question Ozpin asked Pyrrha before he told her about the Maidens: "What's your favorite fairytale?"
48 8 "A Much Needed Talk" 20:38 December 31, 2016 (2016-12-31)

At a campfire in the woods, Qrow has explained the existence of the Maidens and the truth behind the attack on Beacon to Team RNJR. While they ask questions, Jaune seems deeply upset and accuses Ozpin and Qrow of forcing Pyrrha to become a Maiden. Qrow reminds him that she chose the role. The Huntsman explains that Ruby's silver eyes are very rare and probably drew Tyrian's attention towards her. He also confesses that he shadowed the team to protect them. Ruby questions why he didn't travel with them, and Jaune suspects that he tried to use them as bait. Qrow answers that the reason is more "complicated", and decides to tell the team the legend of the creation of Remnant, like Ozpin once told it to him.

Two brothers, the older "god of light" and the younger "god of darkness", made forces of life and destruction, their rivalry shaping the world of Remnant. At some point, the younger brother created the creatures of Grimm, who shared his desire for destruction. The older brother eventually asked to end their rivalry and to make one final creation together, to which the younger brother agreed. Humanity was formed as a result, receiving the power to create and destroy, the gift of knowledge to learn about themselves and the world, and the power to choose if they want to follow the path of light or darkness. Qrow also reveals that the four gifts, knowledge, creation, destruction, and choice, also exist in a physical form, left behind by the gods before they abandoned Remnant. Their combined power would allow anyone who wielding them to change the world itself. The four Huntsmen Academies were built around one relic each, by orders of Ozpin's predecessor, with the Huntsmen and Huntresses acting as defensive forces. Hiding the relics was supposed to keep mankind from fighting over them, and to keep them out of Salem's reach.

In Menagerie, Blake is hesitant to enter her father's room. Kali convinces her to do so. Ghira is happy to talk to his daughter, but their conversation starts off very awkwardly. After some time, Blake confesses that she doesn't understand how her parents can still love her. She reveals that she fought with them when they left the White Fang, even calling them cowards, and admits that she made a mistake by staying with the White Fang. Ghira tries to reassure her of their love. He stresses that Blake was able to leave the dark path she went down, and that she was even strong enough to confront her past. His daughter says that she didn't confront the White Fang alone, and Ghira then asks why she left her friends behind. In this moment, Sun interrupts, upsetting both father and daughter.

Meanwhile, Qrow explains that he believes Haven Academy to be Salem's next target. His goal is to talk to the headmaster, with whom they lost contact even before the Fall of Beacon. He also states that the world doesn't know about the relics because the knowledge could cause "another Great War", and that Salem's goal is to divide humanity by pitting humans against each other. Ruby again questions why he hid himself from them, and Qrow answers by explaining his Semblance: he brings misfortune to those around him, which is good for fighting enemies, but bad for his friends. He then goes off to "take a walk", and notices a raven on a nearby tree.

Blake berates Sun for interrupting her talk with Ghira. Sun explains that he wanted to talk to her. He noticed a masked White Fang member in the marketplace, and became suspicious after Kali stated that members don't wear masks in Menagerie. Blake doesn't want to hear anything about the White Fang right now, even slapping Sun's scroll out of his hands. Suddenly, they hear a noise, and notice a masked person watching them. Blake immediately pursues the alleged "spy", and Sun follows her, leaving a confused Kali behind.

In the morning, Team RNJR wakes up to discover that Qrow is sick - Tyrian's venom shows its effect now, and he passes out.
49 9 "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back" 15:25 January 7, 2017 (2017-01-07)

On Patch, several weeks have passed, and Taiyang has helped Yang get back in form by training with her. Yang states that she is getting more used to her new arm, but she is still knocked down in combat by her father, while Zwei watches them. Taiyang explains to his daughter that she relies too much on her Semblance during combat, and that she needs to change that, implying that Yang's emotions getting the better of her already cost her an arm. He advises her to look for a way around obstacles instead of running into them head first. Taiyang mentions that Yang reminds him of Raven a lot, but mostly of her stubbornness and dedication, and not the faults that caused Team STRQ and their family to fall apart. They proceed to spar one more time, and Yang actually catches her father off guard.

Inside her room in the Schnee manor, Weiss practices her Summoning ability, before being interrupted by Whitley. He wants to find out what Weiss is planning, and calls her and Winter's Huntsman training "barbaric". Weiss believes that he is jealous of their abilities, and forcefully shuts the door, locking Whitley out of her room. She returns to her training, and manages to fully summon a White Knight, the force of the successful process shattering the window. Klein rushes into the room, and Weiss asks him to do her "a favor".

Blake and Sun pursue the White Fang spy and eventually corner her on a rooftop. Blake manages to knock the spy's scroll out of her hands, while Sun is able to tackle and knock down their opponent. While Blake gets the scroll, the spy headbutts Sun and knocks him off her, shattering her mask in the process. Blake immediately recognizes her as Ilia Amitola, a chameleon Faunus and old acquaintance of hers. Ilia demands that they give her the scroll, but Blake refuses, causing Ilia to attack and injure Sun. She warns Blake that she "should not have returned" before she retreats. Blake rushes to Sun's side, calling for help and pleading for him to hold on.

Elsewhere, Team RNJR carries a weakened Qrow on a makeshift stretcher. They come across a forked road: one path leads to Mistral, the other to a destroyed village called Kuroyuri. However, the shorter path to Mistral is the one through the mountains, and Jaune thinks it might be too much for Qrow to handle. Ren seems anxious and determined to press on, causing Nora to suggest that the team should split up: she and Ren could rush ahead on the path to Mistral to find help, while Ruby and Jaune could carry Qrow down the other path, around the mountains. They eventually agree on Nora's proposal and emotionally part ways for the time being. Ruby and Jaune walk on, not noticing the large hoofprint on the ground pointing in the same direction.
50 10 "Kuroyuri" 18:54 January 21, 2017 (2017-01-21)

Oscar still has problems dealing with the changes within him, but nonetheless leaves his aunt's farm. He reaches a train station, where he has a brief encounter with Hazel. Ozpin alerts Oscar that Hazel is someone from his past of whom he should be wary of. However, Hazel doesn't seem to notice who the boy is and walks away.

Ruby and Jaune carry Qrow through Kuroyuri, while looking for a pharmacy or another source of help in the destroyed and abandoned town. Jaune mentions that he may have "a pretty good idea" why Ren didn't want to come here with them. Later on, they leave Qrow lying under a tree and continue their search, but don't find anything. Jaune has to reassure Ruby, who blames herself for dragging him and the others into this situation. He stresses that Ruby, like them, lost a lot of people in the past, and that they came with her of their own accord, partly because she gave them the courage to do so.

