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Coordinates: 34°02′51″N 118°13′10″W / 34.047486°N 118.219392°W / 34.047486; -118.219392

Mariachi Plaza
Mariachi bands, who are available for hire, wait at the plaza

Mariachi Plaza is located in the Boyle Heights district of the city of Los Angeles, east of downtown. Since the 1930s, mariachi musicians have gathered in hopes of being hired by visitors who are looking for a full band, trio or solo singer. The plaza resembles Mexico's famed Plaza Garibaldi in both form and function and draws people from all over Los Angeles. This plaza is also an historic gateway to the neighborhood.[1]

Day or night, one can find many musicians waiting around the plaza and hotel - now an affordable living complex - across the street to be hired for work. Local leaders hope to promote the plaza and for it to remain a sanctuary for musicians. There is a small kiosk located in the plaza, similar to those found in Mexico, donated by the Mexican State of Jalisco, the birthplace of mariachi music.

The plaza is bounded by E. 1st Street to the south, N. Boyle Avenue to the west, and a small residential street named Pleasant Avenue to its north. The Kiosk is ornamental and has been criticised for its poor acoustics.[2]

Lucha Reyes statue[edit]

Lucha Reyes has a statue in the plaza as she visited the city many times during her career.[3]

Music videos and film[edit]

La Santa Cecilia music video for the song "Calaverita" was partially filmed at the Mariachi Plaza and the film How to Be a Latin Lover.

Loona music video for the song "Butterfly" was partially filmed at the Mariachi Plaza

Metro Rail station[edit]

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority has a light rail subway station under the plaza on the Eastside extension of the Gold Line. The plaza has a direct route into Downtown Los Angeles and a connection to other lines of the Metro. The square will be revamped and retail is planned.[4][5]


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