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Spiral DRAGNs are a type of galaxy; spiral galaxies which contain DRAGNs (Double Radio-source Associated with Galactic Nucleus), and are therefore also radio galaxies.

Most DRAGNs are associated with elliptical galaxies, as are most double-lobed radio-galaxies.[1] Spiral DRAGNs are inconsistent with currently known galaxy formation processes.[2] As of 2015, there are 4 known spiral DRAGNs.[3]


Galaxy Identified Date Notes
galaxy 0313-192 2003 First known spiral DRAGN, located in Abell 428 [4][5]
Speca 2011 Second known spiral DRAGN. It was the second galaxy shown to have three episodes of periodic activity, the first was an elliptical. [NB 1][6][5]
J2345-0449 2014 Third known spiral DRAGN (found and studied first by Bagchi et al. 2014) with two episodic activities, observed at radio wavelengths and measuring about 1.6 Megaparsecs in total size.
SDSS J164924.01+263502.5
(SDSS J1649+2635, FIRST J1649+2635)
2014 Fourth known spiral DRAGN; first located in a grand design spiral galaxy. [1][7][5][8]


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