Märchen Mädchen

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Märchen Mädchen
Märchen Mädchen light novel volume 1 cover.jpg
First light novel volume cover featuring the character Hazuki Kagimura
(Meruhen Medohen)
Light novel
Written byTomohiro Matsu, StoryWorks
Illustrated byKantoku
Published byShueisha
ImprintDash X Bunko
Original runFebruary 24, 2017 – present
Written byTakatoshi Nakamura
Illustrated byKiyotsugu Yamagata
Published byShueisha
MagazineJump SQ
Original runOctober 4, 2017May 2, 2018
Anime television series
Directed byHisashi Saito (Chief ADR)
Shigeru Ueda
Written byTomohiro Matsu
Music byrionos
StudioHoods Entertainment
Licensed byCrunchyroll[1]
Original networkAT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11
Original run January 11, 2018 December, 2018
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Märchen Mädchen (メルヘン・メドヘン, Meruhen Medohen, lit. "Fairy Tale Girls") is a Japanese light novel series written by Tomohiro Matsu and StoryWorks, with illustrations by Kantoku. The series was being worked on by Matsu before his death in May 2016, and he is still credited as the writer.[2] Shueisha have published four volumes since February 24, 2017 under their Dash X Bunko imprint. A manga adaptation by Takatoshi Nakamura and Kiyotsugu Yamagata was serialized in Shueisha's Jump SQ magazine between October 4, 2017 and May 2, 2018. An anime television series adaptation by Hoods Entertainment premiered on January 11, 2018. An online game project developed by DMM Games has also been announced.


The series revolves around Hazuki Kagimura, a socially challenged high school girl who loves stories since childhood. Whenever her life with her new family doesn't play the right cards for her, she instead indulges into the stories she borrows from the local library. One day while returning, she finds a book which she doesn't recall borrowing. She later bumps into a strange, hooded woman who she recognises as the mage from her stories.

While following the woman back to the library to return her belongings, she finds her opening a portal into another world, in which Hazuki gets mysteriously sucked into. Waking up, she finds herself in a mysterious school which is unfamiliar to her. The hooded woman reveals herself to be Shizuka Tsuchimikado, who tells Hazuki that she is in a magic school where girls known as 'madchen' are chosen by magical texts from which the world's stories are born. She also tells Hazuki that she herself has been chosen by the book of Cinderella, and has now become a madchen. In order to master her new abilities and become a full-fledged mage, Hazuki must endure grueling tests and get used to the campus. Thus, her new school life, filled with fantasy and magic, begins.


Kuzunoha Girl's Magic Academy (Japanese School)
Hazuki Kagimura (鍵村 葉月, Kagimura Hazuki)
Voiced by: Tomori Kusunoki[2]
A 15-year-old high school student who is painfully shy and socially inept; and as a result of this, she has no friends or even a love interest. She is very imaginative and a dedicated fan of fantasy fiction, traits which were ingrained by her mother, who died when Hazuki was still little; and whenever she is upset, she immediately finds herself a story book to immerse herself in (a condition Hazuki refers to as "Story Syndrome"). One day after school, Hazuki comes across a cloaked figure (Shizuka in disguise) and decides to follow her to an unused library. Hazuki is then transported to another world where she is told that she is a Mage, a (Maedchen aka: A Book User). Hazuki transfers to Kuzunoha Girl's Magic Academy to become a proper mage. She is contracted to the original book of "Cinderella".As the story progress Hazuki quits from being a Madchen and her Origin was sealed. Afer she determine to not run anymore and will find and her 'own story', the 'Cinderella' origin made a new contract with her for her new Cinderella story rewritten, 'Cinderella doesn't look back'.
She is contracted to the book of Cinderella (first) then rewrote it, 'Cinderella doesn't look back'.
Shizuka Tsuchimikado (土御門 静, Tsuchimikado Shizuka)
Voiced by: Rie Suegara[2]
She the team leader of the Japanese school.
She inherited the Kaguya-hime no Monogatari(princess Kaguya) as a scion of the Tsuchimikado family.She is a very serious and hardworking girl. She pretty weak dealing with electronics.
She is contracted to the book of Princess Kaguya.
Ariko Kasumi (加澄有子, Kasumi Ariko)
Voiced by: Kaede Hondo[3]
She Shizuka's childhood friend. The Kasumi family has historically had a servant-master relationship with Shizuka's Tsuchimikado family. She get very angry if anyone refers to her figure as childlike.
She is contracted to the book of Issun Boushi ("Little One-Inch").
Mai Sadohara
Voiced by: Hiyori Nitta
A shy girl who doesn't like malice. She's a black belt in Karate and knows Krav Maga.
she is contracted to the book of The Grateful Crane.
Sachi Hino (日野さち, Hino Sachi)
Voiced by: Azusa Tadokoro[4]
A girl who has an overconfident personality.
she is contracted to the book of Shita-kiri Suzume ("The Tongue-Cut Sparrow")
Headmaster Sugami (崇神学園長, Sugami Gakuen-chō)
Voiced by: Akemi Okamura[3]
She is the Principal at Kuzunoha Girl's Magic Academy
Coalition (Allied Union)
Yumilia Qazan (ユーミリア・カザン, Yūmiria Kazan)
Voiced by: Lynn[2]
She is the team leader of the Coalition team.
A foreign exchange student.She wields lightning powers. She has a big sisterly attitude.
She is contracted to the book of Shuten douji.
Charles Giovanni
A friend of Qazan ,an airhead, has no sense of direction, and has a habit of telling lies(mostly un-convincing)
She is contracted to the book of 'Puss in Boots'
Molly C Quinn
A friend of Qazan, has no sense of direction,
She is contracted to the book of 'Pied Piper of Hamelin'
American School
a school that uses 'mix media' on their's Origins
Lynne Daves (リン・デイヴス, Rin Deivusu)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka[5]
she is the leader of the American school.
She is a cruel girl who always has a smiling cutesy face.She would use any means to win. She was an orphan before being adopted.
She is contracted to the book of The Little Match Girl.
Angelina Daves (アンジェリーナ)
Voiced by: Amina Satō[4]
She comes from the same orphanage as Lynne.
She is contracted to the book of Santa Claus
Cameron Welles
She is contracted to the book of
Russian school
Maria Rasputin (マリア・ラスプーチン, Maria Rasupūchin)
Voiced by: Airi Ootsu[5]
She the leader of the Russian school.
She likes to help others and is meddlesome.
She is contracted to the book of The Gigantic Turnip
Tatiana Boyarskii (タチアナ)
Voiced by: Ari Ozawa[4]
She sweet, kind, and can be a fool due to her naive personality. Her Origins was damaged due to an enemy worries of its magics.
she is contracted to the book of 'Ivan the Fool'
German school
Agathe Arier (アガーテ・アーリア, Agāte Āria)
Voiced by: Ai Kakuma[5]
She is the leader of the Germany school.
She is contracted to the book of Der Freischutz.
British school
Arthur Pendragon (アーサー・ペンドラゴン, Āsā Pendoragon)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda[3]
The leader of the British school.
She has an atmosphere like she is completely disconnect from reality, but she bonds easily with animals.
She is contracted to the book of The Legend of King Arthur.
Chinese school
Li Xuemei (李 雪梅, Ri Shuemei)
Voiced by: Maya Yoshioka[6]
The leader of the chinese school.
She always has a gentle smile but she is actually a battle enthusiast, she has refined his skills in martial arts to back up her fighting spirit.
she is contracted to the book 'The Eight Immortals Depart' and 'Travel to the East'.
Mahakali (マハーカーリー, Mahākārī)
Voiced by: Yuna Kamakura[6]
She is the leader of the Indian school.
She naturally loves beautiful things, and has a demeanour of a queen.
She is contracted to the book of The Ramayana.


