Mach 2 (film)

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Mach 2
Mach 2 (film) cover.jpg
Directed byFred Olen Ray
Produced byRobyn Stevens
Written bySteve Latshaw
StarringBrian Bosworth
Cliff Robertson
Shannon Whirry
Bruce Weitz
Robert Pine
Andrew Stevens
Michael Dorn
David Hedison
Jennifer Hammon
John Putch
Charles Cyphers
Ron Chaney
Sondra Currie
Lance Guest
Austin Stoker
Ai Wan
Tom Simmons
Nikki Fritz
Peter Looney
Grant Cramer
Music byEric Wurst
David Wurst
CinematographyThomas L. Callaway
Edited byRandy Carter
Distributed by20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release date
  • March 13, 2001 (2001-03-13) (USA)
Running time
94 minutes
CountryUnited States

Mach 2 is a 2001 American direct-to-video action disaster thriller film directed by Fred Olen Ray. It was the first film to feature the airliner Concorde being hijacked.


U.S. Senator Stuart Davis, running against the Vice-President, plans a trip to the Balkans to negotiate the release of American servicemen being held hostage by terrorists. Before he leaves, he receives a disk documenting evidence that the Vice-President has been trying to revive the American economy by causing a war in the Balkans. He announces his plans at Washington Dulles International Airport to show it to both sides in the hopes of ending the situation. He boards Concorde flight 209 to Paris along with some Air Force Officers and news employees.

Unexpected Secret Service agents turn up and board the Concorde. After takeoff, the secret service agents led by Barry Rogers, shoot an Air Force officer and his men hijack the Concorde in mid-flight. Barry takes Stuart and the others hostage and forces him to hand over the disk in order to prevent the war being averted. In the cockpit, Barry announces to the Dulles International Airport air traffic controller that the agents are armed with a nuclear device and threaten to crash the Concorde into Paris.

Air Force Officer, Jack Tyree, arrives at the cockpit, where Stuart is held hostage, and overpowers one of Barry's men, accidentally shooting the co-pilot in the process. Jack helps fly the Concorde and later frees Stuart. Later, another agent arrives and shoots Captain Roman and takes Jack hostage. Having brought with them two pairs of parachutes, the men jump off the plane, after revealing that there was no nuclear device aboard the aircraft. The two men land and steal a car and escape along some cliffs.

Elsewhere, two French Secret Service Agents that have apparently overheard the hijacking, chase Rogers and his men down the road towards a pre-prepared road block. Rogers sets an electromagnetic pulse bomb to destroy the French car, until the officer at the roadblock fires a shell at the agents. They skid off the road, violently roll down the cliffs and break up, killing Barry and his men instantly.

On the Concorde, Jack and news employee Shannon Carpenter attempt to fly the Concorde but Jack can't fly an aircraft and is nicknamed "washout". The aircraft's radio is damaged due to the previous fight with one of Barry's men. Since Shannon is a former mechanic, she repairs the radio and restores contact with Paris Air Traffic control. Meanwhile, with it having been rumoured that the agents planted a nuclear device on the Concorde, Dulles air traffic control orders a nearby aircraft carrier to launch a fighter aircraft to intercept the Concorde before it reaches Paris. On the aircraft, Shannon announces to Dulles and Paris Orly airport that there is no device on the aircraft. She barely manages to order the fighter to abort, after two near misses from its missiles. Because of the explosion of a nearby missile fired from the fighter, the Concorde's fuel line is torn and is leaking fuel, compromising the arrival at Paris.

With the plane low on fuel, Jack, is instructed via radio to land the Concorde at the airport. The landing is successful and the passengers depart safely. Shannon, having hidden the actual disk in the trash, hands over the disk containing confidential files to Stuart, making it possible for the war to be averted. Jack and Shannon finally engage in a passionate kiss and the film ends, displaying the Concorde.



The scenes of the Concorde were used from the 1979 film The Concorde ... Airport '79. The interior was a full scale set replica of a Boeing 747's cabin, making the interior appear larger on the inside than the outside. If the cabin on the real Concorde was that size, its total length would have been over 120 meters and a total wingspan of at least 50 meters. The scenes of the control tower was actually an aerodrome (a small airport) control tower, not the tower from the actual Washington Dulles International Airport, as seen because of its low height and small size. On the Concorde, there were many scenes of the United States Presidential Seal on the cabin divider walls. Several movie errors were shown: the steering column clearly shown onscreen is a vertical type, unlike Concorde's one is shaped like the letter "m". It also features advanced LCD primary flight displays, but Concorde's display is just dials or analog style.

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