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These noted people were born, raised or lived for a significant period of time in the city of Danville, Kentucky.

Name Noted for
Michael F. Adams b. 1948 President of the University of Georgia
Sophia Alcorn 1883-1967 Educator; invented the Tadoma method of communication with people who are deaf and blind
William Anderson 1826-1861 U.S. Representative from Kentucky
Joshua Fry Bell 1811-1870 U.S. Representative, Kentucky Secretary of State; namesake of Bell County, Kentucky
James G. Birney 1792-1857 Abolitionist, politician and jurist
James M. Birney 1817-1888 Publisher and U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands
William Birney 1819-1907 Professor, Union Army general during the American Civil War, attorney and author
Jeremiah Boyle 1818-1871 Lawyer, abolitionist, and brigadier general during the American Civil War
John Boyle 1774-1834 U.S. federal judge and U.S. Representative; namesake of Boyle County, Kentucky
John C. Breckinridge 1821-1875 U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from Kentucky, Vice President of the United States, U.S. presidential candidate, Confederate States Secretary of War
Robert Breckinridge 1800-1871 Kentucky politician and Presbyterian minister
Neal Brown b. 1980 College football coach and former player
Samuel D. Burchard 1812-1891 Clergyman
Michael Burns b. 1947 Historian and actor
Jewel Carmen 1897-1984 Silent film actress
James Clemens, Jr. 1791-1878 Businessman and banker
George B. Crittenden 1812-1880 Career Army officer who served in the Black Hawk War, the Army of the Republic of Texas, the Mexican-American War, and the Confederate States Army in the American Civil War
Joseph Daveiss 1774-1811 Lawyer and soldier
Todd Duncan 1903-1998 Baritone opera singer and actor
Milton J. Durham 1824-1911 Representative from Kentucky
John Fetterman 1920-1975 Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter
John Baptiste Ford 1811-1903 Industrialist and founder of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Harry Frankel 1888-1948 Minstrel performer and vaudevillian, "Singin' Sam, the Barbasol Man"
Speed S. Fry 1817-1892 Lawyer, judge, and U.S. Army officer during the Mexican-American War and American Civil War
William Arthur Ganfield 1873-1940 Educator
Hart Goodloe 1875-1954 Surgeon in the First World War
Ashley Gorley b. 1969 Songwriter and producer
Christopher Greenup 1750-1818 U.S. Representative and Governor of Kentucky
Aaron Harding 1805-1875 U.S. Representative from Kentucky
John Marshall Harlan 1833-1911 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, "The Great Dissenter"
Larnelle Harris b. 1947 Gospel singer, songwriter and recording artist
Harvey Helm 1865-1919 U.S. Representative from Kentucky
Robby Henson Film director and screenwriter
William R. Higgins 1945-1990 U.S. Marine Corps colonel captured and killed in 1988 while on a UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon.
Edward W. Hoch 1849-1925 Governor of Kansas
Dennis Johnson b. 1979 Football player
Elizabeth Topham Kennan b. 1938 Academic, president of Mount Holyoke College
James Kerr 1790-1850 Politician in Missouri and Texas who was active in establishing the Republic of Texas
John Kincaid 1791-1873 U.S. Representative from Kentucky
J. Proctor Knott 1830-1911 U.S. Representative from Kentucky and Governor of Kentucky
Travis Leffew b. 1983 Football player
Robert P. Letcher 1788-1861 U.S. Representative, diplomat, and Governor of Kentucky
Pierce Lively 1921-2016 U.S. federal judge
Sara W. Mahan 1870-1966 Progressive era social reformer, early Democratic Party member
Maurice Manning b. 1966 Poet
Jim Marshall b. 1937 Football player
Claude Matthews 1845-1898 Governor of Indiana
Charles McDowell, Jr. 1926-2010 Political writer and television panelist
Ephraim McDowell 1771-1830 Physician, first to successfully remove an ovarian tumor
Samuel McDowell 1735-1817 Soldier and early political leader in Kentucky
John Gaines Miller 1812-1856 U.S. Representative from Missouri
Eddie Montgomery b. 1963 Country music artist
John Michael Montgomery b. 1965 Country music artist
Lottie Moon 1840-1912 Missionary to China
John Norvell 1789-1850 Newspaper editor and U.S. Senator from Michigan
Theodore O'Hara 1820-1867 Poet and soldier
William Owsley 1782-1862 Associate justice on the Kentucky Court of Appeals; Governor of Kentucky
Stephen Rolfe Powell b. 1951 Glass artist
Scott Pruitt b. 1968 Oklahoma Attorney General
Joe Rue 1898-1984 Major League Baseball umpire
Willis Russell 1803-1852 Emancipated slave of Revolutionary War veteran Robert Craddock, founder of first school in Danville for African-American children[1]
Alfred Ryors 1812-1858 President of Indiana University, Ohio University; professor at Centre College
Hugh L. Scott 1853-1934 Superintendent of West Point, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army in World War I
Isaac Shelby 1750-1826 First and fifth Governor of Kentucky
Thomas A. Spragens 1917-2006 Educator, president of Centre College
King Swope 1893-1961 U.S. Representative from Kentucky
John G. Talbot 1844-1870 U.S. Navy officer
Albert G. Talbott 1808-1887 U.S. Representative from Kentucky
Jacob Tamme b. 1985 Football player
Josh Teater b. 1979 Professional golfer
Charles Stewart Todd 1791-1871 U.S. Army officer and U.S. Ambassador to Russia
Thomas Todd 1765-1826 U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Trey D. Songwriter and composer, born Keith McGuffey
Frank X Walker b. 1961 Kentucky's first African-American Poet Laureate
DeWitt Weaver b. 1939 Professional golfer
Reed N. Weisiger 1838-1908 Texas State Senator, Confederate cavalry officer
Fess Williams 1894-1975 Jazz musician
Phil Woolpert 1915-1987 College basketball coach
Craig Yeast b. 1976 American and Canadian football player

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