List of mayors of Bassendean

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This is a list of mayors of the Town of Bassendean in Perth, Western Australia, and its predecessors.

The West Guildford Road District, with a chairman and councillors, was established on 10 May 1901 under the District Roads Act 1871. It was renamed Bassendean on 7 July 1922. With the passage of the Local Government Act 1960, all road districts became Shires, with a president and councillors, effective 1 July 1961. On 1 July 1975, the Shire of Bassendean became the Town of Bassendean, with a mayor and councillors.[1][2]

West Guildford Road District[edit]

Chairman Term
Cyril Jackson 1901–1903
J. T. Short 1903–1905
Charles Rickwood Wicks 1907–1908
P. J. Atking 1908–1909
P. J. Huelin 1909–1910
Charles Rickwood Wicks 1910–1913
J. Pickering 1913–1914
A. Y. Garnsworthy 1914–1915
H. C. Barnard 1915–1917
Charles Rickwood Wicks 1917–1920
Edward James Clay 1920–1921
Commissioner (9 February–9 April 1921) 1921
John Pickering 1921–1922

Bassendean Road District[edit]

Chairman Term
John Pickering 1922–1923
John Milne Steele 1923–1928
Joseph Gallagher 1928–1929
Richard Alexander McDonald 1929–1938
Edward Ernest Ireland 1938–1939
Richard Alexander McDonald 1939–1947
John Henry Smallman 1947–1952
Charles Otto Freiberg 1952–1955
Samuel James Faithful 1955–1957
Charles Otto Freiberg 1957–1958
Alfred Charles Faulkner 1958–1960
Richard Alexander McDonald 1960–1961

Shire of Bassendean[edit]

President Term
Richard Alexander McDonald 1961–1962
Alfred Charles Faulkner 1962–1970
Dr John George Paterson 1970–1975

Town of Bassendean[edit]

Mayor Term
Dr John Paterson 1975–1984
John Bernard Cox 1984–1995
Vicki Philipoff 1995–1997
Lindsay Fisher 1997–1997
Bevan Carter 1997–2001
Greg Peterson 2001–2003
Tina Klein 2003–2009
John Gangell 2009–present


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