List of mountains in Myanmar

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Nat Ma Taung (Mount Victoria) summit.
View of Mount Popa.
View of Mount Zwegabin.
The shrine at the top of Mt. Taung Kalat near Mount Popa.

The following is a list of mountains in Burma (Myanmar). The elevations are in metres. For the names of the mountains in the Latin script the most common transcription has been adopted.


Many mountains in the country are not important because of their height, but because of their symbolic and cultural significance. Some mountains have Buddhist worship places on top. Since the order of height is convenient, the list follows this order, without in any way intending to diminish or promote the importance of any particular mountain.


Above 5000 m[edit]

Above 4000 m[edit]

Above 3000 m[edit]

Above 2000 m[edit]

Above 1000 m[edit]

Other relevant mountains[edit]

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