Templeton Secondary School

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Templeton Secondary School
Templeton Secondary front entrance on Templeton Drive
727 Templeton Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 4N8
School type Secondary School
Motto "Pro Bono Omnium"
(For the Good of All)
Founded 1927
School board School District 39 Vancouver
Superintendent John Lewis (acting)
Area trustee Stacy Robertson
School number 03939010
Director Magdalena Kassis (Director of Instruction)
Principal Aaron Davis
Grades 8-12
Enrollment 800 (approx.)[1] (2015)
Language English
Colour(s) Maroon and Gold         
Team name Titans

Templeton Secondary School is a public secondary school located in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood on the east side of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its student teams won the SmartAsk competition in 2004 and the Junior Reach For The Top provincial championships in 2015. It has also won many awards for drama productions and for student films. Templeton is known for its successful theatre and film programs, regarded as one of the best in British Columbia, and also its Culinary Arts Program.[citation needed]


As of 2015, Templeton has approximately 800 students. The student population is a multicultural student body with approximately two-thirds of the students reporting a language other than English as their first language. Over forty languages and dialects are spoken. Of all secondary schools in Vancouver, Templeton has the highest percentage of students born in Canada according to 2010 school district data. Approximately one third of the students report that Chinese is the language spoken at home. First Nations students comprise six percent of the school population. Templeton students span the spectrum of academic abilities, from gifted learners to those with learning difficulties. There is a program for students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and/or autism.


Templeton Junior High opened in the fall of 1927, with H. B. Fitch as the first Principal. The name of the school is from William Templeton, a former mayor of Vancouver. The school's motto, "Pro Bono Omnium", which translates as "For The Good Of All", was chosen in 1927 by Mr. Fitch, the staff, and the students. In 1956, Grade 10 students were added, and in 1963, Grade 11 students were added. In 1964, the first Grade 12 students entered Templeton and it became Templeton Secondary School. In 1975, the Templeton Park Pool was completed, along with playing fields, a track, tennis courts and sand pits.


  • Students are part of a project based program, integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, learning through real-world applications. The STEM Program at Templeton is a great opportunity for those students wishing to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics. At Templeton Secondary, STEM students will gain hands-on experience with woodworking, drafting, mechanics, electronics, computer science and robotics.
  • Templeton is home to a Mini-School Program for gifted children, from grades 8-12. The objective of the Mini School is to foster interdisciplinary learning and environmental stewardship through interdisciplinary activities and field trips that bring the students together for a more closer relationship with each other. All of the Mini-School students go to Strathcona Park in grades 8, 10 and 12, Bamfield Marine Science Centre (grade 8) as well as other grade specific destinations, such as Victoria (grade 10) and Ashland, Oregon (grade 11).
  • Templeton Secondary also offers English and Socials Enriched Programs for grades 8-11, in which students follow the same curriculum of the regular English and Socials program but goes into further detail of literature and themes and requires independent analysis and thought of literature (English) and challenges the learner and critical thinking (Socials). Both Enriched courses have more emphasis on group work and to an extent, more independent based learning. They are also advanced classes to the regular English and Socials curriculum.
  • Math and Science 8 Challenge Programs, which allows a student to complete two years of Math and Science curriculum in one year.
  • Templeton Secondary also offers courses in Home Economics, Typing, Sewing, Auto Mechanics, Electronics, Woodworking, Tourism, Literature, Photography, Art, Music, Choir, Drama and Film, and Television.
  • ACE-IT program
  • Secondary School Apprenticeship program

Aboriginal cultural enhancement[edit]

Templeton has a stated goal of building knowledge, acceptance, empathy, and appreciation of Aboriginal peoples' histories. The school has a Sacred Room, a welcoming and comfortable space for all students that celebrates Aboriginal traditions and cultures.[2]

In popular culture[edit]

Bryan Adams performed in the auditorium for a lunch hour concert as a lead singer for Sweeney Todd in 1978.

Many Hollywood producers and directors have commented that Templeton Secondary School has been one of the best schools in which they have filmed, stating that the students are very respectful to the actors and crew during filming. At times, students are allowed to watch the filming as long as they are quiet on the set. Templeton has been used as a set for a number of productions and presently continues to act as one.

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