Madrona School

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Madrona School
Madrona School Society, Vancouver, BC.jpg
Madrona School Society in May 2017
2040 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 2B3
Grades K-10
Language English

Madrona School is an independent elementary school located in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a focus on gifted education. The school groups students by ability in each subject and has an average student-teacher ratio between 6:1 and 14:1.[1][2] It is currently owned by Eric and Judy O'Donnell.


Madrona was established in 1993 in the Arbutus Walk area of Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. In 2002, it moved to the Fairview neighbourhood. It moved a second time in 2008, back to Arbutus Walk. On September 2012, Madrona opened its doors at its new space at 2678 West Broadway, a location shared with Pear Tree Education.

Intermediate Program[edit]

The Intermediate Program houses grades 4-12. In addition to the regular curriculum, students study current events, art, music, and drama,[3] and take part in an interdisciplinary technology program covering digital art and photography, computer programming, robotics, and web application development.[4]

Primary Program[edit]

The Primary Program houses grades K-3. The program focuses on building student autonomy in learning.[5] In addition to the regular academic and arts curriculum, students learn basic computer programming.[6]

Future Expansion[edit]

The school plans to expand its programs to eventually cover grades K-12. This plan includes a purpose-built school building in Vancouver which will house all grades.[7]


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