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The X Factor is a British television music competition that first aired in 2004. As of December 2017, there have been fourteen completed series. The final round of the competition features a number of solo singers or vocal groups: nine in series 1, twelve in series 2-6 and 10, 16 in series 7, 8, 11 14, and 15, and 13 in series 9, 12 and 13. A total of 184 acts have reached the finals of their series.

During the first three series, the finalists were split into three groups: "16-24s", "25-and-overs" (renamed "over 25s" in series 2, though still often referred to as "25-and-overs" in series 2 and 3) and "groups". Each set of contestants was mentored by one of the show's judges, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh. From series 4 onwards, the 16-24s were subdivided into girls and boys categories as a fourth judge, Dannii Minogue, joined the show. Following Osbourne's exit from the show after series 4, Cheryl replaced her. In series 7, the over 25s were changed to over 28s, before being changed back for series 8. Also in series 8, Cowell, Minogue and Cheryl all left the show, leaving Walsh as the only judge to return from the previous year. He was joined on the panel by Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland and Tulisa. For series 9, Rowland left the show and Nicole Scherzinger joined the panel as her replacement. The over 25s were changed to over 28s again in series 9, and then back to over 25s in series 10. Osbourne also returned to the panel in series 10, replacing Tulisa. Cowell and Cheryl returned for series 11, replacing Barlow and Osbourne. Mel B joined the panel in series 11, replacing Scherzinger. Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw joined the panel in series 12, replacing Mel B and Walsh. Walsh, Scherzinger and Osbourne returned to the panel in series 13, replacing Grimshaw, Ora and Cheryl. Only Cowell returned to the panel for series 15, where was he was joined by Robbie Williams, Ayda Field and Louis Tomlinson, who replaced Walsh, Osbourne and Scherzinger, respectively.

As of series 14, all five categories have won the show on at least one occasion, while seven of the show's nine judges have had the winning act in their category at least once, with Cowell winning four times, Cheryl, Minogue and Scherzinger winning twice, and Walsh, Tulisa, Osbourne, Ora and Tomlinson winning once. The only judges not to win were Rowland, Barlow, Mel B, Grimshaw, Field and Williams, with Field and Williams' best performance being sixth place and fourth place respectively in 2018 (their only series), Rowland, Mel B and Grimshaw's best performance being third place in 2011, 2014 and 2015 respectively (their only series) and Barlow placing second in 2011 (the first of his three years on the panel). Osbourne failed to win the show in her initial stint, but won on her return in series 10.


     – Winner
     – Runner-up
     – Third place
Name Series Category Mentor Finished
2 Shoes 8 Groups Tulisa 14th (joint)
2 to Go 1 Groups Louis Walsh 7th
4Sure 3 Groups 11th
