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Aerial View of Mackworth Island

Mackworth Island is an approximately 100-acre (40 ha) island in Falmouth, Maine, adjacent to its border with Portland, Maine. In 1631, Sir Ferdinando Gorges gave the island to Arthur Mackworth, his deputy in Casco Bay, and the island has retained his name.[1] There is a causeway connecting the island to the mainland in Falmouth. Visitors to the island must pass by a tollhouse; cars can enter the island but parking is limited. There is a footpath around the perimeter of the island with views of Falmouth, Portland, and other islands surrounding the bay. The island is heavily wooded. Mackworth Island has a beautiful rocky shore and offers ample opportunities for surf fisherman of Bluefish and Stripers.[2]

Governor Baxter School for The Deaf[edit]

In 1957, Maine's governor Percival P. Baxter deeded his summer home on the island to create the Governor Baxter School for The Deaf (formerly known as the Maine School for The Deaf).[3] The school is infamous for a sexual abuse scandal which became public in 1981 and involved the school's principal and superintendent.[2]

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