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A comprehensive list of Werewolf: The Apocalypse books by White Wolf Publishing, including production code and ISBN.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse[edit]

Book Name White Wolf Product Number ISBN Number Date Published
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (1st Edition) WW3000 ISBN 1-56504-027-9 1991
Werewolf Screen (1st Edition) WW3001 ISBN 1-56504-035-X 1992
Rite of Passage WW3002 ISBN 1-56504-036-8 1992
Ways of the Wolf WW3050 ISBN 1-56504-044-9 1993
Tribebook: Black Furies (1st Edition) WW3051 ISBN 1-56504-093-7 1994
Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (1st Edition) WW3052 ISBN 1-56504-094-5 1994
Tribebook: Children of Gaia (1st Edition) WW3053 ISBN 1-56504-141-0 1994
Tribebook: Fianna (1st Edition) WW3054 ISBN 1-56504-325-1 1994
Tribebook: Get of Fenris (1st Edition) WW3055 ISBN 1-56504-326-X 1995
Tribebook: Glass Walkers (1st Edition) WW3056 ISBN 1-56504-327-8 1995
Tribebook: Red Talons (1st Edition) WW3057 ISBN 1-56504-328-6 1995
Tribebook: Shadow Lords (1st Edition) WW3058 ISBN 1-56504-329-4 1995
Tribebook: Silent Striders (1st Edition) WW3059 ISBN 1-56504-330-8 1996
Tribebook: Silver Fangs (1st Edition) WW3060 ISBN 1-56504-331-6 1997
Tribebook: Stargazers (1st Edition) WW3061 ISBN 1-56504-332-4 1997
Tribebook: Uktena (1st Edition) WW3062 ISBN 1-56504-333-2 1998
Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East WW3063 ISBN 1-56504-338-3 1998
Project Twilight WW3064 ISBN 1-56504-310-3 1995
Freak Legion: A Player's Guide to Fomori WW3066 ISBN 1-56504-350-2 1995
Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits WW3067 ISBN 1-56504-315-4 1996
Rage Across the World Volume 1 WW3069 ISBN 1-56504-319-7 1996
Rage Across the World Volume 2 WW3070 ISBN 1-56504-320-0 1996
Rage Across the World Volume 3 WW3071 ISBN 1-56504-324-3 1996
Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes WW3074 ISBN 1-56504-308-1 1997
Breedbook: Bastet WW3075 ISBN 1-56504-335-9 1997
Breedbook: Nuwisha WW3076 ISBN 1-56504-336-7 1997
Breedbook: Corax WW3077 ISBN 1-56504-337-5 1998
Tribebook: Wendigo (1st Edition) WW3078 ISBN 1-56504-334-0 1998
Breedbook: Gurahl WW3079 ISBN 1-56504-339-1 1998
Breedbook: Ratkin WW3080 ISBN 1-56504-342-1 1999
Breedbook: Mokolé WW3081 ISBN 1-56504-306-5 1999
Breedbook: Ananasi WW3082 ISBN 1-56504-359-6 2000
Breedbook: Rokea WW3083 ISBN 1-56504-364-2 2001
Breedbook: Nagah WW3084 ISBN 1-56504-348-0 2001
Rage Across New York WW3100 ISBN 1-56504-040-6 1992
Valkenburg Foundation WW3101 ISBN 1-56504-047-3 1993
Under a Blood Red Moon WW3102 ISBN 1-56504-049-X 1993
Dark Alliance: Vancouver WW3103 ISBN 1-56504-059-7 1993
Rage Across the Amazon WW3104 ISBN 1-56504-061-9 1993
Rage Across Russia WW3105 ISBN 1-56504-077-5 1993
Rage Across Australia WW3106 ISBN 1-56504-127-5 1994
Rage Across Appalachia WW3107 ISBN 1-56504-313-8 1995
Werewolf Players Guide (2nd Edition) WW3108 ISBN 1-56504-352-9 1998
Book of the Wyrm (2nd Edition) WW3109 ISBN 1-56504-356-1 1998
Rage Across the Heavens WW3110 ISBN 1-56504-309-X 1999
Umbra (Revised Edition) WW3111 ISBN 1-56504-361-8 2001
Croatan Song WW3112 ISBN 1-56504-388-X 2000
Book of the Wyld WW3113 ISBN 1-56504-367-7 2001
Rage Across Egypt WW3114 ISBN 1-58846-301-X 2001
Book of the Wyrm (1st Edition) WW3200 ISBN 1-56504-041-4 1993
Caerns: Places of Power WW3201 ISBN 1-56504-066-X 1993
Werewolf Players Guide (1st Edition) WW3202 ISBN 1-56504-057-0 1993
Monkeywrench: Pentex WW3203 ISBN 1-56504-060-0 1994
