Maldivian parliamentary election, 2005

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Maldivian legislative election, 2005
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All 42 seats to the Majlis of the Maldives
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Non-partisans supporting DRP Non-partisans supporting MDP Non-partisans
Party Independent Independent Independent
Seats won 28 seats 10 seats 2 seats
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Parliamentary elections were held in the Maldives on 22 January 2005. At the time of the elections political parties were banned, so all candidates ran as independents. Supporters of President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom emerged as the largest group in the People's Majlis.


The elections were originally planned for 31 December 2004, but were postponed following the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami on 25 December which severely affected the islands.[1]


Whilst all 149 candidates ran as independents, their political affiliation were well known.[1]


Twenty opposition supporters were arrested on election day after recording election officials attempting to close a polling station whilst there were still voters waiting to cast their vote.[1]


Supporters of the Government emerged as the largest group in the People's Majlis, although the exact numbers were unclear; the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party claimed government supporters had won only 22 seats to their 18, whilst the government claimed to have 30 MPs and the MDP only eight.[1]

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems and the Minivan Daily reported that pro-Government candidates won 20 seats.[2][3]

Group Votes % Seats
Supporters of the Government 71,558 32.29 20
Endorsed by the Maldivian Democratic Party 68,931 31.10 18
Independents 81,125 36.61 4
Presidential appointees 8
Invalid/blank votes 3,636
Total 225,250 100 42
Registered voters/turnout 156,267 71.29
Source: IFES, IPU


Following the elections, political parties were legalised on 2 July 2005.