Lund (Baloch tribe)

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Total population
(about 300,000)
Regions with significant populations
Balochi, Sindhi, Saraiki
Related ethnic groups
Baloch tribes

Lund (Balochi: لُنڈ ‎‎) is a Baloch tribe of Pakistan.Lund is Balochi word meaning "warrior". They originally came from Balochistan and are now settled in Sindh and Punjab.


People of this tribe speak Balochi, Saraiki and Sindhi.


Members of this tribe reside in province Sindh in Lal Bakhsh Lund Larkana, Ghotki, Dadu and Hyderabad. Some are found in Balochistan and southern Punjab also. Their main inhabitants are near the mountains of Koh-e-sulaiman range in Shadan Lund (Dera Ghazi Khan), Tibbi Lundan (Rajanpur) and in Sindh (Mainly Ghotki and Dadu) and Balochistan. Most Lunds are also located in city Setharja district Khairpur, Sindh.


They came at Dera Ghazi Khan and defeated Pathans at Salar near the mountain of Koh-e-Sulaiman. Their chief family is Haiderani which is the branch of this tribe. Haiderani is due to the name of their Sardar Haider Khan Lund who is the father of chief family named Haiderani of Sori Lund tribe. The fort of Sardar Haider Khan Lund could be seen in Zindah peer at the mountain of Koh-e-Sulaiman. Sardar Muhammed Khan Lund which was the Tumandar of Lund built two forts at Zinda peer and one in Kandi Walla.

A large tribe divided into two Tumans, both in Dera Ghazi Khan the Lunds of Sori and the Lunds of Tibbi. Both claim descent from All, son of Behan, Mir Chakur's cousin. Sori Lunds are a large tribe living in the plains, with their headquarters at Kot Kandiwala but after migration of Sardar Mir Ghulam Hussain Khan Lund to Shadan Lund headquarters of Lund tribe had changed. This tribe contains a clan of Gurchanis. The Tibbi Lunds are a small tribe with a clan of Lunds and one of Khosas, to which a third clan, called Rind, but of impure blood, is also attached. Shadan Lund is about 10 km from the Indus River, Pakistan. Shadan Lund is in District Dera Ghazi Khan.

AND other tribe of Lund are located in disst d.g khan at shoria