Light novels[edit]

Märchen Mädchen is written by Tomohiro Matsu and StoryWorks with illustrations by Kantoku. Shueisha published the first volume on February 24, 2017 under their Dash X Bunko imprint; four volumes have been released as of April 2018. It has been announced that the fourth volume is the series' climax.[7]

No.Release date ISBN
1 February 24, 2017ISBN 978-4-08-631171-7
2 July 25, 2017ISBN 978-4-08-631193-9
3 December 22, 2017ISBN 978-4-08-631218-9
4 April 25, 2018ISBN 978-4-08-631238-7


A manga adaptation, written by Takatoshi Nakamura and illustrated by Kiyotsugu Yamagata, was serialized in Shueisha's Jump Square magazine from October 4, 2017[8] to May 2, 2018[9] and collected in two tankōbon volumes.

No.Release date ISBN
1 January 4, 2018[10]ISBN 978-4-08-881325-7
2 June 4, 2018[11]ISBN 978-4-08-881490-2


A 12-episode anime television series adaptation, produced by Hoods Entertainment,[2] premiered on January 11, 2018 on AT-X, Tokyo MX and BS11.[12][6] Hisashi Saito is credited as chief director for the series, Shigeru Ueda is directing the series with Matsu credited for writing the scripts and Yuki Morikawa adapting Kantoku's original character design for animation. The opening theme is "Watashi no Tame no Monogatari (My Uncompleted Story)" (わたしのための物語 〜My Uncompleted Story〜) by Fhána and the ending theme is "Sleepland" by Reina Ueda.[3] Crunchyroll is streaming the series.[13] On March 28, 2018, the series' airing was cancelled at 10 episodes.[14]

Episodes 11 and 12 will air in December 2018[15] and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD Volume 6 on January 30, 2019.[16]

No. Title[a] Original air date
1"Story Syndrome"
"Monogatari shōkōgun" (物語症候群)
January 11, 2018
2"First Magic"
"Hajimete no mahō" (はじめての魔法)
January 18, 2018
3"The Hexennacht is Here"
"Hekusenhatto ga yattekita" (ヘクセンハットがやってきた)
January 25, 2018
4"A Place to Be, a Place to Call Home"
"Irubeki basho, kaeru basho" (いるべき場所、帰る場所)
February 1, 2018
5"Farewell, My Magic"
"Sayonara, watashi no mahō" (さよなら、私の魔法)
February 8, 2018
6"Cinderella Doesn't Look Back"
"Shinderera wa furimukanai" (シンデレラは振り向かない)
February 15, 2018
7"The Allegory of The Honest Man"
"Shōjiki-mono no gūwa" (正直者の寓話)
February 22, 2018
8"Pull Out a Big Turnip"
"Ōkina kabu o nuke" (大きなカブを抜け)
March 1, 2018
9"Companions on a Journey, and Whimsical Traps"
"Tabi wa michidzure wana wa kimagure" (旅は道連れ罠は気まぐれ)
March 22, 2018[17]
10"The Moon Flower Blooms Twice"
"Tsuki no hana wa ni-do saku" (月の花は二度咲く)
March 29, 2018
11"Twilight of Der Freischutz"
"Madan no tasogare" (魔弾の黄昏)
December, 2018
12"Magic of Happy End"
"Happīendo no mahō" (ハッピーエンドの魔法)
December, 2018


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