In a flashback, Kuroyuri is shown before its destruction. A young Lie Ren and his mother, An, await the return of his Huntsman father, Li. At his mother's request, Ren wanders through the town to get his father a gift. On his way, he notices three boys picking on a girl, who is covered in dirt and clings to a single loaf of bread: a young Nora. Ren approaches, but panics when the boys notice him. He turns around and runs into his father. Li's arrival causes the boys and Nora to run away. The Huntsman lectures Ren, telling him that not taking action is sometimes the worst action of all. In the second part of the flashback, Ren awakes at night, and An rushes into his room to get him to safety, as Kuroyuri is under attack from Grimm. An injured Li arrives and tells them about the monster leading the attack, which needs to be dealt with by a Huntsman. Suddenly, the roof collapses, burying An. Ren blacks out, and wakes when Li carries him through the burning village. Numerous Nevermores and a Nuckelavee-like Grimm are shown to be the attackers. Li collapses on the street, before telling Ren to "take action" and save himself. He then attacks the giant Nuckelavee-like Grimm with his bow. A crying Ren hides, and then notices Nora, who is also hiding and crying. Ren seemingly activates his Semblance, immediately calms down and runs towards Nora. The frightened girl embraces him, and the Semblance extends to her. None of the Grimm notice the children hiding under a house, and the monsters eventually leave. Ren picks up a small wooden hammer, hands it to Nora and promises that they will "keep each other save".

In the present day, Ren and Nora come across a cave on their way through the mountains. They find a flag with the symbol of the destroyed Shion, which confuses them because the village is "weeks away". The inside of the cave is littered with weapons and black goo, as well as hoofprints that lead through an exit on the other side of the cave. Ren and Nora are shocked, and have to discover that the Nuckelavee-like Grimm, which leaves the hoofprints, is headed towards Kuroyuri. Nora holds Ren's hand before the screen fades to black.

World of Remnant[edit]

World of Remnant is a series of short special videos detailing recurring story elements in RWBY. Each episode explains different aspects of a specific topic, almost like articles in an encyclopedia. However, the World of Remnant videos are narrated by a character from the show, thus the information given to the viewer can only be considered accurate from the character's perspective. The first season, released during Volume 2, was narrated by Jen Taylor, who appears as the "mysterious narrator" in Volume 1's first episode, and is later revealed to be the primary antagonist of the series, Salem. The second season, released during Volume 3, was narrated by Shannon McCormick, the voice actor for Professor Ozpin. The third season, released during Volume 4, is narrated by Vic Mignogna, who voices Qrow Branwen.

Volume 2[edit]

No. in
Title Length Original air date
WR1 1 "Dust" 2:17 August 21, 2014 (2014-08-21)
The narrator explains that Dust, by definition, is a naturally occurring energy propellant and can be triggered by the Aura of humans and Faunus. It is found in four basic forms, but can be combined naturally or artificially to form new, stronger types. Mankind has found different ways to harness Dust. One of those is its usage in technology, for example in airships or androids. In its raw form, Dust can be dangerous - only skilled and disciplined people can control it without the Dust breaking free from their control. The most common use of Dust is ammunition: because of advancements in weapon design made in the present day Remnant, most warriors only need to select a cartridge and pull the trigger. Some individuals, however, still use Dust in an archaic way, such as weaving it into clothing or fusing it with their own body. Although Dust is part of the everyday life, humanity has, according to the narrator, no understanding of how Dust came to be, or how man's involvement with Dust will change the world of Remnant.
WR2 2 "Kingdoms" 1:57 September 18, 2014 (2014-09-18)
The narrator states that Remnant is a dangerous place, especially for mankind. Many civilizations have grown and fallen over the years. In the present day, four have remained and thus withstood the test of time. They are: Atlas on the northern continent, Mistral on the eastern continent, as well as Vacuo in the west and Vale in the east of the largest continent, which covers the west and centre of the world map. These kingdoms, through natural barriers and human tenacity, have proven their will to survive. Each kingdom has a governing council that represents the people and their needs. The military differs from kingdom to kingdom - some only call on the citizens to serve if necessary, some have a constant military organisation. Outside the walls of the kingdoms, roaming nomad tribes and small villages are not uncommon, but most of them disappear after Grimm attacks. The Huntsmen academies of the kingdoms have the sole purpose of training the next generation of Huntsmen, who will live and die to protect humanity and its lifestyle. The narrator ends her story by calling the four kingdoms beacons of hope and safe havens from the surrounding darkness. They are the key to mankind's survival, but only when they stand united...
WR3 3 "Grimm" 3:36 October 16, 2014 (2014-10-16)
The narrator explains that the creatures of Grimm, or simply Grimm, are a destructive force that covers most of Remnant. They are the greatest foe to mankind, and no human can remember a time when Grimm weren't around. Not much is known about the Grimm's origin. Ancient cultures believed Grimm to be evil spirits, but further study doesn't support this hypothesis. The ongoing discoveries of more and more forms of Grimm only rise more questions. Field observation has given the researchers some ideas about the behavior of the creatures of darkness: Grimm, first and foremost, attack humans and their creations. Conflicts with wildlife are only of a territorial nature. Common believe is that Grimm don't need to feed, but rather choose to. Also, Grimm are lured towards negative emotion. For example, if panic spreads during a Grimm attack, it would only draw in more creatures. Study of captured Grimm is difficult, as they either break free and kill the researchers, or die soon. Another complication is the fact that Grimm's bodies evaporate shortly after their death. The narrator concludes by stating that Grimm are not mindless. While younger Grimm are more reckless, older ones, who managed to survive battles, learn from their experiences and will be more cautious in the future. This makes them more effective killers ... and killing is what matters.
WR4 4 "Aura" 2:00 December 9, 2014 (2014-12-09) (DVD/Blu-ray)

The narrator states that Huntsmen are considered Remnant's greatest warriors, thanks in large part to being masters of Aura. Aura is a manifestation of the soul, a life force that runs through every living being (not: Grimm), but only true warriors are able to amplify and control their Aura. Aura is primarily used as a defensive mechanism that covers the wielder in a protective force field, which helps them survive otherwise fatal blows. However, a wielder's Aura reserves will deplete when they receive more damage, until the reserves are completely exploited and the wielder is left vulnerable. Other ways to use Aura include projecting it into a more tangible form, which is known as a "Semblance". However, the power associated with a wielder's Semblance is unique. Examples given are superhuman strength or telekinesis. The narrator believes that with enough training and focus, an Aura can turn a warrior into much more than a man.

Note: This episode was a DVD/Blu-ray exclusive.

