List of people on the postage stamps of Norway

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Norway has issued stamps since 1855, and the first person to appear on a Norwegian stamp was the joint Norwegian-Swedish king Oscar II in 1878. The first non-royal person to appear on a Norwegian stamp was the playwright Henrik Ibsen, to commemorate the centenary of his birth in 1928 followed by the mathematician Niels Henrik Abel later the same year.

Queen Maud was the first woman to appear on a Norwegian stamp, in 1939, followed by her daughter-in-law Märtha in 1956. The first non-royal woman was author Camilla Collett in 1963.

Except for royalty, none has been more frequent on Norwegians stamps than national hero Fridtjof Nansen

To the matter of "who's first", several non-royal persons appeared on a 1914 stamp commemorating the centenary of the Constitution of Norway, as the stamp depicted the renowned painting of the 1814 assembly. This list does however only include persons depicted as themselves per se, and does not include stamps where persons appear as a representative of their profession, such as post officers, brass band members etc. The list also excludes persons that are represented on paintings.