4th Impact 12 Groups Cheryl 5th
4Tune 2 Groups Simon Cowell 11th
5 After Midnight 13 Groups Louis Walsh 3rd
Saara Aalto 13 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 2nd
Andy Abraham 2 Over 25s 2nd
Acacia & Aaliyah 15 Groups Robbie Williams 4th
Addictiv Ladies 2 Groups Simon Cowell 12th
Rachel Adedeji 6 Girls Dannii Minogue 9th
John Adeleye 7 Over 28s Louis Walsh 12th
Paul Akister 11 Boys Mel B 9th
Shan Ako 15 Girls Simon Cowell 7th
Alien Uncovered 12 Groups Cheryl 12th
Robert Allen 3 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 6th
Abi Alton 10 Girls Nicole Scherzinger 8th
Nikitta Angus 3 16-24s Simon Cowell 7th
Jamie Archer 6 Over 25s 7th
James Arthur 9 Boys Nicole Scherzinger 1st
Misha B 8 Girls Kelly Rowland 4th
Bad Lashes 5 Groups Louis Walsh 12th
Sam Bailey 10 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 1st
Hannah Barrett 10 Girls Nicole Scherzinger 6th
Belle Amie 7 Groups Simon Cowell 11th
Alisha Bennett 4 Girls Sharon Osbourne 7th
Sam Black 14 Boys Louis Walsh 10th
Blonde Electra 11 Groups 16th
Alisah Bonaobra 14 Girls Sharon Osbourne 11th
Bratavio 13 Groups Louis Walsh 12th
Sami Brookes 8 Over 25s 12th
Brooks Way 13 Groups 13th (withdrew)
Steve Brookstein 1 Over 25s Simon Cowell 1st
Kitty Brucknell 8 Over 25s Louis Walsh 7th
Scott Bruton 5 Boys Simon Cowell 10th
Bupsi 12 Overs 13th
Alexandra Burke 5 Girls Cheryl 1st
Mary Byrne 7 Over 28s Louis Walsh 5th
Relley C 13 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 10th
Tabby Callaghan 1 16-24s Sharon Osbourne 3rd
Sam Callahan 10 Boys Louis Walsh 7th
Matt Cardle 7 Boys Dannii Minogue 1st
Ché Chesterman 12 Boys Nick Grimshaw 3rd
Rylan Clark 9 Boys Nicole Scherzinger 5th
Frankie Cocozza 8 Boys Gary Barlow 8th (removed)
Treyc Cohen 7 Girls Cheryl 10th
Marcus Collins 8 Boys Gary Barlow 2nd
Craig Colton 8 Boys Gary Barlow 6th
Cassie Compton 1 16-24s Sharon Osbourne 5th
The Conway Sisters 2 Groups Simon Cowell 6th
The Cutkelvins 14 Groups 5th
Lloyd Daniels 6 Boys Cheryl 5th
Grace Davies 14 Girls Sharon Osbourne 2nd
Daniel de Bourg 4 Over 25s Louis Walsh 11th
Talia Dean 14 Overs Nicole Scherzinger 15th
Janet Devlin 8 Girls Kelly Rowland 5th
District3 9 Groups Louis Walsh 7th
Diva Fever 7 Groups Simon Cowell 13th
Nicholas Dorsett 2 16-24s Louis Walsh 7th
Jahméne Douglas 9 Boys Nicole Scherzinger 2nd
Austin Drage 5 Boys Simon Cowell 9th
Fleur East 11 Over 25s Simon Cowell 2nd
Brenda Edwards 2 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 4th
Jade Ellis 9 Girls Tulisa 10th
Eton Road 3 Groups Louis Walsh 5th
Daniel Evans 5 Over 25s Dannii Minogue 7th
Niki Evans 4 Over 25s Louis Walsh 4th
Andrea Faustini 11 Boys Mel B 3rd
Rebecca Ferguson 7 Girls Cheryl 2nd
Nicolo Festa 7 Boys Dannii Minogue 16th
Tamera Foster 10 Girls Nicole Scherzinger 5th
Four of Diamonds 13 Groups Louis Walsh 8th
Luke Friend 10 Boys Louis Walsh 3rd
Futureproof 4 Groups Simon Cowell 9th
F.Y.D. 7 Groups 15th
Honey G 13 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 5th
G4 1 Groups Louis Walsh 2nd
Girlband 5 Groups Louis Walsh 11th
Aiden Grimshaw 7 Boys Dannii Minogue 9th