Volume 3[edit]

No. in
Title Length Original air date
WR5 1 "Vytal Festival Tournament" 2:40 October 8, 2015 (2015-10-08)
Professor Ozpin explains that the four kingdoms were at war with each other for years, a war that is known as the "Great War of Remnant". After the war, on the small island of Vytal, humanity's leaders made peace and thus constructed the future of modern society by establishing new laws, academies and traditions. The Vytal Festival was created as a celebration of peace between the kingdoms. Every two years, one kingdom will host the festival, open its doors to the world and allow citizens from other nations to learn about its culture. The Vytal Festival Tournament is an important part of the festivities. After the newly formed Huntsmen Academies proved to be a success, the tournament was designed to test the warriors' strengths in a safe, friendly, competitive environment, while also ensuring that every warrior strives to be the best. As time went on, the tournament grew, and Amity Collosseum, a technical marvel of an arena, was created. All four kingdoms put their efforts together during the building process, and now the Collosseum is able to travel to all kingdoms of Remnant. Ozpin hopes for a continuation of the established piece, as it has helped humanity on its ascension to greatness.
WR6 2 "Huntsmen" 2:36 November 21, 2015 (2015-11-21)
Ozpin explains that Huntsmen and Huntresses are considered to be the best and brightest warriors in Remnant, often outranking kingdom police and military, at least in terms of strength and skill. The occupation was established alongside the Academies after the Great War, in hope of creating an elite of warriors whose sole purpose would be to combat the Grimm. Four Academies were founded, one in each kingdom: Beacon Academy in Vale, Haven Academy in Mistral, Shade Academy in Vacuo, and Atlas Academy in the defunct Kingdom of Mantle (now known as the Kingdom of Atlas). The academies recruited graduates from various primary combat schools. Those chosen showed promise and tenacity to not only fight Grimm, but also protect their fellow men. The trainees are grouped into teams to ensure the development of communication, empathy and teamwork, or, as Ozpin puts it, vital traits to any guardian of peace. An additional precaution to maintaining peace was separating the students from kingdom allegiance, at least during their time in the academy. Once finished with training, Huntsmen and Huntresses are allowed to choose who to work for, and what kind of work they want to do. For this purpose, mission boards exist. An alliance with a kingdom or village is up to the fully trained Huntsman or Huntress. However, Atlas Academy has come under increasing scrutiny for the indoctrination of a military lifestyle upon its students, as well as pressuring them to enlist in the Atlas Military's Special Operatives Unit after graduation. Ozpin states that regardless of the different teaching methods, the end result is the same: Huntsmen and Huntresses, who are ready to make their own paths. Some will stay together in a team, while others will work alone. But all are expected to serve humanity ... and never succumb to the darkness.
WR7 3 "Cross Continental Transmit System" 3:07 December 26, 2015 (2015-12-26)
Ozpin believes that out of the many technological advances that changed society, the Cross Continental Transmit System (CCTS) is the most influential. Prior to its invention, long range communication was extremely limited, as the discovery and development of radio technology only allowed for communication within in the boundaries of a kingdom. Communication with other parts of the world was restricted to the physical delivery of messages, via man or ground-based technology, and always in danger of being cut off by Grimm attacks. The promising concept of relay satellites in Remnant's orbit can't be realized yet, as researchers discovered that all known Dust types lose their power outside Remnant's atmosphere, thus spaceflight and satellites are not possible. Finally, the leading kingdom in science and technology, Atlas, developed the CCTS. Like radio, signals are sent and received wirelessly, but the contents of the transmissions are not as limited and include audio, video, images and text. Today, an entire online web of information exists. Four primary relay towers support the system, each located in a safeguarded area within the four kingdoms. They also allow wireless communication within a kingdom, for example via "scrolls". However, signals become less reliable when a user travels away from the main tower. Smaller support towers outside the kingdoms help, but are often under attack by Grimm. Ozpin mostly sees the benefits of the system: digital transmission between kingdoms is possible through devices found in homes and CCT centers, and the progression of mankind is advanced by this. He also notes the one shortcoming of the system: if one of the main towers is taken offline, the entire network fails with it, "an inconvenience during routine maintenance". Ozpin finds the limitations almost poetic: if the people of Remnant speak, they do so together ... or not at all.
WR8 4 "The Four Maidens" 7:02 January 23, 2016 (2016-01-23)

[Ozpin tells the tale of the Four Maidens.] For many years, an old wizard has lived alone in his home in the woods. One snowy day, he is surprised to see a young maiden outside his window, who introduces herself as Winter. She tells him that she is waiting for her sisters to arrive, closes her eyes and sits in silence. The wizard at first thinks she is a fool, but with time begins to wish to share the serenity. He closes his eyes and thinks upon the predicament with the maiden. When the wizard wakes, he sees another maiden joining Winter. She calls herself Spring and also tells him that she is waiting for her sisters. To show her gratitude for his reluctant hospitality, Spring begins to plant seeds in the ground, turning the pile of dirt that it was before into a beautiful garden. The wizard looks on for hours, but then hears the laughter of a third maiden, Summer, who tells him she is waiting for her sister. She finds his insistence on staying indoors funny, and convinces him to step outside his door and embrace the world around him. The wizard now feels much better. Together, the wizard and the three maidens prepare a feast. Suddenly, the fourth and eldest sister, Fall, arrives. The wizard invites her to join them, but unlike the others, she asks for his name. He answers that he has lived here for centuries, that his story is not very interesting, and that he has nothing to love or to his name. Fall, however, tells him that he has everything, and the wizard realizes that he does have everything he ever needed, thanks to the sisters. He then asks the sisters why it was him they decided to help. The sisters are confused, before Fall replies it is because they are able to, and that they would do this for anyone. The wizard had never known such kindness, and, in return, he summons all of his magic and bestows it upon the four sisters. The maidens are now armed with the elements, the very powers of nature, and the wizard's unimaginable magic. They promise to carry on with their journey and use their gifts to aid others, like they did with him. The sisters leave one by one, but all of them make a final promise: to return each and every year to visit their dear friend, the wizard.

(Note: The story of the Four Maidens was also told by Pyrrha Nikos in Vol. 3, Ch. 6. However, her version, based on the fairytale she heard as a kid, was much shorter and had less detail than Ozpin's version of the story.)

