Mangere Mountain

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Mangere Mountain
Mangere Mountain.jpg
Mangere Mountain seen from Ambury Regional Park
Highest point
Elevation 106 m (348 ft)
Coordinates 36°56′59″S 174°46′59″E / 36.9496°S 174.7831°E / -36.9496; 174.7831Coordinates: 36°56′59″S 174°46′59″E / 36.9496°S 174.7831°E / -36.9496; 174.7831
Mangere Mountain is located in New Zealand
Mangere Mountain
Mangere Mountain
Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand
Volcanic arc/belt Auckland volcanic field

Mangere Mountain in Mangere Domain is one of the largest volcanic cones in the Auckland volcanic field, with a peak 106 metres above sea level. It was the site of a major (Māori fortified settlement) and many of the pā's earthworks are still obvious. It offers spectacular panoramic views of Auckland from its location in the suburb of Mangere.[1][2]

The volcano features two large craters. It has a wide crater with a lava dome near its centre, a feature shared by no other volcano in Auckland. It last erupted approximately 18,000 years ago.[1]

The mountain is one of the largest and best preserved of Auckland's volcanic cones. Many archaeological features remain, including kumara pits, garden terraces, walled garden mounds and stone boundary walls.[2]

Near the mountain to the southwest is Mangere Lagoon, filling another volcanic crater.


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