Werewolf Storytellers Handbook WW3205 ISBN 1-56504-131-3 1994
Werewolf Chronicles Volume 1 WW3207 ISBN 1-56504-321-9 1996
Werewolf Chronicles Volume 2 WW3208 ISBN 1-56504-322-7 1997
Book of the Weaver WW3209 ISBN 1-56504-311-1 1998
The Silver Record WW3210 ISBN 1-56504-307-3 1999
Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex WW3211 ISBN 1-56504-358-8 2000
Guardians of the Caerns WW3212 ISBN 1-56504-360-X 2000
A World of Rage WW3213 ISBN 1-56504-362-6 2000
Litany of the Tribes Volume 1 WW3380 ISBN 1-56504-302-2 1997
Litany of the Tribes Volume 2 WW3381 ISBN 1-56504-303-0 1998
Litany of the Tribes Volume 3 WW3382 ISBN 1-56504-304-9 1998
Litany of the Tribes Volume 4 WW3383 ISBN 1-56504-305-7 2000
Who’s Who Among Werewolves: Garou Saga WW3401 ISBN 1-56504-140-2 1994
Rage: Warriors of the Apocalypse WW3403 ISBN 1-56504-318-9 1996
Chronicle of the Black Labyrinth WW3404 ISBN 1-56504-314-6 1996
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (2nd Edition) WW3600 ISBN 1-56504-112-7 1994
Werewolf Screen (2nd Edition) WW3601 ISBN 1-56504-113-5 1994
Werewolf: The Wild West WW3700 ISBN 1-56504-340-5 1997
Frontier Secrets: Werewolf: The Wild West Screen and Book WW3701 ISBN 1-56504-341-3 1997
Ghost Towns WW3703 ISBN 1-56504-343-X 1998
Wild West Companion WW3704 ISBN 1-56504-344-8 1998
Tales from the Trails: Mexico WW3705 ISBN 1-56504-345-6 1998
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Revised Limited Edition) WW3799 ISBN 1-56504-366-9 2000
Werewolf: The Dark Ages WW3800 ISBN 1-56504-357-X 1999
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Revised Edition) WW3801 ISBN 1-56504-365-0 2000
Werewolf Storytellers Companion (Revised Edition) WW3802 ISBN 1-56504-323-5 2001
Art of Werewolf: The Apocalypse WW3803 ISBN 1-58846-302-8 2000
Werewolf Storytellers Handbook (Revised Edition) WW3804 ISBN 1-58846-304-4 2002
Players Guide to Garou WW3806 ISBN 1-58846-313-3 2003
Players Guide to the Changing Breeds WW3807 ISBN 1-58846-318-4 2003
Possessed: A Players Guide WW3810 ISBN 1-58846-307-9 2002
Umbra: The Velvet Shadow WW3204 ISBN 1-56504-076-7 2001
Book of the City WW3811 ISBN 1-58846-310-9 2002
Book of Auspices WW3812 ISBN 1-58846-315-X 2003
Hammer and Klaive WW3813 ISBN 1-58846-317-6 2003
Past Lives WW3814 ISBN 1-58846-319-2 2003
Tribebook: Black Furies (Revised Edition) WW3851 ISBN 1-56504-389-8 2001
Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised Edition) WW3852 ISBN 1-58846-300-1 2001
Tribebook: Children of Gaia (Revised Edition) WW3853 ISBN 1-58846-303-6 2002
Tribebook: Fianna (Revised Edition) WW3854 ISBN 1-58846-306-0 2002
Tribebook: Get of Fenris (Revised Edition) WW3855 ISBN 1-58846-312-5 2002
Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised Edition) WW3856 ISBN 1-58846-308-7 2002
Tribebook: Red Talons (Revised Edition) WW3857 ISBN 1-58846-309-5 2002
Tribebook: Shadow Lords (Revised Edition) WW3858 ISBN 1-58846-311-7 2002
Tribebook: Silent Striders (Revised Edition) WW3859 ISBN 1-58846-314-1 2003
Tribebook: Silver Fangs (Revised Edition) WW3860 ISBN 1-58846-316-8 2003
Tribebook: Stargazers (Revised Edition) WW3861 ISBN 1-58846-320-6 2003
Tribebook: Uktena (Revised Edition) WW3862 ISBN 1-58846-321-4 2003
Tribebook: Wendigo (Revised Edition) WW3863 ISBN 1-58846-322-2 2003
Wild West Poker Deck WW3938 ISBN 1-56504-349-9 1997
Apocalypse WW3999 ISBN 1-58846-323-0 2004
Dark Ages: Werewolf WW20005 ISBN 1-58846-284-6 2003
Shadow Lords
Shadow Lords Tribebook, role-playing supplement.jpg