Volume 4[edit]

No. in
Title Length Original air date
WR9 1 "Vale" 2:23 October 17, 2016 (2016-10-17)
Qrow Branwen introduces the audience to the world of Remnant, while the settlements of mankind are shown on the world map. He acknowledges the rise and fall of many small towns, and mentions that the Faunus hold the island continent of Menagerie. But the four kingdoms, Vale, Vacuo, Atlas, and Mistral, are the "sweet spots" to live in - at least according to Qrow. He then talks about Vale in more detail. Vale is located on the northeastern end of the largest continent, Sanus, and protected by strong natural barriers. Steep mountains in the east and shallow waters on the northwestern coast eliminate many threats, such as Grimm, and make Vale very well guarded. The kingdom consists of the main city, which it is named after, a few neighboring cities along the northwest coastline, and the small island of Patch, right across from the capital. Qrow mentions that Patch is a nice place to raise a family, indirectly referring to Ruby and Yang growing up there. Although Vale is mostly safe, any attempts to extend the kingdom past the mountains have been colossal failures, for example the Mountain Glenn project. To Qrow, Vale is "not half bad", because a regular climate, natural barriers and serious border defence enable its citizens to live their lives, instead of fighting for survival. Qrow finishes by stating that Vale has known a relative time of peace, but that after the fall of Beacon Academy, its citizens have become worried, as they should be.
WR10 2 "Mistral" 2:20 October 18, 2016 (2016-10-18)
Qrow continues his lesson by talking about the kingdom of Mistral. He explains that the landmass to the east of Sanus is the second largest continent of Remnant, Anima, on which Mistral is located. Mistral has the most controlled territory of any kingdom, thus also a wide variety of ecosystems and lifesyles. The kingdom's high society is known for fashion, architecture, and theater. The lower class "has a fame of its own": the biggest black market in Remnant is found in Mistral, a place where one can also hire thieves, assassins, and thugs. However, all inhabitants of Mistral have one thing in common: their respect for nature, especially the sea and sky. Qrow states that natural resources and geography have had an impact on Mistral's culture and technology: the first settlers found shelter in the wind-carved cliffs, from where they expanded out into the land, utilizing it to its full potential. A huge problem for the government of Mistral is the kingdom's sheer size, and a lot of traitors and thieves hide here. While the capital is mostly under control, other cities like Windpath and Kuchinashi are harder to govern because they are farther away. Qrow concludes that there are a lot of places to hide, and that one has to know where to look to find certain people.
WR11 3 "Atlas" 3:12 October 19, 2016 (2016-10-19)
Qrow turns his attention to the "fine people at the top of the world", indicating that he has no high opinion of them. The kingdom of Atlas is the youngest and arguably most successful of the four. Before the "Great War", the kingdom was known as Mantle. It was founded by settlers who, for unknown reasons, "were crazy enough" to travel to the cold northernmost continent, Solitas. The harsh and cold climate, along with the large mountains, protected the people from the Grimm, but also prevented their cities from flourishing. The settlers had to adapt to survive, and did exactly that by developing more advanced technology faster than the rest of the world. However, according to Qrow, it was the "Great War" that helped the kingdom really flourish. New forms of Dust application and weaponry allowed Mantle to expand, which meant more territory for Dust mining and research. The territory besides the kingdom's combat school, Alsius, was the most opportune to construct a new R&D facility. After the War, the school's name was changed to Atlas, and it began to house many warriors now seeking guidance. New Dust techniques and technologies were used to beef up the campus, the school grounds expanded fast, and Atlas also helped secure the surrounding areas. In time, the military, labs, research facilities, and even residential areas also moved to Atlas. The new city began to outgrow Mantle, and the decision was made to move the kingdom's capital, thus creating the kingdom of Atlas. Qrow ironically states that some people call this "a golden age of prosperity", before pointing out that to the people left in Mantle, it was "the coldest winter they ever knew."
WR12 4 "Vacuo" 2:58 October 20, 2016 (2016-10-20)
Qrow starts off by saying that if there is a kingdom that had it harder than the people of Mantle, it would be Vacuo. Located at the western end of Sanus, Vacuo once was "a paradise", before men ruined everything and created a barren and desolate wasteland. In the center of the surrounding deserts, there was once an "oasis", a jungle bursting with natural resources, geographical defenses, and the world's largest deposit of Dust. Nomads who survived the journey settled there, and Vacuo began to thrive. However, as Qrow explains, the rest of the world had to adapt to survive, while Vacuo's society lived a life of complacency. Because of this, the kingdom couldn't stop the others when they set their eyes on Vacuo's resources. Years of conflict, unrestricted mining, and ecological desasters changed the "paradise". Now, according to Qrow, there isn't much difference to the surrounding desert. Citizens live in makeshift homes, and have to travel frequently in response to the fleeting resources or occasional Grimm attacks. A formal government was established after the "Great War", but the citizens of Vacuo don't really care for its laws. Thus, Shade Academy is considered the only real source of order in the kingdom. However, Vacuo still exists, and its citizens have a mutual respect for one another, as they all follow one unspoken rule: "If you can survive here, then you're welcome here." Qrow concludes by remembering that Ozpin would always say that the four kingdoms are a representation of what mankind is capable of when working together. He laments that "we could really use" the Beacon headmaster now.
WR13 5 "Between Kingdoms" 3:18 November 12, 2016 (2016-11-12T20)
Qrow explains that the areas between the "large cities" of the kingdoms are mostly populated by Grimm. However, trained Huntsmen and Huntresses should be fine on the road, as long as they don't encounter large packs. In addition to Grimm, there are also small villages and towns throughout the land, inhabited by people who have a problem with the kingdoms. Qrow muses that these people either don't want to deal with life in the kingdoms, are upset with how the kingdoms are governed, or simply prefer this lifestyle. If a town is founded by "smart" people, it can survive the same way the kingdoms do: natural barriers and strong defenses. Because of frequent Grimm attacks, most towns without proper defense are eradicated after about a year. Another problem for these settlements are wandering bandits - groups of usually skilled fighters, who often prey on convoys sending goods between kingdoms. These tribes also have a tendency to attack, raid and burn down a town when it is at its weakest. Qrow shows his disdain for the bandits, before continuing to explain that bandit and Grimm attacks often occur directly after each other. If townsfolk are still alive after a bandit attack, the strong negative emotions caused by the fight and destruction attract Grimm. The other way around, raiders might appear directly after a town survived a Grimm attack. Grimm are also the reason why bandits never stay in a raided town for long, as the creatures would be interested in them as well. Qrow states that besides these small towns, the areas between kingdoms depend on the continent. In the present day, almost every area of Remnant has been mapped, but there are some areas from where nobody has returned alive. Qrow concludes by mentioning that "she" is also somewhere out there.
WR14 6 "Faunus" 4:40 November 26, 2016 (2016-11-26T20)
Qrow turns his attention to the third important species in Remnant besides humans and Grimm, the Faunus. Faunus are humanoid, but each of them has a single animalistic trait, for example cat ears or a lizard tail. Existing at least as long as mankind, the Faunus are genetically compatible with humans. If two Faunus with the same animal trait breed, they will have a Faunus child that shares this trait. If a Faunus breeds with a human, the child will be a Faunus with the same trait as the Faunus parent. If two Faunus of different species breed, then the animalistic trait of the child will be random. Human scientists don't know too much about Faunus, but, as Qrow puts it, "getting along" is more important anyways. In ancient times, humans were afraid of the Faunus, either avoiding them, pushing them out of settlements, or even brutally hunting them down. Men began to outnumber the Faunus at some point, and the other species saw humanity as hostile. Fighting over land was common, but at the some point, in a village in Sanus, the two races united to defend their home against Grimm, their shared enemies. This event changed relationships between humans and Faunus, but many humans still exploited and alienated the Faunus, for example using them as labor force. The treatment differed throughout Remnant. A milestone, at least according to Qrow, was the "Great War", which was contested between the kingdoms of Vale and Vacuo on one side, and Mantle and Mistral on the other. After the war, the world was desperate to find compromises, and one of them involved the Faunus. They were awarded equal rights as citizens of Remnant, and were given the island continent of Menagerie. Qrow states that some people saw this as just, but in his opinion, it was "a slap in the face from a nation of sore losers". Faunus still live all over Remnant, but the promised fair treatment still varies in quality from place to place, with Menagerie acting as a safe haven. The situation is not without conflict, as Qrow concludes, because with the Faunus mostly packed together on Menagerie, they were able to get organised - and thus, the White Fang began to rise...
WR15 7 "Schnee Dust Company" 4:28 December 17, 2016 (2016-12-17T20)
Qrow starts off his lecture about the Schnee Dust Company with his own, very negative opinion. He then begins to explain how the Schnee Dust Company came to be, starting with a reminder that the world of Remnant almost entirely depends on Dust, making the crystallized substance extremely valuable. The SDC has a monopol on Dust products in the present day Remnant, but this wasn't always the case. Nicholas Schnee, son of a Dust miner, was born after the end of the "Great War". The kingdom of Mantle, later Atlas, was in a transformative period, and after using its own resources to advance in technology, became more dependent on other kingdoms for Dust supplies. Nicholas worked hard: he went to combat school, worked alongside his father in the Dust mines, and studied. After his father's death, Nicholas used his small inheritance to set out with an expedition, hoping to find a Dust deposit that could vitalize his kingdom. Nicholas was successful, and years later, the Schnee name meant something: quality, affordability, and trust. Nicholas expanded and personally oversaw every expedition, gaining the trust of his men, and earning the business of every kingdom in Remnant. However, Nicholas was forced into early retirement, as the family he had started missed him, and the years of working in Dust mines took a toll on his health. At this point, a man named Jacques Gelé married Nicholas's daughter, took on the Schnee name, and convinced Nicholas that he would be the right successor. Qrow's personal opinion about Jacques is very low, but he admits that he is a "cunning businessman". Under his leadership, the SDC became more profitable than ever and is dominating the industry, but only at the cost of the company's soul. Qrow mentions cheap labor, dangerous working conditions, destroying the competition, and company propaganda. Jacques Schnee, in Qrow's opinion, only cares about winning. He concludes that the name Schnee still means something, but what exactly it will mean in the future is uncertain...
WR16 8 "The Great War" 7:20 January 14, 2017 (2017-01-14T20)
Qrow talks about the Great War, which lasted around ten years, but was proceeded by a century full of tension. Most of it was caused by the kingdom of Mistral, which had conquered the continent of Anima. Mistral had an alliance with the kingdom of Mantle, based on the exchange of supplies and technology. An "incident" in Mantle led to a decree that abolished the arts and repressed self-expression, an attempt to keep the citizens' emotions under control and thus reduce Grimm attacks. Mistral, despite its strong artistic culture, partly complied when Mantle wanted to enforce the decree in other territories. The decree caused more conflict with the kingdom of Vale, adding fuel to other issues such as Mistral and Mantle's treatment of citizens, slavery, and insistance on enforcing their way of life on others. Mistral tried to expand by building settlements at the east coast of the continent of Sanus, clashing with settlers from Vale. The king of Vale tried to avoid conflict, but settlers on both sides eventually started a riot, which developed into the Great War. Mantle supported Mistral, and battles raged on in Anima and Sanus. Villages were left without their fighters and thus destroyed, while Grimm attacked all combatants, sometimes even forcing cease-fires so that the humans could kill the monsters. The kingdom of Vacuo was neutral at first. However, when Mantle and Mistral attempted to force its leaders to join their side, they drove their forces back and supported Vale, fearing what would happen if the other side was victorious. The war raged on worldwide, and only found an end with the "Vacuo campaign", Mistral and Mantle's attempt to take control of Vacuo's Dust mines and thus cut off supplies for their enemies. The king of Vale personally led the joined forces of Vale and Vacuo into battle, and he alone, only armed with crown, sword, and sceptre, decimated the enemy forces. This battle was the "deadliest battle of the war", costing many lives and creating the legend of the "Warrior King". In the end, everyone bowed to the king of Vale, but he refused to rule over the world and established the treaty of Vytal instead. Territories were redistributed, slavery was abolished, and governments restructured. The last king of Vale also founded the Huntsmen academies and gave his most trusted followers command over the schools, promising to teach mankind how to fight, but only if they fought for themselves, and not against each other. Qrow concludes by stating that "we haven't kept our end of the bargain".

