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Chief of Engineers of the United States Army
Chief of Engineers Flag.png
Flag of the Chief of Engineers
Lieutenant General Todd T. Semonite.jpg
LTG Todd T. Semonite

since 19 May 2016
Department of the Army
Reports to Secretary of the Army
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)
Seat The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia, US
Appointer The President
with Senate advice and consent
Term length Four Years
Constituting instrument 10 U.S.C. § 3036
Formation April 1776
First holder LTC Rufus Putnam
Website Official Website

The Chief of Engineers is a principle Army staff officer at The Pentagon, the Chief advises the Army on engineering matters and serves as the Army's topographer and proponent for real estate and other related engineering programs. The Chief of Engineers is the senior service Engineer for the Department of Defense responsible for integrating all aspects of combat, general, and geospatial engineering across the Joint Force.

The Chief of Engineers also commands the US Army Corps of Engineers. As commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Chief of Engineers leads a major Army command that is the world's largest public engineering, design and construction management agency. This office defines policy and guidance and plans direction for the organizations within the Corps. The Chief of Engineers currently holds the rank of lieutenant general but in the past has been ranked as low as major.

Civilian oversight of the Chief of Engineers is provided by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works).

Chiefs of Engineers[edit]

Image Rank Name Begin Date End Date Notes
Colonel Gridley, RichardRichard Gridley 1775-06-01June 1775 1776-04-01April 1776 a[›]
Rufus Putnam Lieutenant colonel Putnam, RufusRufus Putnam 1776-04-02April 1776 1776-12-01December 1776 a[›]
Louis Lebègue Duportail Brigadier general Duportail, Louis LebègueLouis Lebègue Duportail 1777-07-22July 22, 1777 1783-10-10October, 10, 1783 a[›]
Lieutenant colonel Rochefontaine, StephenStephen Rochefontaine 1795-02-26February 26, 1795 1798-05-07May 7, 1798 a[›]
Henry Burbeck Major Burbeck, HenryHenry Burbeck 1798-05-07May 7, 1798 1802-04-01April 1, 1802 a[›]
Jonathan Williams Colonel Williams, JonathanJonathan Williams 1802-04-01April 1, 1802 1803-06-20June 20, 1803 a[›]
Jonathan Williams Colonel Williams, JonathanJonathan Williams 1805-04-19April 19, 1805 1812-07-31July 31, 1812 a[›]
Joseph Gardner Swift Colonel Swift, Joseph GardnerJoseph Gardner Swift 1812-07-31July 31, 1812 1818-11-12November 12, 1818 a[›]
Walker Keith Armistead Colonel Armistead, Walker KeithWalker Keith Armistead 1818-11-12November 12, 1818 1821-06-01June 1, 1821 a[›]
Alexander Macomb Colonel Macomb, AlexanderAlexander Macomb 1821-06-01June 1, 1821 1828-05-24May 24, 1828 a[›]
Charles Gratiot Colonel Gratiot, CharlesCharles Gratiot 1828-05-24May 24, 1828 1838-12-06December 6, 1838 a[›]
Joseph Gilbert Totten Colonel Totten, Joseph GilbertJoseph Gilbert Totten 1838-12-06December 6, 1838 1864-04-22April 22, 1864 a[›]
Richard Delafield Brigadier general Delafield, RichardRichard Delafield 1864-04-22April 22, 1864 1866-08-08August 8, 1866 a[›]
Andrew Atkinson Humphreys Brigadier general Humphreys, Andrew AtkinsonAndrew Atkinson Humphreys 1866-08-08August 8, 1866 1879-06-30June 30, 1879 a[›]
Horatio Wright Brigadier general Wright, Horatio GouverneurHoratio Gouverneur Wright 1879-06-30June 30, 1879 1884-03-06March 6, 1884 a[›]
John Newton Brigadier general Newton, JohnJohn Newton 1884-03-06March 6, 1884 1886-08-27August 27, 1886 a[›]
James Chatham Duane Brigadier general Duane, James ChathamJames Chatham Duane 1886-10-11October 11, 1886 1888-06-30June 30, 1888 a[›]
Thomas Lincoln Casey Brigadier general Casey, Thomas LincolnThomas Lincoln Casey 1888-07-06July 6, 1888 1895-05-10May 10, 1895 a[›]
William Price Craighill Brigadier general Craighill, William PriceWilliam Price Craighill 1895-05-10May 10, 1895 1897-02-01February 1, 1897 a[›]
John Moulder Wilson Brigadier general Wilson, John MoulderJohn Moulder Wilson 1897-02-01February 1, 1897 1901-04-30April 30, 1901 a[›]
Henry Martyn Robert Brigadier general Robert, Henry MartynHenry Martyn Robert 1901-04-30April 30, 1901 1901-05-02May 2, 1901 a[›]
John W. Barlow Brigadier general Barlow, John W.John W. Barlow 1901-05-02May 2, 1901 1901-05-03May 3, 1901 a[›]