Sophie Habibis 8 Girls Kelly Rowland 11th
Ben Haenow 11 Over 25s Simon Cowell 1st
Dalton Harris 15 Boys Louis Tomlinson 1st
Ella Henderson 9 Girls Tulisa 6th
Hope 4 Groups Simon Cowell 5th
Roberta Howett 1 16-24s Sharon Osbourne 9th
Rachel Hylton 5 Over 25s Dannii Minogue 6th
Jack & Joel 14 Groups Simon Cowell 12th
Leon Jackson 4 Boys Dannii Minogue 1st
Jay James 11 Over 25s Simon Cowell 8th
Chloe Jasmine 11 Girls Cheryl 13th
Tracy Leanne Jefford 14 Overs Nicole Scherzinger 13th
JLS 5 Groups Louis Walsh 2nd
John & Edward 6 Groups Louis Walsh 6th
Danyl Johnson 6 Over 25s Simon Cowell 4th
Louisa Johnson 12 Girls Rita Ora 1st
Lucie Jones 6 Girls Dannii Minogue 8th
Journey South 2 Groups Simon Cowell 3rd
Kandy Rain 6 Groups Louis Walsh 12th
Verity Keays 1 Over 25s Simon Cowell 8th
Jonjo Kerr 8 Over 25s Louis Walsh 14th (joint)
Kingsland Road 10 Groups Gary Barlow 9th
Sam Lavery 13 Girls Simon Cowell 7th
Ryan Lawrie 13 Boys Nicole Scherzinger 6th
Maria Lawson 2 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 8th
Scarlett Lee 15 Girls Simon Cowell 2nd
Storm Lee 7 Over 28s Louis Walsh 14th
Leona Lewis 3 16-24s Simon Cowell 1st
Amelia Lily 8 Girls Kelly Rowland 3rd
Matt Linnen 14 Overs Nicole Scherzinger 6th
Little Mix (née Rhythmix) 8 Groups Tulisa 1st
Cher Lloyd 7 Girls Cheryl 4th
LMA Choir 15 Groups Robbie Williams 13th
Rikki Loney 6 Boys Cheryl 11th
Ruth Lorenzo 5 Over 25s Dannii Minogue 5th
Gifty Louise 13 Girls Simon Cowell 9th
The MacDonald Brothers 3 Groups Louis Walsh 4th
Lloyd Macey 14 Boys 4th
Phillip Magee 2 16-24s 10th
Leon Mallett 14 Boys 14th
Christopher Maloney 9 Over 28s Gary Barlow 3rd
Armstrong Martins 15 Boys Louis Tomlinson 15th
Melanie Masson 9 Over 28s Gary Barlow 12th
Nicholas McDonald 10 Boys Louis Walsh 2nd
Joe McElderry 6 Boys Cheryl 1st
Kerry McGregor 3 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 9th
Ashley McKenzie 3 16-24s Simon Cowell 8th
James Michael 8 Boys Gary Barlow 14th (joint)
Monica Michael 12 Girls Rita Ora 8th
Emily Middlemas 13 Girls Simon Cowell 4th
Ben Mills 3 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 3rd
Miss Dynamix 10 Groups Gary Barlow 10th
Miss Frank 6 Groups Louis Walsh 10th
Misunderstood 15 Groups Robbie Williams 10th
Dionne Mitchell 3 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 10th
MK1 9 Groups Louis Walsh 11th
Seann Miley Moore 12 Boys Nick Grimshaw 10th
Brendan Murray 15 Boys Louis Tomlinson 5th
Lauren Murray 12 Girls Rita Ora 4th
Olly Murs 6 Over 25s Simon Cowell 2nd
Emily Nakanda 4 Girls Sharon Osbourne 10th (withdrew)
Stephanie Nala 11 Girls Cheryl 14th
Mason Noise 12 Boys Nick Grimshaw 7th
Nu Vibe 8 Groups Tulisa 13th
One Direction 7 Groups Simon Cowell 3rd
Only The Young 11 Groups Louis Walsh 7th
Overload Generation 11 Groups 15th
Freddy Parker 13 Boys Nicole Scherzinger 11th
Bella Penfold 15 Girls Simon Cowell 8th
Lauren Platt 11 Girls Cheryl 4th
Carolynne Poole 9 Over 28s Gary Barlow 13th
Jake Quickenden 11 Boys Mel B 12th
Eoghan Quigg 5 Boys Simon Cowell 3rd
Ray Quinn 3 16-24s Simon Cowell 2nd
Rak-Su 14 Groups Simon Cowell 1st
Reggie 'n' Bollie 12 Groups Cheryl 2nd