RWBY Chibi[edit]

RWBY Chibi is a comedic spin-off series of RWBY, portraying its characters and world in a different art style than the main show. RWBY Chibi is not considered canon, as the segments and episodes do not seem to follow a specific time line, character traits are played up exaggeratedly, characters who died on RWBY are still alive, and some characters even break the fourth wall.

No. in
Title Length Original air date
RC1 1 "Episode 1" 3:37 May 7, 2016 (2016-05-07)
  • "Ruby Makes Cookies" - Ruby attempts to make cookies, but encounters difficulties at every step of the way, ending with her unable to get the cookie into a glass of milk.
  • "Party Games" - Weiss plays a game of pin the tail on the donkey, using herself and Myrtenaster to pin the tail.
  • "Ninjas of Love" - Ruby comes across and reads Blake's copy of Ninjas of Love, a raunchy novel. She later admonishes Blake for possessing this "filth" but refuses to return it.
  • "Weiss and Yang Training" - Weiss and Yang spar outside Beacon Academy. Yang tries to take out Weiss, but Ember Celica jams. When Weiss taunts her, Yang is still able to punch her away
RC2 2 "Episode 2" 3:10 May 14, 2016 (2016-05-14)
  • "Cat Burglar" - Team RWBY listens to a news report about a cat burglar. They immediately suspect Blake due to her being part cat. Blake acts offended by this profiling and quickly leaves, but not before stealing several items from the room and escaping on Yang's motorcycle, which she uses to flee the police.
  • "Ice Skating" - Weiss is seen ice skating before it is revealed that she actually froze a swimming pool with her teammates still in it.
  • "Jump Rope" - Blake and Yang use Gambol Shroud to play jump rope with Ruby, who sings a chant about Jaune falling over a candlestick. An injured Jaune appears, indignantly telling Blake to clean up after she's done reading.
  • "Yarn" - Yang offers Blake a ball of yarn to play with, but Blake is annoyed by this stereotyping. To the surprise of them both, Ruby suddenly bounds into the room and starts enthusiastically playing with the ball of yarn like a cat.
  • "Blake Vs. Zwei" - Zwei enters Team RWBY's empty dorm room and snoops around. After he leaves, Blake comes out of hiding and breathes a sigh of relief.
RC3 3 "Episode 3" 3:11 May 21, 2016 (2016-05-21)
  • "Jaune Calls Weiss" - Jaune repeatedly calls Weiss, asking her out on a date, but he receives no answer. He leaves increasingly desperate and angry voice messages on Weiss' Scroll. Suddenly, Weiss appears and politely greets him, completely unaware of his messages, revealing that she lost her Scroll earlier. At that moment, Blake appears, having found Weiss' Scroll. A panicked Jaune snatches it away and destroys it to prevent Weiss hearing his messages. He leaves in a hurry to Blake and Weiss' astonishment and exasperation.
  • "Reloading" - Ruby fires different types of Dust rounds from her weapon, Crescent Rose, with the help of Weiss. She fires ice and fire rounds before the recoil from a gravity Dust round sends her flying.
  • "Blake Tag" - Blake uses her Semblance to evade Yang in an unfair game of tag.
  • "Blake vs. Zwei - Part 2" - Zwei enters an empty dining room and snoops around. After he leaves, the freezer door opens, revealing a freezing Blake hiding inside.
RC4 4 "Episode 4" 3:03 May 28, 2016 (2016-05-28)
  • "Fighting Game" - Ruby and Yang play a fighting game on their Scrolls. Yang wins the fight, but when she is distracted by Zwei dragging Blake through the hallway, Ruby swipes her Scroll away before the next round. Yang is angered by this and literally catches on fire.
  • "Ice Sculpture" - Ruby is working on an ice sculpture. Weiss uses Myrtenaster and ice Dust to easily make a sculpture of a Beowolf, while Blake uses her semblance to effortlessly create an ice duplicate of herself. Ruby leaves, grumbling to herself.
  • "Present for Blake" - Feeling guilty for previously buying Blake cat toys, Yang buys Blake a tea set as a present, but Blake takes a greater interest in the box, and quickly sits in it like a cat.
  • "Marshmallows" - Yang tries to play her video game alone, but Weiss, Ruby and Blake annoy her by poking her with sticks. Yang gets angry, her rage causing her to catch fire again. Ruby, Blake and Weiss use the heat to cook marshmallows.
RC5 5 "Episode 5" 3:37 June 4, 2016 (2016-06-04)
  • "Costume Party" - Team RWBY have swapped outfits with their partners for a costume party, but Ruby and Jaune have both come dressed as Weiss Schnee. Jaune remarks, "Well, one of us is going to have to change!", and an unseen Nora comments to Jaune, "Lookin' hot!"
  • "Ear Cleaning" - Blake cleans both her ears and cat ears with cotton wads.
  • "Sissy Fight" - Ruby painstakingly makes a house of cards in her dorm, but Weiss knocks it over by slamming the door. In revenge, after Weiss finishes cleaning the kitchen, Ruby intentionally stomps in with muddy boots. Finally, Weiss confronts Ruby at the Beacon courtyard, and the pair have a dramatic Western-style stand-off. They draw their weapons and attack, but end up having an anticlimactic slap fight.
  • "Shadow People" - The members of Team RWBY encounter some silhouette people (background characters from Volume 1), including one that bears an uncanny resemblance to Ruby, and have a conversation about the weirdness of their presence.
RC6 6 "Episode 6" 3:20 June 11, 2016 (2016-06-11)
  • "The Vacuum" - After Weiss finishes vacuuming the dorm room, Zwei and Blake come out of hiding and commiserate on their shared fear of vacuums.
  • "Cape Trubs" - Ruby experiences trouble with her cape, including getting stuck in doors, Jaune walking over it with muddy shoes and accidentally hanging herself.
  • "Book Swap" - Blake finishes a book she's reading, and realizes the sequel that she wants to read is a load-bearing book from her bunk bed. After going through a dramatic swapping of the books without the beds collapsing, Ruby suddenly asks Blake if she can read the book Blake had finished, much to her horror.
  • "The Fourth Wall" - Team RWBY are chatting when Team JNPR shows up with Pyrrha. A shocked Ruby tries to point on what happened to Pyrrha in Volume 3, only for Nora to vehemently insist that "nothing bad ever happened", including looking at the audience. Ren then suggests that the group continue to do comedy segments, which Pyrrha happily agrees to.