Shadow Lords Tribebook is a supplement published by White Wolf Publishing in 1995 for the modern-day horror role-playing game Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Shadow Lords Tribebook, a softcover book written by Brian Campbell and illustrated by Andrew Bates, Mike Chaney, James Daly, Matthew Milberger, Steve Prescott, Alex Sheikman, and Dan Smith, is one of thirteen "Tribebooks"; each one describes one of the werewolf tribes.[1] This book details the history and culture of the tribe known as the Shadow Lords. In three chapters and three appendices, it explores their reputation and status around the world, their most famous members and game statistics for their unique abilities.[2]

  • Chapter 1: their history.
  • Chapter 2: tribal politics and their social order.
  • Chapter 3: their relationships and interactions with the other twelve tribes
  • Appendix A: peculiarities of the tribe
  • Appendix B: archetypes of characters within the tribe
  • Appendic C: notable persnalities who were members of this tribe, including Rasputin

The book includes a blank character sheet.[1] In the July 1996 edition of Arcane, Mark Barter gave this book a thumbs up and an above average rating of 8 our of 10 and saying, "Recommended for all referees who either have a Shadow Lord player in their group, or intend to bring the tribe into their games in some way, and especially for players of Shadow Lord characters."[2]

New Books within the Onyx Path[edit]

As of 2011 White Wolf Publishing started to publish new material for the cWoD. These books are available only as Print on Demand or limited-run deluxe editions, therefore they lack ISBN.

During GenCon 2012 it was announced that Onyx Path Publishing has the license to publish table-top RPG material for all classic World of Darkness lines. They will produce the titles previously announced by White Wolf.

Book Name White Wolf Product Number Date Published Notes
Werewolf Translation Guide - April 10, 2012 Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (20th Anniversary Edition) - March 6, 2013 Core Rulebook (abbreviated W20)
Since the Kickstarter ended exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Skinner - November 21, 2013 Adventure/Module - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Changing Breeds - November 21, 2013 Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Rage Across the World - December 30, 2013 Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Cookbook - January 16, 2014 Cookbook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Wyld West Expansion - June 27, 2014 Conversion Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 White Howlers Tribebook - November 5, 2014 Splatbook - Matches design of 1st Edition Tribebooks
Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Umbra: The Velvet Shadow - November 12, 2014 Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Book of the Wyrm - November 13, 2014 Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Art of Changing Breeds: A Visual Guide to the Fera - June 3, 2015 Art Book - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Storyteller Screen - March 23, 2016 Gamemaster's Screen - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Kinfolk: A Breed Apart - October 5, 2016 Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Shattered Dreams - November 16, 2016 Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Changing Ways - December 20, 2017 Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Pentex Employee Indoctrination Handbook - January 17, 2018 Sourcebook - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Art of Werewolf the Apocalypse - November 6, 2019 Art Book - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG
W20 Auspice Gift Cards - November 13, 2019 Gaming Aid - Exclusive at DriveThruRPG

Licensed Books[edit]

In 1993 Steve Jackson Games released Werewolf: the Apocalypse, among other classic World of Darkness lines, as a setting for GURPS. The softcover has 208 pages and ISBN 1-55634-276-4.[3]

Known Errors[edit]

Some copies of Rage Across the Amazon have ISBN 1-56504-041-4 which is the same as Book of the Wyrm (1st Edition).