Paije Richardson 7 Boys Dannii Minogue 8th
The Risk 8 Groups Tulisa 10th
Stevi Ritchie 11 Over 25s Simon Cowell 6th
Rhydian Roberts 4 Boys Dannii Minogue 2nd
Janice Robinson 15 Overs Ayda Field 14th
Johnny Robinson 8 Over 25s Louis Walsh 9th
Rough Copy 10 Groups Gary Barlow 4th
Anthony Russell 15 Boys Louis Tomlinson 3rd
Same Difference 4 Groups Simon Cowell 3rd
Rowetta Satchell 1 Over 25s Simon Cowell 4th
Lola Saunders 11 Girls Cheryl 10th
Molly Scott 15 Girls Simon Cowell 11th
Sean & Conor Price 14 Groups 9th
Lorna Simpson 10 Over 25s Sharon Osbourne 12th
Chico Slimani 2 Over 25s 5th
Shelley Smith 10 Over 25s 11th
Stacey Solomon 6 Girls Dannii Minogue 3rd
Kye Sones 9 Over 28s Gary Barlow 8th
Kimberley Southwick 4 Girls Sharon Osbourne 12th
Giovanni Spano 15 Overs Ayda Field 9th
Lucy Spraggan 9 Girls Tulisa 9th (withdrew)
Anton Stephans 12 Overs Simon Cowell 6th
Stereo Kicks 11 Groups Louis Walsh 5th
Max Stone 12 Overs Simon Cowell 9th
Spencer Sutherland 14 Boys Louis Walsh 16th
Holly Tandy 14 Girls Sharon Osbourne 7th
Matt Terry 13 Boys Nicole Scherzinger 1st
Danny Tetley 15 Overs Ayda Field 6th
Beverley Trotman 4 Over 25s Louis Walsh 6th
The Unconventionals 3 Groups 12th
Union J 9 Groups 4th
United Vibe 15 Groups Robbie Williams 12th
Diana Vickers 5 Girls Cheryl 4th
Voices with Soul 1 Groups Louis Walsh 6th
Wagner 7 Over 28s 6th
Katie Waissel 7 Girls Cheryl 7th
Jack Walton 11 Boys Mel B 11th
Shayne Ward 2 16-24s Louis Walsh 1st
Kiera Weathers 12 Girls Rita Ora 11th
Kevin Davy White 14 Overs Nicole Scherzinger 3rd
Laura White 5 Girls Cheryl 8th
Andy Williams 4 Boys Dannii Minogue 8th
Rai-Elle Williams 14 Girls Sharon Osbourne 8th
Olatunji Yearwood 15 Overs Ayda Field 16th
Chenai Zinyuku 2 16-24s Louis Walsh 9th
  • On four occasions, contestants have left the show under different circumstances than regular elimination. In series 4, Emily Nakanda withdrew from the show. In series 8, Frankie Cocozza was removed from the show after breaking a "golden rule" of the show.[citation needed] In the ninth series, Lucy Spraggan withdrew in week 5 of the live shows due to illness, after not performing in week 4, and not having had a full rehearsal session for week 5.[1] Brooks Way withdrew from series 13 by mutual agreement after being absent from the first live show, due to events in the personal life of one of the band's members.[2]
  • Little Mix were originally known on the show as "Rhythmix" until they changed their name following pressure from a children's charity with the same name.[3]
  • In 2011, four contestants were eliminated from the show following the first live show by the judges, without facing a public vote, so should be listed as finishing joint 13th. However, following the removal of Cocozza several weeks later, the public were given the opportunity to vote for one of the four contestants to return.[4] With 48% of votes cast, Amelia Lily was reinstated to the show. As a result, 2 Shoes, Jonjo Kerr, and James Michael are classed as joint 14th with Lily going on to finish in third place.


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