List of mayors of East Fremantle

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This is a list of mayors of the Town of East Fremantle in Perth, Western Australia, and its predecessors.

East Fremantle was originally established on 2 April 1897 as a municipality with a mayor and councillors under the Municipal Institutions Act 1876. With the passage of the Local Government Act 1960, all municipalities became Towns effective 1 July 1961.

Municipality of East Fremantle[edit]

Mayor Term
Matthew Moss 1897–1900
Francis McDonald 1900–1903
William Angwin 1903–1906
Stuart Thomson 1906–1909
Joseph Francis Allen 1909–1914
Leonard Burlington Bolton 1914–1919
Harry Woodhouse 1919–1924
Herbert John Locke 1924–1931
Joseph Francis Allen[1] 1931–1933
John Munro 1933–1934
Herbert John Locke 1934–1944
William Wauhop 1944–1961

Town of East Fremantle[edit]

Mayor Term
William Wauhop 1961–1964
Victor Ulrich 1964–1974
Ian Gilbert Handcock 1974–1991
Andrew Bruce Smith 1991–1994
Timothy Martin Smith 1994–1997
Andrew Bruce Smith 1997–2001
James O'Neill 2001–2007
Alan Ferris 2007–2013
James O'Neill 2013- present


1 Joseph Francis Allen died in office on 23 May 1933. John Munro was elected at an extraordinary election on 14 June 1933.


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