George Lewis Gillespie, Jr. Brigadier general Gillespie, George Lewis Jr.George Lewis Gillespie, Jr. 1901-05-03May 3, 1901 1904-01-23January 23, 1904 a[›]
Alexander Mackenzie Brigadier general Mackenzie, AlexanderAlexander Mackenzie 1904-01-23January 23, 1904 1908-05-25May 25, 1908 a[›]
William Louis Marshall Brigadier general Marshall, William LouisWilliam Louis Marshall 1908-07-02July 2, 1908 1910-06-11June 11, 1910 a[›]
William Herbert Bixby Brigadier general Bixby, William HerbertWilliam Herbert Bixby 1910-06-12June 12, 1910 1913-08-11August 11, 1913 a[›]
William Trent Rossell Brigadier general Rossell, William TrentWilliam Trent Rossell 1913-08-12August 12, 1913 1913-10-11October 11, 1913 a[›]
Dan Christie Kingman Brigadier general Kingman, Dan ChristieDan Christie Kingman 1913-10-12October 12, 1913 1916-03-06March 6, 1916 a[›]
William Murray Black Major general Black, William MurrayWilliam Murray Black 1916-03-07March 7, 1916 1919-10-31October 31, 1919 a[›]
Lansing Hoskins Beach Major general Beach, Lansing HoskinsLansing Hoskins Beach 1920-02-10February 10, 1920 1924-06-18June 18, 1924 a[›]
Harry Taylor Major general Taylor, HarryHarry Taylor 1924-06-19June 19, 1924 1926-06-26June 26, 1926 a[›]
Edgar Jadwin Major general Jadwin, EdgarEdgar Jadwin 1926-06-27June 27, 1926 1929-08-07August 7, 1929 a[›]
Lytle Brown Major general Brown, LytleLytle Brown 1929-10-01October 1, 1929 1933-10-01October 1, 1933 a[›]
Edward Murphy Markham Major general Markham, Edward MurphyEdward Murphy Markham 1933-10-01October 1, 1933 1937-10-18October 18, 1937 a[›]
Julian Larcombe Schley Major general Schley, Julian LarcombeJulian Larcombe Schley 1937-10-18October 18, 1937 1941-10-01October 1, 1941 a[›]
Eugene Reybold Lieutenant general Reybold, EugeneEugene Reybold 1941-10-01October 1, 1941 1945-09-30September 30, 1945 a[›]
Lieutenant general Wheeler, Raymond AlbertRaymond Albert Wheeler 1945-10-04October 4, 1945 1949-02-28February 28, 1949 a[›]
Lewis A. Pick Lieutenant general Pick, Lewis A.Lewis A. Pick 1949-03-01March 1, 1949 1953-01-26January 26, 1953 a[›]
Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr. Lieutenant general Sturgis, Samuel D. Jr.Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr. 1953-03-17March 17, 1953 1956-09-30September 30, 1956 a[›]
Emerson C. Itschner Lieutenant general Itschner, Emerson C.Emerson C. Itschner 1956-10-01October 1, 1956 1961-03-27March 27, 1961 a[›]
Walter K. Wilson, Jr. Lieutenant general Wilson, Walter K. Jr.Walter K. Wilson, Jr. 1961-05-19May 19, 1961 1965-07-01July 1, 1965 a[›]
William F. Cassidy Lieutenant general Cassidy, William F.William F. Cassidy 1965-07-01July 1, 1965 1969-07-31July 31, 1969 a[›]
Frederick J. Clarke Lieutenant general Clarke, Frederick J.Frederick J. Clarke 1969-08-01August 1, 1969 1973-07-31July 31, 1973 a[›]
William C. Gribble, Jr. Lieutenant general Gribble, William C. Jr.William C. Gribble, Jr. 1973-08-01August 1, 1973 1976-06-30June 30, 1976 a[›]
John W. Morris Lieutenant general Morris, John W.John W. Morris 1976-07-01July 1, 1976 1980-09-30September 30, 1980 a[›]
Joseph K. Bratton Lieutenant general Bratton, Joseph K.Joseph K. Bratton 1980-10-01October 1, 1980 1984-09-14September 14, 1984 a[›]
Elvin R. Heiberg III Lieutenant general Heiberg, Elvin R. IIIElvin R. Heiberg III 1984-09-14September 14, 1984 1988-05-31May 31, 1988 a[›]
Henry J. Hatch Lieutenant general Hatch, Henry J.Henry J. Hatch 1988-06-17June 17, 1988 1992-06-04June 4, 1992 a[›]
Arthur E. Williams Lieutenant general Williams, Arthur E.Arthur E. Williams 1992-08-24August 24, 1992 1996-06-30June 30, 1996 a[›]
Joe Nathan Ballard Lieutenant general Ballard, Joe NathanJoe Nathan Ballard 1996-10-01October 1, 1996 2000-08-02August 2, 2000 a[›]
Robert B. Flowers Lieutenant general Flowers, Robert B.Robert B. Flowers 2000-10-23October 23, 2000 2004-07-01July 1, 2004 a[›]
Carl A. Strock Lieutenant general Strock, Carl A.Carl A. Strock 2004-07-01July 1, 2004 2007-05-17May 17, 2007 a[›]
Robert L. Van Antwerp, Jr. Lieutenant general Van Antwerp, Robert L. Jr.Robert L. Van Antwerp, Jr. 2007-05-17May 17, 2007 year-00-00June 17, 2011 a[›]
Merdith W.B. (Bo) Temple Major general Temple, Merdith W.BMerdith W.B. Temple 2011-06-17June 17, 2011 year-00-00May 22, 2012 a[›][1]
Thomas P. Bostick Lieutenant general Bostick, Thomas P.Thomas P. Bostick 2012-05-22May 22, 2012 2016-5-19May 19, 2016 a[›]
Todd T. Semonite Lieutenant general Semonite, Todd T.Todd T. Semonite 2016-05-19May 19, 2016 year-00-00present a[›]



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