Madea's Family Reunion (play)

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Madea's Family Reunion
Written by Tyler Perry

Madea's Family Reunion is an American play written by Tyler Perry. It stars Tyler Perry as Madea, Quan Howell as Reverend Lewis, Sonya Evans as Lisa, D'atra Hicks as Jackie and Tamela Mann as Cora.


The Simmons family has a funeral, a wedding, and a family reunion all in the same weekend, and it is up to no-nonsense matriarch Madea to keep things in order.

Just as the southern matriarch Madea buries her older sister, Irene, her granddaughter Lisa is getting married to a very successful rich man named Ronnie at the house. But Lisa's fiance is secretly beating her, and Lisa's ex-boyfriend and first love, A.J., Madea's mechanic, is going to do something about it. While Lisa is trying to cover up her bruises, her sister Tina is getting into more trouble: neglecting her baby, trying to seduce her cousin Jackie's husband Kevin, and stealing drug money from her mother, Cora. Madea's granddaughter Jackie and her ex-con unemployed husband Kevin live with Madea, and Jackie finds out she is pregnant and might have a miscarriage. When she goes to tell Kevin the news, she finds her cousin Tina trying to seduce him. Although she's upset with him, Jackie urges Kevin to get a job for the sake of their child. Meanwhile, Madea's know-it-all niece Victoria is being romantically pursued by her minister. Later, Tina and Lisa tearfully reveal to Cora that when they were kids, their father sexually abused them, and Cora reflects that it will take days of praying to get over this bombshell. Madea must endure the craziness of neighbor Leroy Brown and of the dysfunctional relatives all staying under her roof for the weekend. During the family reunion, Lisa tells everyone that Ronnie has been hitting her. On the wedding day, Lisa decides to marry her first love, A.J.


Live Tour Cast[edit]

Musical numbers[edit]

  • "Looking Back" - Tamela Mann
  • "If You Both Believe" - Quan Howell
  • "On the Battlefield" - Regina McCrary
  • "Trouble in My Way" - Tamela Mann
  • "Have You Tried My Jesus" - David Mann
  • "It Ain't Over" - Gary Jenkins
  • "How Much Can One Heart Take" - D'Atra Hicks
  • "Open My Heart" - Pebbles Johnson
  • "He's the God of Comfort" - Quan Howell
  • "I Wanna Be Whole Again" - Terrell Phillips and D'Atra Hicks
  • "Pray" - performed by the entire cast

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