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This article lists software emulators.

Central processing units[edit]

  • SPIM: Open Virtual Platforms' OVPsim 500 mips MIPS32 emulator, enables you to develop software on your PC using virtual platforms, emulators including MIPS processors running at up to 500 MIPS for MIPS32 processors running many OSes including Linux. OVP is used to build emulators of single MIPS processors or multiple - homogeneous MP or heterogenous MP. See:
x86 architecture
  • QEMU – an opensource emulator that emulates 7 architectures including ARM, x86, MIPS and others
  • Bochs
Motorola 680x0
  • PearPC
  • Rosetta: Apple's emulator for PowerPC processors, built into Mac OS X
  • WarpUP: Amiga system for PowerPC expansion cards built into MorphOS and available for AmigaOS

Computer system emulators[edit]

Full system simulators[edit]

  • AlphaVM: A DEC Alpha system emulator running on Windows or Linux.
  • Simics
  • CPU Sim: A Java application that allows the user to design and create a simple architecture and instruction set and then run programs of instructions from the set through simulation
  • GXemul: Framework for full-system computer architecture emulation

Mobile phones and PDAs[edit]

Multi-system emulators[edit]

  • blueMSX: Emulates Z80 based computers and consoles
  • MAME: Emulates multiple arcade machines
  • DAPHNE is an arcade emulator application that emulates a variety of laserdisc video games with the intent of preserving these games and making the play experience as faithful to the originals as possible.[1] The developer calls DAPHNE the "First Ever Multiple Arcade Laserdisc Emulator" ("FEMALE"). It derives it name from Princess Daphne, the heroine of Dragon's Lair.

Network Emulator[edit]

Operating system emulators[edit]


Printer emulators[edit]

Terminal emulators[edit]

Video game console emulators[edit]

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