Live at the Pyramid N.Y.C. 11-3-88

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Live At The Pyramid N.Y.C. 11-3-88
cassette "I"
Live album by Psychick-TV
Released 1988
Recorded 1988 November 03
Producer Fred Giannelli
cassette "II"
cassette "II"

Live At The Pyramid N.Y.C. 11-3-88 is a live double cassette album by Psychic TV, although on this release the band is credited to "Psychick-TV". The release was limited to an edition of 100 numbered copies.


Track listing[edit]

Cassette "I"[edit]

Side A

  1. "Paula Tapes"
  2. "What Goes On"
  3. "Love War Riot"
  4. "Your Body"
  5. "Pain"

Side B

  1. "Pain Ctd."
  2. "Joy"
  3. "Megadread"
  4. "(Water)"
  5. "Candy Says"
  6. "Arcadia"

Cassette "II"[edit]

Side A

  1. "Arcadia Ctd."
  2. "R U Experienced?"
  3. "Sandoz Tabman"

Side B

  1. "Blue Pyramid"
  2. "Being Lost"

Produced by Fred Giannelli