Title Production Number ISBN Number
Breathe Deeply WW11300 ISBN 1-56504-881-4
Call To Battle: Book 1 in The Saga Of Jay No-Name WW11304 ISBN 1-56504-885-7
The Silver Crown WW11301 ISBN 1-56504-882-2
Werewolf Tribe Novel 1: Shadow Lords & Get of Fenris WW11150 ISBN 1-56504-855-5
Werewolf Tribe Novel 2: Silent Striders & Black Furies WW11151 ISBN 1-56504-883-0
Werewolf Tribe Novel 3: Red Talons & Fianna WW11152 ISBN 1-56504-884-9
Werewolf Tribe Novel 4: Bone Gnawers & Star Gazers WW11153 ISBN 1-56504-886-5
Werewolf Tribe Novel 5: Children of Gaia & Uktena WW11154 ISBN 1-58846-812-7
Werewolf Tribe Novel 6: Silver Fangs & Glass Walkers WW11155 ISBN 1-58846-813-5
Werewolf Tribe Novel 7: Black Spiral Dancers & Wendigo WW11156 ISBN 1-58846-822-4
The Last Battle WW11911 ISBN 1-58846-856-9

Note: Breathe Deeply and The Silver Crown were marketed under the Rage-Logo.
Note: Breathe Deeply makes use of the Amazonas setting, as detailed in the game supplement Rage across the Amazon (1993; ISBN 1-56504-061-9).
Note: Call to Battle was intended as first of a series about the main character (as written on the cover), but no follow-up was published. The book also makes use of material from the game line Mage: The Ascension.
Note: The Tribe Novel Series refers to the content of The Silver Crown, while The Last Battle refers to the content of the Tribe Novel Series. Many of the main characters in those novels are considered signature characters of the game line.

Novels published by HarperCollins[edit]

Werewolf: Conspicuous Consumption ISBN 0-06-105471-2
Werewolf: Hell-Storm, by James A. Moore ISBN 0-06-105675-8
Werewolf: Watcher ISBN 0-06-105672-3
Werewolf: Wyrm Wolf ISBN 0-06-105439-9

Novels published by Onyx Path Publishing[edit]

The Poison Tree, by Mike Lee Originally announced as part of W20 Kickstarter as "Houses of the Moon"[4]

Licensed Books[edit]

Pinnacle Entertainment released three instalments of its Dime Novel series set in the world of its roleplaying game Deadlands, that contained a single crossover story with Werewolf: The Wild West. The issues are named „Strange Bedfellows”, „Savage Passage” and „Ground Zero”. All are available in an electronic version on DriveThruRPG. Two issues have conversion guidelines between both games in their respective appendix.


When Will You Rage (1st Edition) WW11002 ISBN 1-56504-087-2
When Will You Rage (2nd Edition) WW11901 ISBN 1-56504-903-9
Drums around the Fire WW3400 ISBN 1-56504-058-9
World of Darkness: Strange City Harper ISBN 0-06-105668-5

World of Darkness: Strange City contained some of the Werewolf: the Apocalypse short stories also found in When will you rage?, together with stories based on White Wolf's games Vampire: the Masquerade and Wraith: the Oblivion.

The following Books each contain one novel based on Werewolf:The Apocalypse and other novels based on other games set in the same fictional world:

The Essential World of Darkness White Wolf Publishing, 1997 ISBN 1-56504-864-4
The Quintessential World of Darkness White Wolf Publishing, 1998 ISBN 1-56504-880-6

Anthologies published by Onyx Path Publishing[edit]

Rites of Renown: When Will You Rage II January 9, 2014 Electronic and Print on Demand[5]


Partly retrieved from ""

Note: These are stand-alone publications. There are also comic strips as introduction elements in the 1st Edition series of Tribebooks, as well as in the Breedbooks and in the 2nd Edition Core Rulebook.

Single Stories[edit]

Bone Gnawer Moonstone 2001 ISBN 0-9710129-2-X
Black Furies Moonstone 2002 ISBN 0-9712937-2-4
Children of Gaia Moonstone 2002 ISBN 0-9712937-5-9
Fianna Moonstone 2002 ISBN 0-9710129-5-4
Get of Fenris Moonstone 2003 ISBN 0-9721668-9-0


Fang & Claw Volume 1 Moonstone 2003 ISBN 0-9721668-7-4 Compilation of Bone Gnawer, Black Furies and Children of Gaia
Fang & Claw Volume 2 Moonstone 2003 ISBN 0-9726443-4-2 Compilation of Fianna, Get of Fenris and the new issue Glasswalker
Nightmares in our Midst: Vampires and Werewolves Moonstone 2004 ISBN 0-9712937-7-5 Compilation of 'Black Furies' together with the comics 'Toreador' and 'Theo Bell' based on the Vampire game by White Wolf Publishing


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