List of honours of Terengganu awarded to heads of state and royalty

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Terengganu Terengganu Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded:[1]


Johor Johor Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[6]

Kedah Kedah Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[8]

Kelantan Kelantan Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded:[9]

Negeri Sembilan Negeri Sembilan Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[10]

Pahang Pahang Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[12]

Perak Perak Royal Family[edit]

Perlis Perlis Royal Family[edit]

Selangor Selangor Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[16]

Malacca Governors of Malacca[edit]

To be completed ...


Brunei Brunei Royal Family[edit]

See also List of Malaysian Honours awarded to Heads of State and Royals

Thailand Thai Royal Family[edit]

to be completed


To be completed if any ...


To be completed if any ...

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