Lucky Luke contre Joss Jamon

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Lucky Luke #11
Lucky Luke contre Joss Jamon-- Lucky Luke versus Joss Jamon
Cover of the German edition
Date 1958
Series Lucky Luke
Publisher Dupuis
Creative team
Writers Goscinny
Artists Morris
Original publication
Date of publication 1958
Language French
Preceded by Alerte aux Pieds Bleus, 1958
Followed by Les Cousins Dalton, 1958

Lucky Luke contre Joss Jamon is a Lucky Luke comic written by Goscinny and Morris. It is the eleventh album in the Lucky Luke Series and the second on which Goscinny worked. The comic was printed by Dupuis in 1958.


Lucky Luke has to fight against the notorious gang of Joss Jamon who have plundered Los Palitos City and act out a reign of terror.

Cultural references[edit]

  • The character of Pete is a caricature of René Goscinny.
  • The man who comes to Luke's rescue, claiming nobody should "beat an old man" is a caricature of Jean Gabin.
  • When the villagers are threatened to vote for Joss Jamon as their mayor two people who are forced to vote at gun point are Red Ryder and Little Beaver from Stephen Slesinger and Fred Harman's comic strip Red Ryder.[1]
  • This story marks the first appearance of several Wild West legends who would return in later Lucky Luke stories: Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane and Jesse James, yet they are all drawn quite differently compared with later Lucky Luke stories. Also, Calamity Jane is incorrectly portrayed as a villain.


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  • [1] (in French)