List of numbered roads in Middlesex County, Ontario

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This page lists all of the numbered county roads in Middlesex County, Ontario.

Note: when London became a separated municipality and absorbed Westminster Township, numbered County Roads in the township lost their designation. Many roads such as County Road 37 (Highland Avenue) are now named only.

Several roads near London were formerly provincial highways, but were not renumbered as County Roads when the highway designation was dropped.

  • Highway 100: Airport Road (now "Veterans Memorial Parkway", proposed ring road around London.
  • Highway 126: Highbury Avenue from Highway 401 (exit 189) to Fanshawe Park Road. The portion of Highbury Avenue from the Thames River to Highway 401 was once known as the Wenige Expressway.
  • Highway 135: Exeter Road. Turned back after Highway 402 was completed and rendered the designation redundant.

The reason for this somewhat high concentration of former provincially controlled roads in this county is due to London's size (roughly 340,000), as it is the anchor for Southwestern Ontario, and Middlesex County is geographically quite large (by southern Ontario standards), and is quite important due to agriculture in the area.

Number Names Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Major Communities Comments
1 Hagerty Road Limerick Road (Boundary with Lambton County Thames River (Boundary with Elgin County) Wardsville, Ontario, Newbury, Ontario Continues as Elgin CR 103
2 Longwoods Road, Wharncliffe Road, Dundas Street Middlesex CR 14/Chatham-Kent CR 121 (Continues as Chatham-Kent CR 2) Oxford County boundary (continues as Oxford CR 2) Wardsville, Ontario, Melbourne, Ontario, Delaware, Ontario, Lambeth, Ontario, London, Ontario, Nilestown, Ontario, Dorchester, Ontario Formerly Highway 2, has a concurrency with Highway 4 in London
3 Gideon Drive CR 2 London, Ontario City limits Delaware, Ontario, Kilworth, Ontario, London, Ontario Passes by the Komoka Provincial Park
4 Hamilton Road Thames River CR 29 London, Ontario No longer signed.
5 Greenway Drive, Grand Bend Road, Mount Carmel Drive Ausable River (Boundary with Lambton County, continues as Lambton CR 5) Highway 4 Greenway, Ontario, Corbett, Ontario, Mount Carmel, Ontario Brief concurrency with CR 81 (Former Highway 81) for around 1 km, acts as the boundary with Perth County.
6 Kerwood Road CR 10 CR 7 Keyser, Ontario, Kerwood, Ontario
7 Elginfield Road Ausable River (Boundary with Lambton County, continues as Lambton CR 6) Intersection with Highway 4 and Highway 7 Parkhill, Ontario, Ailsa Craig, Ontario, Elginfield, Ontario Formerly part of Highway 7, until all parts west of Highway 4 were turned back in 1998.
8 Thames Road, Winter Drive Thames River (Boundary with Elgin County, continues as Elgin CR 8) CR 6 Ekfrid, Ontario, Appin, Ontario
9 Melbourne Road, Metcalfe Street CR 39 Thames River (Boundary wit Elgin County, continues as Elgin CR 14) Melbourne, Ontario, Longwood, Ontario, Strathroy, Ontario
10 Conservation Road, Gore Road, Calvert Drive, Carroll Street, Glengyle Drive CR 80 CR 37 Cairngorm, Ontario, Strathroy, Ontario Briefly acts as the boundary with Lambton County. Previously ended at CR 9, extended eastward in 2015.
10 (Original) Robin's Hill Road (Formerly Wager Road) CR 25 CR 27 London, Ontario, London International Airport, Fanshawe Conservation Area
11 Muncey Road Muncey, Ontario CR 2 Muncey, Ontario Formerly continued along River Road to the Elgin County boundary, where it would continue as Elgin CR 20.
12 Townsend Line Lambton County line, continues as Lambton CR 12 CR 81 Keyser, Ontario
13 William Street, Alice Street CR 20 CR 47 Lucan, Ontario Acts as a short connector to CR 20 from Lucan.
14 Glendon Drive, Dundonald Road, Concession Drive, Clachan Road Thames River (Boundary with Elgin County, continues as Elgin CR 7/Chatham-Kent CR 121) London City Limits Newbury, Ontario, Appin, Ontario, Longwoods, Ontario, Glencoe, Ontario, Mount Brydges, Ontario, Komoka, Ontario, Kilworth, Ontario Briefly acts as the boundary between Chatham-Kent and Middlesex County, has a brief concurrency with CR 80.