RC7 7 "Episode 7" 3:11 June 18, 2016 (2016-06-18)
  • "Jaune Experiments" - Unsatisfied with his own weapon, Jaune takes Team RWBY's weapons for a spin.
  • "Prank Wars" - When her teammates prank her by dropping ice-cold water on her head, Weiss retaliates by dropping a bucket of solid ice on Ruby's head, knocking her out cold.
  • "Arcade Games" - Ren, Yang and Nora are thrown out of the arcade when they use their weapons at the shooting gallery and "Whack-A-Grimm", though Nora still gets a prize of a giant teddy bear.
RC8 8 "Episode 8" 3:42 June 25, 2016 (2016-06-25)
  • "Pickle Surprise" - Ruby tries to open a jar of pickles without much success. She eventually resorts to using Crescent Rose to cut the jar open, but it turns out the pickles' flavor is dill, which she hates.
  • "Tubby Tummy" - Dissatisfied with her figure, Yang starts a rigorous physical exercise regime to get into shape. However, Nora manages to keep in shape without any effort at all, to Yang's great annoyance.
  • "Magnetic Personality" - Pyrrha has trouble with her magnetic Semblance; first causing a bunch of metal kitchen appliances to fly at Nora when she surprises Pyrrha, then accidentally interfering with Jaune's compass when JNPR tries to go on a hiking trip. When Jaune offers Pyrrha to join the rest of the team in looking through old VHS tapes, she becomes reluctant, knowing what can happen.
  • "Going Down" - Team RWBY takes the elevator at Beacon Tower to the lowest level, the secret Vault. There, they encounter the janitor, Shopkeep.
RC9 9 "Episode 9" 3:39 July 2, 2016 (2016-07-02)
  • "Weiss Studying" - Ruby wants to do stuff with Weiss, but she's too busy studying to entertain her hyperactive partner. After several failed attempts to get Weiss' attention, Ruby eventually resorts to flopping around on her study desk like a fish, until she knocks herself senseless
  • "Ren Plays Tag" - Team JNPR plays a game of tag. When Ren becomes "it", he puts himself through a disciplined martial arts training regime for his comeback. With his preparations finally complete, he tags Nora, but she simply tags him back immediately.
RC10 10 "Episode 10" 4:21 July 9, 2016 (2016-07-09)
  • "Love Triangle" - Jaune asks Weiss if she would like to study with him for an upcoming exam, but she turns him down. Pyrrha then asks Jaune to study together, but he turns down her offer. Finally, Weiss approaches Pyrrha with the same question, but is also rejected. Ren looks on, lamenting that they all fail to see what's right in front of them. Nora, holding up a sign saying "NOTICE ME!", angrily agrees.
  • "Zwei Painting" - Ruby, Ren, Blake and Nora are painting Zwei as part of a painting contest judged by Weiss. Nora's painting is a crude fingerpainting rendition, Blake's portrays Zwei as a cat, and Ren's rendition is accurate and beautiful. However, Weiss fails to appreciate the artistic merit of Ruby's take, which has placed its focus firmly on Zwei's butt, but Ren seems to appreciate Ruby's vision.
  • "Makeover" - Ren allows Nora to give him a complete makeover, but when she has finished, Ren looks exactly the same. Unbeknownst to him, Nora has actually shaved the letters "R+N" into his hair. As they exit the room, Nora turns around and winks at the camera.
RC11 11 "Episode 11" 5:09 July 16, 2016 (2016-07-16)
  • "Ren Makes Pancakes" - Ren makes pancakes, but they keep disappearing. Using the pancakes as bait, he sets up a trap and catches Nora.
  • "Jaune ASMR" - Jaune tries to create an ASMR video.
  • "Nurse Ruby" - Weiss is sick and asks Ruby to get her medicine. Ruby instead gets her home remedies like her dad used to, including a warm glass of whole milk, video games and a motivational poster of Blake in the "Hang in there, Baby" pose. When Yang finds out Weiss is sick, she also runs to get her more milk.
RC12 12 "Episode 12" 6:03 July 23, 2016 (2016-07-23)
  • "Littering" - Sun and Neptune impersonate police detectives and frame Jaune for littering, before proceeding to violently put him under "lockdown".
  • "Little Red Riding Hood" - Narrated by Ozpin, Team RWBY puts on a warped stage production of Little Red Riding Hood for Team JNPR. Ruby plays Little Red Riding Hood, Yang plays her grandmother, Blake plays the Big Bad Wolf (because she's half-animal) and Weiss plays the axe-brandishing woodsman, with Zwei acting as stage hand. The production is plagued by Yang's attention-hogging acting, Blake and Weiss' lack of enthusiasm, and Ruby's awful writing. The play ends when Ozpin realizes that they should actually all be in class.
RC13 13 "Episode 13" 3:27 July 30, 2016 (2016-07-30)
  • "Spin the Bottle" - Team JNPR, Weiss and Neptune play spin the bottle. When Jaune spins, it almost lands on Pyrrha and then Weiss, but eventually settles on Ren. Ren pauses before stoically taking a breath spray and turning to Jaune.
  • "Blake vs Zwei Pt 3" - Blake meticulously searches the dorm room for any signs of Zwei. Satisfied that the room is clear of canines, she lies down on her bed for a nap, only to discover that Zwei has taken the place of her pillow.
  • "Nora Workout" - Nora puts Yang, Blake and Ruby through an intense workout regime, but none of the three can keep up with her. The rest of Team JNPR turn up, all of them grievously injured from living with Nora.
RC14 14 "Episode 14" 4:31 August 6, 2016 (2016-08-06)
  • "Tired Blake" - An exhausted Blake collapses on the floor after a tough exam. To her annoyance, Zwei attempts to comfort her with "unauthorized snuggles". When Zwei finally starts to leave in disappointment, Blake suddenly pulls him back to let him continue snuggling with her, though threatens to shave Zwei's butt if he tells anyone.
  • "Big Vacation" - Weiss is at the airport alone, about to depart on a beach holiday, when Ruby comes, telling her that, as BFF's, Ruby can just join if she wants. Weiss initially agrees, then sees Sun, Jaune, Yang, Black, Nora, and Ren dragging a panicked Neptune behind him, rush by. Ruby then meekly admits to telling them about the trip.
  • "Junior Detectives: Bad Cop" - Nora is interrogated by junior detectives Sun and Neptune in connection to the case of the missing pancakes (from Episode 11). Neptune tries to play the "bad cop", but Nora easily manipulates him into confessing to the crime instead.
RC15 15 "Episode 15" 4:38 August 13, 2016 (2016-08-13)
