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This is a list of notable people whose full legal name is (or was) a mononym, either by name change or by being born mononymic (e.g. Burmese, Indonesian, or Japanese royalty). Titles (e.g. Burmese honorifics) do not count against inclusion, because they are not part of the name itself.

This list does not include people who are mononymous only as a stage name, pen name/pseudonym, in certain contexts, or by dint of fame.


Reason Source Mononym Title(s) Other name Born Died Description Ref.
Birth Malagasy Ahmad 1959 - Malagasy football administrator and President of the Confederation of African Football
Birth Japanese royalty Akihito Emperor Emeritus 1933 - former Emperor of Japan (abdicated 2019)
Birth Japanese royalty Aiko Princess Toshi 2001 - daughter of Emperor Naruhito
Birth Burmese Ba Sir U 1887 1963 Burmese president and Supreme Court justice
Birth Nepali Balkrishna Acharya c. 1972–1973 - Nepali billionaire businessman and chairman of the consumer goods company Patanjali Ayurved
Birth Indonesian Boediono 1943 - former Vice President of Indonesia
Birth Japanese royalty Fumihito Prince Akishino 1965 - heir presumptive of Emperor Naruhito
Birth Indian Govindjee 1932 - Indian-American biochemist
Birth Japanese royalty Hirohito Emperor 1901 1989 former Emperor of Japan
Birth Burmese Kyan Binnya ? 1538 senior minister at the court of King Takayutpi of Hanthawaddy
Birth Australian aboriginal Loongkoonan 1910 2018 Australian aboriginal artist
Birth Japanese royalty Mako (眞子) former Princess Naishinnō (内親王) Mako Komuro (小室 眞子, Komuro Mako) 1991 - Daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito and Crown Princess Kiko, lost royal status and gained surname by marriage to commoner Kei Komuro
Birth Indian Mayawati 1956 - Indian politician who formerly served as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh
Birth Japanese royalty Naruhito Emperor 1960 - Emperor of Japan
Birth Burmese Nu U or Thakin 1907 1995 leading Burmese statesman and nationalist politician
Birth Pakistani Riazuddin 1930 2013 Pakistani physicist
Birth Burmese Saw U or Galon U 1900 1948 Burmese politician who served as Prime Minister during the colonial era before WW2
Birth Indian Siddaramaiah 1948 - Indian politician who served a full-chief ministerial term of Karnataka from 2013 to 2018
Birth Indonesian Sjumandjaja 1934 1985 Indonesian director, screenwriter, and actor
Birth Indonesian Sudirman 1916 1950 Indonesian National Hero and the first commander of Indonesian Armed Forces
Birth Indonesian Suharto 1921 2008 former President of Indonesia
Birth Indonesian Sukarno 1901 1970 former President of Indonesia
Birth Indonesian Supriyadi 1923 c. 1945 Indonesian National Hero and the first appointed Minister of Defense of Indonesia
Birth Burmese Thant U 1909 1974 Burmese diplomat and longest-serving Secretary-General of the United Nations
Birth Indonesian Triyatno 1987 - Indonesian weightlifter and Olympic silver medalist
Birth Indian Zoramthanga Indian politician and current Chief Minister of Mizoram
Name change Cher Cherilyn Sarkisian 1946 - American singer and actress [1][2][3]
Name change Chyna Joan Marie Laurer 1970 2016 American professional wrestler and actress [4]
Name change Indrani Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri Indian-British-Canadian director, photographer, girls' empowerment activist and author [5]
Name change iOTA Sean Hape 1968 - Australian musician and actor
Name change Japanese royalty by marriage Michiko Empress Michiko Shōda 1934 - Japanese empress consort
Name change Nenê Maybyner Rodney Hilario 1982 - Brazilian basketball player
Name change religious Ramdev Swami Ram Kisan Yadav 1965 - Indian ayurvedic and yoga practitioner
Name change religious Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain 1931 1990 Indian mystic and founder of the Rajneesh movement
Name change Teller Raymond Joseph Teller 1948 - American magician [6]
Name change Warrior James Hellwig 1959 2014 American professional wrestler [7][8]
Name change Winter Rafael Antonio Lozano Jr. 1972 - American software programmer best known for his goal to visit every company-owned Starbucks location in the world; changed name first to John Winter Smith, then to mononym Winter [9]
Name change Ye Kanye Omari West 1977 - American rapper, record producer, and fashion designer [10]
Name change promotion DotComGuy Mitch Maddox American computer specialist; changed to mononym as promotion, later reverted to birth name

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