15 Carriage Road CR 35 CR 2 Previously ended further south at Elgin County boundary
16 Komoka Road, Poplar Hill Road, Ilderton Road, Twelve Mile Road, Plover Mills Road CR 3 Oxford County line (Continues as Oxford CR 25) Komoka, Ontario, Poplar Hill, Ontario, Ilderton, Ontario, Plover Mills, Ontario Travels northwest-southeast to Poplar Hill, then roughly east-west to Oxford County, has a concurrency with CR 20 for around 2 km, and with CR 27 for around 4 km.
17 Nairn Road, Gainsborough Road CR 7 London city limits Parkhill, Ontario (2 km to the north, along CR 7), Nairn, Ontario, Lobo, Ontario, Lobo Siding, Ontario, London, Ontario Not related to Elgin CR 17, which is the border with Elgin County, in Southwold, Ontario, near London, Ontario
18 Parkhill Drive Ausable River (Boundary with Lambton County) CR 81 Parkhill, Ontario Not to be confused with Elgin CR 18, which acts as boundary between Middlesex and Elgin Counties.
20 Hyde Park Road, Ilderton Road, Denfield Road London city limits Highway 4 London, Ontario, Ilderton, Ontario Has a 2 km concurrency with CR 16. Formerly CR 22, until Highway 22 was downloaded in 1998, and was re-numbered.
21 Cassidy Road CR 7 CR 24 Travels through no towns, acts as a connecting link between CR 7 and CR 24
22 Egremont Drive, Fanshawe Park Road Sexton Road (Boundary with Lambton County, continues as Lambton CR 22) London City Limits Adelaide, Ontario, Strathroy, Ontario, Hickory Corner, Ontartio, Poplar Hill, Ontario, Lobo, Ontario, Melrose, Ontario, London, Ontario Section between London and Strathroy is extremely busy and congested, and only two-lanes. Whole route was formerly Highway 22.
23 Highbury Avenue Intersection with CR 28 Highway 7 Ballymote, Ontario
24 McGillivray Drive CR 81 Highway 4 Moray, Ontario, West McGillivray, Ontario Connects two major routes, Highway 4 and CR 81 (Former Highway 81)
25 Gore Road London City Limits Oxford County line (continues as Road 64) London, Ontario
25 (Original) Crumlin Road, Crumlin Sideroad Gore Road London International Airport London, Ontario No longer signed
26 Wilton Grove Road London City Limits CR 74 London, Ontario Less than 500 meters in length. Formerly extended to Interchange with Highway 135 (Exeter Road) and Highway 401 (Exit 186)). Formerly travelled down a brief segment of Wellington Road to the interchange. Formerly numbered as CR 37.
26 (Original) Boler Road, Southdale Road London City Limits (just north of Southdale Road) CR 43 London, Ontario No longer signed.
27 Nissouri Road, Plover Mills Road, Wellburn Road CR 2 Highway 7 (Boundary with Perth County) Wellburn, Ontario Has a 4 km concurrency with CR 16
28 Medway Road, Thorndale Road, King Street CR 20 Cobble Hills Road (boundary with Oxford County, continues as Oxford CR 16) Arva, Ontario, Ballymote, Ontario, THorndale, Ontario, Cobble Hill, Ontario Skirts the northern edge of London, Ontario
29 Hamilton Road London city limits Oxford County boundary, continues as Oxford CR 9 London, Ontario, Nilestown, Ontario, Dorchester, Ontario, Putnam, Ontario Brief concurrency with CR 32
30 Putnam Road Avon Drive (Elgin CR 45, boundary with Elgin County. Continues as Elgin CR 47) Thames River (Boundary with Oxford County, continues as Oxford CR 45) Putnam, Ontario
31 Heritage Road CR 28 CR 16/27 Friendly Corners, Ontario
31 (Original) Fanshawe Park Road Intersection with CR 23 and Former Highway 22 Fanshawe Conservation Area London, Ontario, Fanshawe, Ontario No longer signed, incorporated into CR 22
32 Dorchester Road, Hamilton Road, Bridge Street, Catherine Street, Shaw Road Interchange with Highway 401 (Exit 199) CR 2 Dorchester, Ontario Brief concurrency with CR 29, 4 km concurrency with CR 49
33 Second Street CR 81 CR 39 Strathroy, Ontario Passes through the northern limits of Strathroy.