  • "Bad Boy Jaune" - Jaune tries to be a "bad boy" and steals Yang's motorbike with Zwei, taking it on a stationary joy ride. An annoyed Yang kicks Jaune off and reclaims her bike. Zwei abandons him when Ruby shows up.
  • "Neptune's Phobia" - Neptune's crippling phobia of water extends to small puddles, rain and showers. When Neptune covers for Sun as a pool life guard, Jaune falls into the pool and drowns while Neptune pretends not to notice.
  • "Nora's Gift" - Ren receives a gift from a "secret admirer" (Nora). Ren refuses to open the present, reasoning that it is either a trap from an enemy or a prank set up by Nora. Meanwhile, Pyrrha hears unsettling growling sounds coming from the gift, causing Nora to realize to her horror that she forgot to put in airholes.
RC16 16 "Episode 16" 4:23 August 20, 2016 (2016-08-20)
  • "Bike Race" - In a street race refereed by Blake, Yang rides her motorcycle and Ruby rides in a cart pulled by Zwei. Both sisters make fun of Weiss when she joins on a pink tricycle. However, just before the race begins, Weiss freezes both Yang and Ruby's vehicles with Myrtenaster and pedals off to victory.
  • "Stand Up Yang" - Yang's pun-filled stand-up routine does not receive a warm reception. Sun upstages her with his heckling, while Yang gets dumped down a trapdoor.
  • "Jaune Ennui" - Ruby inexplicably walks in with a Beowolf stuck to her cape after a long day filled with adventure, excitement and many hijinks. Jaune laments that he feels like a "supporting character" to Blake, who obliviously confuses him with Sun.
RC17 17 "Episode 17" 4:48 August 27, 2016 (2016-08-27)
  • "Bathroom Break" - Jaune urgently needs to use the bathroom, which is occupied by Ren. Jaune writhes in discomfort, but tries to play it off as a new fighting technique when Pyrrha walks by. Nora and Sun both jump in and use the bathroom before Jaune has a chance, causing him to lose control in his pants. Jaune gingerly and awkwardly slinks away from Pyrrha, muttering about laundry.
  • "Save Nora!" - Nora feigns being attacked by a Beowolf, hoping to be saved by Ren, but she keeps getting rescued by other people (first Sun, then Yang). Ren eventually comes across Nora tormenting an unfortunate Beowolf and amusedly comments that she never ceases to amaze him. Nora takes this as a compliment and enthusiastically hugs the Beowolf, "breaking" it.
  • "Upgrade Time" - Junior Detectives Sun and Neptune have had little luck catching criminals recently. They decide to get an "upgrade" and buy a load of equipment, including helmets, riot shields and police motorcycles. When Emerald and Mercury steal their bikes, Sun and Neptune desperately try to give chase, but are hopelessly weighed down by all their gear.
RC18 18 "Episode 18" 5:21 September 3, 2016 (2016-09-03)
  • "The Return of the Pickles" - Once again, Ruby struggles to open a jar of pickles. Sun offers his help, but fares no better. He suggests asking Yang for help, but Ruby tells him never to ask Yang for help with jars. However, at that moment Yang bursts into the kitchen. Yang's jar opening methods turn out to be needlessly violent and destructive.
  • "Evil Plans" - Cinder and Emerald openly draw up their "Ultimate Evil Plans" on a whiteboard in their dorm room. When they are paid an unexpected visit by the overly friendly pair of Ruby and Nora, they successfully play off their evil scheming as a recipe for cake for a kitten charity, despite Mercury at one point walking in with a "Kitten Killer 9000" rocket launcher.
  • "Butler of Cakes" - When Ruby tries to bake a cake, the privileged Weiss asks her why she doesn't simply have her "cake butler" bring her one. Ruby leaves Weiss alone in the kitchen for 5 minutes, only to find the whole kitchen on fire when she returns. When Ruby asks Weiss to help clean up the mess she created, Weiss asks her what "cleaning up" is. Ruby sarcastically tells her to ask her cake butler after spraying her with a fire extinguisher and leaves.
RC19 19 "Episode 19" 3:34 September 10, 2016 (2016-09-10)
  • "Life of Zwei" - Ruby sees Zwei soundly asleep and says that she would love the "easy life" of a dog. Unbeknownst to her, Zwei's action-packed day actually includes saving Jaune from Beowolves, defusing bombs for Ren, finding Weiss' lost pendant and foiling the nefarious plans of Cinder.
  • "Pillow Fight" - Sun, Neptune and Ren rejoice when they find out that Team RWBY are having a pillow fight. However, they are disappointed by the melodramatic performance, complete with hammy death scenes. The three boys decide to have a dainty pillow fight of their own. Ruby disapprovingly calls them all amateurs.
RC20 20 "Episode 20" 4:36 September 17, 2016 (2016-09-17)
  • "Double Trouble" - Ruby, Jaune and Weiss meet up with an apparently silent Blake that has a flat stare. They all presume it's her, but it turns out to be an inert copy, and when Blake comes to claim it, she's left confused when Ruby, Jaune, and Weiss all continue their conversations with her from before.
  • "Zwei vs. Beowolf" - While out for a walk, Zwei and a Beowolf get into a fight, embarrassing their respective owners, Ruby and Cinder.
  • "Roman's Revenge" - Roman and Neo get ready to have their revenge on Team RWBY, but their evil plan is foiled by Zwei.
RC21 21 "Episode 21" 3:32 September 24, 2016 (2016-09-24)
  • "Friend Forever" - Ruby tells Weiss she got them friendship bracelets, but then locks them both in handcuffs.
  • "Letter to Winter" - Weiss writes a letter to Winter about the formation of Team RWBY, but has trouble coming up with anything positive to say about her eccentric team leader, Ruby.
  • "Checkmate" - Ruby and Yang play chess. When Ruby declares "Checkmate", Weiss and Blake burst into the room with their weapons at the ready, confusing it with the code name for their team attack.
  • "Cinder Who?" - Ruby forgets Cinder's last name, leading to a number of visual puns, including Cinder "Mall" (Cinder shops for casual clothes at a mall), Cinder "Falls" (Cinder falls down a flight of stairs as Mercury laughs), Cinder "Doll" (Mercury and Emerald play with a sock puppet of Cinder), Cinder "Stalls" (Cinder tries to stall Junior Detectives Sun and Neptune while the rest of her team hides her evil plans), Cinder "Lols" (Cinder laughs at Mercury and Emerald falling down the stairs) and Cinder "Bawls" (Cinder cries openly as world peace is achieved and everyone frolics about happily).