34 Highbury Avenue, Webber Bourne CR 2 Elgin CR 30 on the border with Elgin County (Continues as Elgin CR 30). London, Ontario Very busy, freeway from north of Highway 401 (Exit 189), to Hamilton Road. Unknown if it is still signed as such. Formerly routed briefly along Hubrey Road until Highbury Avenue was extended.
35 Littlewood Drive, Westdel Bourne, Glanworth Drive Oneida, Ontario Highway 4 Littlewood, Ontario, Tempo, Ontario, London, Ontario Formerly extended to Highway 74 in Belmont, Ontario. Extended west from CR 15 to Oneida Reserve boundary.
37 McEvoy Road CR 10 CR 39 Strathroy, Ontario Short county road running along the eastern limit of Strathroy, acts as a connecting link between CR 39 and the eastern terminus of CR 10.
38 Vanneck Road CR 10 CR 22 Kilworth, Ontario, Lobo Siding, Ontario Basically, a spur of CR 14. Previously ended at CR 17, extended northward to CR 22 in 2007.
39 Napperton Drive, Albert Street, Metcalfe Street, Hickory Drive Sexton Road (Boundary with Lambton County, continues as Lambton CR 39) CR 22 Napperton, Ontario, Strathroy, Ontario, Hickory Corner, Ontario Basically a continuation of Lambton CR 39
41 Adelaide Street London City Limits CR 16 London, Ontario
42 Clarke Road London City Limits Intersection with CR 28 London, Ontario, Ballymote, Ontario
43 White Oak Road, Scotland Drive Glanworth Drive (Middlesex CR 35) Southdale Road/London city limits Glanworth, Ontario, London, Ontario No longer signed
44 Victoria Street CR 9 CR 81 Strathroy, Ontario Offers a diversion from CR 81 to CR 9, and eventually CR 10 or CR 2
46 Westdel Bourne Longwoods Road (Middlesex CR 2, Former Highway 2) Oxford Street (Middlesex CR 14) London, Ontario No longer signed
47 Saintsbury Line, Fallon Drive Highway 4 Highway 23 Lucan, Ontario
49 Catherine Street London city limits CR 73 Nilestown, Ontario, Dorchester, Ontario Has a 4 km concurrency with CR 32
50 Prospect Hill Road Highway 7 Whalen Line (Boundary with Perth County, continues as Perth CR 139) Prospect Hill, Ontario Short county road
51 Sarnia Road CR 20 London city limits Hyde Park, Ontario, London, Ontario No longer signed.
52 Wonderland Road Exeter Road CR 26 (Southdale Road) London, Ontario No longer signed.
54 Base Line Road (Now Byron Baseline Road) Westdel Bourne (Middlesex CR 46) Wickerson Road London, Ontario No longer signed.
55 Roxburgh Road, Castleton Road CR 37 Dingman Drive London, Ontario No longer signed.
56 Wonderland Road London city limits CR 16 London, Ontario Very short county road
59 Granton Line Intersection of Highway 7 and CR 23
73 Elgin Road Avon Drive (Elgin Road 37, boundary with Elgin County. Continues as Elgin CR 73) CR 2 Three Bridges, Ontario, Dorchester, Ontario, Mossley, Ontario, Harrietsville, Ontario Portions south of CR 29 were Former Highway 73, which was turned back on January 1, 1998
74 Westchester Bourne 7th Avenue (Boundary with Elgin County, continues as Elgin CR 74) CR 49 Nilestown, Ontario, Derwent, Ontario, Belmont, Ontario (on the other side of the Elgin County line) Portions south of CR 29 were formerly Highway 74, turned back April 1, 1997
76 Pratt Siding Road Thames River (Boundary with Elgin County, continues as Elgin CR 76) CR 2 Woodgreen, Ontario Formerly Highway 76, turned back in 1997. Connects Middlesex CR 2 to Elgin CR 76.
77 Murphy Drive CR 6 CR 9 Short county road. Used to be CR 7, but renamed when portions of Highway 7 were downloaded to County in 1998 and CR 7 designated was shifted.
80 Dundonald Road, Courtright Line Lambton County boundary (Continues as Lambton CR 80) CR 2 Glencoe, Ontario Formerly Highway 80, turned back in 1997
81 Adelaide Road, Caradoc Street, Victoria Street, Center Road, Elginfield Road, Main Street, Grand Bend Road CR 2 CR 5 (Boundary with Huron County, continues as Huron CR 81 Delaware, Ontario, West Delaware, Ontario, Mount Brydges, Ontario, Caradoc, Ontario, Strathroy, Ontario, Parkhill, Ontario, Corbett, Ontario, Greenway, Ontario Formerly Highway 81. Has a brief concurrency with CR 7.