Note: The skits in this episode are all based on fan comics.

RC22 22 "Episode 22" 4:10 October 1, 2016 (2016-10-01)
  • "Game Night" - Jaune brings a board game called Compost King to entertain his teammates, but they refuse to follow the boring rules, and instead make up their own.
  • "Security Woes" - At an airport, Cinder and Emerald get through security without an issue, but Mercury gets held up at the metal detectors and x-ray machine due to his prosthetic legs.
  • "Floor is Lava" - Ruby steadfastly claims that the floor is lava. Her teammates reluctantly play along, with Weiss using her semblance and Yang launching herself with the Ember Celica, but Roman refuses to humor her. He immediately melts into the floor, to the surprise of everyone but Ruby, who simply says that she warned Roman.
RC23 23 "Episode 23" 4:49 October 8, 2016 (2016-10-08)
  • "The Great Dust Robbery" - Neptune's "crime senses" are tingling. While Neptune and Sun obliviously try to divine what crime is occurring, Roman and Neo hold up and rob a Dust store right next to them.
  • "Dance Practice" - Pyrrha and Yang talk about the "spontaneous" synchronized dance Team JNPR performed at the Beacon Dance. Pyrrha privately remembers the grueling preparations the team actually went through in order to perfect their routine.
  • "A Slip Through Time and Space" - Ruby makes Nora a cup of coffee, but Ren warns her too late that Nora has too much energy and isn't allowed any more caffeine. Nora falls to the floor and slides through multiple different parallel universes where characters are swapped and things are slightly different, to finally a scene where Nora's voice actress finishes a recording session. When Nora finally regains consciousness, she finds herself stuck in a universe where Ren talks with Ruby's voice and Zwei talks with Jaune's.
RC24 24 "Episode 24" 5:54 October 15, 2016 (2016-10-15)
  • "The One with a Laugh Track" - Weiss gets annoyed at Ruby for playing with a paddle ball in the dorm while she's trying to study. Yang spies on the boys showers, but ends up "blinded" when Professor Port enters instead. Jaune asks Weiss out to the dance, but is predictably turned down. The episode then pauses for a commercial break, where Pyrrha (very reluctantly) advertises Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes, followed by Roman and Neo advertising Neo's Neo, an ice cream flavor (which contains poison). When the show resumes, Sun successfully asks Blake out to the dance, but he ends up dragged away by a jealous Neptune. Nora and the rest of Team JNPR then burst in with a huge pile of pancakes. The episode ends with Ruby thanking the studio audience (which, along with the crew, consists of shadow people) for attending and promises to return next season.

Note: The skit plays out as if it were a sitcom filmed in front of a live studio audience, with a laughter track and audience reactions. The episode's title is a reference to the titles of the episodes in Friends, and the intro music to the sitcom scenes is done in the music style used in Seinfeld.


Rooster Teeth released the first volume on video following its conclusion.[1] Hanabee Entertainment announced that they would be handling the Australian release.[12] A local Japanese dub is being developed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Japan with plans for release on Blu-ray and DVD in 2015.[13] On February 1, 2015, Rooster Teeth announced volumes 1 and 2 of RWBY were available for streaming on Netflix.[14]


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